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AofA Book Contest: Victory Over Autism

Victory over autismWe're happy to share a new book from our friends at Skyhorse Publishing called "Victory over Autism" by Mary Romaniec.  Perhaps you heard Mary speak at Autism One last month?  We have a copy of her book for one lucky reader. Leave a comment to enter.  Buy the book here

Good luck!

Children are recovering from autism, as are their families.

Children are recovering from autism, and yet the general public is largely unaware that this is even possible, let alone happening at astounding rates. While traditional medicine continues to be stymied on the causes and potential remedies, other physicians and proactive parents have partnered to become a progressive force for change.

In Victory over Autism, Mary Romaniec takes the reader through the personal stages parents will experience when their child is first diagnosed with autism, and shows how to become part of the next generation of proactive parents who are making a difference in the well-being of their children and families. Romaniec explores the stages of grief associated with the diagnosis, followed by an examination of the winning attributes parents should—and will—possess or adopt as they strive toward the goal of better health and full recovery for their child.

Victory over Autism includes personal accounts of overcoming the autism odds, looking out for all family members, and addressing marriage issues, and explores ways of getting the parent into the mind-set that a victory over autism is a realizable goal.


Shyamala Krishnamoorthy

People like you give us hope Mary.


I am looking forward to reading this book too !


Excited to read this!!

Valerie Carlson

I would love a chance to read this!

Rebecca Lee

Michelle B. we have started a website at www.cutlersuccessstories.weebly.com. Would you be kind enough to post your story there?


Ooh this would be perfect for us. My sister is currently caring for an autistic adult and it would be good to read something like this.



Michelle B.

Here's my son's road to recovery without the price of a book:

Andrew Cutler's Low-dose frequent chelation (with ALA and occasional DMSA) for nearly 200 "rounds." In other words, chelate *round the clock* for about 4 years.

Add various other biomedical interventions to make the road less bumpy. Best results achieved when both parents work in tandem.


Cannot wait to read this!!!!

TannersDad Tim

Cheers Prayers for less Tears!

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