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August 1, 2015, Los Angeles Daily News: Vaccine-injured children, adults can seek compensation from federal government

For almost three decades, the federal government has quietly acknowledged as much: It has paid out more than $3.2 billion to 4,150 individuals and families for injuries caused by everything from flu, diphtheria and tetanus shots to whooping cough vaccines. . . .

In interviews with this newspaper, parents who have experienced the grueling, bureaucratic process to prove their cases say the program needs more scrutiny and attention as California and other states tighten their vaccine laws. . . .

My favorite part of this story was this:

The chances of severe injury are infinitesimal, according to the CDC. More than 2.5 billion doses of vaccines were administered in the U.S. from 2006 to 2014, during which fewer than 3,000 vaccine injury claims were filed. About 1,900 individuals or families were compensated - or one for every 1 million vaccine doses given.

It is completely false to assume that the rate of vaccine injury is only one for 1 million doses of vaccine.   Even the government recognizes that only 1 to 10 percent of vaccine injuries are ever reported to VAERS.  Fewer still are the claims that ever get to NVICP.  NO ONE KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE HARMED BY VACCINES---and that's what the people who set all this up intended.

Regardless, it was great to see this out there on Google News.

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"The bottom line is that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was supposed to offer 'simple justice' to vaccine-injured children. But it has largely failed to do so," wrote Stanford law Professor Nora Freeman Engstrom in a new research article."


And Joel, MPH,

What do you think of the CDC's holding a meeting so they can collude to hide data from the American public and commit scientific fraud, while continuing a public health policy that they KNEW was harming people?

Do you think that Congress should investigate? With your Masters in Public Health and all, have you contacted your Congressman yet to demand and investigation?


Twenty years ago booklets were given to parents. Today's vaccine information sheet is a greatly watered down, dumbed down, whitewashed version of those earlier booklets. But even when we got booklets and had to sign consent for each vaccine (imagine that), parents were still at the mercy of the doctors who swore up and down that the vaccines were safe and necessary and absolutely nothing to worry about. Then as now, parents reporting reactions were told that post vaccination symptoms are normal. Severe symptoms and death are rarely attributed to vaccination and when children are so suddenly severely ill, with parents having little social or medical support, the last thing they think about is filling out a report. It is all they can do to keep their wits about them and deal with the current crisis, a crisis which in many cases lasts the rest of their lives.

I have a question for you. It is "expected" for CRP levels to be elevated following vaccination, as vaccination causes inflammation. How many middle aged and elderly people have suffered strokes and heart attacks as a result of being vaccinated with the flu and other vaccines?

Research clearly shows that vaccines are harming premature infants, yet the medical mindset is to forge on with this insane protocol calling for more research on more infants (without their parent's knowledge). And for what are they being put at risk of sudden death and intracranial hemorrhage and brain damage? To protect them from diptheria? polio?
(this article was free but after a considerable outcry is now behind a paywall - the abstract does not reveal the enormity of the crimes being committed)

From 2007:
J Pediatr. 2007 Aug;151(2):167-72. Epub 2007 Jun 22.
Primary immunization of premature infants with gestational age <35 weeks: cardiorespiratory complications and C-reactive protein responses associated with administration of single and multiple separate vaccines simultaneously.

"CRP level is expected to be elevated in the 48 hours following immunization. In a minority of infants immunized, cardiorespiratory events were associated with presumed need for intervention. Underlying medical conditions and possibly multiple injections are associated with cardiorespiratory events. Precautionary monitoring following immunizations is warranted."

Joel, how many full term infants need "precautionary monitory" after vaccination when they are at home alone in their cribs? How many stop breathing like the preemies in these studies? How many have intracranial hemorrhages like the preemies in these studies? How many of the shaken baby cases are really severe vaccine reactions? How many innocent parents have been incarcerated?

Finally, back to the elderly, for all the risk taken, this past year there was ZERO benefit:

Several studies show that yearly flu vaccination results in greater and more severe illness:

David Foster

Joel Harrison you actually make a good point. No, one cannot assume that the folks who filed claims to NVICP for vaccine injury will be the same folks who filed VAERS reports. But this is not what this article was claiming, you either have a reading comprehension deficit or you are deliberately trying to obfuscate these issues.

This article clearly states the following:

"Even the government recognizes that only 1 to 10 percent of vaccine injuries are ever reported to VAERS. Fewer still are the claims that ever get to NVICP. NO ONE KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE HARMED BY VACCINES..."

Why would one assume that the number of cases of vaccine injury reported to NVICP would be smaller than the number of cases reported to VAERS? Perhaps because the breakdown of who reports vaccine adverse reactions to VAERS is as follows:

vaccine manufacturers (37%)
health care providers (36%)
state immunization programs (10%)
vaccine recipients (or their parent/guardians, 7%)

So let me ask you the following simple question. Do you believe that either a health care provider, a vaccine manufacturer, or a state immunization program is even remotely likely to submit a case of vaccine injury to NVICP on behalf of a child?

Your characterization of NVICP as a walk in the park is laughable, clearly you have no contact with anyone who has had to endure that program. You are also obviously not aware that HHS has not added one single type of injury to the Injury Table for over 15 years, meaning that none of the past 6 vaccines added to the recommended schedule by the ACIP are covered under lower threshold of proof in NVICP court. Even reactions like GBS related to influenza vaccination, which now constitute a disproportionate number of adverse reactions reported, are not covered.


Dr Harrison;
I think you live very detached from the real world, respectfully.
When testifying in California weren't some of the doctors confused about the difference between VAERS and NVICP?
Yet you think they explained it all in detail to their patients?
By law, you state someone gives a piece of paper to parents whose children are getting vaccinated.
And who enforces that law?
Maybe if JACHO is visiting, the doctors/nurse might remember... though most likely they will point to them being available on a shelf somewhere in the waiting room. Where normally the focus of the parents is on making sure their toddlers aren't destroying the magazines or that the kids are playing nicely ( while trying to subtly keep their child away from the one with the hacking cough who is sneezing all over the toys...)
And who explains those pieces of paper to parents holding screaming infants down to get shots, in the couple of minutes they have?
Add that to the fact that most of the RN's I know don't know about either VAERS or the NVICP.
When my son was born with multiple birth deformities from a rare genetic mutation after my husband had the anthrax vaccine,( which my husband reacted badly to, by the way) you think people were telling us about either VAERs or the NVICP?
Nope. Conversation went something like this;
Geneticist and his RN
lots of info about the birth defects, then..
We tested you, you and your husband do not have the genetic susceptibility...
So , the cause was an environmental exposure
Pen poised
Have you had any exposures to pesticide, herbicides, medications,drugs.. US; all a no

Then we mentioned the anthrax vaccine and my husbands reaction. The doctor and nurse paused, looked at each other like they had heard this story before, And PUT THE PEN DOWN.
They were both nice people, specialists called in to help. They probably thought they could do more good coming to help military families, than being kicked off base/having their access revoked, or not being called because they asked the wrong questions. But with that kind of reaction, you think people were giving us info on vaccine injury compensation?

And no, we did not file with either.

I did look it up later though. Seems anthrax vaccine does cause birth defects in pregnant women. And it appears it could possibly pass between husband and wife in body fluids following vaccination? ( Do you think that is possible?)
The only study done on sperm that I could find showed sperm was still viable after vaccination, but not whether there was an increased chance of birth defects.

I did notice that when the anthrax scare came to the CDC, several of them REFUSED anthrax vaccination. Ok for my husband to be injured and my son to be born with multiple birth defects, but not a risk they would take for themselves.
Have you had the three series anthrax vaccine, Dr Thompson? Would you want it for someone you loved who was planning a family?

Jeannette Bishop

Dr. Harrison, back in the 90s every VIS I ever received consisted of a single page with one or two graphics and a border (a lot like a mini-poster) and a little room to indicate some (not the most severe) possible side effects after explaining what the vaccine was for. It said to contact the doctor if there were certain symptoms. I don't remember if VAERS info was included (I don't think it was), but I'm pretty certain the NVICP was nowhere to be found on there. I only had a vague understanding there was some kind of injury program for the whatever extremely rare vaccine injury that I had no understanding of how to recognize, all while I was increasingly disabling my daughter with her well-baby visits, something neither I nor her pediatricians caught onto, not until years later on my part and we were done with those pediatricians so I don't think they are any the wiser.

My impression in hindsight is that the existence of the NVICP was consolation and facilitator for the vaccinating doctor, who was acting more on trust than knowledge of vaccine him or herself.

I know many families who probably have a vaccine injured child in some degree (though most don't know enough to even suspect vaccination at this point), but no one personally who was ever compensated by the NVICP.

For Joel

As usual you seem to be unable to read anything and engaging in straw man arguments:

"You assume that, since only 10 percent of injuries are reported to VAERS, that these would be the same injuries seeking compensation from the Vaccine Court."

Where was this said, and what relevance does it have?

While you are here perhaps you can explain what is the point of informing parents of the officially admitted risks, when you and associates are campaigninng to deny choice, or to insist on highly coercive penalties for not complying?

Obviously, you have very whimsical ideas as usual about the accessibility of the NVICP


Censorship is the order of the day but fear not because most people seem to know it. The steeple are awakening. Big time and there's not much they can do to stop it now.

Joel A. Harrison, PhD, MPH

You assume that, since only 10 percent of injuries are reported to VAERS, that these would be the same injuries seeking compensation from the Vaccine Court. Is there any research to back this? Every time a child is vaccinated his parents are given a Vaccine Information Sheet, mandated by law, that lists both mild adverse reactions and the much more rare serious ones. In addition, the sheets explain clearly what to do if a vaccine-related adverse events is experienced, including how to begin the process with the Vaccine Court. Many doctors’ and public health offices also have posters with such information. And almost all attorneys are aware of this. So, anyone who believes their child sufferred a vaccine adverse event would be highly likely to seek compensation from the Vaccine Court., many without bothering to also submit anything to VAERS. While lawyers only get contingency fees when they win, they are guaranteed a fair compensation for their time whether they win or not by the Vaccine Court, so they have nothing to lose by taking a case they believe in. The other thing that you and others fail to take into consideration is what happens to children and their respective families who are severely injured from a vaccine-preventable naturally occurring microbe. They are usually on their own. Looking at the history of the vaccine-preventable diseases and their sequelae and there would be exponentially more injured and disabled children if vaccines did not exist. Most vaccine-preventable diseases are but a plane flight away from the United States.


Censoring is alive and well at the Los Angeles Daily News. Last night I made a couple of comments and there were many others that provided more clarity to the subject and countered the obvious troll who was pushing the CDC propaganda. This morning, only the trolls comment is still there. Others have been removed. I wish there was some way to inform it's readers that this news outlet is actively censoring information and they should go elsewhere it they want the truth.

 CDC CDC Admit that vaccines cause ASD

Can a math person or statistician do the odds on this--let's suppose that the risk of injury from one dose is 1 in a million as stated (even though this is clearly much lower than reported) . But you have 68 doses, right? I believe that, like the famous birthday example (where you have a group of 20 people and chances are they share a birthday) that the risk is far higher than this carefully worded lie implies. So can someone who can do math:

1) figure out the risk for each dose AS IF this 1 in a million claim is reliable

2) figure out the true risk based on the fact that 1 in a 100 to 1 in a 1000 are never reported.

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