Announcing the Recall of California Senator and Pediatrician, Richard Pan
A Conversation About SB277: It’s Not About the Vaccines



Bob Moffitt - I like!

Orac cherry picker of death and destruction

For money.

Orac cherry picker of death and destruction

Dammit. Orac might have to ignore/lie/write about it.


John Berchielli Bedridden After Tdap with Guillain Barre and stroke. Watch the powerful message on YouTube or other media. I was surprised at the numbers affected by this every year!

Bob Moffitt

It is probably just my own frustration .. but .. I wouldn't be offended if some proudly unfurled and displayed the American Revolutionary flag depicting a coiled rattlesnake about to strike .. with the words 'DON'T THREAD ON ME" .. emblazoned across the top.

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