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Meet Appleseed Ventures Cottage Industry for Autism Families

Appleseed venturesBy Dan Burns

Appleseed Ventures is a cottage industry serving ASD families.  We are beginners on this journey. Our first product is an indoor waterfall fountain for sleep.  The enterprise could become a hub leading outward to various paths such as seed pod kits (sold by subscription), “Cooking with Healthy Herbs” cookbooks and videos, blogs, retreats, seminars, a YouTube channel, and many more microenterprises beyond our ken.  We hope to model parent-created enterprises for other organizations, sharing our successes, failures, and lessons learned.  There's far more to do than we can do alone.

See our website at  The site is under development.

Hope to see you in Dallas at the , where we are a featured exhibitor.



Great idea! I bet there are a few environmental building supply/furniture shops that would like to sell that, not to mention sustainable farming/gardening shops. I wonder if broccoli sprouts would grow good in that?


This is a fantastic product. I also think a single or multi-tiered wall garden using potting mix in the acrylic boxes with built in grow lights would be very popular.

Nagla Moussa

What an excellent opportunity,the tanks are very innovative, visually appealing and useful. NAA-NT is proud to play a small part and help with such a wonderful venture. Thank you Dan Burns and Appleseed Ventures for the opportunity to partner with you and serve the ASD community in the North Texas area.

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