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No Shots No Religious School?

BrownsteinBy Anne Dachel

First of all, I've been increasingly disgusted over the last few days because every time I go online I see this ad for the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine for adults.

I can imagine that if pharma can eliminate exemptions for school attendance across the U.S., the floodgates will be open.  More vaccines will be developed and more vaccines will be mandated.  Vaccine ads will be everywhere.

I saw this article by Dr. David Brownstein--someone I've already heard about. 

Natural News March, 2015, Level-headed Dr. David Brownstein schools vaccine fanatics on medical reality

Lewrockwell.com August, 2014, Toxic Vaccines and Autism: A CDC Coverup

NewsMax November, 2014, Some Flu Shot Formulations Contain Brain-Destroying Toxin: Top Doctor

NewsMax January, 2014, Top Doctor: The Flu Vaccine is Worthless

NewsMax February, 2015,  Is Measles Vaccine Safe?

(Dr. Brownstein also thinks the pneumococcal vaccine is "worthless," by the way.) 

Dr. Brownstein is upset because his Synagogue in Bloomfield Hills, MI is now requiring all students in their preschool to be up to date on their vaccines. 

No Vaccinations, No Religious School?

One of my patients, Steve, informed me that my Synagogue of 15 years, Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills, MI, decided that if a child does not have all of his/her vaccines they cannot attend their preschool. My patient was very upset as he informed me that both he and his wife were not comfortable giving their children all the vaccines that were recommended and they wanted to space out the vaccines. These parents are both intelligent and caring parents and had done their research about childhood vaccinations. Steve said, "Nearly all the {Detroit} Jewish temples {such as Temple Israel, as well as Hillel Day School and the Jewish Community Center} are mandating full vaccination or your child cannot attend. I can't believe this is happening."

In Michigan, in order to attend public school, the citizens are allowed a medical, religious or philosophical exemption from childhood vaccinations.

I called Temple Beth El and asked if they had indeed instituted this new vaccine policy as I was not aware of it. I did not recall seeing this new vaccine edict in any Temple Beth El publication.   I was told that this was the new policy. At this point, I told an employee that I could not be a member of a Temple that supported such draconian policies. The employee asked me, "Why does this affect you as your kids are older?" I stated that I do care because my patients have children and I do not feel the present vaccine program is safe as it injects children with toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum, MSG, and formaldehyde. At this point, the executive director asked if I would meet with the Rabbi to discuss my concerns. I agreed to meet.

. . . The Rabbi said the science was settled on vaccines; they are safe and effective. I told him that simply was not true. I reminded him that the AMA and most doctors said that cigarettes did not cause lung cancer for many years. I told him that doctors said DES was safe to give to pregnant women and now, generations later, children are still being born with birth defects due to DES

 Personally speaking, I know it's painful when someone who's a religious leader is so blind to what is going on.  Once I had been talking to people at a party about vaccine risks (one was a local priest), and later I I heard he told someone, "Anne Dachel will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about vaccines and it's all so silly."

I have to say that what's happening at Dr. Brownstein's Synagogue is but one example of Michigan's push to end all exemptions in the state.

June 25, 2015, MLive.com posted the story, Enough is enough: Michigan must strengthen vaccination requirements to protect kids.

This editorial expressed outrage over the number of unvaccinated children in daycare.  "Drastic change is needed."  MLive called for all day care children and day care workers to be vaccinated

In a previous article MLive sounded an alarm over unvaxxed K though 12 students.

The governor of California has now signed a bill mandating vaccines for all schoolchildren in the state.  I'm sure more states will follow the lead of Mississippi and West Virginia and remove a parent's right to choose medical intervention for their child. 

And if students can be required to have vaccines, it follows that teachers will also face mandates.  (And janitors and cafeteria workers will also be included, no doubt.)

In the June 25 MLive story there were photos at the top.  Several doctors were shown taking their children to day care where they expect all children will be vaccinated.

Everyone is calling for the end to choice.  The Wisconsin Medical Society just announced their position.

SO, the message couldn't be stronger: If your rabbi, the medical community and the media all say children have to be vaccinated, it's time to say good bye to personal choice.  Knowing that doctors like David Brownstein are out there bravely challenging all the propaganda gives me hope.  You can see why I'm a fan.



"Shocking as it may seem, U.S. government doctors once thought it was fine to experiment on disabled people and prison inmates."


What's MORE shocking is that this is still going on and it's, once again, covert. They experiment on disabled in state institutions and residential homes for disabled. They pick the disabled who have no family. Nobody to represent them.


"They know" is not always true, and it can unfortunately become an excuse not to try and convey the facts to whomever we feel needs to know. Twelve years ago, I didn't know, and I am STILL learning the details. New science is discovering the mechanisms of the damage.

People are not born with some sort of innate knowledge that they "know" vaccines cause damage. They are not accidently coming across it in their daily lives. They are simply repeating what someone has said in the past. Men and women have busy lives and careers that are taking up 8-10 hours of their awake time. Family commitments and dinner and bedtime take up the remaining 4-5 hours at night before bed. Weekends are a house full of kids who demand and deserve attention. When, exactly, did everyone who "knows but are callous" learn all the stuff that vaccines victims have been forced to learn, or have learned because they have committed to learning it. We know it takes tens or even hundreds of hours to learn the little bit of truth about vaccine damage that we know, and we know very surely, how long it will take to grasp the new science now being produced.

Vaccine capitalists are COUNTING on those with the knowledge of vaccine damage to assume and act like everyone else KNOWS, too, and are simply so corrupt and self-centered that they will ignore the problem, because then a person feels justified in not actively spreading the truth about vaccine damage. (i will just save my own family - it's not up to me to save your kid . . . I'm sure that we've all thought that) In fact, there are probably branches of their propaganda devoted to spreading that mentality, because it reinforces the thought that nothing can be done. And THAT mentality certainly becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Love and caring for our fellow man begs a bit more than "They Know."


Once again I have to ask, why would you even want your children or anyone's children to be educated in a school run by people who are this warped?

Jenny Allan

Tony Bateson -There's plenty of evidence about the dangers from Ethyl Mercury. What's more these are very well known to the scientific community. It's a scandal this dangerous neurotoxin-for which there is no known safe level is still permitted in vaccines.
From above:-
"Purchaser must determine the suitability of the product(s) for their particular purpose."

Ethyl mercury was also manufactured under other names:-

"Ethyl(2-Mercaptobenzoate-S)-, sodium salt; Merfamin;
Merthiolate; Merthiolate salt; Merthiolate sodium; Mertorgan;
Merzonin; Merzonin sodium; Merzonin, sodium salt; SET;
Sodium Ethylmercuric Thiosalicylate;
Sodium O-(ethylmercurithio)benzoate; Sodium
Ethylmercurithiosalicylate; Sodium Merthiolate;
Thimerosol; Thimersalate; Thiomerosal; Thiomersal;

Merthiolate was formerly commonly used as an antiseptic. Some newborn babies died after this chemical was applied to their umbilical cords. There have been a few studies carried out on the effects of ethyl mercury seed dressing on marine organisms. This appeared to show a chemical conversion Ethyl -Methyl mercury by some marine inverebrates. Some East European persons died after ingesting seed potatoes. Merthiolate and Mercuric seed dressings are now banned.

It's impossible to find 'rock solid evidence' of Ethyl Mercury harm on the internet-all well expunged!! But the evidence will still be there in 'hard copies' of scientific journals and papers. Time to get searching.

tony bateson

The Industry's response to autism hypothesis is more than 'Callous Disregard' it is also 'So What?'.
But surely with such a huge autism population a modestly priced charitable enterprise to collect data under independent scientific supervision could generate a powerful case for the World Court. It could surely prove lies and crimes against humanity. Make a start with vaccinated vs unvaccinated and rock solid evidence that ethyl mercury is as unsafe as we believe it is.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.


You are right they are bribed or corrupted. Pathetic that childrens' health doesn't even matter. And ten years ago I'd have said they didn't know better, now they can't have that excuse.


Getting the "cooperation" of religious programs/churches was in the healthy people 2020 program.


As I have had to deal with my son grabbing me and feeling bad for the last two hours due to his chronic allergic condition etc. I tried to think of the right word to describe Richard Pan and his fellow forced vaccination proponents of which there are many bought and paid for in the media, politicians, many doctors and the words CALLOUS DISREGARD came to mind. Gee, that sounds like the title of a good doctor's book.


They know parents need daycare, so they are going for the jugular here and they KNOW it! Years ago, when my kids were first diagnosed I remember talking to a friend about the behind the scenes corruption. She said in a horrified, quiet voice "I think you better call a congressman or something" I laughed and said "they know". Whenever something is baffeling to me I remember that moment and say "they know". The religious leaders KNOW, and church clergy (just like politicians) do what they are told. Sad, but devistatingly true.
All the people screaming for a women's right to choose could not care less about a families right to choose. When is it political and when is it personal? People are whacked out of their minds to let this go on, but they do.I haven't participated in organized religion since Autism. It's OK. Personally, we were Catholic and the hipocrasy regarding this issue was enough for me to call bull on the whole thing. Don't abort but use the cells of the aborted. Ummm, OK sounds like Jesus to me lol.I agree @ Bob Moffit. No one cares until it affects them. @linda1. I suspect they either threatened these church leaders with removal of certain privileges or told them they will be burdened with the aftermath of disease outbreaks. Either way, outright Greed or loss of something valued (money, freedom, career...) is always the only explanation for murdered children. Sick.

Lila White

Separate schools for the unvaccinated. Records will probably indicate that the unvax schools will have less illness and absence than the vaccinated schools. Wonder how they'll spin that one?


First time poster; testing out the system.


"As this issue is pushed and mandates are approved, the push against homeschooling will strengthen."

That's right. And there will be travel restrictions. Soon people won't be able to leave either.

cia parker

I was thinking the same, I had already said they need to have different schools for the fastidious and the normal. When they mandate vaccines for teachers at the fastidious schools, the best and most intelligent teachers will be relegated to the normal (measles and pertussis-laden schools), or, probably, prefer them as being more their kind of people. And then let the vaccine-damaged lead the vaccine-damaged. LOL.


"...I do not understand how the church can be so blind to this."

Well, history does tend to repeat itself. One of my books about Anne Frank, horrifyingly enough, has a number of pages depicting the Nazi salute...

...by hundreds of Priests/clergy.

The church has been blind before, and it is still blind today on many issues.


As this issue is pushed and mandates are approved, the push against homeschooling will strengthen. So, even that choice will be removed, closely followed by freedom of religion. I do not understand how the church can be so blind to this.

cia parker

Horrible. Why would religious leaders play along with this? I guess it will have to be like the homeschooling option, parents will have to set up religious education groups in their own homes. Be a good idea if a lot of them resigned from their house of worship to send the clear message of withdrawal of financial support. My church sends us letters saying that even if we can't make it to Mass, please mail them our usual contribution. They want to cut us out from the herd and isolate us. We need to band together to create groups of kids and adults for all purposes, education, worship, recreation, which will stand against this tyranny, and may be the only people left standing once the pharma companies have had their way with the sheep.


I guess Dr. Brownstein will have to find another synagogue, and maybe some of us will have to find new churches. Eventually there may be open to non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated churches and temples and closed to non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated temples. After California settles all its lawsuits it (hopefully) will have to figure out how to admit unvaccinated kids into the classrooms there might be special classrooms for unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, and parents who don't care about, and special classes for the fully vaccinated. You see I don't see the enforced vaccinators winning in the long run because the science is not resolved. Vaccines contain the neurotoxin aluminum, cancer causing diploid cells, contaminants that result in bad lots. Vaccines have worse track record than the diseases they are suppose to cure. And let's not forget to mention encephalopathy, allergens, and autoimmune disease. More not less people are going to be going to the churches and temples that permit unvaccinated, more states are going to have to accommodate parents who don't vaccinate. The problem right now is that it's still too small in number for people to have to care but eventually they will have to, and I hope that day comes soon.


It is all becoming more horrific and bizarre each day. The corrupt, criminal idiotic media, clergy, politicians, school administrators are all "extremely concerned" about unvaccinated but healthy kids, but do not worry at all about millions of children maimed or killed by toxic vaccines or by millions recently vaccinated, who spread infectious diseases around. This population is invisible. It is hard to think about greater hypocrisy. It is beyond orvellism.


Thank you Dr. Brownstein and Anne Dachel!!

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Anne. Thank you, Dr. Brownstein for speaking out! The research on the pneumococcal vaccine is ... Why does the CDC vaccine division work so hard to destroy its reputation?


Monetary contributions to churches from big pharma?
Would make individual 10% tithing so passe.


Where are the William Thompson documents? What can we do to get them to see the light of day?


I would like to know what has been going on behind the scenes with religious leaders, government and Pharma. There is no way that all of a sudden all of these religious leaders have simultaneously developed strong convictions about the vaccine schedule. The government has instituted policies with incentives and punishments for hospitals and practitioners with regard to vaccine administration. What have they done to influence the policies of religious organizations?

Sophie Scholl

How did you miss this one Anne ?


The perception is that vaccine empires in the western world are crumbling, and Big Pharma is looking to consolidate its position by plugging expensive and often unnecessary drugs in poorer nations in collusion with local authorities.

Is this the reason why sb277 was forced thru ?
Merck in desperation mode !

Bob Moffitt

"Everyone is calling for the end to choice"

The shame of it all is the fact that "everyone" is calling for an end to "choice" ..because they think the choice is ending for CHILDREN only.

I would remind "everyone" who thinks ending "choice" is such a good idea of Pastor Niemoller's words as the holocaust began:

"First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I am not a Jew. Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I am not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I am not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me".

Today they are coming for the children .. no vaccines .. no school or daycare. That is the only "choice" left to parents.

Tomorrow they will be coming for "everyone" .. no vaccines .. no job or healthcare. Those will be the only "choices" left to everyone else.

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