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Review and Highlights from Vaccine Whistleblower by Kevin Barry

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

Scientific fraud is revealed by CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson in the new book Vaccine Whistleblower by lawyer Kevin Barry.  Here are a few highlights:

  1. “Current supporters of today's vaccine program quote as fact research results in articles proven to be based on manipulated data.”  This is from the book's preface by Dr. Boyd E. Haley, former chemistry professor

  2. “Dr. Thompsom told Dr. Hooker that whenever the CDC finds an adverse effect from vaccines, the agency supervisors assemble CDC scientists in a room and order them to massage the data until they have devised a gimmick for eliminating the unwanted signal.”  This is from the book's forward by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  3. “Tens of thousands of parents have reported that their children regressed into autism after adverse vaccine reactions.”  This is from the book's introduction.

  4. “Dr. Thompson acknowledges that he and his coauthors changed the criteria of their 2004 MMR paper to alter the data in a way which eliminated a signal which indicated that, for African American boys, getting the MMR vaccine before age three increased the risk of an autism diagnosis by 340%.” p.4

  • “I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem.”  Dr. Thompson  p.34

  • “Remove vaccine safety from the CDC's purview.  The same agency cannot be responsible for promoting vaccine uptake and protecting vaccine safety.” p.112

  • “Past experience teaches that mainstream media is unlikely to touch this story due to pressure from their pharmaceutical advertisers and self-censorship.” p.114

  • “Using 2014's 1 in 68 prevalence, there are at least 59,000 autism diagnoses per year.” p.118

  • Dr. Thompson spoke of the importance of the data collected through the SEED study.  This data still is awaiting interpretation, which should be carried out by an independent body, such as the Cochrane Collaboration.” p.119

  • “Prior, free, and informed consent to medical intervention, including vaccines, is a basic human right.” p.128

  • “Consider that Dr. Thompson told Dr. Hooker-in May 2014- how the CDC and the media ”loves” to “hype” measles outbreaks in order to “scare” the public.  Dr. Thompson essentially predicted the hype and fear which surrounded the measles cases in early 2015 in California at Disneyland.”p.129

  • “One important research project which has never been adequately investigated is a study comparing health outcomes in vaccinated populations with health outcomes in unvaccinated populations.” p.131

  • “Dr. Thompson's revelations amount to research fraud and the CDC has betrayed the trust of the American people.” p.133

  • “Where is the press on this scandal?  Dr. Thompson is a coauthor of the safety studies the press cites, and he says he and his coauthors deceived millions of taxpayers about the potential negative side effects of vaccines.” p.137

  • “Our nation will soon have over one million people with autism.” p.137

  • “How corruption at the CDC caused the autism epidemic must now become a 2016 campaign issue.” p.139

  • “Dr. Thompson admits, ten years later, that if the CDC had not omitted data, the 2004 MMR study would have supported Dr. Andrew Wakefield's scientific opinion.” p.142

  • “Dr. Wakefield is a hero for many reasons, including superhuman grace for forgiving Dr. Thompson.” p. 143
  • These are just a few highlights from Vaccine Whistleblower by Kevin Barry.  This book is now available at amazon.com.

    Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry and anatomy at high school and college levels.

    For more articles by Dr. Gaunt, google “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt at ageofautism.com.”






    PBS("Public"BS) is bought by Pharma sponsors> http://www.sgptv.org/sponsors/


    I totally agree that the BBC (which normally I respect) is pro vaccine in their reporting. When 3 major UK newspapers recently printed articles expressing doubts about the safety of the HPV vaccine, the science/data based programme 'More or Less' rubbished those articles without giving any science/data based arguments - just the usual 'vaccines safe' mantra.

    Sophie Scholl

    Bob here is the typical orchestrated BBC rubbish we get :


    This latest work seems particularly promising, according to Prof John Oxford, a flu expert at the University of London.
    He called the results a "red letter day" for science.
    "This is a leap forward compared to anything done recently. They have good animal data, not just in mice but in ferrets and monkeys too. And they've done it with the bird flu virus H5N1," he said.
    "It's a very good stepping stone. Ultimately, the hope is to get a vaccine that will cover a pandemic virus."
    Prof Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology at University of Oxford, said: "This is an exciting development, but the new vaccines now need to be tested in clinical trials to see how well they work in humans."
    I challenge both Prof John Oxford & Prof Sarah Gilbert to take this years Hg-containing Flu jab and all subsequent annual follow-up jabs . But we all know the answer here !

    Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

    The most likely scenario is that PBS, the BBC, and similar news sources have been requested by the government health authorities to refrain from undermining public confidence in medicine in general, and vaccines in particular, and the doctors in charge of health reporting have obliged. The handful of journalists with the science background and independent mindset to confront doctors in a meaningful way are not the type to be promoted to the top of large scale news agencies.

    The health authorities are in turn the vehicle for corporate interest.


    Bob Moffitt:


    Strategies to depress attendance are a stop-gap effort at best or maybe it's just a coincidence.


    This quote is prominent in the book:

    "Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
    Article 6-consent

    1. Any preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

    The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), October 2005

    Goes well with a showing of Trace Amounts at UN.

    John Stone

    With the BBC it was not so prejudiced or crude before 2004 (not that they gave us too many breaks) but for instance Juliet Stevenson was given room to publicise 'Here the Silence' in December 2003 on Radio 4, and there was a very serious radio programme on thimerosal earlier that year - the producers of that programme were even interested initially in following up on the dirty tricks against Wakefield but then went silent.

    In January 2004 we had the Hutton Inquiry into WMD and the death of Doctor Kelly - the judge found technical reasons why the BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan was lying (though he was plainly telling the truth) and technical reasons why Blair was telling the truth when he was plainly lying: the director general and the chairman of the BBC resigned. After that virtually all editorial independence from government went. Probably, somewhat coincidentally this dovetailed, with the attack on Wakefield and there was no hope. These people are spoon fed what to say and they accept it.

    Bob Moffitt

    @ Sophie

    "But question for you Bob , the BBC (which is funded by tax revenues enforceable by law and prison time) is the worst of the lot of them here , continually spouting pro-vaccine misinformation."

    In the US .. admittedly .. I don't know about the "law and prison time" .. but .. I do know for certain our government funds the Public Broadcasting System .. (PBS) .. which appears as corrupted as the BBC.

    Consider .. tonight .. in NYC .. on PBS .. channel 13 .. at 9:00 PM .. a prime time PBS program .. NOVA .. is sponsoring a program advertised as:

    "Vaccines .. Calling the shots"

    Described as "the science behind vaccinations; tracking epidemics; the human cost of refusing a vaccination".

    I will record this program .. expecting it to be the same faux science the BBC routinely presents as "science" ..

    In any event .. has ANYONE heard that "TRACE AMOUNTS" is being viewed .. TODAY .. at the United Nations???? Shouldn't our community KNOW if that ... indeed .. is TRUE?

    Maybe "TRACE AMOUNTS" .. viewed at the UN TODAY .. is the REASON that PBS in New York City is airing "Vaccines .. calling the shots"

    Adam Mortenson

    Just got done reading this book. Wow! Scoundrels! But what was with the dissing of Sallie Bernard. She's one of the original authors of autism a novel form of mercury poisoning back in 2000. Did I miss something?


    My favorite, chapter 7, potential next steps for policy makers, especially the call to rescind Media censorship of vaccine safety issues.


    Not sure it is science.
    Not sure it is just politics.
    Pretty sure lots of crimes have been done to a whole lot of folk - and pretty sure the criminals is under the protection of more criminals. Does that make it a mafia? or a Cartel? We need a new name for crime committed on such a large scale.

    Sophie Scholl

    Will be listening to Kevin Barrys recording on Gary Null in the next day or so .

    The purchase of the book to follow soon after.

    Agreeing with Bob Moffit - the media is so GUILTY .
    But question for you Bob , the BBC (which is funded by tax revenues enforceable by law and prison time) is the worst of the lot of them here , continually spouting pro-vaccine misinformation . How do you explain a state owned news broadcaster which is NOT beholden to Pharma but is the absolute worst of the culprits for protecting vaccine reputation at all costs ? and the same is true for RTE the Irish state news agency ? What do all these countries have in common ? Who is pulling the strings ? Its almost like a single organised international group is coordinating the events ? There is only ONE name I think of .



    Bob Moffitt

    Amazing how powerful the vaccine cartel has become .. no matter what "critical" research shows .. they simply manipulate and massage the data .. until they reach whatever conclusion they want. Couldn't do it for such a long time without the full cooperation of:

    CDC ..FDA .. HHS .. Justice Dept .. AMA .. AAP .. peer review Medical journals .. corrupt prestigious university researchers .. morally and ethically bankrupt bi-partisan politicians .. and .. main stream media outlets who are beholden to the "Golden goose pharma industry" for their bottom line profits.

    AND THE BAND PLAYS ON .. AND .. ON .....

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