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CDC Science/MMR Fraud: The Thompson/Hooker Conversations Published

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingBy John Stone

A year on from the first revelations of the Thompson tapes we have the opportunity to get to grips with them at first hand, and perhaps understand their meaning better. A crucial aspect of this history is just what an angry man William Thompson is, a man frequently scathing about colleagues (and about the mainstream media) who had placed the incriminating documents in the hands of Congressman Posey before any of the recorded telephone calls had taken place, and had applied for whistleblower status to protect him from professional reprisal. Reading it you can only imagine how indifferent he probably was to his public  “outing” by Brian Hooker and Andrew Wakefield – it would come sooner or later. It might have waited more than a year with Bill Posey despairing of any help from his political colleagues making an end of term speech in Congress.  No timing is perfect: a year on we are potentially much better organized to support Thompson and Posey. Maybe we have lost some momentum but we will just have to gain it again.

One thing is clear, Thompson never expected any help from the mainstream media: he understood just how bought out and corrupt they were. Above all this is a tale of public negligence. The politicians sit there like the three wise monkeys with the lobbies on their backs, and leave it to the professionals. The agencies – in this case the Centers for Disease Control - gain no credit for telling it like it is, the incompetent and the deceitful get preferment: it would be the same with the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency. In the end the harms of the system just build up because no one wants to know about them: they have been marginalized so they are assumed to be marginal: this is what the bureaucratic machine is good at doing. The mantra goes out “vaccines are safe” or “the benefits greatly outweigh the risks” (two incompatible statements in themselves) but how can you ever corroborate it if you wage war on the dissenter victims.

You could no doubt draw a flow diagram: the lobby bears a carrot and stick to the politicians, the politicians defer to their advisors who would gain no benefit from telling the truth and anyhow have a revolving door relationship with the industry, not to mention direct professional relationship through such bodies as the CDC Foundation and Task Force for Global Health: the system is as completely dysfunctional as Eisenhower once warned: why should we be surprised?

The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded… in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific/ technological elite.

This is exactly of course the sort of thing that good government (not to mention the American Constitution) are supposed to protect citizens against even if it is hard to imagine Coleen Boyle as the member of an elite. Farcically, as we have heard Jason Chaffetz’s Oversight and Government Reform committee have responded favourably to the CDC’s request that it be allowed to investigate itself.

Of course, the dysfunctional state machine not only acts in a barbaric way to the individual; by now the costs of all this negligence threatens the state itself – a solemn warning comes in a new E-book by Ronald N Kostoff,  Pervasive Causes of Disease   has become available online Open Access.  The overall theme of this book is preventing and reversing chronic diseases using the holistic medical principle: 'removal of cause is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for restorative treatment to be effective'. The specific focus of this book is identifying, categorizing, and analyzing the pervasive foundational causes of  about 4000 diseases, allowing these actionable causes to then be eliminated.

There is a substantial section outlining the deficiencies and distortions of the premier biomedical literature on which this book is based. These inadequacies lead to:

1) concealment of the full extent of the pervasive foundational causes of chronic disease;

2) reduced perceptions of health risk among individuals and policy-makers;

3) inadequate regulation and public health policy at the national and global levels.

Kostoff addresses the financial fall-out the De Stefano paper cover-up in his chapter 9.  Even on the most conservative estimate of 100,000 African Americans injured (as proposed by Robert F Kennedy Jnr) this would amount life time costs of at least $400 billion, but likely much more. How much is it going to cost if 1 in 58 young Americans have autism while mountebank officials shuffle around suspiciously pretending everything is normal?

Thompson is very much a man at the end of his tether: he’s seen too much corruption for too long. He warns not only about MMR, he warns about tics (thimerosal vaccines are associated strongly with tics and tics are four times more common in autistic people). He himself is a co-author of a paper on tics which the CDC was only partially successful in watering down (despite strenuous attempts) , and which was corroborated by the Tozzi paper. He is scathing not only about Verstraeten and about Thorsen and his  alleged girl-friend Diane Schendel who decamped from the CDC on full pension to work at Aarhus University after Thorsen was indicted, but also about another couple, Ian Lipkin and Mady Hornig, whose measles RNA/MMR/ autism study was absurdly small and absurdly delayed. He is scathing about the Price study, of which he is co-author. The whole thing is sickening. It was long over time to blow the whistle.

 John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

You can purchase Kevin Barry's book here.






I'd like to suggest that misstatements of fact in comments on the Amazon page be immediately corrected point-by-point.

Please don't let them hang.


YES That is it: "Human beings are wired to try to make sense of events and are programmed to assume causation when one event follows another."

And it has served the human race well -- now we are being told not be human no more -- and just let certain ones of the human race do it for us.

cia parker

Michael Armstrong,
When my daughter was born in 2000, she was given the hep-B vaccine, without permission, for no reason, with 25,000 ppb of mercury a year after a congressional hearing on the vaccine found that it was very dangerous and should NEVER be given with mercury. She reacted with four days and nights of endless, inconsolable screaming, vaccine encephalitis, and also symptoms of mercury toxicity, a rash, sweating all over her head even in cool rooms, and excessive drooling until she was ten, all ways the body fruitlessly attempts to detox the mercury. She missed all her language milestones, but was saying two words by 18 months, both erased forever as soon as she got the DTaP booster at that time. She was diagnosed with autism two months later. She is still, at fifteen, very low-verbal and cannot use very much language, can't put together complex sentences or tell anyone about anything that's ever happened to her. Our new language therapist says she has ataxia, which is massive stroke-like damage to the language center of the brain. Gee, could that have been caused by her brain having swollen in reaction to the vaccine(s)? It cut off circulation for crucial periods of time, just the way a stroke would. And caused the same type of damage.

Linda is right. Read The Age of Autism, a masterpiece describing the many ways in which mercury has ruined people's health for centuries, most tragically when it was deliberately used as medication: many syphilis patients eventually developed paralysis and dementia from the mercury ointment and oral medication they took containing mercury. We call it Alzheimer's now, caused by the mercury and aluminum in flu vaccines.

Autism did not exist before the 1930s, when mercury was first placed in the diphtheria vaccine as a preservative in 1933. And it immediately launched the age of autism. Dr. Kanner examined the first autistic children, coined the term autism in an article he published in 1943, and said that it was so strange, so distinctive in its symptoms (he described pronoun reversal, echolalia, perseveration, lining things up, hand and arm flapping, no eye contact and no ability to converse or interest in doing so, all of which my autistic daughter showed). NO ONE had ever seen such things before. Dr. Kanner said that had they existed before, someone somewhere would have described them, but no one ever had, because it didn't exist before mercury in vaccines. He and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins had collaborated in compiling an anthology in which every psychiatric condition ever seen in children was described, but nothing even vaguely resembling autism was described, because as of 1935, when Childhood Psychiatry was published, it did not yet exist.

From the advent of the DPT in 1948 to the introduction of three doses of Hib in 1988, autism occurred at a rate of three per 10,000 children. This is the rate found in a meticulous study of autism incidence carried out in 1987 by the University of South Dakota. ("Autism not really on the rise? 96.7% impossible!"). Two years ago, the University of Minnesota did a prevalence study focused on the high rate of autism in Somali children there. It found that one in 32 Somali children has autism, one in 36 white children, one in 62 black children, and one in 80 Hispanic children (lower rates in the black and Hispanic children probably because they don't get as many vaccines). That works out to about one in forty children with autism, a hundred-fold increase in thirty years.

Autism can be caused by mercury, possibly by other toxins, like aluminum, or by just plain vaccine encephalitis, an over-enthusiastic reaction on the part of the immune system to the invasion of a vaccine on its territory. The MMR has always caused a lot of autism, but, as a live vaccine, never had mercury. It remains to be studied the differences between mercury-induced autism and encephalitis-induced autism. It would be interesting to know how often the MMR causes autism in those who have no stored heavy metals from previous vaccines, and if it would be less serious.

You need to get with the picture and say something intelligent, it just reads as though you're saying with splendid confidence: Of course the earth is flat! Look out your window! Does it look curved to you? Or alternatively it sounds as though you're saying that you get paid big bucks to repeat ad nauseum that vaccines do not cause autism, autism has always been with us at the same high rates as now, it's just better diagnosis. Nearly everyone here has seen the truth with our own eyes, and it is just insulting to us to come here and deny the Holocaust.

Grace Green

Michael Armstrong, consider this: patients with a brain tumor, or who have had a stroke, or other brain injury, often display changed behaviour. Behaviour has a cause, which usually stems from the brain. A child who is non verbal cannot describe their pain and suffering so it only shows in their behaviour. A veterinary surgeon can't ask his patient - a pet - what are it's symptoms so he has to work it out from the behaviour. So, behaviour illustrates disease.
I came to this website as someone who recognized my neurological symptoms from books describing Aspergers syndrome, having spent a lifetime of not understanding my problems and being treated with barely disguised anger by one doctor after another. It was obvious to me that the children I've seen videos of with severe autism are experiencing the effects of a brain injury, and I eventually realized that that is what I have also, albeit less severe. Therefor I can describe my symptoms and I can understand what the severely autistic person is experiencing. When I studied first aid with the Red Cross as a teenager, the very first lesson described a patient as having signs - what you can see - and symptoms - what the patient tells you. You are taking into account only the signs, as the autistic person can't tell you the symptoms, so you are a very poor researcher.


No offense taken at all. I always enjoy reading your perspective whether I agree or not (and I usually do agree). If you weren't angry and frustrated there would be seriously something very wrong with you. When I wrote, "sorry Barry" that was my way of saying that I understand. You have every right to be angry with Thompson and anyone else connected to the horrific crime perpetrated against your child. Thompson himself expects you to be angry.


The battle to expose the MMR vaccine will continue as we parents live daily with the evidence of what it does to our children. No research is taking place to find ways to alleviate the serious condition which people like my son live with all day every day. Doctors tell us the barrel is "scrapped clean" on any ideas to treat my sick son. What is the world coming to when it turns the back on doctors who try to expose the truth about this poison? Keep up the pressure John we are all with you on this battle. Keep the truth in the public eye.


Oh boy, Michael, did you step in it.

Let's start with "naive" and "willfully ignorant". Did you read the book that is the subject of the post that you're commenting on? What's that? No? Why? Because you already know all that there is to know because you are an "autism researcher"? Let me explain something to you. The folks here know more about autism and vaccines than you ever will, with your condescending, arrogant, unscientific attitude.

If by some chance you'd like to try to catch up, you can start with Mr. Barry's book. I'll help you out here because it seems you didn't read the review. The book contains transcripts of senior CDC Immunization Safety Branch scientist (epidemiologist) William Thompson telling Dr. Brain Hooker (in taped conversations) how the CDC deliberately falsified vaccine safety research, how the CDC knew more than a decade ago that vaccines were causing severe neurological damage, how he believes that vaccines cause tics, as you (should) know, a prominent feature of autism, how the CDC buried evidence that the MMR in their research was associated with an over 340% increase in autism in African American baby boys given the vaccine prior to 36 months of age, how the MMR also was associated with autism in healthy babies of other races if given before 36 months.

A couple of weeks ago on the floor of the Senate, Florida Rep Posey read a statement from Whistleblower Thompson where Dr. Thompson stated that his research group at the CDC held a meeting prior to publication of the 2004 paper that exonerated the MMR. At the meeting they rolled a huge garbage can into the room and threw out any data which would implicate vaccines (Dr. Thompson secretly kept copies which he turned over to Posey's office and he has been waiting for a year to be called to testify - somehow most of Congress is so weighed down with Pharma's money in their pockets that they haven't risen to the occasion to call for hearings - what the Hell - it's only every vaccinated child GLOBALLY that this affects). Somebody please do me a favor and post the link to the video of Rep Posey for Michael.

You know what I think Michael? I think your salary is tied to your holding a certain viewpoint - a vaccine friendly one. That's not good science. There is no shortage of autism researchers who have found strong undeniable scientific links to vaccines. In fact, if you go to Ginger Taylor's website, she has a list of somewhere around 100 citations.

You do know that the United States government has conceded that vaccines have caused autism in at least 80 cases? Of course, they have turned away thousands of others. You do know that encephalopathy is listed as an adverse event in vaccine package inserts? Encephalopathy that leads to a diagnosis of autism?

To help you get over your delusional view of vaccines, try picking up a copy of _Vaccines and Autoimmunity_ Edited by Yehuda Shoenfeld, et al. That's just for a start. Oh, and have you read the extensively referenced book that this blog is named after? Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's book, _Age of Autism_? You really ought to do that to, to follow your own advice to look at both sides.

Another suggestion: Talk to parents of autistic children. Ask them to tell you their stories. Ask thousands of them. What happened? How? When? What are the medical issues that their children have faced? What has the medical community offered in terms of help? What strategies have they found to be helpful? Which ones not? Then, and this is important - do some actual in depth medical testing of these children. I don't mean just brain scans. I mean a full work-up, including of their bowels (you do know that a high percentage of persons with autism suffer from bowel disease and that pain and dysbiosis affect behavior?), etc. (see Teresa Conrick's excellent series on the human microbiome on this site). While you're at it, do some research into how different vaccines impact the human microbiome. Then think long and hard about what you find. Did you know that the vaccine strain of the measles virus has been found in the intestines of autistic children suffering from bowel disease? And that the bowel and behavior problems started right after the MMR? Coincidence? Is it scientific to arbitrarily decide that it is a coincidence, or that, as Dr. Walker in North Carolina said upon publishing his findings, that just because the vaccine strain of measles was found living in the gut of sick autistic children, that it didn't mean that the virus was causing disease. End of story! No more research needed! Does that make sense to you? Or does that sound like the medical community doesn't want to know that vaccines are causing harm and are going to insane lengths to deny it even when it is right in front of them hitting them in the face?

I'm sure that some people here are laughing and some are extremely frustrated by what you wrote. Ridiculous on the one hand, and infuriating on the other. Because you are supposed to be the expert who they hope and pray will help their children. You are getting (and wasting) the funding that is supposed to be finding answers and a cure for very sick children (and you don't even know that they're sick?), many of whom are now growing into adulthood with an uncertain future. You are supposed to know what you're doing and you are completely clueless.

Oh, never mind. There's too much for you to learn. I don't think you should be trusted with that kind of research. It's too important and you are too clueless. I think you should find another line of work altogether - doing something where you can't hurt children with your ineptitude and arrogance.

Angus Files

Michael Armstrong
Fascinating what you write and think.
The problem is that the makers of the vaccine and those who profit from the vaccines ,also investigate the safety of the vaccines and report the damage to humans.If you can move away from the spoon fed pharma propaganda your feeding on, and imagine a murderer investigating his own murders.

Welcome to the real Autism world read more your most welcome.



Dear Michael Armstrong,

Having read your post in which you claim to be an autism researcher, I can only say that you are exactly what is wrong with autism research in this country. Your post demonstrates incredible ignorance on the topic you claim to be specializing in. There is now so much solid scientific research to dispute every sentence you have written. I can only surmise that you spend zero time reading or studying anything that challenges your foregone conclusions. Please do not waste our time with your nonsensical posts here. We are far too educated on this subject to be toyed with.

Michael Armstrong

I am an autism researcher. I came to this page after having been sent an email (sent out by Ronald Kostoff, presumably to anyone who researches autism?) advertising his book and as I'd never heard of him I googled and this article was one of the first hits.

I just wanted to say, after having read a bit of this website and the theories it espouses, that those of us working in autism research only want to help, to find out more, and to get the world to a place where those who live with autism can lead full lives and have healthy relationships with their families. There are so many autism researchers worldwide. Vaccines don't cause autism. If they did, and there was solid scientific evidence for it, it wouldn't be covered up or ignored.

Autism is not a disease and it doesn't have a specific cause. The word autism is a label for a collection of behaviours, rather than pointing to a particular biological anomaly or pathogen. Autism can manifest ins o many different ways, and pinpointing a single cause is difficult for precisely this reason. Obviously people want there to be a single cause so that a cure could be found, but autism isn't like that, and this is something that so many people misunderstand.

Vaccines do not cause autism. Human beings are wired to try to make sense of events and are programmed to assume causation when one event follows another. If your child was vaccinated and then developed autism, it simply isn't true that this is evidence that the vaccine caused the autism, any more than a child deleting autism shortly before being vaccinated would mean that autism causes vaccines.

The problem with this idea is not that it is wrong (it is, but being wrong can sometimes be relatively harmless), but that vaccines are so important, and have been one of the best things to happen to our species in terms of eradicating disease. That people would believe this stuff and not vaccinate their children is truly scary. We are fortunate enough not (due to vaccines) to not know the horrors of widespread infection of diseases like measles, polio, rubella etc. 2-3 million children a year go on living because of vaccination.

To refuse to vaccinate your child or to try to convince others not to based on conspiracy theories and fear is taking a huge and awful risk. No one is trying to give children autism, no one is trying to cover up a big evil scandal - to think that is to give ordinary people working in these fields far too much credit on the one hand, and is either incredibly naive or wilfully ignorant, as well as being very dangerous. It really makes me sad to see.

Before you believe the things you read, make sure you have read around the issue, see what people on the other side say, hear out the explanations. Conspiracy theories work because the audience is convinced before they start reading, and the author will cherry pick and present only those facts that suit their argument, leaving the rest of the story in the dark. You can make a case for almost anything if you do this. If you really seek truth about autism, make sure you read both sides, make sure you understand the scientific process, what constitutes evidence, examine your own bias and open your mind to reaching a position on the basis of facts above anything else.

Dan Burns

I finished reading my copy of Vaccine Whistleblower and dropped it off at United States Congressman Pete Sessions' Dallas office. I did so with a sense of relief. Because now we know the epicenter of the coverup and lies: a handful of vaccine zealots and their girlfriends and boyfriends in the Immunization Safety Branch of the CDC. We know their names. And because the evidence is out of my hands. WHEW!

Among some of my friends, Thompson and Posey are regarded as nutjobs. So I say, subpoena Thompson and his co-authors. Turns on the cameras. Let the public decide.



My apologies if my August 18 comment seemed aggressive towards you. This is an emotional issue for me, as I'm sure it is for anyone who watched this happen to their child. Especially when you find out that the people you trusted to make you aware of the dangers, chose to keep the information from us all.

I do realize that this is far more complicated than I've made it out to be. But its not always easy for me to see it that way. And if the world doesn't has to stand up this tyranny soon, there will be no kids left to save.

I always enjoy your posts, and seldom if ever disagree with what you have to say. Please keep the good posts coming.


The whistleblower law changed in I believe November 2013. Prior to that I think they could have eaten him alive. Also in 2003, was the infrastructure there to accept what he had to say or would it have been scattered to the wind while they did away with him? I don't know, Barry. Maybe you're right. It was in 2002 that Congressman Burton held Congressional Hearings on vaccines and autism and he was ignored. Nothing changed. You are right in that Thompson's testimony at those hearings *might* have made a difference. I say might because, as you know, these crooks are so hardened they would have tried to discredit him - in fact, there are parts of the conversations between him and Hooker in the book where he says he's sure they would have tried to make him look crazy if he came forward. These crooks have their ways. They are not unprepared. Not sure what Thompson knew in 2002 or if he had hard evidence then.


It is hard for decent people to believe that those with in authority would be that way.

I really deep down - don't believe it and yet reasoning tells me - that it is true - they are capable of not just -- well really are they not already doing mass murder and maiming and not willing to stop. Yes? Yes.

That is why I suppose that it is good that Kennedy and Hooker made contact with Tony -- he and his community has already wrapped their mind around this -that these are evil people not - just misguided,
and perhaps will help us to do the same.


They would have killed him. He couldn't have prevented what happened to your son. He hasn't been able to prevent it from happening to other children, even giving the damning documents to Congress over a year ago, the crimes continue. Who was he going to stand up to? He would have ended up floating in some river with a bullet wound in his chest. That wouldn't have helped anyone. At least he is alive to testify and he salvaged the evidence of the crimes.


What's the difference between going public with the truth in 2003, and going public with the truth in 2014?

It's been a year since he did that. And not only is he still alive, he's still working at the CDC.


I just got my copy and started by perusing the end first where I read that this powerful story is analogous to the Pentagon Papers from the perspective of government deceit. I agree completely.

Then I read the single most cogent overview of the subject I have ever encountered in the stunning Foreword by RFK Jr. Of course, the Introduction caused my eyes to fill with tears several times, too, as it acknowledged the shock a reader experiences while encountering this material.

I'm so proud of the demonstrable excellence of this project and very excited by the opportunity it provides to inform.

So, what's the plan to propel this book to #1 on the various lists of non-fiction best sellers? Everyone buy a copy for donation to...


"A brave man would have stood up on day one, and tore a strip off ANYONE who dared to ask him to partake in such a heinous coverup."

They would have killed him. He couldn't have prevented what happened to your son. He hasn't been able to prevent it from happening to other children, even giving the damning documents to Congress over a year ago, the crimes continue. Who was he going to stand up to? He would have ended up floating in some river with a bullet wound in his chest. That wouldn't have helped anyone. At least he is alive to testify and he salvaged the evidence of the crimes.

Georg Elser

Barry - I am suggesting it is not as simple as all that .
The mysterious deaths of so many "thinking" doctors recently really does cast a dark shadow of the govt agencies . State sponsored elimination of opposition is common in most countries around the world , our media never tires of telling us about Africa , Asia & South America.

And we can go back to other accidental deaths , that were very fortunate & timely for the Vaccine Zealots. (2005)

Have you seen this :
“The second incident occurred after Vaughan exposed the names of who she believed to be the "controlled opposition" in the fight against SB277 on Facebook.”

And also was it just 2 or 3 years ago when apparently "science" was unable to keep a few Fridge Freezers running .
And a 100 donated autistic specimen brains were defrosted and destroyed before they could be tested for contaminants at Yale or Harvard . The scientists are so brilliant they are unable to keep a few freezers powered up .


So grateful for this book being published. Somehow I missed the gasps and shock among the members of Congress when Bill Posey spoke about this. I must have missed it, right? Surely they were stunned to hear this?

david m burd

Barry, I concur that Thompson is not brave, not even close.

Though he perhaps is seeking redemption for his inexcusable years of silence, after reaping great riches during his many years of silence (their CDC salaries are obscene).

I have been many times to CDC's partner in crime, the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland: It is an American Nazi Kingdom - You Must Not Question Our Pharma Paradigms! Seig Heil!


Made me want to read it even more, thanks.


Sorry Barry.


Fantastically detailed account of what has taken place over the last year. Thank you for all the info John.

Gary Ogden

Thank you so much, John. Dr. Thompson's allegations won't be aired by the media, because they are craven fools, but Christina Hildebrand got it onto MSNBC yesterday, to utter disinterest by the host, while the "medical expert," a "Dr. Hebert" did little more than defame Dr. Wakefield. Hopefully, Kevin Barry's book will give this a wider audience. The Congresscritters are largely craven fools, as well, so I'm not holding my breath for actual hearings. Our nation is truly broken, descending into fascism (seems the left is facilitating this more than the right).


"Early inflammatory response paralyzes T cells
Findings could have enormous implications for immunotherapy, autoimmune disorders, transplants and other aspects of immunity"

"In a discovery that is likely to rewrite immunology text books, researchers have found that early exposure to inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin 2, can 'paralyze' CD4 T cells, immune components that help orchestrate the body's response to pathogens and other invaders."


Anyone want to take a shot at explaining how / whether vaccines are affected by this finding?




William Thompson is anything but a brave man.

From what I've read (http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1164794) :

"…The whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, came forward AFTER a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on an autism study was filed and these highly sensitive documents were received with the assistance of U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee…."

A brave man would have stood up on day one, and tore a strip off ANYONE who dared to ask him to partake in such a heinous coverup. A coverup that they ALL knew from day one, would put innocent babies on a sure path to autism.

There aren't words to describe the character of a person, who is capable of sitting on this kind of information for over 10 years. A period during which my own son was made autistic by an MMR vaccine.

William Thomson is a cunning man. He knows damn well that a horrible truth is on the verge of being exposed to the entire world. He's trying to get out in front of the pack, and save his own ass. Because he also knows that the last thing that someone like him wants to be, is the last of the cowards coming clean on this crime.


Bob Moffit, I agree, we need to be at every stop where Donald Trump is at campaigning with signs about the CDC whistleblower, and Congressman Posey, especially when he goes to small towns, where this can possibly be made the main topic.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Very good. Thank you, John Stone. I've been following this since the beginning, and I did not know that Dr. Thompson turned documents over to Congressman Posey before the recorded talks with Dr. Hooker.
I'm deeply impressed.

British Mum

I've ordered my copy from Amazon in the U.K. but I won't receive it until 12th-14th October. Anyone know why the delay?

Noel Szychowski

Thank you for the information. May we wake up and create positive change for the health of everyone!!!!!

Bob Moffitt

"No timing is perfect: a year on we are potentially much better organized to support Thompson and Posey. Maybe we have lost some momentum but we will just have to gain it again."

Rep Posey and Dr Thompson are two names that MUST become part of the national debate for the next Presidential election. It is up to us to make their names known .. because .. we can rest assured the national media will ignore BOTH.

What a sad profession "journalism" has become .. nothing more than paid shills .. promoting whatever ideas and products their "puppet-masters" in the pharm cartel require of them.



Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for a preview of the book!


I hope something good comes from his revelations.
I am glad he took the opportunity to correct course.
If only Congress could do the same.
And I hope he writes a book himself, about his experiences.

go Rand

Thank you John again for your endless efforts.

They have done a few trillon dollars worth of damage to a few million children...

and now they want better STATE or FEDERAL MANDATES for their "liability free" medical practices... as they claim to be gawds gift to our children.

Big tobacco was a bit more humble than this group...


Thank you so much for writing about this. If hearings aren't happening, at least the information is laid out in this book, which we can buy not only for ourselves but to send to our congressman, senators, president, reporters, and anyone else in a position of influence or power.

The small amount of media attention has mostly focussed on one study where data was allegedly altered/suppressed that would have shown a link between early receipt of the MMR and autism, especially in male African-American toddlers. But also so significant and damning is what Thompson says about the CDC avoiding research, being stuck for ten years. Some would have us believe that the link between vaccines and autism has been exhaustively researched, but it hasn't.

Thanks also for writing about the e-book by Ronald Kostoff, which sounds very interesting.


"...who had placed the incriminating documents in the hands of Congressman Posey before any of the recorded telephone calls had taken place, and had applied for whistleblower status to protect him from professional reprisal."


Angus Files

Thanks John you must have driven yourself mad writing this in such a succinct manner.

Bill Thompson at least had a moral backbone in him, installed somewhere along his childhood up bringing unlike the rest of the monster's at the CDC.

Many thanks Mr Thompson.


Louis Conte

Well crafted. Much thanks.


Ed Yazbak

Thank you John for another excellent article.

This book was sorely needed and most appreciated

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