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Dachel Media Update: Ed Schultz and Jim Carrey

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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California law heats up vaccine debate

July 1, 2015, Ed Schultz at MSNBC did a thorough 14 minute report on the vaccine controversy in California.

Schultz talked about Jim Carrey's response on Twitter where he called Gov. Brown a "fascist."  He cited the CDC's denial of any link between vaccines and autism.

MSNBC showed a clip of Carrey and Jenny McCarthy on the Larry King Live Show in 2009 talking about the dramatic increase in the vaccine schedule.

Jenny McCarthy: "I don't know what happened in 1990.  There was no plague that was killing children that we had to triple the amount of vaccines."

Jim Carrey: "What happened after 1989 that warranted 26 more vaccines?"

"I don't think we can afford to assume that the people in charge with our public health any longer have our best interest at heart all the time.  Parents have to make their own decisions. educated decisions. They have to look at the information.

Schultz cited a statement from the CDC: "No childhood vaccines distributed in the U.S. contain mercury or thimerosal," the words appearing behind him.

Immediately Schultz contradicted himself saying, "Although it's still present in the flu vaccine."  (And isn't it also in one version of the meningitis shot given to kids as young as 11?)

Schultz's response begs the question that never came up: IS MERCURY IN CHILDHOOD VACCINES DISTRIBUTED OUTSIDE THE U.S.?

(And we know the answer.  Vaccines given to the poorest children in the world still contain full doses of toxic mercury.  Our concern for the safety of children doesn't extend beyond our borders.)

Of course we do know what happened in the late 1990s to warrant the dramatic increase in the vaccine schedule: pharma and doctors received blanket liability protection.  And Carrey's statement about not being able to assume that public health officials have our best interests at heart is a very nice way of saying what Robert Kennedy, Jr. did when he called the CDC "a cesspool of corruption."

Schultz also quoted Carrey talking about why we can't trust the CDC to tell us the truth.  "The CDC can't solve a problem they helped start.  It's too risky to admit they have been wrong about mercury/thimerosal.  They are corrupt."

Next Dr. Corey Hebert came on warning us about the measles, whooping cough, and the dangers presented by unvaccinated children.

He was countered by Christina Hildebrand from A Voice for Choice.  She made the stunning point: "There is no liability for the vaccine manufacturer, so you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer if you have an adverse reaction.  That's huge.  To mandate a vaccine, regardless if you're for or against vaccines, to mandate something there is no liability for--you cannot sue over--is . . . flat out wrong."

Hebert ignored the liability issue said there is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system, but it's faulty.

Hildebrand talked about the Vaccine Court and the failure of doctors to inform parents of the risks.  "If there is a risk involved, there has to be a choice."

Hebert tried to make it sound like it would be easy to get a medical exemption.  "Not only can you be exempt if you have a medical reason, if you have a family history of a family history of a medical reason, you can still be exempt.  So I think that's pretty fair."

Hildebrand disputed this saying that's not what happens in a doctor's office.  She also said that the studies doctors love to cite have ties to the vaccine makers. 

Hildebrand said there is no current health crisis in California that necessitated this law. 

Thank you, MSNBC and Ed Schultz.  There are two sides to the debate.

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Joy B

Remove Thimerosal, replace w HepB at birth and/or pregnancy flu shots, not to mention add'l boosters.

Of COURSE the trend doesn't change. By design.

Without the standard pre-2002 dose of Thimerosal, we merely have a decrease in severity, one could say.

I saw my jaundiced godson writhing in pain, only 12 hours old, and it had nothing to do with Thimerosal(or very little).

This is the cudgel that the Pharma spokesperson will continue to employ with triumphal success. We need to let it go. Mercury or vanilla pudding, it's the vaccine process itself which is creating this holocaust.



Exactly. It IS happening here.


Jenny Allen,
As you know, it's the same story because it's coming from the same thugs who are operating across continents. Interesting that in the US, the woman has no name and there are no further details about her or her death. She is a vague ghost, a shadow cast to further the agenda. If more details were provided, investigative journalists, the few who are left, could find she wasn't real. The question is, how dumbed down is the American public? Will they fall for this ludicrous, baseless yarn and allow its creators to have their way with them?

Jenny Allan

Linda1 (in response to Eindeker)-"This woman was real but she died of pneumonia from some other cause and officials NEED a measles death right about now."

This is almost identical to the case of Welshman Gareth Colfer-Williams, near the end of a much hyped Welsh measles so called outbreak Jan-May 2013. He was a severe asthmatic, alcoholic, and was also immune suppressed. It was stated he died from measles. The Welsh health authorities were DESPERATE to report a measles death. From my earlier AoA posts concerning the Welsh measles 'outbreak':-
"The headline total for measles across Wales is now at 1,170 cases. The number of laboratory confirmed cases in the outbreak stands at 370 out of a total of 850 samples tested.
Dr Marion Lyons, PHW director of health protection, said: "The efforts to vaccinate susceptible young people children across Wales have been excellent, with non-routine vaccinations being given in their thousands by GPs, in schools and in emergency drop-in clinics.
"This undoubtedly will have reduced the length and severity of the outbreak, but the number of unvaccinated people in the hardest-hit age group remains a cause for concern.
"Our message is clear – the MMR vaccine is safe and it works, and there is no reason why children not vaccinated in the late 1990s because of fears about the safety of the vaccine should not be immunised now.
"Those not vaccinated are highly likely to catch measles, which is highly contagious. It is just a matter of time before a child is left with serious and permanent complications such as eye disorders, deafness or brain damage, or dies."

AoA comment 19-01-15
"Gareth Colfer-Williams was 25 years old when he died. His birth coincided with the introduction of MMR vaccine into the UK child vaccination schedule in 1988. However, prior to this, the single measles vaccine had been in use for 20 years in the UK.

Gareth's mum recalls her son was vaccinated against measles in the UK when he was a child. In the UK, ALL babies were routinely administered a measles vaccination post 1968. In the UK, child vaccines are not mandatory, but Gareth's Mum apparently consented to all Gareth's child vaccinations. At that time there were no public concerns about single Measles or MMR vaccine.

The Welsh Health press release stated Gareth had not received MMR vaccine. There were so many lies coming out of Wales at that time, it's impossible to believe anything they say, but in 1989, when Gareth was due his measles vaccination, BOTH single measles and MMR vaccines were available as a choice. Also many UK health authorities, used up previous vaccine stocks before ordering new ones. I'm sure Gareth's Mum's recall is far more reliable than anything put out by the Welsh Health authorities.

At Gareth's Inquest, It was stated by a Welsh Health person, Gareth had measles at the time of death. The Coroner did not ask for a laboratory confirmation. Maybe he should have, in view of all the notified Welsh measles cases, during this outbreak, which later turned out to NOT be measles, since only 1 in 5 notified measles cases were laboratory confirmed.

Gareth had previously spent a week in hospital, being treated for severe asthma. Gareth's mum said he had been unwell for a week, before she (quote), “took him to the doctors the day before he died and he could barely stand” she said.
“But he didn’t have any rash on his arms so the three GPs who had a look at him all gave him a prescription of paracetamol."

If there was no rash, then there was no measles!! But this young man was plainly desperately ill with pneumonia, and should have been admitted to hospital as an emergency case. Asthma treatment will have left Gareth immune suppressed. If he DID have measles, he almost certainly contracted it during his previous hospital stay."

Gareth's case has been recorded on official surveillance statistics as a 2013 measles death, although his pneumonia was almost certainly a consequence of his being immune suppressed. Those same stats record 200 'confirmed' Welsh measles cases during April 2013, previously in single figures, another 50 or so cases in May - very suspicious, since these were apparently admitted to have not all been lab confirmed.

As Linda1 states, immune compromised persons are advised to stay away from places where they might pick up infections. Both Gareth and this unnamed US woman were previously vaccinated against measles. It's ridiculous to insist on vaccinating EVERYONE against measles, to protect a few immune compromised persons. In particular, the Disney measles outbreak (and the UK outbreaks) are admitted to have been caused by overseas visitors! Also, live vaccines are known to 'shed' attenuated viruses, which immune compromised persons are vulnerable to.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I know from the written history of a woman I took care of in a Maine nursing home, that German Jews formed their own underground schools and universities after they were forbidden to attend German schools and universities in the 1930's. So many died because they didn't fight back, PUSH BACK hard enough. Learn history, please! And, on the 4th of July, I'd like to say: get over the idea that it can't happen here.


However the origin of her infection was a group of local people who were not vaccinated against measles, she was not diagnosed until post mortem as she did not show the typical rash


If she didn't show signs of measles while alive, then what would have triggered health officials to go looking for it post mortem???

Sounds more to me like you're making it up as you go along. As usual.


I found the talk by Dr. Palevsky. I happened to have it still open on my computer. It was from Autism One in May this year. Interesting that I couldn't find it on search, even when I went straight to Youtube to search.



Barbaraj there was one case in france genotype d4 per cdc eid journal mar 2012. But the journal noted:"pulmonary superinfection with unidentified pathogens could not be ruled out."
If this case is legit it would be interesting to know if they found the measles in her gut and if she was being treated for crohns. Since there are so few details it seems like there is something being hidden. Did a low grade measles infection cause her autoimmune disease? How long ago was her vaccination.
Also acute respiratory distress can be associated with lyme, erlichiosis, tularemia, anaplasmosis, rocky mountain spotted fever. Was she tested?



You stated, "...Whether people can avoid the government schools or not, I have a feeling that enrolling them in public school will be like enrolling them in Hitler Youth..."

I DO HEAR YOU. Quite frankly, we're at that tipping point already. Between common core and everything else, we're almost there. Sigh...


I'm just glad our son is FINALLY out of this damned school system. Before things finally turned around for Ryan, he/we went through absolute hell.

I feel for the parents who are struggling with this new law. They'll have to find a way to make things work, one way or the other. It won't be easy.



I understand what you're saying. I think going forward that the indoctrination is going to be much different, much more intense, much more focused on the end goal of thoughtless compliance and severing of the parent-child relationship while diminishing/challenging parental authority. Whether people can avoid the government schools or not, I have a feeling that enrolling them in public school will be like enrolling them in Hitler Youth. When kids start out at age 5 or even before, it is impossible for them not to be affected by 7 day a week indoctrination that continues throughout their entire childhood. Already, California's law allows schools to vaccinate children without parental knowledge or consent. They are going deeper and deeper into fascism. The children will be taught their version of civics.

barbara j

Concerning the woman who died of atypical measles . Has there ever been a case of atypical, very dangerous measles, in an unvaccinated subject? Her vaccine likely caused her underlying health condition and the eventual deadly case of atypical measles. Will Gorski find the case of atypical measles in a patient that didn't have the vaccine, I've never seen one.

barbara j

There's a study in children after the removal of thimerosal? Yes, of course, but the children involved in the studies weren't born after thimerosal vaccines' availiblity. Thimerosal was removed from the vaccine manufacturing process in 2002, not from the pediatricians offices .This is one of the propagated lies that infuriates me, I had a child who received full doses in each vaccine in 2002!!So those that are ignorant of the truth share this deceitful child harming information!!!
Another lie that raises my bp. The ethyl mercury in Thimerosal
leaves the blood faster, leaves the brain faster than methlymercury. They hired the expert "Burbacher to complete the study, he found that the the proportion of inorganic mercury in the brain was much higher in the thimerosal group (21–86% of total mercury) compared to the methylmercury group (6–10%). Brain concentrations of inorganic mercury were approximately twice as high in the thimerosal group compared to the methylmercury group. Inorganic mercury remains in the brain much longer than organic mercury, with an estimated half-life of more than a year. No matter, they twisted this information every which way ,and LIED. He has since put together a youtube presentation showing the facts and how they twisted and lied in effort to dilute these FACTS. Yet, they continue with these people who dare not address the real science, because it tells the story of the how and the why of so many children having neurological disabilities among the vaccinated. Then they lied about the Amish, in an unvaccinated group born in the late nineties, there was NO autism. They tell us there was. Lies don't live forever, yet while they persist they are dangerous.


No Barry what that is clearly telling you is that even when you remove thiomersal from childhood vaccines, autism diagnoses still increase, so pretty conclusively thiomersal has nothing to do with autism, what bit of that don't you follow?


It's not me who isn't following.

What you clearly told us, is that when thimerosal was was removed from childhood vaccines, ASD among VACCINATED children continued to increase.

Which can only mean one of two things:

1. Something else in vaccines is causing ASD disorders.


2. Thimerosal was only removed from the vaccine labels



Bullshit. The article says the unnamed woman who they don't want to give the age for, died sometime in the spring. In the spring. This is now July. Did they just now do the autopsy? Complete bullshit.

You say she would be alive when they say she couldn't mount an immune response to any infection. If she was a real person, which I doubt, what the hell was she doing hanging out at a community center with a severely suppressed immune system? Clearly, if she was real, this is a woman who had little chance of survival considering that she was taking dangerous immune suppressive drugs, and with her risky behavior of going out in public places where there are a lot more pathogens that could kill her than just measles. Or, this woman was real but she died of pneumonia from some other cause and officials NEED a measles death right about now. Unfortunately, this supposedly happened back in "the spring". Not a credible story.

The other thing...about thimerosol and autism rates. There are many other ingredients in vaccines and vaccine effects on the human body and immune system that can be or are destructive. There was a talk by Lawrence Palevsky that I saw on Youtube. I thought it was at Autism One but I may be mistaken. It might have been another venue because I can't find it now. But Dr. Palevsky explained specifically how other ingredients that he named could cause disease. But back to thimerosol, the trace amounts that are admittedly in many childhood vaccines are still amounts that are more than what is allowed in drinking water. The thimerosol was not removed, it was decreased to levels that still could cause brain damage. When I was a child regulators thought a trace amount of lead would be safe to be exposed to, then at some point they came to the conclusion that, in fact, there is no safe amount of exposure. You and I have had this exact same discussion before, so I won't waste any more of anyone's time going any further.

Stephen Becker

One huge problem with the vaccine debate is the disease entity. Diseases are not things. They do not have an objective existence. They are a focus for treatment. If the focus changes, as in Chinese medicine, then the treatment changes. Moreover, there is no one to one relationship between a pathogen and a disease. Before 1955 the vast majority of people that contracted the polio virus did not get polio. And, people can get all the symptoms of polio (so-called polio-like) without the presence of the virus. The same holds true in varying degrees for all pathogen/host relationships. People can get all the symptoms of a disease without being infected by a specific pathogen. This leaves the theoretical structure of vaccinology without a foundation. If there is no disease entity, what are the vaccines aimed at?



Speaking as a parent who once homeschooled our son, I don't think the question is whether parents WANT their children to attend public OR private school.

Some parents simply do not have the means to homeschool; many homes are single parent homes; some homes NEED two incomes just to make ends meet out here.

Additionally, many children are on IEP programs and parents of many of these kids simply do not have the ability, nor the skills to teach these kids, given the learning disabilities involved.

Many of these kids on IEP programs desperately need the socialization that comes with putting them in a mainstream classroom setting. In short, there are many reasons some families just cannot feasibly provide a homeschool program for their children.

These parents OF COURSE understand the issues with either a public OR a private school situation, but those issues become secondary because other options such as homeschooling just aren't feasible.

My husband and I made sure Ryan understood our issues with his public education; BELIEVE ME that child was well versed with some of the finer nuances of a public school curriculum versus our own deeply held personal philosophies; learning to utilize critical thinking skills and learning to think outside the box were things we taught our son to do here at home. Ryan thus had a real heads up regarding some of these issues once he was placed back into a public school education.

We made sure to interact with Ryan's teachers as often as necessary to ensure his academic needs were being met. I kept in constant communication with all of Ryan's teachers and if there were issues, which there were, we stayed on top of them and intervened when necessary when things REALLY became an issue. We became well versed with disability rights law and how best to protect our son when things really got out of hand at one point.

When we found our son had been placed UNBEKNOWNST TO US into a special ed program with children who were not verbal and could barely function -- when our son was a completely normal child who simply had learning issues - I PULLED HIM OUT OF SCHOOL BEFORE HE WENT INTO THAT CLASSROOM. The district tried threatening me with their attorney, but I knew what our son's rights were and what ours were as his parents, so I held steadfast.

Ultimately, we were able to maintain resolution to our issues with our district. It wasn't easy, but in the end, we realized that Ryan's needs were far better met in the public school system than with what could have been provided him in a homeschool program. He ended up doing beautifully, both academically and socially, but we certainly had our struggles in between.

We went the private school route at one point, as well, and it simply didn't work. The school was poorly run and ultimately went under.

Ultimately, the concerns and philosophies any family holds close to its vest needs to be something every parent needs to share with his/her children. Being upfront and frank with your kids is VITAL.

As long as your children understand the propaganda that is generated in our school system, the better apt they will be in navigating the waters and thus, they'll be better able to recognize it for what it is when they're confronted with it.

Ryan knew full well what to expect when he entered back into the public school system. NOTHING surprised him because he knew what to expect.


"Thimerosal has been removed from UK vaccines, and ASD rates among vaccinated children has continued to skyrocket???
So what you're telling us then , is that thimerosal isn't the only way that vaccine cause ASD disorders."
No Barry what that is clearly telling you is that even when you remove thiomersal from childhood vaccines, autism diagnoses still increase, so pretty conclusively thiomersal has nothing to do with autism, what bit of that don't you follow?
@ Linda1
Suggest you can Google as well as I can but you might care to read


"There were five other cases in that county. The index case was unvaccinated. He gave it to an unvaccinated child who gave it to her unvaccinated sibling. Another unvaccinated adult got measles too. Lastly, a partially vaccinated adult (got vax in early 1970s) got measles from one of the kids.

If they had been vaccinated – this woman’s death is almost certainly prevented"

fLinda1 and greyone

It's pretty obvious that blackmail and threats are being used. Still if people refuse to cooperate and keep legally fighting this bill we may stop the madness.


Linda1, I want my child to attend private school. But SB277 prevents a child missing even one dose of one vaccine, from attending any public OR private school in California.


Credit for that find goes to the indefatigable true public health advocate Laura Hayes.


Who is this woman, what were her other health issues (stated she was sick to begin with - how sick?) and when did she die?


There has been ZERO effect on ASD rates (in Scotland at least) with the removal of Thiomersal from UK vaccines, these are the data he gave:

Thimerosal has been removed from UK vaccines, and ASD rates among vaccinated children has continued to skyrocket???

So what you're telling us then , is that thimerosal isn't the only way that vaccine cause ASD disorders.

Some people here have been trying to make that point for a long time. Thank you Eindeker, for coming out to support them !


Linda1 that video of gov browns betrayal is priceless.
Thanks for the link.
A-merck-a indeed.


When Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in the UK in September 2004 the Government made only one statement they said "a safe vaccine has been made safer". There was a clear cut off point as the vaccines were replaced at 1st September with Thimerosal free vaccines.


The only thing you really know for sure Tony, is that the replacement vaccines had Thimerosal was removed from their labels.

go Rand

A pretty good 14 minute clip. Once again, they state Thimerosal was taken out of the pediatric vaccines except for the DAM FLU SHOT... two doses given at six months thirty days apart. This is enough mercury to trash about any child.

Thimerosal is still used in the manufacturing process in nearly all vaccines and then washed out to only ‘trace amounts’ I assume less than the 25 micrograms listed on the flu shots.

AT WHAT POINT do they NOT have to provide the “actual amount of mercury” STILL IN the other pediatric vaccines ???

Jim Carrey states the problem pretty well. In California, they NOW have a government MANDATE for a LIABILITY FREE medical product that provides about “80% of the office revenues” for pediatricians. Sounds a bit Fascist to me...

As expected, they talk about the “killer measles” in the clip, but they do not mention nearly 200 Gardasil death cases moving through the CDC Vaccine Court.


@ Tony Bateson
Of course they have, John Stone contributed on this site about Scottish ASD statistics http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/05/the-message-from-scotland-autism-up-in-schools-136-times-in-16-years-and-accelerating.html
There has been ZERO effect on ASD rates (in Scotland at least) with the removal of Thiomersal from UK vaccines, these are the data he gave:

Year Total number of pupils Number of pupils with an ASD

(Apologies for Table formatting)
The latest information I have seen re the recent US measles death is that the young woman who died had been vaccinated but was immune suppressed, so she could not give a response to the measles infection.
However the origin of her infection was a group of local people who were not vaccinated against measles, she was not diagnosed until post mortem as she did not show the typical rash , possibly because of the immune-suppression, and Linda1 there is conspiracy, it wasn't MMR strain measles it was just an vulnerable woman who had the misfortune to be close to unvaccinated people who contracted and spread WT measles, simple as that

tony bateson

When Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in the UK in September 2004 the Government made only one statement they said "a safe vaccine has been made safer". There was a clear cut off point as the vaccines were replaced at 1st September with Thimerosal free vaccines.

I have been unable to obtain any reliable sources of autism diagnoses in children born after that time. I believe there has been a fall in diagnoses but statistics manage to cloud the area by reporting on eleven year olds etc. I just want to know whether any child born post September 2004 has been diagnosed with autism.

In the USA I believe Thimerosal was not cleared out of DPT until around 2006 what are the facts about autism prevalence in children born after that year? Of course Flu jabs may still contain Thimerosal but many children do not have this jab or it is readily ascertainable if they have.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

Angus Files

Shultz et-al are treated like mushroooms they are, fed shit & kept in the dark.

But at the end of the day their mushroom like state is voluntary they can come blinking into the light any time they choose.



"That's another step forward in creating a nation of sheep in a totalitarian state, saying, "Yes sir, yes sir! Is that what you want? Do it to me again!" By the time they graduate, kids won't even know they have rights. They'll be little stooges for a fascist state."

Jerry Brown


Cherry picking tragedies

"Dammit" Orac had to post about the one measles death. He is running positively overtime on the vaccine issue and "Denise Walter" couldn't get enough info about poor Dr. Bradstreet's death which was suspicious in the extreme. She was like some dog in heat. What is increasingly clear is there is no tear shed for a victim, even the death of someone due to vaccines. These people are selective and sick, cherry picking which death to be more maudlin over.


For any Californian now trying to figure out how they can get around this law so their children can attend public school, I want to ask, why would you want your children in public school?

If our corporate/government influenced mass media is spewing corporate profit friendly propaganda to the general public, what do you think children will be taught in corporate influenced government run public schools? They will most certainly be taught as a part of mandated state curriculum that vaccines are safe, effective and necessary to prevent death. You can bet that they will be inundated with and tested on "facts" like - unvaccinated children are at risk of dying of disease and healthy unvaccinated children can kill other children by spreading disease. The CDC version of "vaccine science" will have a prominent place in science courses from pre-k through high school. The CDC's version of the history of vaccination will be taught in history classes.

So, need for special services aside, why would you want your kids lied to, brainwashed, and frankly, terrorized? Keep in mind too, that they will be taught that you are a bad parent.

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