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Battle for California - The Roar of the Golden Bear!

CA BearBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

To my beloved brothers and sisters in the Golden State I have a message: You have succeeded in raising a mighty army!  I salute you!

Like our own American Revolution, before it happens victory seems impossible, but when the future looks back on these events, the outcome will appear inevitable.  I am speaking of the effort to repeal SB 277, which would take away a parent's sacred right to alter the vaccine schedule based on philosophical or religious grounds, a right enshrined in both our Constitution and the Nuremberg Code passed in the wake of World War II to ensure that if fascism ever raised its evil head again the civilized nations of the world would fight the threat in all its various disguises.

SB 277 is an abomination, taking away a parent's right to choose what medicines, toxins, animal products, and aborted fetal human tissue may be injected into their children's bloodstream in a misguided attempt to ensure health.  Yes, it does sound dramatic when I say it like that, but I challenge anybody to show where I am mistaken.  If you surrender that right and your child's health to the state, what else is left?  The last vestige of freedom will have been extinguished.

And that is why the battle to repeal SB 277, led by former Assemblyman, Tim Donnelly, has been so inspiring.  As a student of the American Revolution, I am aware of how there were repeated insults by the British crown to the American Colonies, and for so long the citizenry failed to respond.  Revolution does not come easily to a people.  I have wondered for several years what it would take to awaken our country to this danger, and have watched in sorrow as many worthy efforts have failed.

When Tim Donnelly announced on Saturday, August 30, 2015 that he wanted to raise $100,000 by Tuesday, September 8, 2015 to hire a petition company to assist in getting signatures, I wondered whether he would be able to meet his goal.  That line was crossed two days early, on Sunday afternoon, September 6, 2015, with more than twelve hundred and fifty people contributing to the cause.  I am aware that there are more goals in the days to come, but this is an amazing milestone.  We also have more than four thousand volunteers who are assisting in this effort.  The Golden State is showing its teeth!

I have a message for pharma, although I don't think they will listen.  As an attorney, I've been trained to consider the strength of my side, as well as that of the opposition.  It seems to me that pharma has two choices. 

The first choice will end the immediate problem, and you can probably exists for a few more years, hurting many children in the process.  You must immediately end all attempts to take away philosophical and religious exemptions in the states they currently exist.  That's it.  STOP NOW!  You probably don't realize it, but our side wasn't really winning before you started trying to take away philosophical and religious exemptions.  Your actions have created an insurgent movement which will not go away.  Our ranks will only grow.

The second will ensure your destruction within a short period of time, and is the path I believe your breathtaking arrogance will lead you.  Continue your efforts to take away philosophical and religious exemptions.  We will continue to fight, and as you have seen with the money and volunteers we have raised, we are not going away.

We fight for the future.  You are mercenaries working for fascist corporations who want to take away a parent's most sacred rights.  We welcome the battle!

Please continue to support this fight HERE.

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.




Greyone, The video of the Oakland meeting was absolutely incredible! I urge everyone here to watch it. The African American community is waking up to the truth and I wouldn't be surprised to see Oakland Unified take some bold action regarding SB277. Everyone one who spoke against this law was inspiring. And it was pretty entertaining to watch the woman from the health department squirm as she heard so many well-educated, well-informed and eloquent speakers tear her talking points to shreds. I had the sense that I was watching history being made.

Jeannette Bishop

Another of Dr. Pan's deeds:

Angus Files

thanks Jeannette,always good to see the other side worried bricking it .You cant see the strings coming down operating Pans hands and I`m sure his nose grew from the start to the finish of the video.


Jeannette Bishop

"Senator Richard Pan Goes on Offensive on Anti Vaccine Referendum, Recall Effort"

"Impromptu appearance?" I hope the people in the room (not sure if it's many, could only get a view of a few) are asking themselves what they're not being told.

Jeannette Bishop

...regarding recall effort of Senator Stone. More from the meeting at the same youTube channel...


The sb277 Oakland school meeting, with Keith Mohammed, Brian Hooker and some to the point testimony. Sep 8 from Andrew Liebich.

Gary Ogden

Thirteen signatures today; ninety altogether! With two weeks to go, and 4,000 volunteers, we're going to make it. We will win.


The LA Times has this map of the exemption rates of kindergartens throughout the state in 2014. It would be a good strategy to concentrate on getting signatures in areas with high exemption rate and large population:

Angus Files

Go California, just watch for the slight of hand at the counting box, notorious in the UK.


Cherry Misra

Friends, the fight against the pharmaceutical industry and medical communism is not being fought only by the autism parents. Please go to : Holistic oral health and sign up for their live stream of the health summit. One of the autism heroes- Dr. Boyd E Haley, will be speaking about Alzheimers- Im hoping that this will be a historic speech, and a slap in the face of those who would prefer that we spend billions of dollars on their medicatiions for Alzheimers rather than simply prevent it .

@Matilda R

Yeah #grannieknows

Matilda R

Remember Hillary Clinton had stock in pharm compaines involved in pro vaccine agenda....don't forget this.

Sophie Scholl

Agreeing with Linda - but nevertheless just get this criminality overturned any way you can .
Get this criminal Senator out .
Draw a line in the sand .
Send Paul Offit a message he will NEVER forget (for he is the architect of this - and his paymasters)

go Rand


Thank you for all you do. It is a bit like Washington crossing the Delaware to invade NEW Jersey. (NJ might be next...)

Washington was down to a few thousand men on Christmas day in 1776, and the next ten days of battles changed the world.

The present effort will not end for some time but it will be successful.

Gary Ogden

Kent: Great fighting words! You're right, we're not going away, and we're not going to shut up. They've roused a hungry tiger. I'm averaging eight signatures a day at Walmart, and it's gratifying to engage people and hand out educational material. I think the scoundrels in the legislature will have their comeuppance. I suspect the 2016 election will bring out all the pissed off folks. One signer today said he had a friend who hadn't voted in 25 years, but can't wait to vote in '16.


I'm all for repealing this law and I support all that is being done. However, something really stinks about having to pay a company to collect signatures. It's not the money, although that is definitely an issue. It's having to pay people to care, and in this case, they only care if they get paid $2.50 a signature. Is that democracy in action?


Please note that people ANYWHERE can contribute financially to the referendum. Please do so if you are able. Our CA families are stretched thin emotional and physically. Let's get CA sorted out and then let's help the families in West Virginia and Mississippi. They've been neglected for too long.

Kristie Sepulveda-Burchit

Thank you!

cia parker

All sigs have to be in two weeks from Friday. Boy, I'm not sure they're going to be able to get this much! This is the timeline I just got:
Targets we have to meet to put SB277 on the ballot and STOP the law:
Tuesday September 8th -
$100,000 to hire the petition company

Monday September 14th
$ 200,000 to make our weekly payment

Monday September 21st
$200,000 to make our weekly payment

Friday September 25th
$250,000 final payment so the petitions can be counted by Sept 28th.

cia parker

The referendum only has a couple more weeks to get the sigs, what does the money given to the monthly plan do?

David Taylor

Kent--Thank you for your rousing words. I live on the opposite coast to California, but consider the fight there to be in my backyard, and the selfless, determined, indefatigable volunteers my hero neighbors.

Some other things Tim Donnelly mentioned in his recent update:

--Each valid signature costs about $2.50.
--The effort will need to meet a series of $200,000 milestones over the next weeks. Contributors must stay committed and be willing to help each month.
--There are three (3) different SB277 gofundme fund drives right now. The link to Tim Donnelly's page is "Keep Kids in School."

Please consider signing up for the monthly automatic contribution plan.

cia parker

SB277 was (is) supposed to go into effect January 1, 2016, but wouldn't really have teeth until the beginning of the school year next year in August 2016. The referendum is going to REALLY shake up the status quo, I am CERTAIN that this bill enacted by pharma minions will be roundly defeated by voters! I hope that you guys down under can pull together a resistance movement to refuse to comply with medical tyranny!

Sophie Scholl

Aussies resisting Tyranny !


awesome!!! very inspiring to read. this helps keep me motivated. always praying everyday for this referendum to be successful. doing this for everyone's glad this issue has been brought to light ( after being silent for so long) proud to have contributed by helping collect signatures. our children do not belong to the state and we call the shots!!!

Sophie Scholl

Robin - if you know the facts like most here do .
Fighting this is obligatory - there is no choice .

Sophie Scholl

Perhaps in US culture the word "debunked" is routine and regular . But I had rarely ever heard of it used until I got trapped in the Autism Vortex by perpetrators too numerous to mention (CDC , Muck , JCVI etc etc).

But I guess my point is , and Fiona O'Leary , champion of the children(so she thinks) , is my inspiration here .
This woman CLAIMS to be in the business of preventing harmful treatment of autistic children , and YET she uses all the same old language . The Orchestrated language , the same HYMNSHEET they all use . Correlation & Causation , DEBUNKED , Andrew Wakefield - blah blah blah .


I'm so jealous - here in the state of Victoria, in Australia, we have our own version of SB 277 planned by our state government, who plan to pass laws soon to make vaccination compulsory to attend pre-school child care and kindergarten.

It wasn't announced that long ago, and is to be implemented by January 1st NEXT year, 2016, whereas I think SB 277 would take effect from Jan 1st 2017. There is so little time to fight it, and our population is so small. And it is causing so much distress to so many parents.


Daily Spartan discusses the referendum.

The comment section is being abused by pro vaccine no nothings to spread lies and disinformation.

Sophie Scholl

"Yes, it does sound dramatic when I say it like that"

No it doesn't Kent . It all sounds too polite to me .

SB 277 & sb 790 are an abomination.
Vaccines are an abomination .

TannersDad Tim

3 cheers for the milestone reached. Real Advocates tweet #CDCwhistleblower and checkout thanks Kent!

Bob Moffitt

Gen Custer always had his men "ride to the sound of the guns" .. and .. today .. that would be in California.

Hopefully .. repealing SB 277 in California will be remembered as the "shot heard around the world" .. a phrase which has been used to describe the first shots fired upon British troops beginning the American Revolution .. but .. would now represent the first "political" shot fired in rebellion against those who wish to take our Constitutional-Humanitarian Right of "informed consent".

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