Jeffrey Kluger: TIME to Be Less Condescending About Vaccine Safety
One Lie Two Many: From Vietnam to Vaccines, the CDC is Exposed for a Second Time in the New Book Vaccine Whistleblower

Dachel Media Update: NOVA on Vaccines

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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 Aug 26, 2015, Forbes: NOVA's 'Calling The Shots' On Autism And Vaccines by Emily Willingham

Aug 26, 2015, Orlando Sentinel: Posey should immunize against MMR autism fears: Editorial


NOVA developed a program, “Calling the Shots,” last year that they’re re-airing tonight that looks at the intersection of autism and vaccines–how the two came to be so entangled and why they should be disentangled. The show features some smart comments and observations from researchers like Daniel Geschwind and some accessible and well-illustrated explanations of concepts like herd immunity.

This is helpful.......Instead of new junk journalism on vaccine safety, they're rerunning the old pharma propaganda.

I tried for several hours to post the comment below...but it didn't show up.  Dorit Reiss's did.


Sept 11, 2014, I wrote about NOVA's Calling the Shots

It was nothing more than a vaccine promotion that failed to address any of the major concerns about vaccine safety.

NOTE TO ALL THOSE WHO BLINDLY TRUST THE CLAIMS OF THE PHARMA-CONTROLLED CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION:  IF YOU REALLY TRULY WANT TO END THIS CONTROVERSY....CALL FOR A HONEST, INDEPENDENT COMPARISON STUDY OF FULLY-VACCINATED AND NEVER-VACCINATED CHILDREN.  If never vaccinated kids have the same autism rate and serious chronic health issues that vaccinated ones do, we can move on and look somewhere else.  The fact that health officials don't want to see this research done is proof of their culpability.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Orlando Sentinel

That U.S. Rep. Bill Posey throws in with their ilk is unnervingly reckless. His posture tacitly puts a congressional stamp on risking public safety.

The Rockledge Republican long has been a vaccination agnostic. Last month, he went all in, giving succor to anti-vaxxers with a zealous speech on the House floor urging a probe into vaccine safety.

Specifically, Posey asked Congress to look into documents provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "whistleblower" William W. Thompson, a co-author on a landmark 2004 CDC study that dismissed links between MMR and autism. Research Thompson now calls a snow job, alleging the CDC whitewashed the elevated risk of autism in black boys.

Disturbing, if true. We think of the despicable "Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male." In 1932, the Public Health Service misled participants and never treated the disease. Still, it seems more likely that "Dumb and Dumber" displaces "Citizen Kane" as No. 1 on the American Film Institute's tally of 100 Greatest American Movies than government scientists again colluded to conceal data.

What's more likely: As studies have confirmed and the Institute of Medicine rigorously corroborated, the MMR vaccine offers safe and salubrious benefits.

The anonymous editorial in the Orlando Sentinel looks upon vaccination as an religious ritual.   Posey is being accused of heresy.  He's questioned the safety dogma of officials.  He has a cleric (William Thompson) who's defected from the hierarchy of the vaccine curia in Atlanta.  We're told both the CDC and the IOM are infallible.  If they say THERE IS NO LINK, it's a tenet of faith. Not vaccinating is a mortal sin.  We must accept it or face excommunication.  It's all in the Catechism of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  I posted comments.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



I just love, "The studies are out" comment -- it has made it all go away esp when they added. "Hear this well", and "Get over it" Meygan Kelly -- comment.


You know not to believe anything coming out of the CDC, especially statistics. 1.7%? I doubt it. Most people I talk to say they do not take the yearly flu vaccine. Most say no to HPV. The rest, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be so fast to believe 1.7% I think the strategy here is to make the public think that there is only a teeny tiny minority that are not protected and see? Everyone else gets them and they are just fine. But we have to get that minority, because they threaten us all.
Like everything else the CDC does, it's smoke and mirrors. Whatever the truth is, it isn't coming from the CDC.


That was one of the most disturbing shows I have ever seen on TV, bar none. The female narrator's voice sounded strange, purring and strangely subdued like she was on Thorazine or a Stepford wife. I asked my partner, Does her voice sound weird to you? Yeah! he agreed strongly despite having no personal connection to this issue. Don't worry about anything, the narrator seemed to murmur throughout. As for Nova being a science show, where is all the evidence in RFK Jr's footnotes? This show was really shameful propaganda. The fact that Anne could not even get a comment posted but Dorit Reiss could is a huge indictment of their journalistic integrity. Really pathetic PBS and worse!


A very interesting story on the polio.
I wondered if he got the immune system problem from vaccinations and how they discovered his predicament.
Cured with blood plasma with antibodies from vaccinated, was that similar to the Wakefield treatment he was working on for immune compromised that couldn't get MMR?


Susan: I am praying American's wake up from this vaccine parade and realize they are being sucked into pseudo science and poor health. "America" wake up!

Actually Susan, I am starting to think things are looking hopeless and Americans – and the rest of the world for that matter—are actually in a coma. Reflect on the CDC releasing their vaccination figures yesterday, reporting that mere 1.7% of families sought exemptions in 2014. That’s a freaking dismal 1.7% of parents opting to inject one less neurotoxin in their kids that may give their kids permanent brain injury!

Now I realize many parents here took the vaccination plunge because back in the day they didn’t have enough resources to wade through the propaganda and skip. Yet, with all the current whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork to expose vaccine research fraud, with the continuing explosion of autism cases, with parents storming social media to explain how vaccines are destroying their kids, what really is the excuse for the current crop of parents to take such a foolish gamble?! Indeed the vaccine drug pushers and the vaccine injury apologists are frustrating --to say the least--but to some extent you can understand their motives. They are seeking to save their ass. Current parents who are still getting suckered in and sacrificing their kids are a complete different story.

In addition to working with my autistic guys and their families, I get doubly frustrated when I go to one of my daughter’s, who is five, birthday party and see that odd mom chasing around the room her hyper autistic son. I seriously feel like grabbing her and screaming…

‘Lady WTF?! If I were to ask you, you would probably say your son was developing fine then he had his vaccines and all changed! Now here you are losing your wits trying to keep up with him! They tell you that your son has autism because of genetics, but do you have autism – does your husband?! Have you researched to see if any of your ancestors had autism?! Even more, think back when you were going to school and reflect on how many of your peers had autism?! Yes lady –WTF—why are you putting up with this shit, and not angry has hell that you were taken?!

Sophie Scholl

wow the BBC tells the truth for once :

A British man who was vaccinated against polio has been producing the virus for nearly 30 years.

He had an immune disorder that mean the weakened polio virus used to vaccinate him in childhood survived in his body.

Over time it has mutated into a form of the virus that can cause paralysis and he had no idea the jab had not worked.

Polio is only endemic in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria although Nigeria has now gone more than a year without a case.

The discovery was made by a team from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. (but everyone on AOA has known for years !)

They now warn that similar cases could trigger new outbreaks and hamper efforts to eradicate the disease.

They wrote in the journal PLOS Pathogens: "While maintaining high immunisation coverage will likely confer protection against paralytic disease caused by these viruses, significant changes in immunisation strategies might be required to effectively stop their occurrence and potential widespread transmission."

The man had a full course of polio vaccinations, including three doses of weakened live virus at five, seven and 12 months old, followed by a booster when he was about seven.

He was later diagnosed with a condition that suppresses the immune system, affecting its ability to kill viruses in the gut.

His stool samples contained high levels of polio virus - the researchers estimated the man had been shedding live polio in his stools for as long as 28 years.

The virus had also mutated dramatically and were no longer the weakened, or "attenuated", versions of the virus which are used in the vaccinations.

The infection was neutralised by using blood plasma taken from people with healthy immune systems who had been immunised against polio.

Sewage samples

According to the scientific team, several highly mutated polio strains, originating from vaccines, had recently been isolated from sewage samples in Slovakia, Finland, Estonia and Israel.

All bore the molecular fingerprints of "iVDPVs" - vaccine-derived polio viruses from immunodeficient individuals.

The researchers are calling for enhanced surveillance including sewage sampling and stool surveys to search for the presence of iVDPV strains.

They also suggest the development of efficient anti-viral treatments to interrupt virus replication in people who deficiencies in their immune system.

Sophie Scholl

"The Rockledge Republican long has been a vaccination agnostic. Last month, he went all in, giving succor to anti-vaxxers with a zealous speech on the House floor urging a probe into vaccine safety."

Lucky for the "House of repres-collaborators" I wasn't allowed to speak . I wouldn't have been half so DILUTE as Senator Posey was (not that I'm not grateful for his efforts - I am). I'd have SPELLED it out in clear & simple to understand language for them . They , the senators have fully collaborated with Hg-enocide .And they are continuing to do so , from Monsatan, to fluoridated water to the Zyklon-Vaccine program .


Contact for Alison Singer, who was interviewed in the documentary and claims that all the studies are out and there is no proof vaccines cause autism. Maybe we should send her the Rep Bill Posey video.

Autism Science Foundation
419 Lafayette Street
2nd Fl
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 914.552.1580
E-mail: [email protected]


The episode on NOVA was both sickening and exasperating. I was absolutely yelling at the TV. When they aired the grieving mother whose daughter who died from cervical cancer, I was shrieking at that point. I had cervical cancer and a PAP smear and D&C saved my life, happens every day in America. I apologize for the misinformed pediatrician from Oklahoma. She is obviously taking money from big PHARMA as her stance on vaccines is totally unrealistic. She badgers mothers into the Gardasil vaccine and also the flu shot, pretending there are no deaths from either vaccine. I would say that she should be sued for medical malpractice, if it was allowed. They kept saying 1 in a million risks, tell that to the mothers who lost their daughters. She should be ashamed and embarrassed for her outright lies! Not all Oklahomans are greedy, PHARMA whXXXs. I am praying American's wake up from this vaccine parade and realize they are being sucked into pseudo science and poor health. "America" wake up!

Gary Ogden

I've been reading Janine Roberts' The Vaccine Papers. No horror novel in existence is in the same league: From the minutes of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee Meeting (19 November 1998), Dr. Phil Minor, the top UK expert at the meeting said, "So even today then you have to bear in mind that a large amount of vaccine that's made is made on really quite crude materials, from an adventitious agent [viral and other contamination] point of view. It's not a trivial usage. In fact, considering what vaccines are actually made on these days, they are quite primitive in some respects." Edward Jenner with modern lab equipment to go with the cow pus? From the same meeting Dr. Becky Sheets, from CBER, said, "I wanted to respond to an earlier question regarding how purified are live viral vaccines [like MMR]-[the answer is] minimally purified." Given that only a miniscule percentage of microbial species are known to science, and are very difficult to detect (they don't even try), nobody knows what is in the biological soup injected into infants, children, and adults every day, which includes mutagenic DNA fragments and aluminum nanoparticles. The manufacturers clearly have no clue about what they are creating. What our government/industry/media mega-corporation is conducting is a vast, world-wide, exceedingly dangerous pseudo-scientific experiment on an unsuspecting and credulous public for no other reason than money. If you want to have the s**t scared out of you, read The Vaccine Papers.


I had a friend that asked me to watch that NOVA episode. Before watching it, I decided to look up the production details on it. All of the science consultants on it were known pro-vaccine/pro-pharma folks. It seemed to be funded through a hospital, though I couldn't get to any direct funding info - which to me means the same thing as "we are hiding our funding sources because they are pharma derived." It was a bit of a bummer, too, as it looked to me like the film maker had done some nice stuff in the past. Ever since then, I don't look at NOVA in quite the same way. The show presents itself as a source of objective science, but now I think "yea, but what AREN'T they telling me."

Angus Files

The CDC is just a Cabal for Pharma and its minions, and lots of minions it has.


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