CDC Whistleblower Story Buried Alive
The New Red Scare

Where are Pan, Public Health Community, Politicians, Media, Neurodiversity Proponents as THREE Kids with Autism Wander and Die?

Head up assBy Kim Stagliano

Where is Dr. Richard Pan?
Where is Dr. Paul Offit?
Where is Dr. Tom Insel?
Where is Nancy Snyderman?
Where is Emily Willingham?
Where is Liz Szabo
Where is Anderson Cooper?
Where is Jimmy Kimmel?
Where is Penn? Teller?
Where is Amy Schumer?
Where is Ari Ne'eman?
Where is John Robison?

100+ cases of measles, zero deaths, dozens of laws in play mandating vaccines "to protect children." Three beautiful boys with autism die inside of a week? Connect the pox dots.  Pharma wants to sell vaccines. Neurodiversity wants to sell autism as a good thing we need. Hand meets glove.  Surgical glove. And we and our kids get a rectal exam....


PINELLAS PARK,  FL  — A boy who drowned in a family pool Monday evening was autistic and suffered from seizures, according to police.

He was identified as 7-year-old Aston Beard.


Search for missing St. Cloud boy ends after body found in Mississippi River

Body of St. Cloud boy who wandered is found.  

6-year-old Hamza Elmi


The body of missing 4-year-old Sidney Heidrick was pulled from Lake Erie Saturday afternoon, bringing an end to a massive search that many, including the boy's family, thought would have a happy ending.

Heidrick's body was discovered near the shore about a quarter mile from his grandparents' Lake Road home where he was last seen Friday afternoon.

A passerby spotted the boy, who lived with autism, walking near the street by the home and called police. When officers arrived a minute later, he was gone.

4 year old Sidney Heidrick

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book. Her newest book, co-written by Tony Lyons, 101 Tip For Parents of Girls with Autism is available now.


For all

Looks like a chord was struck, it must be the way to go.

John Elder Robison

Kim, I must say I'm disappointed at your mention of me in the list and post above, in the context you chose. You know I share your concerns about wandering, and I am well aware of the significant risk of drowning and accidental death. You know I speak out for that at IACC and elsewhere.

You also know I support research to help remediate the most crippling aspects of autism. The fact that some of us have gifts, and I believe those gifts are important to society, does not take away from my simultaneous commitment to help relieve suffering and discomfort in all its forms among our autistic population.

Recognizing that autism has given some of us exceptionalities is not the same as celebrating all aspects of autism. It's just recognizing that we have exceptionality and disability together..

John Stone

Regarding Autism Speaks:



given that you no doubt believe the vaccine schedule is safe. Would you be prepared to put your money where your mouth is and take the entire infant immunisation schedule adjusted for your body weight?

If you won't do this (and come out unscathed) we will continue to believe that a) vaccines are not safe; and b) everybody who claims they are is a liar, hypocrite and coward.

Margaret R Dodge

It seems that the greediest, most selfish people happen to be in power. They could care less about autistic children because it hasn't affected them. They receive big money from the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical companies, and people are beginning to see it.

david m burd

@ Greg - thanks for your comment: However, as to your bringing up Autism Speaks albeit in a somewhat skeptical manner.

Autism Speaks is a gigantic con in lockstep with Pharma and NIH/CDC/FDA et al., and denies any connection to vaccines causing autism (and a myriad other permanent injuries).



Since I am interested in the debate around vaccine safety I have taken to reading all sides of the debate, and since AoA is a bastion of that debate naturally I find myself here.

@the rest of you

If you have bile to spew, I have nothing to say to you.
But I do thank some of you for educating me on the differences between neurotypical and autistic children with respect to how a drowning event might occur. I hadn't thought of that.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Listen up,Ben! My grandson wandered at three, and still does at 14. My son taught him to swim. That was after seeing how drawn he was and still is to water. He left his own screaming-for-him-to-come-back mother and went out on the thin ice of a town pond when he was seven or eight, and the paramedics etc, had to be called.

Though he swims well, and is over 6 feet tall at 14, he could still drown because he has very low verbal skills, he doesn't respond easily, has little judgement about danger (except for dogs) etc., etc! Ben, I am fairly sure you are probably a troll. If you aren't then I don't see what your point is here with the first name only. GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE, BEN?


Ben, in addition to all the great comments explaining how autistic kids are at a greater risk of wandering and dying, here is an excellent real life example: As well as these tragic endings, there is also the missing autistic Missouri boy, Jonathan Shay, whose disappearance has spawned a massive, ongoing neighbourhood, woods, and lakes search. Jonathan, 13, walked away July 9th from his St. James home with his neurotypical cousin. Two days later authourities found his cousin, 11, and he explained that he was tired and wanted to return home, but Jonathan refused to turn back. Now Ben, I don't know if you are just a troll, here to stir up trouble, but I sure hope this example will serve to educate those who are genuinely confused about how autism puts kids at great danger at wandering and dying.

Conspicuously on the list of parties who are mum about these tragic stories is Autism Speaks. Since reporting that Omarion went missing, they did not follow-up and report that he was found dead. They are also not reporting these recent tragic endings. I suppose they find that such news put a damper on their 'positive' stores, such as an autistic young man graduating college when experts told his mom that he would never be able to speak.


Ben, you ignorant arsehole:
"Accidental drowning accounted for 90% of total U.S. deaths in children with autism 14 years and younger." (NAA)
So does wandering and drowning account for that percentage of deaths of neurotypical children? Nope.


Really? Three children within a week and this isn't covered in the media? How sad.

Louis Conte

Neurotypical kids can do stuff like yell for help - non-verbal kids with autism can't. Neurotypical kids can use their cell phones and call for help - many profoundly affected children with autism can not.

When lost somewhere, I've often asked other Neurotypical people for assistance.

Are you getting the pattern here?

There has been an on-going PR campaign to make the world comfortable with autism while avoiding the reality of an ever-growing population of people who can not care for themselves and who require 24/7 supervision. That campaign has denied the proper focus of societal services and has cost lives.

Kim Stagliano and Age of Autism are 100% spot on in pointing this out.

Wake up.

We have.


Birgit Calhoun

Ben, why are you reading this Blog? Where are you coming from?


Avoid Autism, it kills, don't be a victim, know the facts.....


Neurotypical children have been known to wander into accidental deaths as well. I don't see what your point is here.


I've seen a lot of sickening troll comments in the years that I've been coming here. And until today, I used to think that Lawrence was about the coldest son of a bitch that I had ever seen.

Congratulations Ben, you just put Lawrence to shame.

Angus Files

Ben your name should be added to the list above beside the head up your arse supply your real name and lets add it no problem adding it you qualify just like the eminent reptiles above


Birgit Calhoun

It is interesting that many of the people in the list above are PR people. Their primary concern is how they can communicate what they think they know. I am still waiting to see true scientists enter into this conversation and set the record straight about acceptable scientific practice. If those people who claim to be scientists were really scientists why did they wind up in administrative or PR positions or become writers?

Betty Bona

Sure, Ben. Neurotypical kids sometimes die in water incidents, and thin people sometimes die of heart conditions. But we all know that obesity is linked to death from heart conditions and autism is linked to wandering deaths in water. We have campaigns to prevent and reduce obesity with the aim of reducing deaths from heart conditions. If we had campaigns to prevent and reduce autism we could reduce the number of wandering deaths in water. Reducing the number of deaths from heart conditions is not the only benefit from successfully fighting obesity, and reducing the number of water related wandering deaths would not be the only benefit from fighting autism. We have all sorts of research on preventing and treating obesity. That's wonderful. Why shouldn't preventing and treating autism be a priority as well? Do children's lives not matter?

theresa 66

re Ben,
Neurotypical children: answer if their name is being called, Or they make a noise so they can be found, can learn to swim, can learn to avoid strangers, dangers, are not unusually drawn to water, traffic, other deadly places because of an o.c.d. or fixation.


July 11, 2015 - Davison Township Michigan police chief Rick Freeman updated people on the death of 9-year-old Omarion Humphrey on Saturday afternoon.

According to Freeman, preliminary autopsy results show there were no signs of foul play in Omarion's death.

Freeman also said it's believed that Omarion had been in the lake since he went missing. Official autopsy results are not expected for at least a few weeks, according to Freeman.

Right now, Freeman said it is an active case and they are still investigating. He said he would not be speaking about any possible neglect or criminal charges at this point relating to death.

You may remember, Omarion, who had severe autism, went missing at the Lake Callis Recreational Facility last Saturday.

An AMBER Alert was issued for Omarion Sunday morning, and over the last few days, there had been large-scale searches with law enforcement personnel, volunteers and more.

John Stone


Because the risks of wandering, and obliviousness to danger, of communicating that they are lost etc etc are much greater with autistic children (not to mention adults). You really do have an empathy problem don't you?


Neurotypical children have been known to wander into accidental deaths as well. I don't see what your point is here.

Theresa 66

And I've noticed not much air time on these tragedies. They don't want the masses to know " Autism KILLS ".

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