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Maybe I've Been Wrong? Vaccine Choice.

WrongwayBy Robert M. Snee

Maybe I’ve been wrong?   Maybe parents shouldn’t have a choice to say no to vaccines that are recommended by medical professionals clearly more knowledgeable than us.  After all, none of them, from the drug manufacturers on down to the pediatricians have any economic interest in making sure that each and every person is given each and every possible injection, right?  The politicians who have supported and voted for the denial of my right as a parent to make all medical decisions after giving informed consent, surely haven’t been bought and paid off by the lobbyist’s dollars filling their campaign coffers, right?  After all, the science is settled, right?

If a parent doesn’t have a choice and is prevented from saying no to vaccines based on religious or philosophical reasons, then they will be off the hook!  A parent will no longer need to feel guilt when their child is injured or dies because they didn’t get informed on the known, but intentionally minimized risks of vaccines, and then wish they could go back in time and make a different decision for the health of their child.  They will no longer have to lay awake nights, unable to sleep, regretting that they blindly and ignorantly followed their doctor’s and the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule.  They would be able to sleep comfortably, knowing that the lifelong care their child needs is part of their sacrifice to the “greater good” of society. (Except that their high needs child might have issues that demand attention in the middle of the night, interrupting their guilt free, deep sleep) Their child was just a loser in the lottery of adverse effects. No choice, no control, no blame, no guilt.   After all, what is good for everyone is good for the individual, right?  The rights of society are more important than individual rights, aren’t they?

Maybe I’ve been wrong, but I don’t think so.   I have to believe Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and all the signers of the Declaration of Independence are now rolling in the graves, knowing that their sacrifices have been in vain.  A small minority of men led a revolution against a government that was far less oppressive and tyrannical than the one that we now live under.  They mobilized the citizens to stand up and fight based on fundamental beliefs in the concepts of individual liberty and freedom. 

What is liberty?   Liberty can be defined as the recognition that individuals (not “the good of society”) have an inalienable right to act in their own interest with complete control over themselves and are the sole arbiters of what is best for themselves so long as their actions do not infringe upon the liberty or property rights of others.[1]

John Adams wrote in 1785, “Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood. In 1790, James Wilson wrote, “Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  S. Whitney Dunscomb, Jr .  writing about Police Power and Civil Liberty, recognized in a 1906 volume of the Columbia Law Review, that, “Regulating in detail the thought and conduct of others “for their own good” has a peculiar fascination for those who know not but one way of thinking and doing, but it requires nonetheless infinite knowledge and wisdom not always found in the majority of our legislatures”.[2] 

That “infinite knowledge and wisdom” is clearly lacking in today’s legislatures, particularly when knowledge is intentionally corrupted and subverted by government agencies in the name of protecting pharmaceutical industry profits and at the expense of the lifelong health of our children.  The influence of lobbyist’s dollars to convince our elected officials to look the other way cannot be overlooked and the loss of our liberty does lead to oppression.

If you were in control of a pharmaceutical company and had to choose where to devote research dollars, where would you?  Would you spend time and dollars into developing a drug that has the potential backlash of lawsuits from people injured by the drug’s unintended consequences or would you rather develop a vaccine, where as a result of successful lobbying to Congress, there is no possibility of any claim for damages for anyone harmed as a result of any manufacturing or design defect in the vaccine.  (“side effects” by the way, are just like “collateral damage”…they are a natural but unwanted consequence of ingesting a foreign chemical drug or directing a smart bomb to a building next to a crowded street market)

There is no place in a free society based on individual liberty for any law requiring anyone to ingest anything into their body, let alone inject foreign substances directly into the body.  Even the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized, in the context of warrantless searches, that “the invasion of bodily integrity implicates an individual’s most personal and deep rooted expectations of privacy”[3]  The marketing mantra for vaccines of “safe and effective” is just that, a marketing mantra.  Scientific data has been manipulated because it doesn’t support the marketing mantra.  By making vaccines mandatory, people would become nothing more than enslaved consumers of potentially dangerous products marketed by companies with no economic or legal incentive to improve those products.

Without the freedom to choose, to control what goes into our bodies and our children’s bodies, we would no longer live in a free society.  We would have to welcome in the totalitarian era,  for then our bodies, ourselves, our souls, will truly be owned by the state.

Robert M. “Bob” Snee is an attorney in private practice in Portland, Oregon and the Director of Oregonians for Medical Freedom, a non-partisan political action committee which came together and successfully fought against SB 442, Oregon's version of California's SB 277. When Bob established his own law practice 28 years ago, the philosophy of understanding and minimizing risk to protect his clients was first and foremost, and continues to be a driving force in his work. Bob resides in Portland with his wife and their two children. In addition to being a volunteer Little League Umpire, Bob is also on the Board of Directors of Mastery Learning Institute, a nonprofit operating six charter schools in Oregon.

[1] From Principles of Liberty Colorado, a coalition of persons dedicated to liberty and government's role in protecting and preserving that liberty.  http://www.principlesofliberty.org/

[2] S. Whitney Dunscomb, Jr. Columbia Law Review, Vol. 6, #2, P. 98  (1906) 

[3] Missouri v. McNeely, 133 S. Ct. 1552. 1558 (2013)



Patrick McGean

I live in Oregon where the radio active trash of Fukushima travels. Pub Med states sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure. The same is true for the trash of vaccines, they all sulfate out of the body of man.

I agree just say no to vaccines, but world wide seven million children are already vaccine damaged, what about them? What about their mothers? How rude.

The First Amendment to the Constitution 1871 state roughly no religion shall be mandated.
What would you call the religion of science and medicine, "it is settled" bullshit.
The First goes to the Freedom of Speech, the right to say no!

As an attorney, at Shark have you considered how vulnerable pHarma, the CDC and the FDA are to fraud litigation. Screw immunity, fraud is fraud, yes?

Last point do the math, we parents who do not live in Beverley Hills do own guns and those traitors to the constitution what a fight ask your self this question is this a good day to die.

For those who have vaccine damaged children please consider adding organic sulfur to the
diet of you and your child, and pay attention to eye contact. 8 months is the longest we have waited for a child to come back an mom get her life back. NO child should be left behind for the greater good, nor the profits of pHarma.

Just say no. Got sulfur?

Cynthia Cournoyer

If it's true that Beverly Hills, CA has the least vaccinated children it makes sense. They lead the way in designer clothing, why not designer children? Unvaccinated children will stand out among their vaccinated peers. Let's make everyone want an unvaccinated designer child! A new trend!

It is well known that the wealthy led the way into vaccinating and it looks like they are leading the way out!


Elizabeth Hart, your question prompts another one for Robert Snee: if vaccines are mandatory, AND the true risks and benefits are never made available, does that somehow provide a legal loophole by which the government will no longerhave to provide compensation to the injured, because the entire program no longer follows the process set forth National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Authorizing Legislation Sec. 300aa-26?

Barry Stern

The least vaccinated part of California is Zip 90210 - Beverly Hills. What do you suppose these rich people know that the rest of us do not? When doctors, politicians and the wealthy make public the vaccination records of their kids, the rest of us will consider how much to vaccinate ours. Until then, parents, do what you have always done - what is best for your kids and not the state. That's the American way!


Zuckerberg and his wife are expecting....I wonder if they'll think Hep B vaccine in the first hours of life is necessary?

Elizabeth Hart

This is a question for Bob Snee.

Bob, with your experience as an attorney, can you please give an opinion as to whether mandatory vaccination contravenes the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Authorizing Legislation Sec. 300aa-26? http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/authoringleg.pdf

Sec. 300aa-26 notes that "a concise description of the benefits of the vaccine" and "a concise description of the risks associated with the vaccine" should be made available. But what is the point if individuals are not not allowed to weigh up the risks and benefits for each vaccine product?

I have referred to this legislation in my letter to US Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, US Department of Health and Human Services (7 January 2015) in which I challenge the government mandated second dose of Merck Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)live vaccine.

My letter to Secretary Burwell can be accessed via this link: http://users.on.net/~peter.hart/Letter_to_Sylvia_Mathews_Burwell_HHS_re_MMR_second_dose.pdf


Not trying to be rude, but yes, you are ignorant. I suggest you go through the back articles here to catch up and then continue to read daily so you know what's going on. Our government, in collusion with Pharma, has been working overtime to take away anyone's right (even adults) to refuse any recommended vaccine. There are over 200 vaccines in development. They are a liability free product. You can't sue the person giving it to you or the manufacturer if you are harmed. California just passed SB277, a law removing all but medical exemptions for school children (medical exemptions are nearly impossible to get), so even kids who have missed only one of the required (I believe 10) vaccines will not be allowed in school and will have to homeschool. The law also allows the Calif. Dept of Health to add any vaccines to the requirements whenever they feel like it. California also has a bill (law?) that would require all day care workers to be vaccinated and if they are caught not complying, it is a criminal offense. There's lots more. Stick around and read.

White Rose

Maybe I've Been deceived? 100% Vaccine boycott.

This is beyond the law now , civil disobedience and full on resistance & rebellion.


Vaccines will prove to be the most deadly and dangerous of the medical interventions in history. Millions have died, millions more have been left with disabilities. Stupid parents have exposed their kids, their children are now suffering from the effects, I know this, because I once was a stupid parent. "everyone else is doing it, must be okay". Now more than half of our children are SICK. From the early days of polio vaccine, manufacturers had to pay families for the damage, now it's a free ride for them , making it only more dangerous. History shows, vaccines can't be made safely, from the beginning..The Cutter incident was one of the worst pharmaceutical disasters in U.S. history, and exposed several thousand children to live polio virus on vaccination.[5] The NIH Laboratory of Biologics Control, which had certified the Cutter polio vaccine, had received advance warnings of problems: in 1954, staff member Dr. Bernice Eddy had reported to her superiors that some inoculated monkeys had become paralyzed (pictures were sent as well). William Sebrell, the director of NIH wouldn't hear of such a thing.[3]
The mistake produced 120,000 doses of polio vaccine that contained live polio virus. Of children who received the vaccine, 40,000 developed abortive poliomyelitis (a form of the disease that does not involve the central nervous system), 56 developed paralytic poliomyelitis—and of these, five children died from polio.[6] The exposures led to an epidemic of polio in the families and communities of the affected children, the director of the microbiology institute lost his job, as did the equivalent of the assistant secretary for health. Oveta Culp Hobby stepped down. Dr Sebrell, the director of the NIH, resigned.[3] ( today we say, it was just monkeys..nothing's changed) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutter_Laboratories ( more sick is the militant pro vaccer's may use this epidemic as a win)

Rob Mitchell

Perhaps I'm just very ignorant, but my understanding is that parents can refuse vaccinations already.

I think I understand the author's (Robert M. “Bob” Snee) point of view of not becoming mindless drones to corporate America and to ask questions. But let's balance that skepticism and be realistic as well. Yeah, that's a loaded phrase so let's focus on common sense, which everyone has, right?

BTW, just curiouse Robert M. “Bob” Snee, are your children vaccinated?

Patrick McGean

Robert, thank you for a logical explanation for mandatory vaccination, but what about the First Amendment, freedom of speech. Where is our freedom to say no?
King of Torts by Grishom will be rewritten as the lies the drug and chemical industries have spread bite them in the ass.
Mandatory vaccinations is how they intend to rid the land of the unwashed peasants of County Mayo Ireland, 1880, and you a shark named Snee.
Patrick McGean
Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project set. 1999
75 countries, 504,000 breathing humans.

Jeannette Bishop

I think the uncounted (Is that the same as "countless?") numbers of vaccine injured are a living testimony of why violation of individual rights for any "greater good" should be resisted in principle.

Patrick J Hatwan, Traditional Naturopath

Every parent to be, parent and grand parent would do well to ponder these thoughts prior to marriage, and when their children begin to contemplate marriage and having children themselves.
Very nice article Mr Bob. BLESSINGS on all you do.


Good for society --Oh, Yes: it is okay because the CDC is taking the stats and if there are too many kids having - even minimal brain damage -- let alone really severe brain injuries that would threaten the future of America -- --- Welllllll - we will know about it and the really smart guys up in the NIH will look at the situation and the vaccine schedule and twix it, even stop it. Cause they have our Nation's interest at heart -- not their own money interest.

Hmmmm, by the way - they released yet another video of Planned Parenthood -- again discussing money -- lots of money for baby body parts. The judge in California banned it and now going after the guys that filmed these videos. You guys out in California -- have got a lot of work to do to get our Republic back -- as do we all.


Yeah. The Colonies thought that a tax on tea was bad. Imagine how they'd react to having drugs forced on their children.




Thank you Mr. Robert M. Snee for your past, present and future efforts to protect the freedom and health of your fellow man....
Mark MacLean

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