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Book Review - Vaccine Whistleblower - By Kevin Barry, Esq.

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

From Amazon: Vaccine Whistleblower is a gripping account of four legally recorded phone conversations between Dr. Brian Hooker, a scientist investigating autism and vaccine research, and Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist in the vaccine safety division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Thompson, who is still employed at the CDC under protection of the federal Whistleblower Protection Act, discloses a pattern of data manipulation, fraud, and corruption at the highest levels of the CDC, the federal agency in charge of protecting the health of Americans. Thompson states, “Senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable.”

This book nullifies the government’s claims that “vaccines are safe and effective,” and reveals that the government rigged research to cover up the link between vaccines and autism. Scientific truth and the health of American children have been compromised to protect the vaccine program and the pharmaceutical industry.

The financial cost of the CDC’s corruption is staggering. The human cost is incalculable. Vaccine Whistleblower provides context to the implications of Thompson’s revelations and directs the reader to political action.


How does a reviewer start to write about a book detailing one of the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity?  How does one begin the narrative of the violation of the public trust by highly-educated scientists whose job is to protect the health of our nation and our children?  This is a shame that will last a thousand years.

When author and attorney, Kevin Barry, confronted these questions in his book, Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC, (scheduled for release on August 25, 2015, but you can probably get it a little earlier if you order on Amazon) he came up with a simple solution, based no doubt on his legal training.  Let the guilty party, Dr. William Thompson, speak for himself.  A great deal of this book is simply a transcript of four conversations recorded by Dr. Brian Hooker in which Dr. Thompson details how CDC scientists systematically buried any evidence of a link between vaccines (like the MMR) and autism.

From the introduction by Dr. Boyd Haley:  Omitting data to cover up an undesirable outcome in order to reach a predetermined result is research fraud.  Dr. Thompson strongly suggests that the CDC staff involved in vaccine safety withheld data to bury a connection between vaccine injury and autism.

If Dr. Thompson is correct, scientific truth was placed second to policy interests.  The health of children was compromised to protect the vaccine program.  The American public has been lied to and children have been unnecessarily injured due to the corruption of the CDC.  The financial cost of the corruption to tax payers is staggering.  The human cost in incalculable. 

There is no spin in this book.  Just the words on the page as they were spoken by Dr. Thompson and what they mean in simple logic.  I must confess that there were times when I read the words that I felt physically ill.  These were American scientists, not some goose-stepping Nazi doctors.  And yet the emotional and intellectual distance between the goal of protecting the public's health and not wanting to disturb the vaccine program was so vast I wondered, what had become of their humanity?  How did they convince themselves that is was in the "public interest" to lie about the vaccine injuries that showed up in the data?  I consider the scientific method to be one of the signature achievements of the human race.  How could these scientists so blatantly disregard it, knowing the misery they would visit on millions of children and their families?  If this is how the "best and the brightest" among us act, I question whether we as a species deserve to have a future.

This is Dr. Thompson in his own words on the guilt he carries for his participation in these acts:  Dr. Thompson:  Here's what I shoulder.  I shoulder that the CDC has put the research ten years behind.  Because the CDC has not been transparent, we've missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism.  They're not doing what they should be doing because they're afraid to look for things that might be associated.  So anyway, there's still a lot of shame with that.  So when I talk to a person like you who has to live with this day in and day out, I say well, so I have to deal with a few months of hell if all this becomes public, um, no big deal.  I'm not having to deal with a child who is suffering day in and day out.  So that's the way I view all this.  I'm completely ashamed of what I did.  So that's that. (Page 37)

Dr. Thompson comes across as a man who realizes in the depths of his soul the unspeakable crimes in which he has taken part.  He does not pardon himself for these actions and neither will I.  Confession is good for the soul and it appears that Dr. Thompson wants to unburden his sins.  That has the potential to help millions, and for that, I am grateful to Dr. Thompson. What jumps out to me in their conversations is that Dr. Thompson KNEW this information would eventually come out and he was ACTIVELY aiding Dr. Hooker in that effort.  Dr. Hooker is reaching across the chasm of an unspeakable crime to aid Dr. Thompson in an attempt to recover some small part of his humanity and atone for his actions. 

After the four transcripts, Barry sums up the importance of these revelations: The CDC and the Institute of Medicine went through a charade of investigating the vaccine schedule to see if vaccination had anything to do with the increase in autism.  Rather than looking at all vaccines and the schedule as a whole, they purported to investigate ONE vaccine (MMR) and ONE vaccine component (thimerosal).  Based on this superficial review, they declared in 2004 that the entire vaccine schedule was safe, and then thwarted additional research into vaccine safety going forward, as stated in the 2004 IOM Vaccine Safety Review. (P. 109)

Barry does an excellent job laying out the questions raised by these tapes.  He first addresses the importance of the tapes, the potential next steps for policy makers, and how we can ever get the truth when those in public health openly state that protecting the vaccine program is their #1 priority?  He talks about conflicts within groups like Autism Speaks and the CDC Foundation, and how the enormous amount of revenue given to the nightly news broadcasts by pharmaceutical companies (estimated to be 70% during non-election periods) can be trusted to honestly cover this issue.  This is a slim, elegant book which can be read in a few hours and has the potential to change the minds of a lot of people.

I know there are those who believe our victory will arrive (and effective treatments) when we get the truth about what has happened to our children.  The truth is necessary and no victory can come without it.  But in addition to truth, we need understanding, compassion, and true engagement.  I fully accept and embrace the idea that the worst offenders must face criminal charges and jail time.  An example must be set for scientists who peddle lies, just as we would jail heroin dealers who traffic in death and misery. 

But there is a larger group of individuals in the scientific community as well as the general public who must be engaged, because they will determine so much of our future.  People will demand answers about how this terrible tragedy could have been allowed to take place.  How is it that a small group of government researchers were able to completely shut down any real investigation of autism?  Read this book to find out, then help spread the word.  This is a book which I expect people to buy 5-10 copies and distribute them to your pediatricians, your school administrators, and friends or family who have doubted you.  Pester them until they have finished.  This is the time to be a nag.

In their search for truth, author Kevin Barry, and Dr. Brian Hooker show that our greatest weapon against the lies of pharma and the medical establishment is honest human compassion.  The words of those who have helped perpetuate this tragedy are more damning than anything we could ever write.

You can purchase the book at Amazon and other bookstores.

Kent Heckenlively is a founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



This scandal will be the biggest in 21st century when it finally hits the headlines. Surely this book will go some way to making it happen. Here's hoping this could be the breakthrough we've been waiting for - and then the damage to our children and grandchildren will stop.


If the main points of this book could somehow make their way into a 30 minute video, and that video was to go viral…… then maybe the damage could be stopped even sooner.

John Stone

Politics B(l)uff

These may assist you:



The Danish and British studies ay within the CDC's patronage and were also fraudulent.

For their independent science the CDC hired the IOM, told them which papers they should use and what they should find.


No doubt you will come back and whine about something else.

Sophie Scholl

"Yeah, well, I hope it doesn't take 50 years. I hope it happens while the perpetrators are still warm and handcuffable."

Love it !

Politics Buff

The CDC is not the only agency that has ruled out a connection between autism and vaccination. Studies from many countries - Denmark, the UK, Canada to give a few examples, have also discredited any connection. But according to you, they are all part of some vast world wide conspiracy theory. Is it any wonder that #CDCWHISTLEBLOWER this has not been picked up by the mainstream press?

I find your garbage can argument faulty. Clearly, Brian Hooker was able to get that data that Posey claimed was trashed, and he was able to complete his re analysis. How do you explain that?


One thing I think is interesting is that if Thompson had done the 'honourable' thing early on, say resigned from the CDC, the world would not have his documents and knowledge about CDC corruption spanning 12 years.

I hope there will be a kindle version of the book - I just pre-ordered the hard cover from Amazon but it will take a couple of weeks for it to get to here in Australia, after it is published.


@Go rand - I'm picturing the scientists taking selfies of themselves around the trash can giving high fives and thumbs ups...

Gary Ogden

To Linda 1:
I completely agree with you. They won't be reported on here, but perhaps in the UK (I believe Glenn Greenwald has a relationship with The Guardian). A big splash in a major UK paper would open the floodgates. Then frog-march them out of their offices and send them to Leavenworth to make gravel for the roads with sledgehammers.


"It will become public to their immortal shame."

Yeah, well, I hope it doesn't take 50 years. I hope it happens while the perpetrators are still warm and handcuffable.


Because this is a matter of public safety, with people potentially being harmed very minute of every day, no one has the right to withhold that information from the public. I believe it should be released immediately.


ps everyone who can support posey's bill assist, https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/114/hr1636 support posey's bill, get your reps to also propose a bill for a rigorous study into vaccine safety. Whats the use of five eyes if they are shut to corruption?


linda1 its a matter of escalation. 30 odd months ago Posey proposed a vaccine safety study bill,..it died. March 25 he proposed another HR1636. It was refered to the sub(very sub)committee on health within two days. Nothing happened. Three months later he asked congress to note Thompson's claims. Still nothing happens. Those papers will go public, once congress has proven they wish to bury them. They could hang themselves in this, expecting as for the last seventy years, the powers that be will continue to protect them. Life gives everyone a chance to move towards the truth,,,.. It will become public to their immortal shame.

Dan Burns

Posey is the messenger, and his floor-of-the-House recital of Thompson's revelation is hitting a wall of shock and denial. That is the first stage of loss -- loss of prestige, financial security, self image, and most grievously loss of faith. Which parents of vaccine-injured children know all too well.


This scandal will be the biggest in 21st century when it finally hits the headlines. Surely this book will go some way to making it happen. Here's hoping this could be the breakthrough we've been waiting for - and then the damage to our children and grandchildren will stop.

Gary Ogden

The CDC has dug itself into such a deep hole of lies that it will truly rock the foundation of federal vaccination policy like the impending-but-nobody-knows-when full margin rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone, if and when the truth sees the light of day. It is human nature to tenaciously protect one's livelihood (and reputation among most folks, especially the highly educated and highly paid) at all costs, even among otherwise honorable people. I am certain that at some point we will win, but I'm not holding my breath for a subpoena for Dr. Thompson. I did, after yesterday's post, email our two senators, reminding Senator Feinstein that she had the guts to see to it that the torture report published amid fierce opposition from official spydom and the administration, and asking her to display the same fortitude in supporting Representative Posey's call for hearings. The parallel here is that she is a strong defender of the CIA, as he is for vaccination. But . . . how much more damage they will do before the foundation crumbles is too awful to contemplate.

Gary Ogden

To Linda 1:
Glenn Greenwald brought the Edward Snowden trove to light. Daniel Ellsberg brought the Pentagon papers to light. I suspect those who hold copies of the documents (at least four that I know of) are holding them tight out of respect for Dr. Thompson, who considers Congress the proper venue to investigate them. Actually, now that I think of it, Brian Hooker has revealed parts of the documentation.

Bob Moffitt

Today's local (NYC) CBS news .. breathlessly reported a "new" nasal mist annual flu vaccine is close to attaining approval .. that will be recommended for children and adults (I believe they said 59 up) .. supposedly to eliminate that "painful" injection for children.

Unfortunately .. Dr. Thompson's positively frightening allegations of outright fraud .. that necessitated not only the manipulation of research results .. scrubbing clean the inconvenient truth that black children are at a significantly higher risk of autism if given MMR prior to 3 months .. but .. subsequent criminal destruction of incriminating evidence .. any "new" vaccine should raise red flags as to the reliability of those responsible (CDC) for approving "safe and effective" vaccines. No?

It's probably the cynic in me that suspects the "nasal mist" flu vaccine has become a necessity because of the extremely high numbers .. especially in seniors over 59 .. of "adverse events" .. including allegations of long lingering physical discomfort at the site of the annual "injected" flu vaccines.

In any event .. we can anticipate Mr Barry will not be asked to appear on ANY main-stream or cable outlets . including Foxnews .. to inform the viewing public of HIS book .. HIS subject being just too uncomfortable for the pharmaceutical companies liking .. that pay MILLIONS in advertising .. making them the proverbial "tail wagging the dog".




I agree that over several decades vaccines killed and injured more people than all world wars. I don't believe vaccinators poison children for public health, they do it only for profits. In our time almost all infectious diseases and mass vaccinations are vestiges of 19-century medical mistakes.

go Rand

With a problem 50+ times more common than polio for over 20 years, someone would almost have to "stumble on to the answer to the problem" even it they are not looking that hard...

It might be nice to have a photograph of all the "CDC research scientists" the trash can, and the room where the document dump took place.

This should not be confused with the earlier "Simpsonwood CDC conspiracy meeting" in June of 2000...

Thank goodness the CDC still has the "science of indicted scientists" to provide to the American news media... who will print and say about anything if the price is right.


Ordered several copies.

What I've been thinking before reading this today, is why aren't the documents that the CDC tried to discard, revealed in their entirety to the public? It is horrible that Congress apparently isn't interested in seeing them. But the public should be able to see these documents. They belong to us. Isn't that right? Why is this information being withheld from us? Even if Congress were to investigate, the public should still see the documents in question.

Agree with you 100%.

Sophie Scholl

In my opinion the Governments of the Free West have forfeited their right to collect taxes from us .

They took our own money in the form of taxes , and used that money to poison our children , our babies .

This is biggest most despicable story of ALL time .
Vaccines is bigger than everything that occurred in WW2
Vaccines have caused more death and destruction than all the wars added together . Dont say this is an exaggeration .

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