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Dachel Media Update: How To Change an Anti-Vaxxer's Mind

Submit Presidential Debate Question RE Vaccination Rights To Fox Today

Fox Debate

The Republican Primary debate is being held on Thursday night. We want to make sure that parental medical rights are part of the debate.   Fox News needs this form TODAY. Act now please.

We are asking our readers to submit this EXACT question below to Fox News for the first Presidential Primary Debate on Thursday. Simply copy the verbiage, click the link, scroll down to the 3rd box (submit a question) and click upload.  Here is the verbiage and question:

The California legislature just passed a law to strip parents of children in daycare, preschool and grades K-12 of their right to make informed, voluntary vaccination decisions for their children. Parents are now compelled to vaccinate their children except for very limited medical exemptions or keep them out of school. Due in large part to special interest lobbying, other states are now considering new vaccine legislation. 

Do you support the fundamental parental right to make medical decisions on behalf of children? 

Here's the link and what the form looks like:


Debate Form Fox



Trump's comment about blood coming out of Kelly's "wherever" actually struck me as a pivot to a safer location for Trump. If someone has blood coming out of her eyes, it's not because she's doing something to me; it's because I'm doing something to her. Think Beatrix Kiddo vs. Gogo Yubari.


Megyn Kelly's question about things Trump's said about women was legitimate and Trump should have welcomed it as an early chance to clean some stuff up. If he'd stopped at Rosie O'Donnell and political correctness, he would have been fine, but he didn't and apparently couldn't for a long time afterwards. He thinks he's so very, very smart (and maybe he is), but he doesn't have a picogram of self-awareness.


Donald Trumps position on vaccines and Big Pharma definitely is earning him all the bashing lately. He seems to be our only hope. Megyn Kelly sure gave him an attitude at the debate. Gee, I wonder why?!

Bianca Lara Amann

Done! Thank you for coordinating this effort.

Joshua Coleman



Done. Thank you.

@Greg and Presidential candidates

Yes Greg, what you said.
Candidates if you get the vaccine question keep it simple:

-American infants get more vaccines than any other country!
-our autism rates are through the roof- we can't afford this!
-why can't they find the cause of autism (something many times more common than polio)?
-the fox is guarding the henhouse, corruption is rife at CDC, we need to change this!

Trump refers to the Insurance Cartel. Citizens now all know the pharmaceutical cartel is totally out of control and they are angry about it.


It is actually the 4th box down.



Of course I don't know what Sanders believes or thinks. So far, his stance on vaccines had not been encouraging (he is on record stating something to the effect that parents have a duty to vaccinate to protect the immune compromised). But my opinion is that he is an ethical and intellectually honest person, just one who is misinformed.


Introvert: Forcing the issue early may result in candidates taking the safe, knee jerk, 'vaccines are the greatest' stance.

Or perhaps a candidate will realize that voters are hungry for an authentic politician, that is not afraid to speak his/her mind, no matter how unpopular their views. Donald Trump insults Mexicans, he insults War Vets (who would do such a thing?!), and he refuses to apologize yet he is still soaring in the polls. He is notorious for his 'antivaxx' views, but here he is. Perhaps Christie and Paul slid in the polls not because of their antivaxx comments, but appearing as typical, weak, stooge politicians who are so quick to walk back their words.

Mary Ellen

Done. Let's hope for the best.


Introvert --How do you know what Sanders believe and thinks?


Any strategy is going to backfire, but we have to try anyway. And no matter what they say pre election, it doesn't predict what will happen post. Remember Obama saying that he would see that GMO's are labeled? How did that work out?

The biggest problem we have is that people in this country are sleep walking. They have no idea of what is being done while they are going about their lives. Asking questions and bringing this issue to the forefront will at least wake some people up. That's the only hope we have - that and hoping that the medical profession will band together and rise up against this madness. The only way that that can happen is if it is brought into the open. Let's be realistic. Fox News is not going to pose any such question to presidential hopefuls in front of the American public while their sponsors are watching. Not going to happen. But we still have a patriotic duty to try.

Jeannette Bishop

I filled it in...will be surprised if FOX (IMO the "fair and balanced" other arm of the global U.S. corporate media, right, or maybe left, I'm all confused or maybe dyslexic after reading http://www.sott.net/article/299623-Corporate-lobbying-group-ALEC-behind-mandatory-vaccine-agenda) doesn't completely ignore it and instead include one or more astro-turf versions of the issue, but... I filled it in.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I think I successfully did it, and my copy and paste skills are from the '90s. God Bless America.

Maurine Meleck




Max's mom



I am afraid that this strategy might backfire. Maybe better to focus on electing the one honest, intellectually sound, un"bought" candidate (in my view, Bernie Sanders) and then educating him after the fact. Forcing the issue earlier may result in all the viable candidates taking the safe, knee-jerk mainstream "vaccines are great" stance (see Christie's backtracking from a parents-know-best position earlier) to differentiate themselves from the so-called anti-vaccine crazies (Trump, Rand, Sarah Palin etc.) The anti-vaccine moniker is too toxic for any mainstream politician. Berne Sanders is a ray of hope among the usual politicians-for-hire, but I would almost be afraid to see him come out in favor of parents rights, because it would arraign all the power of the pharma lobby against him.

Laura Hayes

I don't think that the right question is being asked.

A more accurate question is this:

Do you support medical rape, in effect, forced medicine without consent? And in the case of minors, do you support forced medicine absent parental consent? (As AoA readers know, such travesties are already happening.)

If candidate answers yes (not too farfetched given today's corporate-controlled candidates, escalating medical tyranny, and complete disregard for parental rights and religious freedom), is he/she willing to be personally financially liable and to personally face criminal charges, including mandatory prison time, for any and all harm and death that result?


Donald Trumps speaks out on lobbyism and the insurance cartel. No other candidate (maybe Rand?) has dared. I sure hope it all comes up at the debate.


Thank you for organizing this. I'm afraid though that the scope of the question might not be broad enough as the government is gearing up to mandate vaccines for all. Of course we all know that. I still think the question about parental rights is very important. I hope that everyone submits the question.

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