Christmas in July. What the 21st Century Cures Act is Really About.
AofA Book Contest: Victory Over Autism

Dachel Media Update: 21st Century Cares Act Threatens Vaccine Safety Science

July 22, 2015, National Vaccine Information Center: The 21st Century Cures Act: Say Goodbye to Vaccine Safety Science 

Barbara Loe Fisher YouTube

Barbara Loe Fisher: "The bill allows the FDA to lowering licensing standards for testing of experimental drugs. . . and 'biological products,' a category that includes vaccines.   So companies will no longer be required to conduct large,  case controlled clinical trials to evaluate safety and effectiveness.

"Instead, the FDA can accept novel statistical analysis and clinical experience such as anecdotal evidence from patients.  It's interesting that 'clinical experience' and anecdotal evidence will constitute 'good science' for the purpose of demonstrating a vaccine is safe BEFORE it's licensed, while 'clinical experience' and anecdotal evidence has never been good enough to demonstrate that a vaccine is unsafe after it's licensed. . . .

"Nearly every single vaccine that the pharmaceutical industry creates and the FDA licenses for child use is eventually recommended for all children and mandated by state governments for daycare and school entry.   Today, many adults are also being pulled into the vaccine mandate net, coming on the heels of the Affordable Healthcare Act, which guaranteed that the pharmaceutical industry and their products will continue to dominant the most expensive healthcare system in the world. . . .

This is a shocking video by the co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher.  Her talk describes the politics of vaccination and the end of informed consent.  It's a frightening new world where vaccine safety 'will be based on experience or best guesses.' 


Birgit Calhoun

John Stone! Thank you! Everyone should read this.

John Stone

Hi Birgit

Science for Sale

Birgit Calhoun

John Stone, Could you remind me what the title of the book by David Lewis is about "sewage sludge". I have read it. It's excellent and not just about sewage sludge. It contains a lot of interesting information. I forgot the title.

Birgit Calhoun

The country needs to be revamped to also have learned people i.e. scientists in Congress.

Sophie Scholl

Larry - your employers ? sound familiar ?

It was due to Lysenko's efforts that many real scientists, those who were geneticists or who rejected Lamarckism in favor of natural selection, were sent to the gulags or simply disappeared from the USSR. Lysenko rose to dominance at a 1948 conference in Russia where he delivered a passionate address denouncing Mendelian thought as "reactionary and decadent" and declared such thinkers to be "enemies of the Soviet people" (Gardner 1957). He also announced that his speech had been approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Scientists either groveled, writing public letters confessing the errors of their way and the righteousness of the wisdom of the Party, or they were dismissed. Some were sent to labor camps. Some were never heard from again.

Under Lysenko's guidance, science was guided not by the most likely theories, backed by appropriately controlled experiments, but by the desired ideology. Science was practiced in the service of the State, or more precisely, in the service of ideology. The results were predictable: the steady deterioration of Soviet biology. Lysenko's methods were not condemned by the Soviet scientific community until 1965, more than a decade after Stalin's death.

Could something similar happen in the US\UK?
You bet ya !

Sophie Scholl

For Larry :

For all contributors to vaccine debates: the fact is that about 30% of published orthodox medical research actually links the observed illnesses and serious organ damage and deaths occurring after any and all vaccines to the administered vaccines. There is no need for any new research, just for reading the existing research.
Posted by: Dr Viera Scheibner | July 24, 2015 at 11:32 PM

Sophie Scholl

Lawrence , this "ilk" says , vaccines are fully tested , and as William Thompson has declared , "they know" .

The CDC knows , "vaccines are the cause of the Autism Pandemic" . And much more carnage too , MUCH MORE .

All the evidence is there Larry , no more studies are required . We have the science .
YOU have a bag of lies , by Poul Thoresen , and everything with William Thompsons name on it .
ALL the studies saying vaccines are safe & effective are LIES .


david m burd

Barbara Loe Fisher deserves accolades upon accolades. On this particular Post she has been the only one citing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its jacked-up costs. EVERY indicator and countless personal stories are showing sky-rocketing medical insurance due to the ACA.

John (Stone) and many others have correctly posted our Govt. Programs have titles that are the exact opposite of what they really do -- as Orwellian as it gets.

Only Donald Trump and Rand Paul have publicly voiced serious concerns about our National Vaccine Calamity.

All the other contenders (correct me if I'm wrong) are goose stepping Vaccine Zombies kneeling at the boots of the leaders of CDC/NIH/FDA. How friggin' stupid can they be? Or paid off like the California Legislators?


It seems like it is bad to worse thing, get it?

John Stone


We are both in Huxley's parable of scientific/social control and Orwell's 1984 deconstruction of bureaucratic language, in which everything becomes its reverse and finally disappears. But in this instance what actually suggests itself to me even more is a kind of pure lethal silliness: that given language and money you can make things happen without actually having to think about it - it is a kind a fairytale magic that is invoked, but we don't live in fairytales. This is also not new. David Lewis described how the EPA executive had allowed processed sewage sludge to be marketed as safe fertiliser, and actually the term "magic" was employed to describe the process by which it was alleged to have been rendered safe.

Cherry Misra

Hey, Did I read the word "cures" in the title of this bill. Help me out here, John Stone- What is the Brave New World term for that kind of language? This is a total joke and someone is laughing all the way to the bank . How many decades have we watched pass us by in which the pharma- public health - medical cartel made it quite apparent that they have no interest in cures- only in treatments. No interest in finding causes either. If you find the cause, the cure is often self evident.Pity the young medical students, who spend years of their lives studying only to discover belatedly that they are the technicians of the Pharmaceutical industry. Dont we even have any scientists able to denounce the absurdity?

John Stone


Nicely put. Reminds me of something in Michael Fitzpatrick's book "What Parents Should Know About MMR": writing c.2004 he was proposing if I remember correctly that there was a social group who claimed vaccine damage - faddish, "me generation" type people I think, a new sociological class. If so it has to be said it really wasn't a status symbol. People who wish to maintain social/political/professional patronage know to keep quiet.


Jeannette Bishop

That old cliche
"There are lies, damn lies and then statistics"

So you are right - We could not even begin to contemplate
the claims of the snake oil salesmen.


Lawrence you call me and my friends here ilk. Ilk as in I have a bunch of sick people ere that I am trying to get better and they are sick because of vaccine injuries.

Ilk as in I am making all kinds of money off of these vaccines injury claims. LOL. Oh I got to pay that last prescription I got for an anti seizure medicine - the generic form of Kappra. At one time I had really good health insurance when my husband was working for Dow chemical. I am so glad because at that time my son was put on Lamictal and it was 5,000 dollars a month. Can you believe it would cost that much? I am Ilk -- yes Ilk is my name.

My peds put my teenage daughter on zyloft - She had Kawasaki disease as a child and it messed her up. But when she turned 26 and came off of our insurance the new health insurance would not pay for that -- but they would for prozac. Ahhhh Prozac - after additional vaccines and made the depression more present - at times - we got bipolar. Oh yes; Lawrence we have mental illness in our family along with autism and a mitochondria disorder -- I am Ilk.

And my husband finally succumb to his vaccine injury had to take disability after a doctor decided that yes, she knew he could not take statins ,but he could- might could take Welco - a drug that soaks up the fat in the gut. His mitochondria "acquired" mitochondria disease induced by a vaccine -- Oh yes - Ilk - Ilk - Ilk -- living off of disability.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm afraid to begin to contemplate what the term "novel statistical analysis" might translate into for vaccine "research."

John Stone


With you usual dishonesty you have created a straw man argument - in other words an argument which no one else has enunciated but which can easily be knocked down. No one has claimed that vaccines are not tested: it has been claimed that they are not adequately tested or monitored, that reports of injury are ignored, that they have limited effectiveness, that the manufacturers can get away with murder, assault and battery because they have no liability. It doesn't surprise anyone here that with these already slack standards and with many new products to bring to the market that they want to dilute this already deeply inadequate process - with a pusillanimous Congress willing to do anything they want.

And of course you have with equal dishonesty ducked answering the question. Let me pose it again.

"So presumably you are prepared to justify and advocate on behalf of any of the products in the pipeline, and the corporate culture that is inflicting them on the public. Because it doesn't matter how much they lower standards. Can you tell me is the culture justifiable? Will you be out there cheering the new products on and trashing anyone who complains about injury from them?"


Can you tell me is the culture justifiable? Will you be out there cheering the new products on and trashing anyone who complains about injury from them?


For the right price, I'm sure Larry will cheer for whatever he's told to cheer for.

Easy money really. All you need is a keyboard, and no conscience.


No, I'm pointing out that you (and your ilk) consistently claim that vaccines aren't tested, yet the quote from Barbara Loe Fisher seemingly contradicts that claim.

Care to explain?


Lawrence - the MMR was as short as - what was it -- trying to remember off the top of my head -- no more than 18 days?

But it was a very short time.

However; it looks like Pharma is just plain gotten greedy beyond measure and would like to rule as tyrants over us all.

Remember 500 people without cancer went through cancer treatment anyway; by some deranged doctor.
The treatment for cancer is so bad that it damages the good health of people -- does that sound like sanity to you? We have never ever got over the ideal of a bit of poison will kill the microbe or cancer more than us.

The truth was -- that idea -done with mercury for syphilis did not work.

John Stone

Hi Lawrence

So presumably you are prepared to justify and advocate on behalf of any of the products in the pipeline, and the corporate culture that is inflicting them on the public. Because it doesn't matter how much they lower standards.

Can you tell me is the culture justifiable? Will you be out there cheering the new products on and trashing anyone who complains about injury from them?


Cherri in Minnesota Thank you for the post. I had not heard anything from Bernie

Sigh! but at last - he is saying nothing different than the rest.

we deserve free health care
we deserve high paying jobs.
we deserve free education.
we deserve lower cost in higher education
We can do this with good decisions.

These kinds of speeches is not gong to work for me; they don't work for me.

I know Trump sneaked through his views on vaccines on Fox news. They did not see it coming -- They "ALL" are saying he is hot air.

But Bernie's speech is no different than the Republican governor of Ohio that is now running for president. John Richard Kasich and Bernie Sanders says the exact same thingsssss. Except Kasich one upped Sander in that at lease he did put autism and insurance in the same sentence. Yes, he mentioned autism even if it too was an old idea -- is it not? Autism Speaks has been on that band wagon for the past decade.


I'm confused now - isn't the party line that vaccines don't go through "large, case-controlled studies for safety and effectiveness?"


I thought it was established that cholesterol was not the problem - it was inflammation that caused weakened places in the blood vessels that then was no longer smooth and had a tendency to catch the cholesterol as it flowed through the blood vessels.

This bunch of pharma guys really must be sleazeeeeeee -- wasn't it just a year ago that even on the news they were touting that the statin drugs really were snake oil?
What happened to all of that information -- it just seems to have dried up and now we have another different kind of something to control cholesterol and the talk against statin drugs was just a small glitch in the road?

I tell you one thing with a mitochondrial disease we in our family - We were warned right off the bat -- close to 30 years ago, that such a medicine was deadly -- as in it would kill my husband -- kill -- and if not out right kill - it would worsen his disease.

Of course his cholesterol was high - always has been - but that is part of this mitochondria disease -- The very ones with high cholesterol most likely have this mitochondria disorder. It is actually a symptom of this disease; the very ones that the statins will kill; are the very ones that it will be given to.

One thing about it though - the Atkins diet and losing weight will also lower the cholesterol. Getting off of gluten and watching fast release carbs - will lower cholesterol. not how much fat we eat. Surprise!

This is a life time experience talking here.

It is not just the statins either. One doctor put my husband on a medicine that soaked up the fat right in the gut and passed it on through. Bad health problems began to happen - with his thinking processes.

And yet the cholesterol lowering drugs keep going on and on -- like the vaccines.

That is the end of my rant! Hope it helps some of you all out there -if any of you trust me at all.

Cherri in Minnesota

Is anyone bringing Bernie Sanders up to date on the vaccine catastrophe? While Donald Trump has raised the issue, Bernie is established as a beloved and tireless warrior against billionaires and corporations. He draws massive crowds (10,000 in red state Arizona) Texas, Wisconsin . . . wherever he goes. While he has expressed SUPPORT of vaccines in the past, I am hopeful that he would listen to us. He is a force for good and we need him.

The mainstream media has not been following him either (not surprisingly) yet he is quickly closing the gap between Hillary and himself. I pulled this off his fb page as an an example of what he stands for.


Can some one put up the fast link to our representatives?


They waste no time (caps, my emphasis). It's like a feeding frenzy:

"FDA approves new cholesterol drug - at $14,600 a year

USA Today Liz Szabo

Up to 10 million Americans will soon have a new option for lowering their cholesterol – at a price of $14,600 a year.

The Food and Drug Administration surprised much of the medical community Friday by broadly approving a new cholesterol drug for a vast potential patient population. The agency approved Praluent for people with an inherited condition that causes very high levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, as well as for the millions of Americans who have had heart attacks, strokes or other types of heart disease and whose LDL is higher than it should be.


Praluent will cost far more than statins, the dominant cholesterol treatment today, which are available generically for about $250 a year. Statins have been shown to both lower LDL and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Praluent, made by Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, belongs to a new class of injectible cholesterol drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors, the first major new type of cholesterol-lowering medication since statins were released in 1987. The FDA is scheduled to decide whether to approve a second drug in the same family, Amgen's Repatha, in the next month. Pfizer is developing a similar drug."

(more at link)

You might ask how the FDA can approve a new class of drugs with completely unknown endpoints in terms of impact on cardiac and cerebral events, no adequate safety studies, and no knowledge of side effects.

Bob Moffitt

How was it even possible for HR 6 .. the deliberately misnamed "21st Century Cares Act" .. to pass with a vote of 344 to 77 ... without any public hearing or testimony .. by highly informed sources .. such as .. Barbara Loe Fisher?

What in God's name has happened to our representatives in Washington DC? They don't even try to pretend to have taken the time to read it .. they just pass it absent any public discussion or debate .. then go have celebratory cocktails for a "job well done".

This can only happen with BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT .. and .. 344 to 77 is clear evidence that BOTH PARTIES voted for this disaster .. the PEOPLE ARE GUARANTEED TO SUFFER FOR IT.


"The bill allows the FDA to lowering licensing standards for testing of experimental drugs.


I have trouble imagining how drug licencing standards can get any lower.

We have the sickest generation of children in the history of mankind. And deaths from properly prescribed, fully tested drugs, currently outnumber traffic fatalities in the United States

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