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Dachel Media Update: FOX23 Oklahoma Covers Vaccination Requirements

To: Tom Insel, Subject: Vaccine Autism Research

By Ginger Taylor

Subject: Vaccine Autism Research
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 14:18:33 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor 
To: Tom Insel 
Dr. Insel,

For the last several years you seem to have failed to be able to find any research that links vaccines and autism.  I have complied a list of the research that you have missed and I am sending it to you so you can get started on furthering research on these specific lines of inquiry, and on drafting reasonable safety measures to prevent further cases of vaccine induced autism.  The list currently has 101 citations.

I have also posted a copy online, in case that format is more easily accessible to you.

I am available for any questions you have on these matters. 

Hey... does anyone have Rob Ring's so I can send him the list too?  I want to help him get started on the real work.



Linda; I rambled this morning. I am sorry about that. I should not have posted since I did not sleep last night.
You are against Trump - You are hoping for some one else.
Best we listen to them all - to everything they say - and make sure they are really saying something and not just stuff like; All people have a right to a job.

Jobs- Oh gosh - the main reason I can't sleep. Okay so we have a right to it -- I got to be careful or I will start rambling again.


Well Linda;
Those are points to consider. And I appreciate the thoughtfulness on this subject.
And we are trying to sort it all out.

Does some one want - more powerful interest want him in?

Is it a trick? Goodness knows - I think in the past we all have been played like that - that is I think true.

My instinct as I watch it all is that - I think he is aggravated like all the rest of us at the corruption. And I think there are more powerful interest that are running scared!

He came off as some one who was aggravated when he said on Fox and Friends - way before announcing he was running -- It's the vaccines -- while all three of the newscaster, hosts froze in fear. I wish you could have seen their faces. Their eyes! Oh, some times it is worth watching TV. Priceless!

I know that most on Fox News do not want him. And that is the truth. It is not just my gut instinct there, though my gut says they don't. I am sure they can trick me - but I have been a school teacher for many of a years - and you just get good at reading people.

Most of those on Fox News - really wants - Mitt Romney really bad for some reason. Mitt Romney is according to them - their almost personal friend - invited them to his house and they all have a good time at his place.

Maybe that is all it is? And he would have made a good leader. I felt though that Romney would have been more of the same mold that has been placed in the White House over the decade. He is nice looking, well mannered, political correct, and has a pleasing personality. Like all the rest I was never sure what Mitt Romney stood for, but was certain that he stood for what ever or who ever had helped put him in power stood for. ----And that -- pretty much summed up and fit the mold of all the rest we have had in the last few decades;

Air Time; he got.
That is true. That is what happens though when He jumped ahead right off - and he jumped ahead because of his speech when he first entered the race. What caught most people's attention - was not Mexico was going to build a wall - that was something that the news tried to blow up and make it a mistake on his part

The thing that grabbed my interest was - he had not been bought. "Not Bought"

So he has continued to get "equal" air time even if they do not want him because he has threatened to split the party if he is not treated fairly by the party.

So he has them kind of over a barrel. If they do not give him equal air time - he will be the third party, and since he is ahead in the polls they have to give that air time.

One more thing to consider that I noticed with President Obama and Bush was the people that surrounded them. I was not pleased with who had Bush's ear. And at the IACC meeting when the two president's men came to the meeting - I saw empty air little cocks of the walk. All bling and show and no substance.

Trump did say - that what he was good at was picking people that could do a job the way it is suppose to be done. He would have had too - wouldn't he? To run his business.

Something that made me say -- Yeah, that is what it is all about - it is not like the president goes out to do these jobs himself - he appoints people to get it done.


Rosie has said that the bullying from Trump is one of the worst things that has happened to her. What I am concerned about is Trump from the way he treats people, is not really a nice person. He is rich. He has said he thinks vaccines cause autism. From the way he talked publicly about Marla Maples we know he likes sex - because he said so - publicly - to the press - best sex he ever had. Does all that sound like someone who would make a good president? You know the old saying about loose lips and ships...

I'm not comparing him to anyone else. I'm just looking at him and judging him on his own merits. I do think the press is promoting him in a big way. Someone either wants this guy to be president or they want the public to be distracted by him at the moment. Otherwise he would not be in the public eye. Maybe he's paying the media for the air time. I don't know. But he sure is getting a lot of it.


Besides all that stuff between Rosie and Trump was publicity.
They both were having a blast - the media would interview them and you could see both could hardly keep from busting out loud with laughter


I don't care about Rosie.
Rosie is making out okay.
I am glad Rosie is not out in the streets, pitiful and hungry like mine are going to be unless I come up with some kind of brilliant idea to make them be okay.

New York Times puts out a piece the other day about just where the poorest place is - in the United States -- It is Clay county -- two or three counties over - I think.

The drug problem is staggering, the poverty rate beyond belief, people on disability -- loads.

New York Times and the People of the North East are tired of hearing it. The article says for the people living there to move. Only what they don't get - they don't know - they don't have a clue -- is - it is coming their way.

IT turns out that mental health is tied to poverty. You have people with mental health problems they make poor decisions and that leads to poverty.

It all started here first. Right after WWI not WWII -- but WWI the Appalachians and the Ozarks were given annually right on up through and past WWII -- a three strains in one vaccine for typhoid. A very bad vaccine with lots of side effects. As described in my college text book.

15 million people fled the the area - cause probably another 15 million were holding them back, and down. Even when they left they took with them lots of auto immune diseases.

So when the DPT shot came along the people in that area was already wavering under a sick immune system and so they beat the rest of the country with the first pill mills and being called the "Little Columbia", and continued poverty.

But I see it all has spread -- New York Times article says for those living in these poverty areas of Eastern Kentucky - should move. 15 million have already - so where shall we move? To Detroit? Detroit is not much above Eastern Kentucky - by the way most Eastern Kentuckians did move there at one time. Perhaps, Boston' again - hmmm perhaps with their many deaths of heroine it will not matter..

Rosie will be alright -just as ol'e Meygan Kelly will be alright they both have their fame and fortune.

Meanwhile what other candidate has been so bold?
Rand Paul -- stated immunization causes mental problems -- something like that -- but it shows he knows.

Too bad that Rand Paul and Chris Christy the two that at least thinks we should not mandate vaccines had to get into it toe for toe. Chris Christy bullied Rand and made him look weak. If only Rand Paul had not looked down at the podium but started into the camera and spoke to us all about the importance of warrants. By the way Chris Christy must not have been for warrants.

And surely at this time you are not holding your breath for another Democrat? I am barely holding it for a Republican -- . .


Autism uncle,
A major difference between O'Donnell and Trump is that only Trump is running for president - president of the entire country, including fat pigs, as he calls them, which in 2015 for whatever reason, makes up a good percentage of the American population. O'Donnell may have strong opinions and you might not like the way she expresses them, but in a civilized free society, she doesn't deserve the venom spit at her from Trump, or from you. Calling her brain addled and suggesting that she should do something about her appearance is offensive.

autism uncle


Has O'Donnell ever been vocal about the dangers of vaccines? If so I could probably like her.

At any rate, O'donnell has for decades been extremely vicious and crude with her diatribes against Republicans or conservatives or anybody else her addled brain doesn't like. As for her being quite fat and piggy-looking she seems to take pride in such appearance, as she is extremely rich and could easily take "health vacations" to get in some kind of reasonable shape.

I admit I come from an earlier generation when it was very rare for anybody (male or female) being as overweight as O'Donnell, or, as foul-mouthed, a time when we all took some pride to be in good shape.


Greg You are right on all of it -- welll -- - except for the Cuba thing - Glad that the worse of the worse is there and that my cousin does not have to go back over there to capture and drag them back to Cuba. Glad they are not on American soil - enjoying - lawyer tricks - which my own family has been denied by the way.

Linda; Are you sure you read it???? They were kind of nice to each other. She got sick and he sent his best wishes and hoped she got better. She gives it too him a lot worse than he gives to her????

Oh well.

I tell you Linda -- I am glad for him, that he exist. He says he knows how to pick the best people to get the job done. That is his talent.

As for bankruptcy, that is not unusual for big businesses that make a mistake to get out of it - not be hurt and continue to have a business. I figure that it was just a small part of his over all business.

But speaking of choosing the right men to do the job - and heartless to fire them and get another - is what Obama needed. Did you watch the one IACC when two of his men came in to the meeting - one of the men had a son with autism -- little cocks of the walk -- all crowing and no nothing else.

Plus I do think that Trump cares - has a softer heart than you are giving him credit for.

It bothered him that a couple that worked for him had a beautiful baby damaged by vaccines.

He says he evolved his beliefs on the abortion issue. I too have evolved - in what I believe - so I understand what he means.

I think Linda he is our best hope. That he might do very well. I sure hope he is - and I sure hope he wins.

Greg is right though - Fox News sure don't want him -- Oh, they want Mitt Romney so very bad. They even made a statement that many at the last minute Trump is going to win the Republican nomination Romney will arrive in the nick of time and save the Republican party from Trump.


Thanks for the article. Read it and it confirms to me that Trump is a "total disaster". His treatment of O'Donnell shows he has a mean streak and can be viscious. Yes, we need someone who is tough, but not a street fighter. O'Donnell is very vocal about her political views. That shouldn't make her a target. We're supposed to be allowed our own views in a free society. I did hear Trump years ago call her a fat pig - those exact words. But the other stuff is just as bad, "obnoxious" "total loser", etc. I remember decades ago when it was reported (and as far as I remember, accepted) that he went bankrupt, that he lost everything, decades before O'Donnell said it, and yet he is denying it. That's a problem. If he disagreed with what she said about him, about his business and personal marriage failures, then he should have spoken out to set the record straight without attacking her personally. That would have been the classy way to go. Instead he lashed out and has not stopped, carrying a vendetta against her, for how many years? That's a scary character in my view.

O'Donnell has a history of suffering from depression, had a heart attack and has children who will hear all these attacks on their mother. All reasons for him to shut his big fat bullying mouth. Yet he continued at every opportunity anyway. Mean and viscous.

You know what I've been thinking though? There is a list of qualifications to run for president. Have to be over a certain age, have to be a citizen, etc. Somehow one can be a bald faced liar. That's no problem. Thinking of Hilary Clinton with her account of what happened when she got off a plane in some foreign country. Her account was more than lightly embellished. It was a total fabrication. That alone should disqualify her for running again for any public office, let alone for president!

Megyn Kelly - talk about mean and viscous. Cannot stand her.


Benedetta and Linda1, as to Obama’s character, I always found him to be rather morally vacuous, even if initially I was prepared to look the other way with expectations so high when he assumed the presidency. Sadly though, with missteps after missteps during his presidency, such as permitting NSA to continue to spy on American citizens even after the Snowden’s whistleblower leaks, or not closing the Cuban torture camp that he promised he would, or even him racing to a golf course after just giving a speech in response to ISIS beheading an American hostage, we see a man that is just not driven by convictions. Obama just doesn’t operate as a man having a strong moral fortitude. For him, it’s not so much about doing the right thing, but what will bring him likes. He is the narcissist that derives his greatest from being popular. The ‘change’ that he promised initially when he swooned the office was nothing but an empty vessel, concealing the scam of striving to win hearts with his personality. It should come as no surprise then that lacking a moral backbone, he is such easy pickings for special interest.

Trump, on the other hand, may be just as narcissistic, just as egotistical, but there is a crucial difference. Trump does not seek greatness from being liked so much as he seeks it from being right. For Trump, it’s all about proving his critics wrong and vindication of his ideas. Now Linda and Bendetta, I don’t know if the US political apparatus is so hopelessly rigged that no Presidenct can escape the tentacles of special interest, but if there were such a President, I would bet on Trump over Obama.


I tried to look that up - where he called her big fat - pig.

He did not do it

They do have an on going feud, and it looks like Rosie is holding her own if not more with Donald.

Read the stuff - if you get the time.

Rosie is pretty pushy about her politics too
I don't know why you would feel sorry for Rosie --
Fox News tried to get me to feel sorry for Meygan Kelly - laugh out loud-- the little nasty pharma pimp.


You did have good radar with Obama. I'm sorry it's because of where you live that you picked up on it while so many others missed it.

What did Rosie do to deserve being called a fat pig in front of 300 million of her countrymen, women and children and the rest of the viewing world?

Another thing that bothers me about Trump is that he was running beauty pageants. Sorry, that does not strike me as intellectual or presidential (whatever that is).


Not that I - I -- have any special radar --


Not that have any special radar -- but President Obama - I never believed him for a second. Sorry guys; he floated like a politician butterfly around the subject of autism.

Oh, that is too bad about these struggling families, we could get them better insurance -- they can pay 300 dollars a month instead of 800 dollars a month.

I was listening too and what I heard him says was: He did not care one bit about the people of the Appalachians. My gosh there has never been a president candidate that does not at least drive through the tri state area of W. Virginia Kentucky,Ohio Penn. President Obama said that this area was not worth his time, he could do nothing to change or help that area. Never was there a more prejudice statement ever uttered by a Presidential candidate and of course the rest of the country that does not live here - really care or paid attention to his statement.

He at that very moment was in bed with cap and trade bizzzzz; and openly stated he was making war on coal. Oh put the word Big in front of it and make it evil. See, I was listening close to him too.


I am must be terrible cause I believe that Trump gave Rosie what she deserves.

Did You listen to the debates on FOX news?

Meygan Kelly - You know about what she said about vaccines and how the studies are in and for us to get over -- a long rant.

She tried to get snotty with him - and he gave it back to her. He does have a back bone.


In the news a few days ago, FDA approved oxycontin for kids 11 to 16. Guess they figured they better do something to ease the pain of growing up in modern America.

Greg and Benedetta,
You both make good points about Trump. The problem for me is I fell for Obama's speeches. Must have listened to every one. If I had a nickel for every time he said he would stop special interests, I could buy my own island. Than what did he do? But ultimately, I don't think he could do anything whether he wanted to or not. That was the hardest lesson after this election. Some of the presidents might have been a part of the regime (or whatever you would call it) putting them in office. It doesn't seem like Obama was, judging by how he looked and acted afterward and since. But as far as Trump is concerned, I don't compare the candidates trying to pick the least evil. I look at each one individually with a high standard. Trump has spoken out about vaccines, yes, but he has also run his mouth to hurt people without caring, he has said that he is for torture and I'm not sure if he's strong or if he's a bully. Big difference. Another red flag is that we have not heard anything about the mob in decades. Nothing. Not everyone who makes a fortune does so because of brains and skills. This may not apply to Trump. But we don't know. What we do know is that he is everywhere in the media and in the American consciousness. He wouldn't be if the media didn't want him there.

Remember Ross Perot? I wasn't paying really close attention back then, but he was a billionaire too. Interesting that he ran against Bill Clinton and George HW Bush.


And why is it nice that John Kusich is from close to the Appalachian mountains -- cause it all started there first! First pill mill - on the border of W. Virginia and Kentucky, first to have a problem with hilly Billy morphine -- oxycodon, first to have all of our kids 20 plus years ago dropping dead from overdoses. Fist in poverty.

New York Times came out with an article just this past week of how poor is Clay county -- and how many are on disability -that lives in the region. They suggested that we all move.

Move where? Hmmm -- Boston, St. Louis, Ohio, Michigan -- it -- meaning what ever is driving poverty has now spread. Eastern Kentucky was the precursor - we had a bad three in one typhoid shot before the rest of the country, now we have leveled the playing field with the DPT shot -- and additional vaccines to all of the country.

Does that sound like the country will last much longer?


John kasich; The Ohio Governor running for president - is from the south eastern part of Ohio, close to the Appalachian mountains Thus a bit of an accent.

He says that he reformed Ohio's prison system. He said he used the time the prisoners were locked up and away from drugs to give them coping skills to stay off drugs when out of prison.

Since the prison system is the new mental institutions - he put a lot emphasis in mental health treatments into the prison system.

If you all don't want to back the only man that stands up and says "It's the vaccines" and stop this insanity - then maybe John Kasich could be the second best candidate -- at least our kids can get treatment - after they end up in prison that is . I hope they get better treatment than my daughter.


Bernie Sanders says we have a right to have this and that.

It sounds great!

But it is hollow and empty


Oh, Come on Greg-- Hilary and women's rights would be better! A main concern of women - is not having to do laundry for 30 year olds.

Quote Hilary: "The sky is blue, the earth is round, vaccines are safe, grandma knows best, get your vaccines"

As long as she has been around, as much as the Clintons have been involved in vaccines - you think she don't know?

If she don't know, then she is tooooooo stupid to be leading us.

Jenny Allan

"The Donald" Trump is often in Scotland, creating and buying up golf courses. His abrasive style is not popular with everyone, but he gets things done -and well. Here we have a US Presidential Candidate who is not afraid to speak his mind, and is rich enough to not be 'bought' by corporate interests.

A Trump Twitter comment:- Follow Donald J. Trump: Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump:-
"I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future."

If 'The Donald' ever becomes President of The United States of America, he will waste no time in getting rid of Tom Insel, and probably the IACC, in it's present form.

In the UK, charities are under more public scrutiny via the Charity Commission, not 'perfect' but such waste on a grand scale would not be overlooked, or forgiven.


Linda, in regards to Trump, I don’t think the media is anointing him as the next President in waiting. By paying a lot of attention to him, I think they are merely pandering to ratings. Also, even if they are sincere in wanting to see him win the Republican nomination, it’s only because they feel of the entire Republican field he would have the least shot in hell of defeating Hillary. This I consider is a serious mistake in thinking.

And Linda, actually I am not holding my breath on a Trump’s Presidency, thinking that it would be so beneficial to our cause. The campaign trail is one thing, but once you assume the reigns of Presidency alliances have to be forged, concessions must be made, and in the end, I don’t know if we, vaccine sceptics, wouldn’t still be left out in the cold -- even with Trump in charge. Truthfully, I don’t think a vaccination rebellion will come from the top-down. It is more likely to come from the bottom-up, when the populace in significant numbers catches on to the vaccination fraud and demand change. To this end, I think Trump being on the campaign trail and sounding off on the controversial topics is a good thing for our movement.

Also, as to the sentiment that Trump is such a disagreeable character, a sexist, racist bully that would make a truly frightening president, I am not entirely buying into this narrative. For all Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, one must be reminded that we are dealing with a smart, multiple billionaire that likely didn’t get that way by being so disagreeable. I read him to be a lot more pragmatic than people are giving him credit for, and even if he holds firm to his principles if he were to become President, I still don’t expect him to be so alienating of various groups. To be honest, I find those other God-fearing, conservative, Republican candidates a lot scarier than Trump. For them they are not always driven by pragmatic concerns, but having an axe to grind.

Yes Linda, Trump’s remark about Rosie O’Donnell was truly nasty, but do we really think that as President he would be worse than other Republican candidates in advancing women’s issues? Heck – do we feel that Hillary, a product of the establishment, would be so better in looking out for women if she were to become president? Chances are if you are a product of the system you are more likely to maintain the status quo, and which is often not so kind to marginalized groups.


Linda; The Loud Mouth got on the morning news show at FOx after they had let Alisn Camerota go - after several segments about fishy language, by the vaccine compensation court that vaccines did not cause autism, but made the condition of autism worse.

Trump; he said to all the Fox news hosts on the Friends show - that is the morning show. " -- you know what causes autism? It is the vaccines."

They sat there like deer in the head lights - not saying a word.

He did not let them off the hook as they sit there in stun silence - He then continued he said he had a couple that worked for him and they had a little baby girl and they gave her vaccines and she was just gone.

I have been waiting for 30 years for a presidential candidate that would say just a tad - that parents have a right to do what they think is right. Instead I get this???!!!!! You will not get another.

Choose wisely and think hard on it.


When evaluating someone's character, don't look at how they treat their friends. Look at how they treat their enemies. Recently, when asked about waterboarding and torture, Trump said he wouldn't rule anything out in the treatment of a person who would hurt our country. Trump has the loudest mouth and you agree with him on this one issue, but realize that if you get on his sh*t list, G-d help you. Trump appears to be, among other things, a bully.


"Trump doesn't waffle, and it appears that he is being rewarded for 'owning' and holding firm to his views."

Or, he has been chosen to be the next president. Which is really sad for Rosie O'Donnell. It is pathetic that our country could even consider electing a president who would own maliciously calling anyone a "fat pig". It's a measure of how far we have fallen.

I confess that I never read _Animal Farm_ when I was supposed to in school. I think this might be what it's about. Going to put Animal Farm on the top of my reading list.

Fiorina apparently spoke out at a town hall meeting saying parents should just have to give contagious disease vaccines. Of course she never mentioned whistleblower or the problematic fact of CDC conflict of interests, never mentioned lobbyism. She's not the real deal, only Trump will do anything, while Congress simply and unconscionably sits by with information pointing to complete malfeasance.

CR, Florina sounds confusing on the issue of vaccine mandates, but this Forbes article clarifies her stance

Update: Fiorina made a comment to MSNBC that clarifies her stance. “The state law is really clear on this stuff and I don’t understand why the media keeps turning it into controversy,” she told msnbc. “People who have true religious convictions are protected. State law says a school for instance can prevent a child who hasn’t been vaccinated from going to school and I believe fundamentally parents have a choice. There is nothing new about that, there is no new ground.” That basically means that while she may think the California law goes too far, she supports the status quo for vaccination mandates.

...And the ‘status quo’ implying that states can still have their vaccination requirements, but parents should be able to have the final say, and exercise their exemption rights. With non-communicable diseases, she is also suggesting that vaccines for such diseases shouldn’t even be required.

Two interesting takeaways from all this are, first, the vaccination mandates are becoming a really partisan affair with Republicans more likely to stake an ‘antivaxx’ stance. Second, the leading Republican presidential candidates are seeming even more ‘antivaxx’. This supports my earlier prediction that candidates will start wising up to the reality that voters are becoming more receptive to candidates who speak their mind and stand their ground, no matter how unpopular their views are. I mentioned that Christie and Paul earlier 'antivaxx' comments weren't what hurt their campaigns per se, but waffling and walking back their words when they started to take heat. Trump doesn't waffle, and it appears that he is being rewarded for 'owning' and holding firm to his views. Indeed -- perhaps the vaccination mandates issue will have a decisive impact on the next election.


Does any one here know how or where I could find an archive U tube where Tom Insel says that the worse outcome for infectious disease is mental retardation and we have not - well basically vaccines had not stopped that worse outcome?

Or at least who he was speaking to when he said it?
Was it in front of Congress?


Everybody needs to watch this explosive presentation..

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you!


This... is... awesome. Thank you so much Ginger


Fiorina apparently spoke out at a town hall meeting saying parents should just have to give contagious disease vaccines. Of course she never mentioned whistleblower or the problematic fact of CDC conflict of interests, never mentioned lobbyism. She's not the real deal, only Trump will do anything, while Congress simply and unconscionably sits by with information pointing to complete malfeasance. And all this as our children get sicker and sicker. U.S. will be unable to even sustain a military while other nations have less vaccines, less neurological problems.

go Rand

I believe Dr. Ring can be found at many Autism Speaks events, walking in circles, carrying balloons, "searching for a cure."

Each year they REVERSE THE DIRECTION of the circle to see if they might have missed something from the year before.

Dr. Insel lacks the proper training to carry on this type of research... but is very excited about it anyways...

Tony Bateson

OK This is really great and I can direct the nay-sayers to this amazing resource. It is obvious the industry has a vested interest in denying these papers exist and they have been getting away with it for too long - time for a Richard Doll summary - Richard Doll said at a crucial time in the the battle of the scientists over tobacco 'why is it that 90% of patients in Cardio-Thoracic wards being treated for lung-cancer are former smokers - when only 30% of people smoke?' Why is it that 100% of autistic patients were vaccinated when only 90% of people at large were vaccinated?' (UK data) Perhaps Doll's question was the biggest single influence on the way the smoking and health question moved subsequently.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


I tell everyone online that "claims" to not be able to find any link between vaccines and autism, especially online bloggers who call themselves journalist like the woman who blogs for Forbes, you can't find what you aren't looking for. I than send them Ginger's vaccine research. I also now send them Dr. Thompson's admission of fraud and now I send them the statement Congressman Posey read in congress. Of course I never get a response from the article writers but the Science Blogs trolls come out in force. Not just on my comments but on anyone who dares to post cogent verifiable information-especially if it comes from the sources they are being paid to protect from public scrutiny.

Sophie Scholl‎CachedSimilar
The latest Tweets from Robert Ring (@DrRobRingAS). ... ...
Research Mantras from DrRobRingAS [#1] @autismspeaks #autism #mssng.

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