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Levi Quackenboss Says, "Thanks for #TeamVax, CDC!"

LivingWhole Blogger Megan Heimer on #TeamVax from CDC

Sneetch unvaxedThanks to Megan Heimer of the Living Whole blog for her take on the #TeamVax campaign from CDC which attempts to divide parents as if we are Sneetches.


I’ve run across a few really good tidbits from the CDC’s social media accounts lately. The first one was on Twitter and it suggested taking a quiz to see which vaccines for infectious diseases you need if you have a chronic disease. The irony is enough to make anyone pass out.

First, vaccines don’t prevent chronic disease. Nobody with Crohn’s Disease wakes up in the morning and says, “Oh, I have Crohn’s, I should probably get an MMR vaccine.” Secondly, vaccines cause chronic disease. It’s written all over the package inserts,  PubMed database, and thousands of peer-reviewed studies. (Don’t bother telling the CDC, they already know.) Third, if you have a chronic disease, you’re more likely to suffer from a vaccine adverse reaction. (Logic would follow that a strong immune system is required to deal with the nasty in the shot and mount a “proper” response.)

I took the quiz twice, first as a pregnant lady and was recommended six vaccines (none proven safe or effective for pregnant women) and the second time as a “could become pregnant lady” and MMR and chicken pox were added to the list. (There was no box to check whether your chronic illness was caused by a prior vaccine.) 

But the latest propaganda takes the cake. On the CDC’s Facebook page yesterday was a photo that attempted to create “teams” among parents (or moms…because that’s who they’re targeting, right?) who vaccinate and those who don’t. Yes, if you want your baby to be safe and healthy, you’re on #TeamVax.

If you want your child to die from a mild disease they’ll probably never get or you don’t want your kids to suffer brain damage, death, the disease you’re vaccinating against, or some crazy lifelong illness that is far worse than the disease the vaccine is designed to prevent, or you aren’t cool with injecting neurotoxins, hazardous wastes, aborted baby ingredients, and carcinogens into your tiny children, you’re on #TeamStupid. (Just kidding, but I’m assuming that’s the tame name for the other team.)

I have to admit, I was left wondering which team the parents of fully vaccinated, vaccine-injured children were on or the parents who vaccinated but believe in choice?

Read the full post at LivingWhole.  Thanks, Megan.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for another great link!

I sometimes feel like one of the most plain of plain belly sneetchity-sneetches without a cell phone (better that than a melted brain sneetch, I try to tell myself), so living vicariously a little here, thanks for all the great memes (or whatever they're called) put out by whomever put these together:

Dan Burns

I made this phony letter up based on a recall letter from Honda:

Dear Parent,

Some children born between 1987 and 2015 may have received immunizations containing Thimerosal, a mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) live virus vaccine, and/or Hepatitis B, resulting in encephalitis, enterocolitis, or a debilitating autoimmune disease. These include, but are not limited to, ADHD, seizures, food allergies, tics, systemic yeast, gastrointestinal distress, SIDS, neurological damage, cognitive decline, autism and comorbidities beyond those listed on the package insert. To restore your confidence in our products, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America is extending the warranty on your vaccinated child from date of first immunization to age 30, whichever comes first. This warranty provides reparations, medical coverage, and lifelong compensation for any child who has experienced vaccine damage. No action is required on your part unless your child has been treated for an autoimmune disease, declared a total loss, or is currently experiencing a problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

End of phony letter. You are invited to laugh, imagine, pray, then act. Don’t forget the last part – ACT. Tell your story. For starters, go to

Gary Ogden

Megan has some great stuff on her site, including a link to the Tripedia DTaP package insert (in Hands Off Our Exemptions), page 11 of which lists autism as one of the adverse reactions. I've printed a few copies to put on my clipboard as I'm gathering signatures for the SB 277 Referendum. I meet people who are unsure if they should sign, but are genuinely interested in learning about vaccines. This page will be the beginning of their education. Thanks so much for this post! I'm energized


This is how out of touch the CDC is. Check out the CDC's campaign photo at Megan Heimer's site. It's at the top of her article. The baby has a blank stare - and is looking away from the smiling, clueless Stepford mother. Unbelievable.

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