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The New Red Scare

Red scare

Excerpted from The International Medical Council on Vaccination.

By Roman Bystrianyk

The fatal tendency of mankind to leave off thinking about a thing when it is no longer doubtful, is the cause of half their errors. – John Stuart Mill, 1859

Majorities are never a proof of the truth. – Dr. Walter R. Hadwen, 1896

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. – Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933

Fear. It’s a natural and primal human emotion. While human instinct is exceptional in evaluating and reacting to a natural personal risk, as in facing a predator, humans are terrible at assessing modern risks. According to Psychology Today [1] this is because our ancestors were programmed to quickly react and respond to a situation before it is even consciously perceived. Our reactions aren’t based in logic and statistics, but in lightning fast primitive responses. Threats such as venomous spiders and snakes [2] cause an out of proportion fear compared with the more likely threat of being killed in a car crash [3]. The low risk of a being killed in a shark attack [4] evokes more terror than the much greater chance of dying from a prescription drug [5]. (Spider and snake bites kill approximately 13 people a year and shark attacks kill 1 person every 2 years in the United States; there were 32,719 deaths in motor vehicle crashes in 2013 and 38,329 people died from a drug overdose in 2010 the United States.)

Infectious diseases fall into this emotional fear-based primal mental algorithm. This reaction is completely understandable with mankind’s horrifying historical experience with deadly microbes. The black plague decimated 30-60% of Europe’s total population in the mid-1300s [6], a number of cholera pandemics during the 1800s killed millions [7], typhus killed 3 million in Russia during the early 1900s [8], and the list goes on. Historically, infectious diseases killed massive numbers of people. Typhus, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, smallpox, scarlet fever, whooping cough, diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles, and others were responsible for multimillions of deaths in the Western world over many centuries.

So with the recent spate of measles cases in the United States, the enormous amount of fear and anger comes as no surprise. People who have chosen not to vaccinate for a variety of reasons, have been viciously disparaged [9], there have been calls to jail people that don’t vaccinate [10], many pediatricians are banning parents who don’t vaccinate their kids [11], and laws are quickly being considered to strip people of all rights to refuse any vaccine. [12,13] There has been nothing short of a panic over the relatively small number of cases. It has also incited a raging fear that has been fanned by numerous incendiary media reports. Even comedian Jimmy Kimmel has jumped in, ridiculing anyone that questions vaccines. [14]

But let’s take a deep breath and a moment to step back from the hysteria and look at some information that is never part of the discussion involving infectious diseases. - See more at: http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2015/03/19/the-new-red-scare-by-roman-bystrianyk/#sthash.sjexgNJJ.dpuf


cia parker

I forgot to say the most important thing. The charts in Humphries' and Lydall's books show that the death rate, and in many cases the incidence, of the diseases plunged dramatically BEFORE the vaccines were introduced. The incidence of measles continued very high, it was universal before 1963, but the death rate had dropped by 95% from 1910 to 1963: it had become a routine, unpleasant, but undangerous disease for the vast majority of children, which conferred many benefits.

cia parker

I have read Dr. Suzanne Humphries' Dissolving Illusions and Wendy Lydall's Raising a Vaccine-Free Child many times. Both have charts showing the incidence and death rates of the most serious diseases in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I think those living at the time they caused massive death were rightly afraid of them. Now those afraid of them have been manipulated and lied to by the authorities of the pharmaco-medico-educational-governmental-media complex which speaks with one voice.

We are fortunate to be living in a time when most of us are well-nourished enough and living in circumstances comfortable and hygienic enough, that we can withstand and even benefit from the contagious diseases. Also fortunate to be living at a time when all the major communicable diseases have evolved to become MUCH less virulent than they once were. That's the factor which isn't spoken much about, probably because it is completely out of our control. But the law of survival of the fittest applies to microbes as well as all other life forms, and microbes which do not kill their host stand a better chance of replicating and spreading than those which kill quickly. And so we have seen measles, pertussis, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and smallpox evolve to become minor diseases, smallpox to disappear with the vaccine for it not having played much of a role. English sweating sickness was a bigger killer than smallpox in the sixteenth century, killing tens of thousands, but it disappeared without a trace for reasons of its own.

I sympathize with people's fear of disease, but given that all vaccines are inherently very dangerous, the efficacy of homeopathic nosodes and treatments, as well as naturopathic ones and vitamins C and A, and the low virulence of most VPDs and the rarity of the others, I recognize that people's minds are being jerked around for profit. But given the extremely high levels now of vaccine-induced disability of many kinds, this situation is already on its way out.


I don't believe we're hard-wired to fear benign diseases. We certainly weren't afraid of measles during the 1950's when everyone got it and nobody (in developed countries) died from it.

This is all about sophisticated advertising and relentless programming via the mainstream media and now, also, the schools.

Angus Files

I can remember my mother saying when we all had measles "oh your fine it never killed anyone" she never knew of anyone dying from measles ,or any of the child hood illnesses not one,and its the same today ..its pharma hype sale, hype for profit, hype for greed ...but would we have listened anyway to an anti/safe vaxer? na! no reason to disbelieve the pharma hype..nano...until it happens before you in front of your own eyes.. its to late then Fear is over run by shock and denial then the brain starts to pull you out of it with hope and what the pharma hype don't get is, truth conquers all.


Bob Moffitt

"In the 1920s the United States was gripped by a Red Scare. [35] President Wilson’s Attorney General, A. Mitchell Palmer conducted a series of raids on individuals he believed were dangerous to American security. He deported immigrants without just cause. Federal agents broke into the homes of suspected anarchists without search warrants, jailed labor leaders, and held about 5,000 citizens without respecting their right to legal counsel. Palmer thought that American civil liberties were less important than rooting out potential wrongdoers."

Not too long ago .. former Sec of State Henry Kissinger .. was asked if thought the people of the United States would ever accept the rule of foreign troops (UN) on their land .... his answer was .... if the people of the United States are scared enough .. they will accept most anything .. including foreign troops.

No one uses "fear" to accomplish their agenda more than vaccine manufacturers working hand in hand with public health officials and a very compliant main-stream media.

Consider the "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE" mass media coverage and resulting political response to 150 measles cases in a country of 360 million? If one didn't know any better .. they would have thought the "Black Plague" had returned..

In any event .. with "fear" as their weapon of choice .. these powerful vested interests are making great strides to deny parent's their "humanitarian Right" to "informed consent" .. this after a majority of the US Supreme Court has already decided to deny parents their Constitutional Right to seek legal redress in State and Federal Courts .. making all decisions by the (kangaroo) Vaccine Court final with no appeal.


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