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Age of Autism Contest! Aquaponic Growing System Supports Adults with Autism!

Appleseed ventures
"Appleseed Ventures is a parent-driven enterprise.  We employ autistic teens and young adults to assemble and package Aquaponic Waterfall Gardens.  It's a gateway to a future that works."

If you were fortunate to hear Dan Burns this weekend at the Generation Rescue Autism Education Summit, you learned about his parent-driven initiative for employment of adults on the spectrum. Called Appleseed Ventures, the product they offer is a fantastic aquaponic growing system. And Dan is generously giving a system away to a lucky AofA reader. Imagine growing fresh herbs year 'round in your kitchen!  And you can buy small fish to decorate the water with their color. 

Leave a comment to enter.  Learn more at Appleseed Ventures.



This looks great!

Tracy Ligtenberg

This is a great idea! My 23-year old son with autism would love it--especially assembling it!

Angus Files

Good luck Dan with this venture. We have one similar to that so this is just to say great work keep it coming.



My twins and I would love to win this! it looks great!!!!!

Dawn H

How awesome! I would love to consider buying one for our home! Such a cool idea, good luck with your venture. If we win one we will donate it to our autism classroom at Neuse Christian Academy. The kids will love it!

Maurine Meleck

Just moved to Florida with my grandson, Josh
into an apartment, not particularly posh,
can't plant our own garden, sorry to say,
but an aquaponic garden would make our day.

Carrie Elsass

I love everything about this idea!


My husband and sons built a huge one out of olive oil totes. Love all the fresh veggi3s, herbs and tilapia that we get.


Please enter me in the contest. This would look great in my inclusion classroom. I love the combination of plants and fish...a rich sensory experience for all. Good luck with Appleseed Ventures!


This is amazing! Love Fresh herbs and my son loves fish! Aren't they so calming?

Carolyn Simpson

That looks beautiful. My sons would love it.


Im leaving a comment.
Would love to have one for our homeschooling family.


Enter me please. Dan, does Ben work here?

Lisa Thompson

Awesome! I'd love to win this.

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