Kevin Barry Discusses Vaccine Whistleblower on Gary Null Show
Review and Highlights from Vaccine Whistleblower by Kevin Barry

Face It: There Is An Autism Epidemic

Safeminds Epdemic GraphicBy Lisa Wiederlight, Executive Director, SafeMinds

No matter how many times you repeat a lie, you cannot make it true.

No matter how much you want something in front of your face not to be real, you cannot make it disappear.

You may have heard in the news lately that “autism is not really on the rise” or that “there is no autism epidemic.”

SafeMinds supporters know, I know, the CDC knows, and anyone who is paying any attention at all knows that there are more children with autism in America than ever before, and the numbers keep going up.

There has been an explosion of autism.

There has been an explosion of severe autism.

The kind of autism that comes with substantial disability. The kind the State of California defines as having “significant functional limitations” in self-care; receptive and expressive language; learning; mobility; self-direction; capacity for independent living; or economic self-sufficiency.

The kind the best prevalence tracking system for severe autism – the California Department of Developmental Services – says has increased 21% among children born in just the 5 years from 2002 to 2006.

Read the full article at the Safeminds site.



Betty; WOW! I did not know that about the governor being a Rockefeller!
It makes you wonder.
The Ozarks like the Appalachians would have had the same problems with typhoid. It was the nature of the area - high steep mountains, and deep hollows and rolling creeks and branches with high tides, floods, after heavy rains.

Floods getting into people springs they used for drinking.

Betty Bona

One of the Rockefellers (Winthrop) was governor of Arkansas for quite a few years when I was young. I always wondered why he would choose to govern in Arkansas since it seemed to have such a low ranking reputation among the states and he had so much money I assumed he could govern anywhere. The most poverty stricken part of the Ozarks is in Arkansas. The people from the Ozarks are the brunt of many jokes about their lack of intelligence which is almost always attributed to inbreeding.


Too Chastened;
That is very kind of you.
I am glad you are rethinking things.
Synergy: vaccine and mercury from coal mines.
I am from one area of a very large region, and my one area has no coal. Yet when I went to school here in the 60s and 70s in this area, I did see other students and some out in the town that did not go to school that I am pretty sure had some form of autism. I have heard people say they never noticed kids with autism when they were growing up, I did.

The whole United States for a very long time was using coal for fuel - including those steel mills, and car factories, the schools, and homes in the north and north east all loved to have basements to store their coal in for the winter. Every home had a coal pile right in the house. Everyone in the United States was around coal. Is it worse if you have to dig the earth down to it than the coal itself? I guess it would depend on the individual mine. Which again there were not that many mines.

Do you also think of the Appalachians with deep forest, hiking, biking, river rafting - back to nature pristine.
You cannot have it both ways. That was "Deliverance" wild clear rivers and weird people, with the most part no clear jobs like coal mining. Again there is not a big coal mine on every mountain.

Just something to keep in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is - mental health is linked to poverty:

There are no coal mines in the ghettos - East L.A but there was an experimental MMR vaccine used on the children of the area. Did East L.A ever use coal? Maybe they were involved in the gold mining business? It is California after all = the home of the first gold rush. I heard there is a lot of mercury in gold mining.

Too Chastened by B's wake up call to Admit Who I am

@Benedetta, thank you for that fascinating and hearbreaking history. I am wondering about the synergy factor here: if the toxins from mining were already happening (were they in the 30's in Appalachia?) , would that cofactor with the vaccines and cause these issues?

At any rate, WOW. Another unconscious prejudice exposed. These people were despicably harmed by vaccines. So everyone assumed--and were led to just conclude--that they were ignorant inbreeders, instead of figuring out why they were harmed and if that harm was partly why for example they wouldn't do the right thing with thier outhouses.

You totally opened my eyes. And I realize I fell for it too. These people were devalued, and then so many of us cared less that we would have otherwise, about what happened and why.How freaking long has this been going on? Lives and futures stolen. Thank you Benedetta for sharing that amazing info. It is humbling. While I always felt that the mining and stripping of Appalachia was wrong, and the poverty evil, until I read this I did not admit to myself that one small part of me looked down on those people. Always considering myself compassionate and caring, I am deeply ashamed of this prejudice toward this population. ARGH. Being led to realize it -by you-- helps me understand how powerful ridiculing and devaluing is for the powers that be when they are trying to get away with murder and harm. And of course, that's what the media keeps trying to do to us. And if you harm people the right way, you cripple them so they can't even tell you are the one to hold accountable. Mercury poisoning, Vaccine injury---the perfect crime.


Tom Insel head of the National Institute of mental Health, NIMH; stands up and gives a TED TALK on mental illness and gives us horrific statistics on the rising numbers of those with mental health problems.

Today: The media is the news not reporting the news in Hardy, VA. Two news people were killed by - a crazed -- hmmmm. They join the victims of colleges, schools, movies, churches, restaurants, --- where else? HMMM?

Is this what Harris Coulter wrote about just a few decades ago would happen?

A recent comment was made on the news that Clay county, Kentucky is the poorest place in the United States.

Everyone that does not live in this region says forget trying to live in the Appalachians and just move away.
Back in the late 50s -- 15 million Kentuckians from Eastern Kentucky had moved. Hamilton, Ohio was know as "Little Kentucky", and at that time there came out the book:
"Night Comes to the Cumberlands" written by Harry Caudill.
He blamed outside interest - raping the land and it's people for the poverty of the region. The book got President Kennedy's attention and much money was put into the region.
This book came out at the zenith of the mass exodus - 15 million people leaving.

Harry Caudill not only wrote a book that got the attention of the President, but he was also a Kentucky senator, and a professor at the University of Kentucky He tried to get jobs into the region for years.

And then -- Harry Caudill changed his mind of why there was so much poverty in Kentucky. He decided that it was not that Kentucky was being taken advantage by those living outside the state< but that his neighbors were really stupid, the gene pool was depleted. There had been too much of a brain drain in the area. . He even went as far as to have secret meetings with Shockley (He is an interesting man to take the position he did after WWII and Nazis) Anyway they were trying to get money together so they could pay Fathers in the area that tested out as having low I Qs to not have children .

If you get time read the link above ; it is interesting

The more recent article though, about Kentucky poverty and we need to just move out of here---…/ny-times-asks-whats-matter-…/

This article that says we need to all move out does mention that in Eastern Kentucky many are on disability. Disability meaning sickness and ill health.
There is a important clue of what is really going on.

Sterotyping of the area; Was done in the movie, "Deliverance" A young boy with a banjo - idiot savant., and we get the famous and beloved song "Dueling banjos". There was also the scene were one of the men looks inside the house and saw an old woman sitting beside the bed of severely disabled child. Some times sterotyping might bear some fragment of truth.

This is not the only area that is mountainous that we get this kind of stereotyping -- there is the Ozarks too.

WWI Men went off to war - including Sargent York one of my favorite movies. . They vaccinated them for the flu - and some actually came down with the flu and died. The famous Spanish Flu first appeared in the army camps within the United States -near chicken ranches, so much for the word Spanish. . They also invented for the first time the typhoid shot. IT was three strains of typhoid in one shot. It was described in my college text book on Infectious diseases as a very bad vaccine. But men were on their way to filthy diseased trenches in France.

This vaccine after WWI-- the Typhoid vaccine was given on a regular bases every Fall - to every school child in both the Appalachians and the Ozarks. The county doctor and the county nurse made the rounds to every one room school house in the entire Appalachian mountains. Doctor Pennington was Rockcastle's health doctor that made the rounds. I am sure he had no idea what the true implications were. He was a very interesting character though. One night he made a wrong turn in Maretburg and ended upon the railroad tracks. He said he could see the train lights in his rear view mirror all the way to the next crossing where he was able to get off These health departments were supported and paid for - with the help "help" of the Federal government programs. Typhoid was endemic in the region because the people of that region would not take care of their out houses properly- that is; putting them right on top of and straddling the little rills, or down in the flood plains, so Typhoid was endemic in both of these regions.

Tom Insel the head of the NIMH said that the worse outcome of any infectious illness was not death -- never was - -in a well fed society--, the worse out come was mental retardation. HE said that vaccines did not stop that from happening. HE stopped there in his speech, but I felt like he was about to say -- vaccines have in fact increased the worse out come of infectious disease.
In yet another speech of his On a TED talk on mental health he gives quotes upon quotes of stats of how each and every mental illness is increasing in huge jumps in this country. Does that give you a chill?

DId I mention that drug addiction is a mental illness?

Consider that the first pill mill in the United States was on the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. The first really bad drug problems began in the Appalachian Mountains - we were called the Little Columbia.

My cousin -- her parents were among the 15 million that left Kentucky - she became a nurse and lives in Florida now -- says that people from this area are well known to have all kinds of auto immune diseases.

When the 15 million people left Kentucky -- who bought up the land for almost nothing -- The federal government That is why most of the eastern part of the state is a national forest. Sometimes can't help thinking that Rockefeller (son of a snake oil salesman) and Vanderbilt must have - one evening hatched a plan while sipping sherry and smoking cigars in big leather chairs , on just how to have those beautiful mountains surrounding their hunting lodges and mansions emptied out of people and made for their enjoyment.

Rockefeller's grandson gave a very long speech many years back on population control at the UN by the way.

The Appalachians and the Ozarks were getting a three in one typhoid shot when the rest of the county was getting only the small pox and diphtheria vaccine.

But it did not end with one section of the United States having just a Typhoid vaccine when the rest of the country did not-- The DPT vaccine combining three began in 1938. It too was a dangerous vaccine and over the years it too has required more and more boosters. In the 70s a huge group of parents complained and in response the federal government moved to protect the vaccine manufacturers We can not sue them. . And things took off from there - with a huge increase of new vaccines and additional boosters.

Which like everything else that began here in this region, and is now spreading across the United States. Soon all the United States will be like Eastern Kentucky - then where are we all going to move to?

As for Harry Caudill; He came down with Parkinson - another inflammatory - brain disease. It comes with depression too, which is also turning out to be an inflammatory disease too. .
He took his own life on his farm where a few generations before - an Indian raiding party had killed his (?) great grandfather's entire family. His several times great grandfather was only a small boy, the raiding party scalped him and left him for dead, but he was able to drag himself to a neighbor and he survived.

Which puts in to prospective just what strong stock Harry Caudill and the rest of the people of the Appalachians are.

What happens when the whole of the United States becomes like Clay County?
---- and there is more to it than autism; and that is what is really behind the anger - except they all don't themselves why and what is wrong -- behind Tea Party, Black Lives matter, and Occupy Wall Street.

Sophie Scholl

Donald Trump cannot escape all the he has (honestly) previously said on the matter of vaccines and autism .

Unless he does a U turn . The Pharma must be worried .
I guess they still have Hitlerary_C to fall back on .

Bob Moffitt

My only hope is that someone in the many crowds of people that flock to see Donald Trump .. will have the opportunity and courage to ask Donald if HE thinks there has been a "real increase" in autism .. and .. what Donald thinks may have caused it.


I would suggest that CNN "moderators" ask Trump about these two issues .. and .. don't waste the viewers time asking "gottcha" questions as did Foxnews "moderators" .. especially Megyn Kelly's.

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