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Levi Quackenboss Says, "Thanks for #TeamVax, CDC!"

ThanksfornothingWe've excerpted this post from Levi Quackenboss' blog with permission.

CDC have you done lost your mind?  What were the big brains in Atlanta thinking when they decided that the largest public health organization in the nation needed to stoop to meme-speak?

Let’s take a look at the meme that my tax dollars paid for. You’ve got your racially ambiguous doting mother with her tiny baby boy who’s clearly already had one round of vaccines because his bulging forehead circumference is in the 99th percentile.  It’s nice to see vaccine-injured babies represented.

So, you’re saying that vaccinating leads to a “safe” and “healthy” baby, is that right?  Liability-free and unavoidably unsafe vaccines given in greater quantity than any other time in history and directly correlating with the largest pediatric chronic illness crises our country has ever seen are safe and healthy?  This is the best you can do?  I wish you luck, I really do, but just like every other pressure tactic to emerge in recent years, my guess is that you’re doomed to fail.  Someone at Emory University is going to get a $10 million grant to do a study that announces your poorly designed and visually unappealing government memes caused vaccination rates to drop even further.

Let me break it down for you.  You are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  As far as 95% of America knows, you are infallible.  Why do you need an ad campaign if you’re infallible?  You don’t.  When was the last time you saw a Rolls Royce commercial?  Never.  They don’t advertise.   They don’t have to. They’re infallible.

So why are you advertising?

Read the full post at Levi's blog.


beverly gardner

CDC=Centers for Disease Creation

go Rand

Not an expert on infant head circumference...

but the "#TeamVax" CDC baby's head looks to be a bit swollen...

It would be sad and ironic if this child turns out to be "not so well" in a few months.


As a licensed healthcare worker who used to consider the CDC the "gold standard" source of medical information, I now consider them nothing more than an arm of big pharma. I don't believe anything they say anymore, and do not consider them a credible source of information at all (I actually now assume anything they put out is just the "propaganda of the day").
I know there are still some incredibly good people there, but those at the top seem corrupt to the core (at least as far as vaccines go). It's very sad that they have any say in vaccine policy.
Our children have suffered greatly under their watch.
They are a disgrace IMO.

Dan Burns

Darker and darker. Here's a hymn we used to sing at the height of the AIDS epidemic:

Lead, kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloom;
Lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home;
Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet; I do no ask to see
The distant scene -- one step enough, enough for me.

- John Henry Newman

Angus Files

Well said,a bit like the Tobacco Industry saying as recommended by your Doctor MD..years ago


Bob Moffitt

"You are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As far as 95% of America knows, you are infallible"

That may have been true a few years ago .. but .. the recent history of the CDC performance .. EBOLA, Live anthrax samples sent through mail, Legionaire's disease outbreak in NYC .. to name just three .. suggests the CDC has become unreliable .. possibly even dysfunctional ..

Plus .. the CDC probably trying to get ahead of Congress inquiry into Dr William Thompson's "game-changing" testimony about manipulated and destroyed evidence of serious allegation that black children are 340% more likely to be diagnosed autistic if given the MMR prior to 36 months.

In other words .. the CDC's "meme-speak" may be their last .. desperate attempt .. to hold onto their quickly shrinking reputation as the nation's "gold standard" for protecting the public's health.

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