Dachel Media Update: Half a Trillion for Autism, Ready America?
Maybe I've Been Wrong? Vaccine Choice.

RT Television: Debate Rages Over MMR

Russian rouletteFrom RT TV - (Russian TV) whose motto is, "Question More."  If only USA TV had the same yaytsa.....

Published on Jul 21, 2015 A worldwide debate is raging over possible links between Autism and the all-in-one childhood vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella known as MMR.

This video features Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Allison Edwards, mother of Jon.



Several GcMAF treatment clinics operate in Japan and wealthy cancer inflicted people from all over the world go there for the treatment. Apparently also Cuba was making it , but not it was forced to stop it by the Us regime.


Remember when we were told as kids that Russian TV and media was all propaganda? Remember when we were told that their letters were opened and all written communication was surveilled?

Now, 50 years later American media is for all intents and purposes corporate (ie government) controlled and every aspect of our lives is under surveillance, and we have to get our news from Russia.


There is a downside to gcmaf therapy called IRIS, immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in some people.
Dr Kenny DeMeirleir has some you tube videos.
Better health guy discussed his experience with it on his blog.
I would like to see more research.


GcMAF is being whipped off the face of the earth. Can we get Russia to make it, open clinics? There is obviously truth to the science and studies claiming it's value. A world wide effort to take it all is underway. The deaths of the American Dr's working with it - no coincidence.

beth johnson

@Linda1- RT is the new name for Russia Today. It's English language world news for outside of Russia.


As far as I know, Russia abolished obligatory vaccinations a few years ago. It is sad to notice that at present Russia is a nation of democracy and freedom, while the US has morphed into medical tyranny and fascist oligarchy, which kills and maims its children for profits of pharma cartels.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Of course none of this information is relayed through the Australian media. Our commercial television programmes heavily push vaccines and deny any permanent damage. The only damage that is admitted is considered very "rare." Even our own ABC television network (who is owned by the Australian public) will not report a balanced story about vaccines. A day does not pass without having a vaccine pushed onto you!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Angus Files

Thanks for the video and reporting.

From Russia with love..



When I saw this clip the other day, I wondered what RT stands for. Russian TV? Unbelievable. How come though the reporter is speaking British English with not even a hint of Russian accent?

I don't forgive the US media for selling out. There is no excuse. They should not go along with it.


In Britain Dr. David Noakes has recently had his bank accounts seized and his GcMAF taken. GcMAF is a potent anti cancer substance. This is possibly the reason why Dr. Bradstreet was killed. Elizabeth Cohen just reports on exciting Ebola vaccine developments. And the band plays on.

beth johnson

RT has been a real source of US news for many years, and they will report on stuff the US media won't touch. If the news is embarrassing about the US (or UK), it's fair game for RT. I really respect them for that. Lately, my husband and I have been trying to get what news we can from international sources of all kinds. We learn about other countries, as well as our own, in far greater depth.

White Rose

Does the Russian state spend its time trying to murder their own citizens ? I wonder ?

Bob Moffitt

US television producers wouldn't have time to show the same program on national news outlets .. they're much too busy reporting "real news" .. that "Cecil the Lion" was killed by some narcissistic trophy hunter in Africa .. that Tom Brady destroyed his cell-phone .. or ... as Sharyl Attkisson calls it .. 15 minutes of nightly "weather porn" .. re-runs the dramatic videos of damage caused by weather somewhere in the country.

Too little time and so much to report .. but .. to be fair .. those television producers have to feed their families too .. so .. their first priority is not to piss-off their advertisers .. which all but guarantees this type of program will never be seen in the US.

W Marchant

Jodie our daughter is proof of how vaccines can destroy all quality of life forever. Sadly cash profits have taken over at the expense of millions of dead or disabled children. Sadly the drug companies are aware of the scale of damaged children but feel money is more important than young lives.

John Stone

Thanks Alli, Damien Downing & Andy for this powerful statement. What an irony that we now have to go to a Russian TV station to be reported. The thought police are cleaning up everywhere.

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