Childhood Vaccines Make it Into Presidential Debate
Vaccines: When Fear and Facts Collide

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: VW and Vaccine World, the GOP and the Truth, the Times and the Fuhrer

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

It’s the world’s largest company in the category. It’s been caught cheating, putting public health and the planet at risk. Bogus tests gave false results that made everyone think the product was working, but in the real world it was a disaster. Resignations are flooding in, criminal investigations are starting, and the future of the company is at stake.

Obviously, I’m talking about Volkswagen, but I’m thinking about the largest firm in Vaccine World – Merck. At least the first part of the story is the same: Merck ($5.9 billion vaccine revenues in 2014, the world’s biggest haul) has been caught cheating, putting public health at risk by – allegedly – faking data to prove the mumps vaccine works when it doesn’t. It only works when you (Merck) run bogus tests using rabbit blood and you (Merck) alter results by hand, but not in the real world where college kids are now getting mumps and becoming sterile for life.

In Merck’s case, two courageous whistleblowers filed suit in federal court five years ago. Merck has so far failed to get the suit dismissed or (presumably) to buy off the whistleblowers with a few measly millions. Recent rulings by the judge overseeing the case have paved the way for the word they hate most in Vaccine World – discovery, meaning the uncovering of (covered up) documents.

There’s no discovery in vaccine “court,” the liability-free protection racket set up by Congress that has led to the epidemic of excessive vaccination and, with it, the autism epidemic and so many more kinds of vaccine damage. Various independent examinations of its “rulings” over the years show clearly that vaccine-induced encephalopathy (brain damage) results in vaccine-induced brain damage (autism), and they all know it.

In the case of the mumps vaccine, regulatory oversight has failed dramatically, far worse than in the VW case where the government pursued the clues and came down hard. In contrast, he FDA was apprised of what was going on at Merck in real time but let the company ‘splain it all away. (Merck now says, hey, the FDA knew about it, you can’t sue us! So far, that hasn’t worked.) And as we know, the “cesspool of corruption” called the CDC has abetted Merck by hiding MMR study data that showed a higher risk for autism when the shot was given before age three (CDC recommendation: 12 months).

You wonder how long it would have taken the VW fraud to emerge if the EPA was as bought off as the regulatory apparatus for Vaccine World. Forever, is my guess.

Given the sense of betrayal we’re hearing from VW owners who thought they were going “green” but ended up polluting the planet for the sake of VW’s profit, people are really not going to be happy when they realize just what Vaccine World has done to them, their children, and our collective future.


John Gilmore of the Autism Action Network sent around a couple of e-mails this week that I really like even though they make me cringe. He agreed to share them:

First, on the GOP debate: “Ben Carson's response was absolutely stunning. And the other physician at the debate, Ron Paul, agrees with Donald Trump on vaccines. The lid is coming off. This shouldn't be a partisan issue, but it is now. The Democrats have clearly sold their souls to pharma as the price for backing Obamacare. We saw that in California. …”

Another writer responded: “It may be a political issue for politicans who are paid off by pharma, but Dem parents and Rep parents equally worry about this issue. 

“Those are the people we need to appeal to.”

John replied:

“It is has always been a political issue. Now it is ‘partisan.’ And what we see is that the Democrats at the national level, and increasingly at the state level, have completely embraced pharma. That is abundantly clear from what we saw this year.

“The many state efforts to eliminate vaccine-choice rights were overwhelmingly, but not completely, led by Democrats. California speaks for itself, and we see the same thing here in New York: Efforts to increase the mandated schedule and reduce choice rights come overwhelmingly from the Democrats and one key Republican who is deep in pharma's pocket.

“What we saw from the last few months is there is at least room for different opinions on this issue among the Republicans. There is none so far on the Democratic side. This is reality. And if we are going to affect change, and I believe we are having an impact -- as we saw on Wednesday night and in earlier statements by Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina -- we have to deal with the world as it is.

“I think this is a good thing. Presidential candidates are perceiving that it is in their interest to criticize the vaccine program. It is starting with the GOP; perhaps it will spread to the Democrats, but I don't think that is possible given the overwhelming resistance to any criticism of the vaccine program that we see coming from the mouthpieces and paymasters of Democrats -- the NYT, MSNBC, CNN, Time Warner, Advance Publications (The New Yorker, Wired, Discovery, etc.), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.

“The GOP controls both houses, and two-thirds of the state houses and state legislatures. At least it is the guys with the majority of the clout who are moving our way. I wish both parties were having this discussion but that isn't happening. But I'll take what some GOP candidates are offering.”

My comment: “Couldn't agree more. Except for Rfk jr my liberal pals have let us down.”


Speaking of such, the AP this week changed its Stylebook to recommend that people who question global warming should no longer be referred to as “climate change deniers” but “climate change doubters” or “those who reject mainstream climate science.”

This is a big deal. The AP Stylebook is journalism’s bible, and words matter. I’d recommend they take a look at the term “anti-vaccine” next, and apply it only to those who truly are anti-vaccine – a position that in my view is perfectly respectable but does not apply to all (most, probably) in the vaccine safety community. “Denier,” like “anti-vaccine,” is used not to impart information about someone’s position in a debate but to shame and shut down that very discussion. It goes with crank, quack, truther, anti-science, Hitler-like …


Hitler-like? Yes.

I was astounded by an op-ed a couple of weeks ago in the Times by the author of a book called “Black Earth – The Holocaust as History and Warning,” which made this very peculiar equivalence:

“The quest for German domination was premised on the denial of science. [Actually it was premised on world conquest and killing everyone you hated, but let’s continue:]

“Hitler spread ecological panic by claiming that only land would bring Germany security and by denying the science that promised alternatives to war. By polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, the United States has done more than any other nation to bring about the next ecological panic, yet it is the only country where climate science is still resisted by certain political and business elites. These deniers [there’s that word!] tend to present the empirical findings of scientists as a conspiracy and question the validity of science — an intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler’s.”

As the kids would say: Whaaaaattttt? Someone who is, according to the AP formulation, a climate change doubter is akin to Der Fuhrer? If you question “the validity of science” as assessed at this moment in history by the mainstream, you get lumped in with evil incarnate? Science, to quote an essay I was sent this week, “is a method of enquiry, not a set of certainties.” People who use it in the latter sense remind me of Hitler and his fascist suppression of free inquiry. Might as well give him a parade in his VW. (see how this works?).

As far as I can tell the only other site to call the Times out on this outrageous analogy is the conservative

“If you don’t believe in climate change you’re as bad as Hitler.

“There. I’ve just precised a long article which appeared in the New York Times over the weekend with the title The Next Genocide. “Rather worryingly it was the work not of some fruitcake environmental activist but of someone who really ought to know better – a professor of history, at Yale no less, called Timothy Snyder.”)

I’m amazed this got into the NYT. Since vaccine safety advocates are so often dumped in the “climate denier” bin, this is a vivid instance of the contempt in which people like us who interfere with orthodoxies like theirs are held.

As Mark Blaxill and I wrote in our book The Age of Autism, there is a paradigm war raging. We, the rebel alliance -- perhaps a better word right here would be the Resistance -- really need to win.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Birgit Calhoun

I just thought of another group of corporations that are highly protected: It's Banks all over the world.


Sophie Scholl;
I am just curious what country you are from? UK or Australia, or Canada, or Ireland?

Birgit Calhoun

If the VW scandal had been a US car-maker scandal instead, would the outcome have been the same? I suspect there is protection going on that does not just concern the vaccine makers. You are absolutely right in saying that the vaccine makers, not just Merck, are getting away with a lot. The FIFA scandal, as has already been mentioned, fits in the same category. There must be many corporations where protection is expected.

Jeannette Bishop

Partisanship here might become a tool to set up the "official debate" between these "sides:" all vaccines, as mandated, all the time (except when a designated qualified few decide you get to be exempt) or some vaccines mandated in some way, as long as most constituents feel they some "reasonable" choice in the matter...and then the "bi-partisan compromise" might look like most vaccines mandated for pretty much everyone, and every vaccine will definitely have to be mandated for some group or other, liability free, and except for oligarchy insiders perhaps, everyone will probably be taking more vaccines than they want to and probably, mysteriously, there will be less healthy people 2020 in spite of the agenda.

Sophie Scholl

I didn't know :
The Republican Party, commonly referred to as GOP (abbreviation for Grand Old Party), is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, the other being its historic rival, the Democratic Party.

Being Anti-Vaccine = having a brain , and have now done the necessary research (& wished I had done it before ever trusting the lying thieves .) Proud to be called Anti-Vaccine .

False scientists...

Just watched a show on psychopathy and ranked 3rd by profession are those in media. Makes sense to me.

Angus Files

Cheating is a terrible sin, or so we are all told when we are young kids, and most of us live our lives true to the word.

But in corporate Merck world, and VW world ,the VW fight back commences, unlike most of our vaccine damaged kids there will be no fight back.



Oh I think the people see that that by and large the Democrats run the media and are more than pHarma friendly. I think most people have given up on thinking the media is in any way trustworthy.

tim bolen


As you know, in the past, I have criticized Age of Autism for NOT writing STRONG ENOUGH articles on what is really going on.

THIS article is DOUBLE STRONG - and right on target. You went right for the jugular.

Good job...

Tim Bolen -

Maurine Meleck

There is another analogy from the anus, I mean the anals of history
that seems appropriate here. Following the end of WWI, the allies divided up the losing countries without regard for ethnic groups, similar cultures, religion, paving the way for the German peoples acceptance of Hitler's war. For the Allies it meant that to divide and conquer would keep the Axis powers "in step" forever. Sadly, it worked just the opposite.
The drug companies, gov't, media work just that same premise--thus "anti-vaxers" with no middle ground has become their mantra. Divide us from the so called "normal population" and we become vaccine deniers, haters of good health, baby killers. Then, just add the various factions within our own autism community and they see it as a win-win situation. Unlike the South that didn't rise again, we will win this war--right John Gilmore?


Why the Times, Forbes, Tv mainstream news supports their relationship with the vaccine maker's as 1 in 5 children have become Neurologically Impaired, 1 in 6 Developmentally Disabled, 1 in 5 developed ADHD symptoms eludes me.


It made no sense to me either, until I realized they are all one in the same.

Do you know even a single parent, who vaccinated their children because a review of the 'science' convinced them it was the right thing to do?

Or did they all do it because they were convinced by the likes of Times, Forbes, and Tv mainstream news… that vaccinating was the responsible thing do so?

Shelley Tzorfas

While VW getting caught is bad for business- it does not compare to what the maker's of the 3 in 1, four in 1, 5 in one, and 6 in 1 vaccines containing Aluminum, thimerosal (Mercury) formaldehyde and other ingredients of such a dangerous source has done to our most precious resource-that of our children. We now have the most ill children round the globe. Why the Times, Forbes, Tv mainstream news supports their relationship with the vaccine maker's as 1 in 5 children have become Neurologically Impaired, 1 in 6 Developmentally Disabled, 1 in 5 developed ADHD symptoms eludes me. We are not allowed to sue the vaccine maker in regular court since Reagan signed that law in 1986 when children got only 7 vaccines.. I do not think he knew that his own Alzheimer's is connected with Aluminum, mercury and other toxins.. If Trump gets this information across to people on the TV news-I hope that The Times and Forbes, Sesame Street from PBS, Dora might follow suit?


If and when a candidate opposes vaccination coercion for education, employment, or financial advantage they will have my vote.
Otherwise I have to assume they are just playing both sides of the fence. My Republican representative says he supports parental choice, but when questioned about education says there are consequences.
Tricky business, this politics.


To the man who wrote: "Trump, though a jerk,": I don't think he's a jerk at all, and he has done more for us than any other politician, ever, and he's just stepped into the political waters.

God bless him. I'm grateful.


Once again, we are at the start of another “run for your lives/ get your damn vaccine” flu season...

This morning there was a CBS clip on the space station and how one astronaut had just “taken a flu shot” in orbit. Give us a damn break. I would suppose someone is very well paid to make that remark on television.

The live debate remarks on vaccines with Donald Trump obviously needed to be reworked by pharma for a few days, I would suppose they are now sorry they asked the question in the first place.

“Regime change” is usually referenced to other countries with various evil dictators. Perhaps Speaker John Boehner will be able to make a few statements in the next few weeks in regards to the truth of a few issues and the need to change the regimes of both parties.

It is amazing what happens in “Volkswagen World” so quickly... "Vaccine World" is still getting there...

cia parker

Trump, Carson, and Paul ALL said they were big fans of vaccines. Someone last week described it accurately as pledging allegiance to Merck. Whistleblower William Thompson said HE was a big fan of vaccines. Of course it's contemptible, but anyone who wants to work in the world out there has to at least pay lip service to Vaccines über alles!And then sneak in "but we must bear in mind that, although no one now gets measles or chickenpox, vaccines KILL and DISABLE millions! But hey! as long as they don't get chickenpox, right?"

Gary Ogden

We will win, Dan, though it's going to be a long slog. Trump, though a jerk, is a crack in the dam. Because of his popularity among Republican voters, vaccines will remain part of the Presidential follies for the foreseeable future, for the first time in history. It will be interesting to see what happens during the primaries and the Republican National Convention. The Democrats (except RFK) are completely hopeless (I am a former Democrat-the California State Senate made me flee, especially Senator Jackson). With Boehner soon gone, I wonder what will happen with the HOGRC. Seems Jason Chaffetz must be Boehner's boy (otherwise, why was Darrel Issa replaced?) The insurgent Republicans in the House are giving the establishment fits, but are they our allies? The Merck suit will widen the crack. I never considered "discovery" an especially beautiful word, but, oh dear, it is, it is! And we have educated a significant number of Californians as we've gathered signatures for the SB 277 Referendum. It was mainly women who signed, and women vote. There is an amazingly high level of distrust in our government now, and this is in our favor. Wish list? For Trump to bring Dr. William S. Thompson into the conversation. Trump is our best ally., without question.


In reality what you described is what is happening. It's called the silent majority.


Rand completely backed the vaccine science to Wolf Blitzer and he has even publicly got a flu shot. I find this really bad, given that flu vaccine is ineffective, to say the least, co rains Mercury and is now mandated to infants and pregnant women.

Bob Moffitt


Just curious .. because I somehow must have missed it .. what did Dr. Carson and Ron Paul say to give you the impression they "wimped out" regarding their remarks on vaccines during the last Presidential debate?

George stevens

It seems to me now more then ever it would be time to go on the offensive against vaccine producers. Especially when you have Donald trump the leading candidate in the polls stating a link between vaccines and autism. With John Boehner quitting yesterday it is obvious there is an anti establishment movement in this country that has Washington establishment politicians scared and when you have them scared you have big pharmacy scared too. I didn't like trump up until he made the statement on vaccines and autism, then it became so obvious to me that he could not be bought and if elected will not back down from his beliefs. Democrates shouldn't be blinded by the Republican label of trump he's hated as much by the Republican party itself as the Democratic party. I think it would be wise to align these type groups with him if he does end up getting the Republican nod. You bring down the establishment within the two parties and have a regime change the more money and people big pharma has to attempt to corrupt and the less control they have.


Only Trump stands by what he said about vaccines, the other two wimped out, it's businesd as usual for the rest of the democrats and republicans.

Dan Burns

To Rfk jr: run, Bobby, run!

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