We the People Against SB277
Independence Day 2015

Announcing the Recall of California Senator and Pediatrician, Richard Pan

Stage_hook-thumb_8706Note: We may have coined a new word, feel free to use it, "Pharmatrician," one who puts pharma sales and products over pediatric health. AoA

By Aaron Mills

American citizens are growing weary of the political system, both on a national and local level. We have watched silently as our freedoms have been eroded, and our jobs shipped overseas. As the country was preoccupied with the usual media distractions, the Senate quietly passed the TPP trade agreement, a secret trade agreement that will pave the way for even more global corporate control over our free country. Here in California, citizens have been fighting an equally frustrating battle, as Senator Richard Pan's vaccine bill (SB277) was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown less than 24 hours after hitting his desk, against an outpouring of opposition. SB277 abolishes the religious and personal belief exemption for children entering school, and joins West Virginia and Mississippi as the only two states with such strict requirements. Children will be denied their California constitutional right to an education for merely opting out of one or more vaccines. By January 1, 2016, simply opting out of the Hepatitis B vaccine will ban the child from school admission and expel a child already enrolled at the beginning of the school year, while children who actually have Hep  B are protected from discrimination for their illness. Similar vaccine bills have been shot down throughout the country this year because their legislators listened, yet California's highly controversial bill was fast tracked just like the TPP, with no regard for public opposition or any interest in revealing to the public all of the facts. Not unlike the TPP, SB277 has tragic future implications for this country. For as California goes, so goes the rest of the country, and mandated medical procedures seem to be a new benchmark.

The issue over this bill is not whether vaccines are good, or bad. The issue is that each individual possesses an inherent, natural right to make medical decisions for themselves and their family, arriving at those decisions based on research and consultation with their doctor. Government has no authority to violate a person’s body – their personal property - without due process. Medical procedures, including vaccinations, involve risk, and now California legislators and special interest groups expect us all to assume the same level of risk regardless of individual circumstances. Do we, the people of a free society, want our elected representatives to be the decision makers regarding when we must receive medical procedures, what medications, and how many injections we are commanded to take? Do we want them holding our children's education hostage over it? Do we want them to hold our jobs hostage, as Sen. Pan’s has suggested in a recently deleted Facebook entry? (pic) They massage the message, and reassure us that it's all for the "greater good," but who's good is it? Who do these mandates benefit - public health, or special interest groups? Any objective individual who isn't completely plugged into mainstream news (the same news that is paid for bythese special interest groups), realizes that there is no health crisis afoot in California, or the country. The only crisis we are suffering from is our State and national governments pandering to the will of the corporation, above the rights and will of the people, constantly chipping away at our personal freedoms and shaping the way government believes it can wield control over its citizens. 

Pan Comment

SB277 was a runaway train in California, with seemingly no effective way of slowing it down. Politicians wanted it done, special interest groups wanted it done, and the media was largely biased in their coverage. Our course of action is to remove politicians who have a long history of catering to their own ideologies and special interest groups, instead of honoring their commitment and properly representing the people they serve. The official Recall Pan Committee is part of a growing group of citizens who are coming together to oppose the overreach of our government. These citizens are utilizing the recall process to remove legislators who refuse to uphold their oath of office to defend the US and California Constitutions. SB277 violates the California Constitution which guarantees the right to a free and appropriate public education, and violates the United States Constitution which protects the right of privacy and religious freedom. This effort begins with the recall of Senator Richard Pan. Senator Pan was officially served his recall notice on June 1st, and the notice was published in the Sacramento Bee on June 6, 2016.

The people of California Senate District 6 are recalling Senator Pan not only because of SB277, but for a history of self serving politics and conflicts of interest. In addition to authoring SB277, Senator Pan has made other egregious decisions, including accepting per diem pay for traveling around Sacramento between his two residences. The per diem is intended for out of town legislators because the district they represent is far from Sacramento, but Senator Pan charged tax payers $52,000 for his travel between his two homes and the Capitol. Additionally, Senator Pan was not living in the district he was representing when he served his second term in the State Assembly. Senator Pan purchased a second home because in 2011 the district lines were redrawn, and he wanted to avoid having to square off with incumbent Assemblyman Democrat Roger Dickinson. This is known as carpetbagging, and it is illegal. Los Angeles County prosecutors had filed charges in recent years for residency issues against Democratic politicians, Senator Rod Wright and Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcón; however Senator Pan has never been formally charged by Sacramento County Prosecutors. District Attorney Jan Scully thought it wise to overlook the issue and endorse him instead. Senator Pan also has a history of working with Pharmaceutical companies, which is highlighted in a 2003 study he participated on about the direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs. In the study Senator Pan has listed a conflict of interest, as he received speaker fees from Merck Frosst to produce a public service announcement on their varicella immunization.

In Senator Pan’s response to this committee's recall notice, he wrote, “Sadly some are using the recall process to spread mistruths about vaccines ,” and he says people are counting on him to “make sure science - not hysteria - is the basis of laws made in your legislature.”  This is incorrect.  This Committee is recalling Dr. Pan because he has failed to uphold his oath of office and defend (apply) our Constitution. This effort is to redress an attack on basic natural rights and the right of parents to raise their children free of government intrusion. Senator Pan is promoting hysteria, pushing vaccine mandates based on hypothetical situations, void of reason and rational discussion. California's vaccine rates have never been higher and our schools have never been safer. This bill will not improve public health, it will segregate a small number of kids who use a Personal Belief Exemption (PBE, 2.54% of entrants). There is simply no need for this intrusion from our government, and it sets a precedent for future intrusion.

We the People of California's Senate District 6, on behalf of all Californian's who value parental rights and personal freedoms, ask you to help us in this fight. If you do not want to see the same government intrusion in your state, please help us set the tone in California. Help us remind our politicians who they are elected to work for, and that we value the United States Constitution ind individual freedom above political gain. Help us protect our basic human rights, as no individual must ever be mandated to submit to any medical procedure with known risks as a prerequisite for entry into public domain.  

Please help us stop mandates like this from happening in the future. Visit www.recallpan.com and donate to this worthwhile cause. This is not just a California issue, this affects all of us. Please help us change the system.

- Recall Pan Committee

- Recall Pan Committee
FPPC ID: 1377741
PO Box 1452
Elk Grove, CA 95759
[email protected]


Catherine Valenzuela

We need to all take him to court

Dennis Vicars

I would go after Pan in a broader way. He did not live in his District , which is illegal, until it was reported and the District Attorney (Scully) refused to prosecute. Wesley, from LA, did the same thing and went to jail. I would ask for an investigation and make it VERY public. Make him explain! Of course the BEE will always hide out for its Dems but I would make this public and let him and the prosecutors office defend his illegal election.


Excuse me, I need to correct my last statement. The three vaccines at the end of the list were mandated.



You can take a bike helmet off. You can take a car seat off. You cannot ever remove a vaccine once injected.

Remember Seldane? Vioxx? Darvon? Accutane? Trasylol? DES? Micturin? Palladone? Propulsid? Zelmid? Quaalude? Zelnorm? Oral polio vaccine? Rotashield vaccine? Whole cell pertussis vaccine (DPT)?

Just a few of the long list of drugs given the seal of approval and put on the market by doctors, scientists and the FDA and given to millions of patients before they were taken off the market for KILLING or MAKING PEOPLE VERY SICK. Bad enough as it is, at least the drugs weren't mandated to be taken by every man, woman, child, and fetus.


This whole page is ridiculous. You argue against vaccines when science has not proven the link you insist is there. Are you a doctor? A scientist? Have you done research studies on hundreds or thousands of individuals to prove your ridiculous opinions? I bet the answer is no.

And the group that says "it's not about the vaccines, it's about the overreaching government" is a crock. Do you put your kids in safety seats in the car? Do you make them wear bike helmets? Why are those issues not "overreaching government" issues to fight against? Because you all are basing your ideas on your personal opinions, not facts or science. Your idiocy shouldn't put other kids, who legitimately CAN NOT have vaccines at risk.


Btw, the above words of Senator Richard Pan MD are those of a delusional & disturbed madman. Honestly, I cannot remember when a man like him was in power in America with the potential to do so much actual harm to so many Americans.

California better wake up fast and make this #sb277 Referendum a done deal, before the totalitarian toxic nightmare becomes real for all of America.


But the issue of #SB277 IS about whether vaccines are good, or bad. If vaccines were truly "good", people would voluntarily line up waiting for hours, even camping out for days like bargain-hunters anticipating Black Friday sales, with all the usual behaviors that goes along with something that EVERYONE wants.
The fact that parents are so vehemently against vaccines is not because they have decided to live off the grid, it is because vaccines are inherently extremely DANGEROUS.
It's simply self-preservation & protecting one's offspring.


Private schools are included in SB277, people! This is a common misunderstanding, including by media and even authorities or politicians speaking about the bill. SB277 includes all public and private schools. Just wanted to clarify again since some comments mention private school. It's strange that there was no outcry against this part of the bill. Many have reported that private schools they have spoken with weren't even aware of the bill's existence. If true, then I suspect there will be much more outrage and activism dedicated to overturning this bill in the near future-once people find out about it. Thanks for helping to spread the word, nationwide and globally. This fight is all of ours, it's true.


End the NVCP. It's the only solution that will present any sanity to this trend.


What a tit. Dr. Pan needs a needle.


@ cia parker,

California and possibly the whole US is rapidly becoming a 3rd world country which is denying schooling to large population of children and poisoning majority with toxic vaccines.

At this point, I guess, the parents who won't allow mandatory poisoning of their children have 3 major choices: 1) to emigrate from this evil state to other state or even country (especially Silicon Valley should be encouraged to move to a people friendly state such as Texas, Virginia etc.), or 2) to form educational cooperatives by hiring good teachers or perhaps grad students to teach their kids. In fact such teaching may be much more effective than the public, where most kids are brain damaged. The parents should demand from the state a full reimbursement for private schooling, as large part of our taxes goes to pay for public education.

Very soon, the public schools in Cali will become similar to those in D.C. - the rotten nests of juvenile criminals, because severely vaccine poisoned children will be autistic, very aggressive and violent. Apparently this is what the idiotic Cali regime wants - to create a perfect environment for chaos, riots and revolution.

cia parker

Even the private schools would have to comply with the vax law. I've been wondering about the coops people are talking about for homeschoolers, there must be a number of students beyond which it would be considered a private school and have to require the vaccines mandated. Anyone know how that would work?


No school, no college, no workplace!!! We are talking extreme segregation here!


Even if the recall effort is unsuccessful, I'll bet you it will cost Dr. Peter Pan more than the $95,000 he received from Big Pharma to defend from the attack. But, then again, Pharma will probably pay for his recall problems and then some. He will probably find cash in a paper sack on his front porch. In any case we will not vaccinate, no matter what they say. We have home schooled since 1982 but even if we did not we would still not submit. I don't know why anyone would want their schools anyway. Don't submit, don't comply, push back hard.


How can anyone not see the grand scheme? The U.N., W.H.O., Gates and now Gov. Brown all have "mentioned" population control. Now, their focus is to vaccinate on a global level while profiting regardless if a child/person fall to injury or death. They have projected SALES of 100 billion all nicely charted. Not one item on those graphs said anything about saving children!! Our Doctors have been turned into used car salesman, pushing vaccines knowing darn well the side effects that go along with them. I hope enough people can rise up and reverse this before other states follow.

John Holliday

I cant wait until that Richard Pan is out of office, what a self serving disgusting mongrel of a human being that was voted in by us the taxpayers. The I.R.S should look into his business records and they should conduct a through search warrant of his premises. Pan thinks he's smart but a dirty Politician always leaves a trail of evidence. Its a matter of time before his life is turned upside down. Its time see how many skeletons Pan has in his house.


This may put a dent in Pans sick plans

Hans Scholl

Agreeing and loving the comments by Dsnchi & Jenny

The special schools full of disabled children are a vaccine crime against humanity sb277




I will also donate to this cause as Pan is a Pawn and a willing participant in the vaccine fraud and misrepresentations made by him and others.

The evidence has been in since the 90's and the obvious fact is that vaccines do not protect but by their very nature place one at risk. If the vaccines were safe there would be no need to lie about their efficacy. The whole point of a vaccine is to decrease the risk of serious injury from a pathogen that your body had been exposed to in a control and safe fashion. Thus anyone vaccinated should logically be as safe as they could humanly possibly be. There is no possible way to remove the wild type pathogens- those found in nature -either and typically the people that get infected most often are actually persons already vaccinated the literature is replete with articles detailing and documenting these facts on the various pathogens including but not exclusively measles, rota virus, polio, and numerous others .

You are vaccinated and your kids are vaccinated why worry?

They worry because despite years of lying and stealing from the people via tax dollars the truth is out that the only life long immunity comes from wild type viruses not lab vaccines and It is therefore an admission that the science or the vaccines themselves are a fraud.

Further this is a punitive and divisive measure meant to ostracize the families and expose the parents and their children to scorn ridicule and mockery, done intentionally to inflict emotional distress and is a typical tactic to the political party that he is intimately associated with as there really is no substantive science to underpin or buttress their concerns or theories and appears to simply be more musings from mad men. The one ideation that is often propped up and is not only non scientific in it's origin but complete and utter nonsense and it' the Holy Grail of the vaccine proponents – herd immunity. This concept is based upon the idea that 95% (and some now say 100%) of the population must be vaccinated to prevent an epidemic. This is nonsense on its face and perfect for vaccine zealots as it appears difficult to disprove and it is for them because they simply do not want to know the truth no matter how compelling the evidence and the evidence is overwhelming.


Gary Ogden

Laura Hayes, you are an inspiration, from your speeches at the rallies (thankfully usually late in the program, as the Amtrack bus drivers don't seem to be able to find the Capitol in the easiest downtown in the nation to navigate), your various comments here and elsewhere, and your gutsy, righteous spirit. You mentioned the Medical Board of California. I mulled filing a formal complaint for two months, but after the Senate floor vote, especially with the imperiousness of the dictatress, I did so. I received a reply indicating they really didn't understand the nature of my complaint, so I am composing a lengthy, fully-footnoted revised complaint explicating in detail why Pan should be frog-marched out of his capitol office and thrown into the Sacramento County Jail on a no-bail warrant, and forwarding it to the District Attorney and the Attorney General, in case the Medical board doesn't have subpoena powers (to look at his emails). The key provision in the law is the Business and Professions Code, Section 2001.1. Please, everyone, file a complaint, and make it airtight. His role as a legislator consists in furthering the sales of the drug lords, and this is a violation of Section 2001.1.
Also, Aaron, thanks for this fine piece. We cannot allow the scoundrels to get away with turning our state into a wholly-owned subsidiary of the kleptocracy; they mustn't have a moment's peace. I've spent the past two days being infuriated with Brown's despicable treatment of Otto Coleman. What kind of human being would kick a child in a wheel chair out of his office for bringing a demand for redress of grievances? Certainly not one who belongs in a position of leadership, nor one you'd even invite for Thanksgiving dinner. He should be recalled as well.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Yes indeedy, this law sets a precedent for future intrusion! The adult schedule is coming folks, and all we are going to need to set off martial law, etc, a nightmare scenario is: a real or manufactured pandemic. "Just saying," watch the media grab the carrot of the poor woman who died of the measles. No disrespect to anyone intended. What is intended is: the carrot's out there. The carrot or the stick, folks. Happy 4th of July, and get ready to fight for freedom all over again.

Tim Lundeen

The whole point of this bill is the clause that instructs the California Dept of Health to add more mandated vaccines, so we will be up to ~70 in short order (versus the ~25 we have now). This will increase Merck's profits by $100s of millions of dollars per year. (Even though you can get an exemption from these added vaccines, most people will just get them because they will be told that they are mandatory. No one will tell them that you can get an exemption.)

All the rest of the bill is camouflage for this key provision, which sailed through the process untouched.

The bill will not change vaccination rates very much, but the numbers will look better than they really are, because most kids with personal belief exemptions are partially vaccinated, many just needing one or two to be fully-vaxxed.

It would be plausible if the fully-unvaxxed rate dropped from 0.9 to 0.8 (because some of these people will just leave the state, the rest will not vaxx). For the 1.6% partially-vaxxed kids, maybe half will just get the one or two that they missed to stay in school, the rest will get a medical or leave the school system. So if SB277 ever goes into effect, the actual rate of never-or-mostly-unvaxxed will not change much. Net could be 0.8 never-vaxxed, 0.8 partially-vaxxed, totallying 1.6% not fully vaxxed vs 2.5% now.

Hopefully the bill will never go into effect, with possible routes to kill it of a referendum, a California Proposition for Medical Civil Rights, or a court overturning it.


That comment was directed to "no-vac."


It is not true that you can just elect to enroll your child at a private school, now that this law has passed. SB277 applies to private schools as well.


In Cali there are many private schools, which don't require vaccinations. Parents should consider them and demand reimbursements for child education from the state. Also, the parents should take over public school buildings and open private/community run, vaccine free schools in them.

@Carol Waters

I believe you about more stripping of rights. In Scotland they have a state appointed guardian for each child. As someone said it illiminated the need for much of anymore surveillance and all done under the guise of "health" and "best interest of the child." Sickening. We also see what's happening in Australia. It's go time.


Laura Hayes, I used to believe that we needed to SEEM to be going along with the propaganda in order to make the point that, even if you believe in the propaganda, vaccine mandates are unnecessary.

You have convinced me. We cannot go along with it. If it's wrong, it's wrong.

Vaccines are making our children sicker, more disabled, and increasing the pediatric death rate.

We can no longer make a case for vaccines having a positive effect on public health.

It's time for truth.


Jenny, you're absolutely right. ("100% compliance, while adding only marginally to their profits, would accomplish the elimination of a much bigger threat to the vaccine makers, and its all about liability. It would get rid of any local control group if someone wanted to do a vax vs unvax study - shredding the evidence, if you will.")

They've already removed most possible control groups by vaccinating pregnant women.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Aaron Mills, for this excellent article and for all of your efforts fighting SB277 and recalling Pan!

I met Aaron a few months ago at a meeting shortly after SB277 was announced. A colleague had a meeting at her house, and Aaron and his wife were there. He was new to learning about all this and I am inspired and impressed by what a quick study Aaron has been. I remember seeing him at our first rally and thinking, wow, he's here and still involved. I had a huge smile inside and out, and was thrilled to have another dad joining this critically-important battle mostly fought by moms.

Aaron, I find your article excellent, but do take issue with one of your statements:

"California's vaccine rates have never been higher and our schools have never been safer."

High vaccination rates do not make our schools safer in any way, shape, or form. Quite the opposite, as we have more and more vaccine-injured children who are cognitively, medically, socially, and behaviorally vulnerable and challenged. Not only are our schools not safer, neither is our country, as who will be able to defend it as we continue to poison not only our children (via vaccines, toxic and nutritionally-lacking food, pesticides, toxic cleaners, poisonous flame retardants on clothing and furniture, fluoridated water, etc.), but everything we as humans need to survive? And goodness only knows what lab-created live viruses the vaccinated are shedding and spreading, not to mention we now know they are capable of harboring pertussis in their throats if exposed post-vaccination, without knowing it, all the while spreading it.

We must be careful not to continue the propaganda, which would include the lie that high vaccination rates make our schools safer. All they do is make our kids sicker and more disabled, or dead prematurely.

Danchi, couldn't agree with you more. After we RECALL PAN, he needs to have his medical license REVOKED. How dare the Medical Board of CA allow a doctor to prescribe, make that MANDATE, scores of medical procedures for millions of children he has never met, about whom he knows nothing...with each Rx carrying the risk of chronic illness, permanent disability, and death. Our CA Medical Board, if it had any ethics, should have been proactive in immediately disciplining Pan by stripping him of his license to practice medicine. Duh!

Thank you, Aaron, and your lovely wife, for all you are doing to help bring medical fascism and oppressive government to an end in CA. Glad to be in the trenches with determined and dedicated people like you!

barbara j

How many millions of us parents , grandparents, aunts and uncles, and siblings have been eye-witnesses to a child's journey from the vaccine visit , the deteriorating physical health , the developmental regression, to the diagnosis of autism? What a weak group we all are to allow ourselves, in such numbers , to be considered the liars. How can we allow more sacrifice of children? Kennedy apologized for calling this maiming of children a holocaust. History will tell of the millions of lives lost or destroyed and hearts will bleed asking 'how..why..did they let this happen?" " why did no one stop them" I'm sorry he apologized, it is no less than a holocaust.

Carol Waters

SB277 is CA's bill, but is only one of over a hundred state bills to strip parental rights that are moving across the country. Some states have defeated such bills, only to have them return in different forms. There is also a federal bill to strip parental religious and medical rights in the making. This movement to take away citizen's freedoms is CA's fight as the bill was recently made law. It's also ALL of our fight. Support CA and fight in your own state by getting involved! Together we can end this tyranny!


After Pan's sorry rear end is recalled, there should be a petition to remove his medical license. He has no business touching another child on this planet.


100% compliance, while adding only marginally to their profits, would accomplish the elimination of a much bigger threat to the vaccine makers, and its all about liability. It would get rid of any local control group if someone wanted to do a vax vs unvax study - shredding the evidence, if you will . . .

Bob Moffitt

Donation done ..wishing you guys all the best in your effort to "change the system" .. and .. recalling Pan is a great place to START.

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