Trumps Stands with my Son, I Stand with Trump
Things Said That Can Make the Parent of a Vaccine Injured Child Cringe

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vaccine Injury Gets an Audience

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Well that was quick! Last week I began my column by asking, “Why isn’t there a huge groundswell in the autism advocacy community for Donald Trump? We seemed to like him better when he was not in a position to do anything. Here we have the first leading major party candidate to say the studies are fudged, the shots are too many too soon, and the result is autism.

“I’ve lived in Washington and covered politics here for three decades, and believe me, it is a big freakin’ deal that the Republican front-runner embraces our issues when we aren’t respected in virtually any other way.”

On Thursday, Trump won a whole lot of love from our community by saying, during the GOP presidential debate, that there is an autism epidemic, that vaccines can and do cause autism, that spacing out the shots would greatly reduce the incidence of autism, and that he had an employee whose healthy, happy child got sick and regressed into autism right after a vaccine.

Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who in the past had defended vaccine mandates and whom CNN had teed up to go after Trump for his vaccine views, agreed, shockingly, that there are now “way too many shots” in too short a period and even questioned the necessity for some of them, and Rand Paul, an M.D. who emphasized choice as a bedrock of health policy, also supported spreading out the shots.

I felt the ghost of my hero Bernie Rimland in the room, who said, “The autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause.” Wish he could have heard the debate!

This is a breakthrough moment, and to pick at what Trump said or to diminish Carson or Paul is not, to my mind, the right response. As our ever-astute John Stone wrote in a comment:

“Trump's technical grasp of the issue - let alone ignoring [CDC whistleblower William] Thompson - is rudimentary to say the least. With half-an-hour's proper briefing he could give a much better account than that. Though when it comes down to it - and this is where he gets the point - he ignores all the official BS and says in effect 'this is what happens and let's stop pretending'. And, of course, it is what happens.”

What to do next remains a matter of debate, for which Age of Autism is a willing forum – see this week’s posts by J.B. Handley and Dan Burns, both of which are superbly reasoned and written, from opposite perspectives. Should we fall in line behind Trump even if we find his manner and policy ideas atrocious? (I’m a self-professed progressive, and there are libertarians, doctrinaire conservatives, classical liberals and apolitical types among us. The person in the debate whose overall views most agreed with mine was Rand Paul. Horrors!)

The Donald has the perfect name for this dilemma, doesn’t he: Do his views on vaccines and autism trump everything else?


Of course, discussion of this topic in any way, shape or form freaks out the mainstream media. Their new go-to word is “dangerous.”

Washington Post: “The GOP’s Dangerous ‘Debate’ on Vaccines and Autism:

The New York Times: “When the A-Team got around to science and health, many of them promised to help Americans by killing the program that gives millions of them medical insurance. One candidate said he felt sure that vaccines had caused an autism ‘epidemic.’ The two doctors on the dais did not seriously challenge that persistent, dangerous myth.”

(Love the air quotes! What “debate”? What “epidemic”? Don't be "ridiculous"!)

Huffington Post: "CNN was irresponsible to even bring that up," journalist Ana Marie Cox said on HuffPost's 'So That Happened' Podcast. 'If you even talk about the vaccine debate you give it credence.'"

That is a pure suppression of free speech. Sorry. Exactly nothing is out of bounds in a democracy – and ideas that are the object of active suppression are the ones we need to scrutinize most closely.

Like parallel universes that are starting to bang into each other, both of these paradigms can’t survive forever. We have “Neurotribes,” now a New York Times best-seller that posits autism is not new, was never rare, and rather than being a problem is a precursor and creator of a wonderful new world; we have a study that claims changes in diet do nothing for autistic kids; we have the autism ‘epidemic’ being ridiculed by our major media outlets.

And then, of course, we have what’s happening.


Last Saturday I flew down to Charlotte to give a talk at a conference sponsored by PAVE, a great North Carolina vaccine education group that worked to defeat a California-style mandate this year  Because I was a last minute sub (for Andy Wakefield, I’m honored to say), I had only an hour or so after I got there before I went on.

In that time, I had talked to the host who picked me up at the airport, and told me how his daughter got sick and regressed after the MMR, and how the doctor then threw them out of the practice; and I had talked a woman who showed me a cell-phone photo of her child who, after the DTaP, developed a hideous skin-exfoliating diseases and went on to be diagnosed with global developmental delay – not exactly autism, just another fun vaccine injury that couldn’t possibly be related to vaccines.

She was on the hunt for a friendly doctor because the one who gave her child this devastating shot was not about to give him an exemption for the next round, since only cranks and conspiracy theorists believe there is a connection.

And Donald Trump.


During my talk  to PAVE, I mentioned a New York Times article about the terrible problems that boys – and boys only, not girls – are having succeeding in school and at work.

The story was titled, “A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy.”

“If the United States is going to build a better-functioning economy than the one we’ve had over the last 15 years, we’re going to have to solve our boy problems,” the article said.

“To put it another way, the American economy — for all its troubles (and all of the lingering sexism) — looks to be doing pretty well when you focus on girls. The portion of women earning a four-year college degree has jumped more than 75 percent over the last quarter-century, in line with what has happened in other rich countries. Median inflation-adjusted female earnings are up almost 35 percent over the same span, census data show — while male earnings, incredibly, haven’t risen at all.

“We know we’ve got a crisis, and the crisis is with boys,” said Elaine Kamarck, a resident scholar at Third Way and a former Clinton administration official. “We’re not quite sure why it’s happening.”

Well, I think we know, although according to mainstream pundits, it’s too dangerous to even say. But when autism affects boys over girls at a rate of four or five to one, and learning disabilities like ADHD also seem to be boy-centric, and boys are failing,  there is every reason to look for similar etiologies.

It really does deserve to be a central issue in the presidential race, doesn’t it? Unless, that is, the future of our country and our world is simply too dangerous to discuss in a presidential election. It raises the question, too dangerous for whom?


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



All Trump needs to do is turn on his computer and go any alternative medicine site, anti-vaxx site, or one of those articles that state sites like Natural News, GreenMed, the Refuses etc are dangerous. He can also call up Bill Gates. I'm sure the software he has been developing to track anti-vaxx sites and commenters online knows exactly where the information is.


I saw the 2012 interviews and it's on youtube.

Cynthia Cournoyer

The present-day politicians, of any stripe will not be our saving grace. The heavy lifting will be with us. When we recruit more to our tribe our voices will be heard. People who never vaccinate are still only 1% of the population. By asking for freedom to pick and choose vaccines from a menu and to decide when they should be given, just yields the argument to our opponents. It says, yeah vaccines are good sometimes. This disaster must focus on the fact that vaccines are harmful, period. Let's grow that number and when we get to 30% of the population that will do anything and everything to NOT vaccinate with even one vaccine, then the customer base will dry up, and our numbers will be worthy of a political leader.


@ Danchi,
I agree that Donald needs now to start taking science and facts that vaccines cause terrible injuries and thousands of death of children and adults, but we need to forward him these data, which are plentiful. It is not easy to fight the powerful medical-pharma-media mafia, but united we can win with them. We must save the children from these evils.


Ya never said if you saw it or not?
He ambushed the hosts of Fox and Friends on the subject.


Danchi; Two years ago on FOX's News he came on and he said it - It is the vaccines. He took a chance - and you need to give him credit for that.

Saying there is a connection between autism & vaccines IS saying it's in the vaccine so he really hasn't moved from the 2012-13 interviews he's done. Why? What chance did he take? He was never going to be the Republican nominee so what did he have to lose. As you recall he dropped out of the running fairly early. I don't see that as a chance, I see that as dangling a hook in the same way he is dangling the hook now. The MSM & medical establishment have joined forces to slam Trump saying he has basically a base with anti-vaxxers and that must be shut down. If you go to; read all the articles about Trump and how the medico's are going after him. Is this good for the cause? All I see now is an aggressive move by the MSM at the behest of pharma and the CDC to saturate the internet with pro-vaccine propaganda and dozens of interviews with doctors across the country saying Trump is an idiot and repeating the same mantra there are no studies that say vaccine cause autism. If you've been involved in vaccine politics (that's what it is) you know that the CDC has been superb in terrorizing the country over childhood illnesses. Look how Mercks profits shot up during the Measles False Flag. CDC knows what buttons to push on their customers just by say "vaccine preventable disease" which vaccine aren't but they know parents will take actions on the side of caution. After all, why would my government & Doctor lie about something like that? This is the conditioning we're trying to get through. So who do you think people like this will believe-Trump who makes a statement yet doesn't support it with any data or information or The CDC/Doctor who tells you this vaccine will save your child's life? I read an article yesterday where Friedman of the CDC is giving interviews telling the public they need to get the Flu shot for themselves and their children because 100 babies died of the flu last year. Now, I've not read that anywhere and I try and keep up. Post this on enough websites and comment boards against what Trump is saying -who are parents going to believe?

If Trump was invested in this cause he would stop talking in sound bites and actually talk about what is going on right now as I posted in an earlier comment. I don't give Trump credit for anything.


Danchi; Two years ago on FOX's News he came on and he said it - It is the vaccines. He took a chance - and you need to give him credit for that.

I keep saying this and --_ I don't think you all saw it.


David Taylor,

With all due respect, and I mean that, your are not being fair.

David Taylor

@Kate Gowen, who wrote: "Letting so someone so abysmally unqualified, incompetent, and plain loony front for such an important cause is NOT the way to go."

Sounds like the actor and puppet Ronald Reagan. Wasn't he a two-term president fronting for the rich?

You feel the same way about Lewis Farrakhan?

Is Jenny McCarthy too much of a shallow bimbo for you?

Put down the litmus test and join the cause.


It occurred to me that we should report vaccine pushers' (CDC, FDA, vaccine manufacturers) crimes against Americans to DHS, Pentagon, NSA and other institutions associated with security. We should inform them that these vaccine pushers have criminally endangered US safety by maiming or killing already 2 generations of young Americans, mostly males. The direct consequence of this genocide is that there are now practically no healthy, normal young Americans left to serve in the army (as admitted by one general), police or to do jobs vital for national security. Currently you almost can’t find normal young Americans to do technical jobs or graduate studies in engineering and hard sciences. And this is extremely dangerous. I have noticed that now nearly all young mechanics in US (electricians, plumbers etc.) are from Africa, Middle East, or Latin America, because their brains have not been destroyed by toxic vaccines and they can learn the trade, unlike young American men who are so damaged that they can’t.
It is easy to imagine what will happen to our national safety, when these immigrants (often hostile to US, as they came from countries destroyed by NATO/Pentagon) will service American nuclear power plants and arms, electric grids, water processing facilities etc. The CDC, FDA, pharma-medical mafia, and corrupted by them US politicians must be exposed as enablers or potential terrorists, who may take down whole US.


Kate Gowen
You said it so well Kate and I couldn't agree more. Exactly what has Trump said about vaccines other than they cause Autism-nothing really. You simply don't get my vote because you make statements about but provide no depth. There is so much more he could be saying in interviews other than I have seen a baby normal and after the child has vaccines regresses. He has had amply opportunities to inform the public about:
-The admission of Dr. William Thompson that the CDC manipulated study results back in 2004. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed. He could have made this less than 20 second statement and given the names of websites to get additional information.
-Trump could have talked about Merck being sued by two of its former virologist for again manipulating test results of the MMR to maintain their market share. He could add in the increase in outbreaks of measles & mumps are due to Merck faking efficiency. He could state the scientist and Merck are in count right now and Merck has been stonewalling by giving the court outdated information.. This suit was filed years ago-no media coverage except Reuters.
-Trump could also say a Chatham Primary Care is also suing Merck because there is an increases of Mumps outbreaks in children in their practice.
-Trump could counter the "no studies" mantra with the fact there are hundreds of studies connecting vaccines to Autism as well as other immune-neurological illness. He could name a few if he knew them.
-Trump could have talked about:
Congressman Posey presenting this Thompson's on the floor of the house:
-Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) at 1:02:29

Trump is not someone who is intimidated by interviewers or reporters, I have seen him talk over them many times so being shut down by them is not a factor from what I've seen of him over the years. If he wanted to disclose this information, providing that he is even aware of it, he would. So why isn't he?

My perspective, he's not emotionally invested. There are interview with him from 2012 where he talks about vaccine related to Autism, but even those comments were superficial. He's talking the talk but he's not walking the walk. Here's an example of what I mean about candidates:
I was watching this programs about UFO's and the Presidency. Apparently a number of US Presidents had been approached by UFO groups and openly discussed opening the files that the CIA & NSA have on UFO activity. I got into the program late but names mentioned were Clinton, Obamba, Carter, Eisenhower & Nixon. There is a report that Carter & Reagan actually saw a UFO. Carter filed a report Reagan didn't. They all told these groups that they would investigate and reveal what the government had once they were in office. There are video's of Carter & Clinton answering questions on the subject. Has anyone heard or read about the disclosure of CIA & NSA files on UFO's being release? Nope. Same thing will happen with any Presidential candidate once they take that oath. They will do what they are told.

Also keep this in mind. The law that exempts pharmaceutical companies from liability was put under the Homeland Security Act. Even if a Presidential candidate, Trump included, wanted to openly take on the vaccine issue some low life congressperson or senator who is on the pharma teat will say the words "National Security". Whether it applies or not will be debated for years and there will still be no progress made in helping these children or their families.


Yes, that is right!

Jeannette Bishop


The other night I happened to watch Chris Hayes ' show on MSNBC.
He had a woman one - I don't recall who she was. She and Chris
Were ranting about how irresponsible the three candidates had
been in having their vaccine discussion. The guest said that people watching
That would come away thinking something sinister was going in with
our vaccine program. I came away from Chris Hayes' show thinking wow what an
Interesting choice of words!

Sophie Scholl

Dr Carson is neither a credible doctor or has any idea about science or in fact has any idea what he is talking about at all .
I would never feel comfortable being treated by a person calling himself a doctor with quite so little knowledge .
Carson is no more than a mere parrot . Just waiting for him to use the word "debunked" . To me Carson is no better than a snake-oil salesman , uneducated ill , informed charlatan who is not entitled to the salary he receives for medical services .Ever heard of Bernadine Healey (NIH) Carson ?

Damn shame Mr Trump doesnt mention the name "William Thompson" while he is up there and blow this story wide open . Trump , if he were up to speed and was willing could put this on the front page in an instance . Just the mere mention of two names could send this stratospheric , Poul Thorsen & William Thompson . Perhaps even throw in RFK's book on Themiserol .

Why isnt Donald Trump mentioning his name ? WT
Doesnt he know ?

Jeannette Bishop

"This is a breakthrough moment, and to pick at what Trump said or to diminish Carson or Paul is not, to my mind, the right response."



I have one question for any candidate. "Would you veto a bill that mandates vaccines for children in order for them to get a public education or for their parents to be eligible for disability or child tax credits?" I hope Trump wouldn't be the only one to say 'Yes'.

Anita donnelly

WhOops by shutting down the debate above I meant shutting down the broader society debate not a presidential debate


@Kate Gowen,
You are wrong. Donald Trump is not looney and is qualified to be potus solely based on the fact that he recognizes that vaccines kill and cripple children and are responsible for massive brain damage of majority of Americans to a greater or lesser degree. Whiteout healthy population there is no future for America and recognition of vaccine injuries is the most important election issue for US now, plain and simple. Donald has a mission of saving America and he must begin by saving young generations from medical death and injuries.


Trump is the only candidate who cannot be bought by big pharma, all the other candidates are being funded by big pharma. He is our best and only hope because he does not need big pharma money like bernie and clinton.


So true, Bob Moffitt


Great letter, Introvert.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Boys and problems in school and work? Ten years ago or more, Dr. George Malcolm Morley asked this question, and blamed clamping the umbilical cord before the first breath. I can't find that article, but in PubMed just found: Anderssson O et al., Effect of Delayed Cord Clamping on Neurodevelopment at 4 Years of Age, published July 2015 in JAMA Pediatrics. In the abstract they state, "Delayed CC compared with early CC improved scores in the fine-motor and social domains at 4 years of age, especially in boys, ..."

In my own dissertation research many years ago, greater vulnerability of males to neonatal asphyxia was a surprise finding. In PubMed lookup: Simon Volicer.

Aerobic metabolism is higher in males than females. This is why mens's and women's events are separate in sports. It has long been known that male infants are more susceptible to injury from difficult birth. Brain damage caused by asphyxia at birth was published between 1959 and1972 in several articles by W Windle and RE Myers. Damage from bilirubin (jaundice) only occurred if preceded by asphyxia.

A synthetic form of vitamin K injected at birth also caused jaundice, and use of synthetic vitamin K was stopped in 1961. I have asked, and will continue to ask about hep B given in the neonatal period, especially in infants who suffered oxygen insufficiency during birth. Again, male infants are more susceptible to additional injurious factors.

Donald Trump is not influenced by lobbyists. He does not need their money. Many Americans are grateful for his speaking out against the status quo.

John Hiscott

I have waited for a candidate who will speak up about vaccines. There is no more important issue to me. I have spent hundreds of hours studying the issue of mmr and autism and related vaccine issues. I am particularly interested in why politicians believe that they can mandate vaccines and why pediatricians can see children die or made ill, say nothing and continue to vaccinate children.
If vaccines become manadatory in my state or nationally, before I will allow my child to be vaccinated, I would leave the US. I plan to vote for Trump. John Hiscott, Stroudsburg, Pa.

False scientists...

Very well said, Benedetta!

Angus Files

The Trump Has Trumpeted, and it is a statement of intent, by the American people who have supported the meteoric rise of his popularity,its a statement of unity, that cannot be ignored by any administration, whatever its complexion whether it be the CDC or one of its sub-divisions such as the New York Times.

Seize the moment America our children need you!.



Oh yes Please -- get it to Bernie Sanders

So we can have another one that just tells us what we want to hear - not what they really are concerned about - and care about.

Another one that says --- paraphrasing President Obama here,"We don't know why autism is rising -- (pointing sheepishly to a parent) yes, some say vaccines. We need more research on this."

And just from that little teeny tiny half -- Oh he mentioned vaccines and autism close to each other -- he is the autism president.

IT don't work that way.

You got to have some one that said way before they ran for president - Way before - pushes the issues - pushes and sneaks it into the conversation right on National News -- On Fox News on "Fox and Friends" right after they fired Alysn Camerota for saying fishy language. And that would be Mr Trump.

The one that asked you to the dance, the one you went with to the dance is suppose to be the one you leave with.

False scientists...

Funniest thing ever is how the idiots who are in pharma (who largely have no dog in the fight) underestimate how many people are starting g to question why so many American kids have autism and other problems. Many know that other countries aren't as aggressive with their schedule and have recalled Gardasil for example.
I mean did they not witness Trumps rise and think to themselves, geez that guy obviously has a serious silent majority behind him who agree on many issues.

@K Fuller

Sanjay Gupta knows full well the extent of corruption and games being played by the CDC. His job depends upon his complicitness with it all. Scum.

Turning tide

I agree that introvert's letter is very powerful. We need to somehow get William Thompson's info to Bernie, and while we are at it also Elizabeth Warren (who is spewing pro-vax crap but wouldn't if she was given the real facts) and Steven Brill, the best investigative reporter of our time, who right now is publishing a complete takedown of Johnson and Johnson on the Huffington Post, including its entire propaganda/research fraud playbook. So interesting that the Brill article is almost right beside several others attacking Trump/Carson for their stances on vaccines. So Huffpost can believe these people are utterly evil when it comes to Risperdal, but not vaccines. Just crazy.

Kate Gowen

Voting for Trump on the basis that he acknowledges vaccine damage seems REALLY shortsighted. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" has rarely played out well in history. Letting so someone so abysmally unqualified, incompetent, and plain loony front for such an important cause is NOT the way to go. As the Chief Clown in a field of unprepossessing candidates, he will simply entrench the belief that vaccine skeptics are unworthy of consideration by sane citizens.


I think if LOTS of people wrote letters like introverts' to Bernie Sanders, it might get through to him. They know that for every person who actually writes a heck of a lot more agree.

John Stone

K Fuller

I fear that Gupta knows it all aready and he's sold out:

K Fuller

Dr. Sanjay Gupta could be a good ally if only someone could get him to sit down for a week and look at the facts.


Can’t help but feel amused at how spectacularly the tables were turned on pro-vaxxers during the debate when the vaccine-autism question came out. No doubt, Carson being a retired Big from the ‘medical mafia’ was the go-to guy to put Trump in his place for his ‘outrageous’ claims. I imagine the drug-pushers spirits were initially lifted when Carson began with those studies not showing a link, but how quickly they were dashed when Caron committed the most traitorous act by not just agreeing with Trump that vaccines should be spaced out, but also suggesting that they were giving too much! For the pro-vaxxers, I am sure the entire episode was as shocking and depressing as sending your Bruiser to rough-up that guy giving you a hard time, only to walk by a bar and finding your Bruiser sitting with the guy, sharing a beer, and badmouthing you.

cia parker

I think we need to respect Dr. Carson very much for not just reciting the expected party line the other night. For a physician to publicly state that the current vaccine schedule is excessive and not all the vaccines are "necessary," took a lot of character. I'm not going to say courage, because for those with personal integrity it's just not possible to lie. I think Dr. Carson is well enough informed that he just couldn't say the lie. I said the other day that he phrased his response very cagily because he knew his words would be on public record and discussed forever, but now I think it's because he's waking up and realizing that the time is coming when everyone is going to have to take a side, and the Vaccines Forever! slogan is, even as we speak, visibly going down in flames with so many vaccine-damaged children everywhere these days. We may be at the top of the Slippery Slope, and our momentum is going to pick up until it's going to soon become universally accepted that vaccines are dangerous, and, in most cases, not worth the tremendous risk. And then everyone is going to have to contemplate what Justice for the Damaged is going to require.


Its interesting for sure that the question ever got asked. I have to wonder if they actually realize that too many children are being damaged. I'm not so sure they would have felt confident that Tump would back down. Maybe the 'journalists' and 'reporters' are tired of being presstitutes.

Tim Lundeen

Thanks, Dan!

I've been feeling for some months now that the tide has actually turned, we just couldn't see it yet. But this is a big visible crack in the vaccine propaganda dike. Getting the referendum for SB277 on the ballot will be another, because it will force this discussion into the open for the next year.

If anyone who contribute to SB277 please do so! Go to, and thanks!


"Neuroglial Activation and Neuroinflammation in the Brain of Patients with Autism," Vargas et al., 2004

"Autism is a common neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impairments in social, behavioral, and communicative functions. Symptoms appear before 36 months of age, and regression or loss of skills occurs in 30% of affected children, usually between 18 and 24 months. The syndrome is clinically heterogeneous and can be associated in up to 10% of patients with well-described neurological and genetic disorders, such as tuberous sclerosis, fragile X, and Rett’s and Down’s syndromes, although in most patients the causes are still unknown....Although the neurobiological basis for autism remains poorly understood, several lines of research now support the view that genetic, environmental, neurological, and immunological factors contribute to its development....Our analysis of the neuropathological changes in brain tissues of autistic patients showed extensive neuroglial responses characterized by microglial and astroglial activation....Taken together, our observations suggest that neuroglial reactions, in the form of innate immune responses, are important in the mechanisms associated with neural dysfunction in autism and that the cerebellum is the focus of an active and chronic neuroinflammatory process in autistic patients."

Something that happens in the first two years of life which causes neuroinflammation leading to regression and loss of skills....Hm. Can't think of anything. Fat mom? Looking at your fat mom makes your brain swell up? Something like that probably.

Louis Conte

"That is a pure suppression of free speech. Sorry. Exactly nothing is out of bounds in a democracy – and ideas that are the object of active suppression are the ones we need to scrutinize most closely."

Spot on.

Thank you for this well crafted article.

David Taylor

Introvert: Nice letter. My sentiments exactly. But your letter will never be read by Bernie. Aides will deep six it. They (and Bernie) know who their base is: progressives and liberals, some of the strongest supporters of vaccine ideology.

I've been following Bernie on this issue. When asked, he gives a standard "Vaccines are an important public health measure that I fully support" and moves on quickly.

Like you, the only way I can parse Bernie's thoughtless position on vaccines is one of two ways, both bad: a calculated political position; close-minded ignorance.

Remember, Vermont is one of the states leading the way in vaccine mandates.

It's obvious from his comments that Trump has been touched by a personal experience with one of his staffers whose child regressed after MMR. My guess is that this staffer has given Trump the real science on America's iatrogenic disaster.

The fact that Trump speaks out on this issue from a level of personal and emotional truth is something I admire about him.

Trump in 2016.


Have we located the first member of the American Academy of Pediatrics who will take the “two month well baby vaccines” and “two dose mercury flu shot”adjusted to their body weight??

Surely one of these 62,000 members will take the two month baby challenge, and encourage their other AAP members to do the same.

The vaccine question on the live CNN debate was meant to trap Donald Trump, and the Carson response was not as expected. I believe Dr. Carson is a board member of some group trying to create a “colon cancer vaccine,” so CNN was expecting a slam dunk answer of support for the medical mafia vaccine industry.

david m burd

Dan, Yes - all the OTHER non-autism mental disabilities (such as you cite, and also the horrible physical disabilities) so prevalent in boys compared to girls is a HUGE valid topic for Candidates' Debate in the coming year.

Of course Mainstream Media will try to censor and stifle such a debate, always citing CDC, NIH, et al. as their unimpeachable sources.

Bob Moffitt

I suspect CNN thought they would embarrass Trump by asking his "well-known" concerns of "too many, too soon" vaccines for children .. and .. then immediately ask Dr. Carson .. an accomplished neurosurgeon .. to explain to the 23 million viewers watching that Trump was obviously not well informed of the vast storage of "scientific evidence" proving the recommended schedule is completely "safe and efficient" .. ending his rebuke of Trump by sternly telling that national audience ... "Get your children vaccinated".

In fact .. that is exactly what I expected Dr. Carson to say .. having already heard him say "Get your children vaccinated" when asked his opinion on Gov Christy and Sen Paul prior comments that merely suggested that parents ought to have at least "some" choices in how their child would be vaccinated.

In any event .. I think CNN .. albeit unintentionally .. did the nation a great service by raising this issue during the debate .. but .. their strategy backfired badly on them .. and we can anticipate there will be no more "vaccine" questions during nationally televised debates in the future .. because .. CNN and the powers that be .. can no longer be confident at least three of the candidates are afraid to speak "truth to power".

Finally .. what an encouraging experience in our national politics.


I just sent an email to Bernie Sanders:

Dear Bernie:

I have never donated to a candidate for political office before, but this year, I donated to your campaign. For the first time ever, I believed I had found a politician who shared my values. As a lifelong liberal who is dismayed by the direction in which this country is headed, I was excited about politics for the first time ever.

That’s why I am so dismayed to say that I will probably vote for Trump. I hate to do this – the man is repugnant to me on so many levels. But I am the mother of a vaccine-injured child, and the subject of vaccine mandates and health freedom is more important to my family than any other. Like you, I was an enthusiastic believer in vaccines, but personal experience and ten years of research has led me to the conclusion that in families like mine, the risks outweigh the benefits.

I urge you to fully research this issue and understand the complexities. Understand that the vaccine schedule today is nothing like what it was in the 1980s, before the pharmaceutical companies were shielded from liability (more than five times the doses of vaccines on the schedule, starting at one day old). Understand that a CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, has come forward admitting that the CDC study he authored is fraudulent. That he and his co-authors destroyed data by dumping it in a garbage can. Understand that autism has increased from 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s to 1 in 68 today.

Please talk to RFK Jr., Congressman Posey, Harvard neurologist Martha Herbert. Please look at the evidence yourself.

Please don’t make me vote for Donald Trump.

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