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Tragedy of Trust

Trust-us-to-secure-the-things-you-love-mostBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

People who get vaccines for their children and themselves in accordance with the CDC's recommendations and their state's requirements for school sincerely believe they are doing what is best.   They may feel a little uneasy about vaccines but they trust the government and the CDC and the vaccine companies and the information they get from mainstream media and their pediatrician.  They haven't personally experienced a vaccine injury.  They haven't had a child die of sudden infant death syndrome or had a child grievously injured by vaccines.   Conversely, people who have experience a tragedy caused by vaccines are profoundly changed.  The trust mentioned above is shattered.  They see life differently.  They don't believe everything they are told about the safety of vaccines.  They start to read books which question vaccine safety and do other research that they would never have considered before.  They have awakened to a new reality that things are not always as they seem.  And they develop a strong desire to warn others of the dangers of vaccines.   Most of us suspect that we are being skillfully deceived in various ways.  Vaccine safety is one of those ways.  The rest of this article is a warning.

People who haven't personally experienced a vaccine related tragedy may find it difficult to believe that vaccine policy in the United Stated has been captured and corrupted by the powerful pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines.  These giant corporations have one main focus: profits.  Think of them as evil or the dark side and you will be close to reality.  This is causing countless ruined lives.   Because of the single minded focus on profits there are too many vaccines which contain very toxic ingredients and many vaccines are given too early.  Excessive vaccine policies are fueled by greed and built on a foundation of lies.  We now have more vaccines than any other country and we have the highest infant mortality rate of all developed countries.  This is an indisputable fact.  By any measure our children who do survive infancy are the sickest generation in modern times.  Congressional subcommittees have found the CDC to be hopelessly corrupt and riddled with conflicts of interest.  The vaccine policies they establish and promote are entirely for the financial benefit of vaccine companies.  The well-being of children is given lip service but is not a priority. 

The public relations machine that keeps these vaccine policies rolling and expanding has deep pockets and is very effective.  One aspect of this is near complete control of how these issues are presented in mainstream media.  They have been able to get many people to believe obvious lies for decades.  Here are a few of these lies with my comments in parenthesis: (1) Vaccines don't cause sudden infant death syndrome. (Consider this: The SIDS rate dropped like a rock in Japan when they postponed all vaccines until age two.)  (2) Vaccines don't cause autism. (This is the biggest and most crucial lie for the vaccine industry.  Imagine what will happen to vaccine profits when the public starts to realize that vaccines do cause autism.  The drastic increase of autism exactly parallels the increase in vaccines starting in the late 1980s.  Scores of independent scientific studies implicate vaccines as the main cause of autism.) (3) The mercury preservative thimerosal in vaccines is not a problem. (Literally hundreds of ignored scientific studies show that thimerosal is a powerful neurotoxin which causes brain damage and serious neurological problems including seizures, learning disabilities, and autism).  (4) Serious vaccine injuries are rare. (One in 50 children born in the U.S. these days will be diagnosed with autism.  Vaccines can also cause asthma, life-threatening allergies, autoimmune disorders, type I diabetes, hyperactivity, chronic ear aches, and more.  Would you characterize all this as rare?).  (5) Hundreds of deaths and serious injuries in teen girls following HPV vaccines are all a coincidence. (This is very convenient for the vaccine industry but is ridiculously unlikely). (5) Autism is a genetic condition and there is no such thing as regressive autism. (Tens of thousands of parents have described their child's regression into autism following a round of vaccines.)

Passionate pro-vaccine people will not read this.  If they did start reading they would be gone before they finished the first paragraph.  They have been deceived by the vaccine companies public relations machine and they believe all of the lies mentioned above.  No amount of facts and logic and science will change their minds.  Our target audience should be people who suspect that something is wrong and who have not completely swallowed the pro-vaccine propaganda.  One sign of intelligence is learning from others mistakes and heeding legitimate warnings.  People who have vaccine injured children would give anything to travel back in time and avoid the vaccines that damaged their child.  They wish they knew then what they know now about the dangers of vaccines. 

There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.  “Vaccine policy needs to be ripped out of the greedy and corrupt hands of the CDC and placed with an independent agency” is an idea that I hope will achieve critical mass soon.  The facts and science and logic of ageofautism.com and other vaccine safety advocates need to be shared as widely and  relentlessly as possible on all social media.  If we offend some people and even lose a few friends, so be it.  The message that vaccines are causing great harm is too important not to share.  You may never know when information you share prevents a sudden infant death or a serious vaccine injury. 

What happens to children who get zero vaccines or whose parents select only a few of the 16 recommended vaccines?  Do they die like flies from vaccine preventable diseases?  The vaccine industry wants everyone to believe that the answer is yes but the answer is actually no.  Witness the Amish children who are not vaccinated and home schooled children who are not vaccinated.  Both these groups are quite healthy.  The few studies in other countries which have compared fully vaccinated children to unvaccinated children show that the unvaccinated children are far healthier.  More studies like these need to be done but the CDC refuses to do them because they know that the results would be very bad for the vaccine industry.     

Forced vaccination laws are plainly wrong.  Vaccines can cause death and serious injuries and parents must have the final say.  Vaccine industry money has recently managed to cram a forced vaccination law through the California legislature and the governor has signed it.  Now the constitutional challenges start.  This has awakened an army of sleeping giants(vaccine safety advocates) and filled them with a terrible resolve.  I believe that the tide is starting to turn.  Truth will win out.  We can stop the carnage of excessive vaccines.  We can get the useless yet dangerous vaccines eliminated from the vaccine schedule.  We can get thimerosal and other toxic vaccine ingredients out.  We can get independent safety studies established.  We can expose the greed and corruption that permeates the CDC.  We can reveal for all to see the fraudulent scientific studies used to support vaccine policies.  This is a noble cause.  Heartfelt thanks to the people who are leading this fight.  You are greatly admired and respected by those who have awakened and see what is happening.  Everyone who understands this issue must continue to spread the truth with great energy and never give up.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at high school and college levels.

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cia parker

Dr. Gaunt,

Thank you. That's a reasonable stance. Dr. Marty Goldstein in his section on vaccines in Animal Healing says the same: that for his own pets, he doesn't give them any vaccines, but he gives advice for owners fearful of foregoing all vaccines and recommends one distemper shot at 11 weeks, several weeks later one parvo, and then as few rabies shots as you feel comfortable with.

I'm impressed with the record of how well homeopathic nosodes do for prevention of all VPDs, but if that's not practical or trusted, then maybe the DT series after two years old and, IF polio came back in the U.S., then I could see getting the polio series (but can also see not getting either of these but depending on high-dose intravenous vitamin C to threat if the person got either of them anyway).

Diane Ott

In 1972 my 4 month old son died from SIDS the day after being vaccinated. I never heard of the connection until I read this article, but my daughter who was 18 months old at the time and had also received a vaccination the day before had a high fever. When I called the clinic where we had been, they advised me to bring her in. She was admitted to the hospital for observation and was there for several days, during which time we buried her brother.


It took me 28 years to figure out that my daughter's Kawasaki disease was from a DPT vaccine reaction --Because I was an idiot - I guess. By that time she was trying to make a nurse and was right in the middle of a series of three Hep Bs, when I finally had access to a computer and found that the National vaccine Infomation Center had vaccine inserts listed on their website, and the rotashield vaccine had it listed. .

Looking back I should have caught on - but they purposely deflect and confuse.

Although I do remember when both my kids were little and my son was sick again with a reoccurring fever - like clock work -- I was complaining to the ped. that my son was so injuried that he would never recover from it all.

He said why do you think your daughter had Kawasakis. I said I guess it was some kind of strange virus? I don't know.

He gave a very knowing smirk and said -- "Oh, yes, it is a virus -- that is it."

He was telling me then - I was just too slow, too stupid.
So I do understand how people are so very slow in this area. So very frustratingly slow.

Still I saw my daughter when she was five years old - react yet again to a DPT shot in less than half an hour -- passing out - temp of 105 - gasping for air. Then it passed and she got up and went outside to a play in a beautiful, cool October afternoon. But how well did she really do? Since I was an idiot!


I wonder if any of them wish they could turn back the crimes they have committed. If so I invite them to join the whistleblower.


What's to join? Other than a year old statement that's been completely ignored by the main stream media, this guy hasn't blown the whistle on anything.

Heck he's still works at the CDC.

Dr. William Gaunt


My children don't get any vaccines but I am open to honest, independent research that may show a few vaccines have more benefit than risk. I don't trust research by anyone with financial ties to the vaccine industry.

cia parker

Dr. Gaunt,
Which vaccines do you believe should be kept on the vaccination schedule?

family cries

@Bob you got robbed of a warning sign that could have saved your grandson and family from so much suffering. That multiplies the crime your family experienced exponentially. Pharma still could have made its profit and tried to figure out which of us were vulnerable . Maybe they would have made 5% less? If all of us with unknown prior milder injuries had broken the chain in our own families. So many of us had vaccine injury in a prior generation that didn't click until autism happened to the following one. In my case my mother remembered her brother froze and "looked dead" after a shot in the 1930s. Her mother ran screaming out of the room and their dr refused to vaccinate his siblings. He lived but was very smart hobbled by ADD. Then my sister almost died after getting a shot while incubating chicken pox. Then my son got autism after progressive vaccine results. How many others have these stories???The first one maybe was an accident . They didn't know. But once they knew but they didn't tell us --this should be punishable by life in prison. I wonder If any of these criminals read our blogs with adrenaline rushing, like serial killers who go to the scene of the crime to get souvenirs. I wonder if any of them wish they could turn back the crimes they have committed. If so I invite them to join the whistleblower. They can still stop this from happening to the next child.

family cries

@Bob you got robbed of a warning sign that could have saved your grandson and family from so much suffering. Pharma still could have made its profit . Maybe 5% less? If all of us with unknown prior milder injuries had broken the chain. So many of us had vaccine injury in a prior generation that didn't click until autism happened to the following one. The first one maybe was an accident . They didn't know. That once they knew they didn't tell us should be punishable by life in prison. I wonder If any of these criminals read our blogs with adrenaline rushing, like serial killers who go to the scene of the crime to get souvenirs. I wonder if any of them wish they could turn back the crimes they have committed. If so I invite them to join the whistleblower. They can still stop this from happening to the next child.


This country has become exactly what we were taught communist countries were like during the Cold War. Identical.

Lying to the people. Propaganda. Government controlled press. Harrassment and assassination of dissidents. Children targeted for brain washing. Citizens encouraged to turn dissidents in. Children turned against their parents. Unjust laws that serve the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the masses.

Well, maybe not exactly identical. We also have drugging of the masses with kidnapping the children of those who refuse to comply. I could be wrong - I don't think they were doing that 50 years ago in Russia or China.

Bob Moffitt

"They haven't personally experienced a vaccine injury. They haven't had a child die of sudden infant death syndrome or had a child grievously injured by vaccines.

Unfortunately .. too often parents remain unaware even after they suffered a tragedy .. such as .. "sudden infant death or other grievous injury" .. because public health officials .. as well as .. pediatricians .. absolutely refuse to inform parents the vaccines they approved, recommended and administered ... may have "caused" the tragedy their child suffered.

Consider my own experience .. it wasn't until 35 years AFTER my then 4 year old perfectly healthy daughter was diagnosed with Idiopathic-thrombocytopenia (ITP) ... which required the surgical removal of her spleen .. that I stumbled upon information that revealed her ITP was most likely "caused" by a vaccine.

Think about that for a moment .. 35 years before I learned her ITP was the result of a vaccine. And the only reason I learned it even then was because I was desperate to find a reason to explain why my perfectly healthy .. normally developing second grandson .. inexplicably "regressed" and was diagnosed "autistic".

Today .. any parent whose child dies "unexpected and suddenly" is rarely informed the child may have died as a result of a vaccine .. instead .. parents are investigated as potential child abusers .. or .. accused of negligence for having placed their infant on their stomach rather than their back when laid down in their crib.

Indeed .. the dismal .. voluntary .. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) .. is widely acknowledged to receive less than 10% of credible adverse event reports .. making efforts to monitor vaccine safety more problem than solution .. which is exactly how public health officials prefer it remain.


C Schuknecht

I shared a post about the CDC not giving information on lab errors for 3 years and my friend posted back how scary that was. She then said "Did we really want to know?" I proceeded to explain about the corruption at the CDC and talked about the whistleblower case with Dr. Thompson. She did not respond back. This happens all too frequently. People just simply cannot believe that these corrupt institutions would not have our best interests at heart - no matter what proof they are given.

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