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Kevin Barry Discusses Vaccine Whistleblower on Gary Null Show

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingListen to Kevin Barry, author of Vaccine Whistleblower, from Skyhorse Publishing, on Gary Null yesterday. Kevin's portion begins at 37:40. Listen below:

KevinBarryon CDCWhistleblowerOnGary Null

Kevin Barry is a former federal attorney in civil law and currently the co-President of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and the president of First Freedoms INc, a non profit organization dedicated to advancing the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution’s First Amendment. Earlier he was the president of Jenny McCarthy’s organization Generation Rescue.  Kevin has three sons, one with autism. 


Adam Mortenson

Just got done reading this book. Wow! Scoundrels! But what was with the dissing of Sallie Bernard. She's one of the original authors of autism a novel form of mercury poisoning back in 2000. Did I miss something?

Autistic Living

Thank you for all that you're doing, Kevin, for your son, my son, and all the rest of the vaccine injury victims.


It is so incredible to me that the existence of these taped confessions came out a year ago, and not one thing has been done in response. I remember because it was shortly after my mother died last summer, so I had just seen all my siblings, including two brothers who had infant sons that they planned to vaccinate completely and on schedule, as per CDC recommendations. I remember that I forwarded the information about Dr. Thompson's revelation, along with a plea for my brothers to both do their own research before making any decisions about vaccination. I even referred them to the National Vaccine Information Center for good information from a reliable source. I figured that, as usual in my family, they were going to pretty quickly try to dismiss my concerns and then lazily go along with whatever their pediatricians recommended. But I was also, at that time, heartened by the CDC revelations, and optimistic that the truth would soon be impossible to ignore. How wrong I was!!! Here we are, one year later, my brothers have been able to ignore my pleas because the Thompson revelations got buried alive like all the other truths related to vaccination. I wonder even now what it is going to take for this issue to get a hearing in Congress. I really think the only thing that can happen now is for parents to come together and file injunctions halting the mandatory vaccine laws. I think that the parents of African-American boys have a particularly strong case in light of the Thompson revelations. I wonder that the NAACP is not already all over this.

Jeannette Bishop

Sorry for that last "sentence." I would make more sense if I didn't try to.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you!

Amazom.com has this book as the #1 seller in NGO Policy category right now.


Does that make it official that the CDC is not government, rather something else? Amazon view's vaccine policy as something non-governmental (I think it's pretty clearly unconstitutional), even as all the govern mandates are upon us?

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