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A Novel Idea: Getting Doctors on the Same Page About Vaccine Injury

Star Commenter(Editor's note: This detailed comment from Cia Parker about an earlier story, like so many of the 119,000 (!) comments we have published over the past seven years, deserves wide attention. Here it is, with some elaboration provided by Cia. Thanks, Cia, and all who take the time to comment and add so much to the richness of AOA's content)

I think a good way forward would be for both physicians and parents to read the same books, and then discuss them at a sort of book club meeting. Some states have already passed into law a requirement that patients attend an educational presentation by a doctor about the value and safety of vaccines. It would seem reasonable to require that physicians attend such meetings to discuss a book on vaccines which everyone had read, and would be more respectful than a lecture which privileges the physician's understanding of vaccines over that of those concerned about the rising tide of the vaccine-injured.

A discussion of one book which everyone had read would also keep it objective, so as not to get into "I've always been told that ... is a deadly disease, and the one in a million severely damaged by the vaccine is worth it," on one side, and "My child was healthy and normal until he got the ..., and then all hell broke loose and now he's ...., it would have been better to let him get ..., and what's more, ten children on my block reacted severely to the same vaccine," on the other. Talk about never the twain shall meet. 

There are dozens of excellent books which could be discussed, most of them exhaustively referenced, with extensive lists of works and studies cited, so that doctors wishing to refute them would have to attempt to do so while respecting the rules of professional debate.

It would be great to discuss Judy Converse's When Your Doctor is Wrong: the Hep B Vaccine and Autism? Get the doctors' opinion on Judy's doctors blowing her off when her son reacted to the hep-B vaccine just the way mine did, with prolonged inconsolable screaming (he had severe bowel symptoms as well, which my daughter did not). Get everyone's opinion on the extremely high number of children irreparably damaged by the vaccine, many times higher than the number of children diagnosed with hep-b in the US.

 A little boy whom a physician said had definitely reacted to the hep-B vaccine and had a severe seizure disorder, had died several times but was resuscitated. The mother said they had run out of insurance, and had no one who would help provide his round-the-clock, 24/7/365 care. Didn't qualify for Medicaid because her husband had a low-paying job. 

Get their opinion on the safety hearing in 1999 at which Judy testified, after which Merck said it would stop making the hep-B vaccine with mercury, as of September 1999, and yet it continued to sell the mercury-containing version for another two years (causing my daughter's vaccine encephalitis when it was given to her at midnight the day she was born, without permission, and her later-diagnosed autism). Judy's case was compelling enough for the congressional committee to invite her to testify on it, and yet she lost her case in Vaccine Court, which is all about dismissal and denial and cares not a jot about the vaccine-damaged.

 It's SO important to keep Americans from realizing how common and devastating vaccine damage has become, because what would happen to vaccine profits then? I would love to hear what the doctors have to say about that, and about its having been routine as recently as three years ago, maybe still is, to give that vaccine to newborn babies their first day of life, without even asking the parents' permission. In some hospitals. reactions to it became so common that nurses started carrying adrenaline injections around with them to intervene as soon as the newborn went into shock reacting to the vaccine for prostitutes and drug addicts.

Have everyone read Randall Neustaedter's The Vaccine Guide and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's Make an Informed Vaccine Decision, with statistics on the diseases, lists of vaccine side effects, descriptions of the most important recent studies on the dangers of the vaccines, discussions of the most common serious vaccine reactions for each vaccine, and descriptions of about twenty true VAERS reports with their case numbers.

And then ask the doctors why they think the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks. I'd like to ask you (an earlier commenter on the original post) the same: is it just because that's what they always say or is it what you honestly think based on your own research? If that's the case, which vaccines do you think are so life-saving that they're worth the risk? At this time we have one in nine kids with asthma. The Manitoba study showed that if you start the pertussis series at two months, as is usual, it causes one in nine kids to have asthma when they're seven. If you don't start till the baby is five months old, it lowers the risk of asthma to one in twenty.

Other studies have shown that those who don't get the pertussis vaccine at all have a risk of less than one in a hundred. In the US, 2300 people a year die of asthma. So the next question is whether pertussis is so deadly that these victims can be written off. Sweden did not give the pertussis vaccine for seventeen years, 1989 to 1997, and Arthur Allen says that pertussis did come back there, and that 60% of Swedish children got pertussis during those years, but there was less than one death a year from pertussis, less than the death toll from reactions to the DPT had been.

Japan stopped giving it because so many babies were killed or brain-damaged by it, and immediately saw its SIDS rate plunge to lowest in the developed world, while it had been in the middling range before. I let my baby get the DTaP three times, then she caught pertussis anyway at eight months and gave it to me. And it was no big deal. Alarming, uncomfortable, strange, long-lasting, yes, but not dangerous. She had started saying a few words by 18 months, but as soon as she got the DTaP booster at that time, they were erased immediately, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later.

Dr. Jay Gordon told his patients last year that measles is simply not dangerous to well-nourished, healthy children, and that's the bottom line. Measles is good for healthy children to get, gives permanent immunity, a stronger, better-trained cellular immune response, the ability to protect future infants, and protection from numerous diseases and cancers in later life. Febrile illnesses also produce developmental strides in young children, a welcome change from the developmental delays so often caused by vaccines. I had measles when I was a child: everyone did, everyone I knew had had it, and no one I knew or ever heard of had had a serious case of it. 

In the early 1960s, before the vaccine, the death rate from measles was less than one in 10,000 cases in children between three and ten. There were four million cases a year, because 99% of American kids got it by the age of 18. For most children it was a minor disease which they recovered from in about ten days. We need to have frank discussions about whether it's better to allow measles to come back, at least for those more afraid of the vaccine than the disease, or to continue disabling so many of our children with neurological and autoimmune disease caused by vaccines.

Mumps and measles are usually trivial diseases, but also good for training the immune system to appropriately strengthen the Th-1 response (vaccines skew it to an inappropriate preference for a Th-2 response, which can cause autoimmune disease).

We could all read and discuss Heather Fraser's The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, very dense and exhaustively referenced historical and present day analyses. And I'd love to see what the doctors would say about it. They've known for over a century that injecting anything into the body is liable to create an allergy to whatever injected substance the body reacted to.

When vaccine developer Maurice Hillemann developed Adjuvant 65-4 (65% peanut oil) he knew that it was likely to create peanut allergies where none had existed before, but he believed the risk/benefit analysis meant that even if it DID create peanut allergies, he believed the lives saved by vaccines which used it would outweigh the lives damaged or lost. 

We could discuss what he would say if he knew that as a result of his judgment call, that the vaccine is causing massive levels of peanut allergies within a couple of years of its introduction in dozens of countries.

We could discuss whether society has a right to insist that, for the sake of saving a certain number of children from dying of Hib meningitis, all babies be vaccinated with the Hib vaccine, when it is also aware that doing so is going to cause one in fifty American children to have peanut allergy, and some of them die from it. And discuss how Hib meningitis rose to become a real threat to American babies by the 1980s. It was rare in 1940, but became four times more common by 1950; it is thought that the huge increase may have been from the introduction of either antibiotics of the DPT at that time. Children who had recently gotten the DPT in the early 1950s were much more likely to get a paralyzing case of polio in the subsequent month, so much so that DPT vaccination was suspended during polio outbreaks.

During the years when Sweden did not give the pertussis vaccine routinely, it trialed the new DTaP vaccine there in the '80s, and immediately saw a great increase in its incidence of meningitis in these children. Japan, when it stopped giving the DPT, immediately saw its incidence of SIDS and meningitis plunge. Vaccines weaken overall immune response, with unintended negative results.

We could discuss how everyone carries several types of meningitis bacteria around with them at times, usually in the back of their throat, carrying, transmitting, and exchanging them. Most adults have achieved subclinical immunity to several kinds of meningitis without ever having become sick from them. Women give the antibodies to the kinds of meningitis to which they have been exposed to their babies when breast feeding. Only those who are unusually weak immunologically get clinical cases of meningitis, but that weakness is often caused by vaccination itself.

Is it justified to damage everyone's immune system and prevent them from achieving permanent subclinical immunity, for the sake of preventing a small number from being damaged or killed by the disease(s)? And the meningitis vaccines are notorious for the many kinds of damage they often cause, including death.

Then we could discuss autism. One in 36 American children is now diagnosed with it (U. of Minnesota 2013), up from three in 10,000 in a South Dakota study done in 1987. Discuss J.B. Handley's article "Autism not really on the rise? 96.4% Impossible!" in which he discusses the meticulous South Dakota study which looked at the records of every single child in the state, to make sure they didn't miss any autistic children. A hundred-fold increase in 30 years. 

I love the book The Age of Autism, with detailed, fully-documented evidence on how mercury, whether medicinally used or otherwise, has caused the destruction of the bodies and minds of millions of people, from the all-purpose calomel of bygone days, the Tylenol of yore, the use of mercury to treat syphilis (and it really did control symptoms) while it also eventually caused paralysis and dementia, the nineteenth-century version of Alzheimer's. How it killed children when used in teething powders, caused the first cases of autism when used as a preservative in the diphtheria vaccine, created new kinds of mental illness which for the first time, in districts of industrial pollution, exploded and blew the roof off.

Then Evidence of Harm, with detailed accounts of babies who regressed into autism shortly after getting their vaccines. One father called Merck, whose agent explained to him patiently that thimerosal, 50% ethylmercury by weight, was just an innocuous germ-killer sort of like lemon juice. Also detailing how hard the government has fought to conceal the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of the harm mercury has done to so many millions of people. And let the people describe what happened to our children as a result of vaccination.

It would be fun to discuss these texts and hear what the doctors thought of them. Look at the big picture, and go way beyond a cut-and-dried "This many children died of --- in 19--, but now it's only ---. Indisputably owing to the introduction and use of the vaccine. Therefore everyone has to get the vaccine."

But we know ahead of time that the only possible conclusion would be that it is the well-informed parents who would have the right and the duty to make the final decision whether to accept or reject some or all of the proffered vaccines. It would be a GREAT way to inform the parents and the doctors as well. We could even discuss some of Dr. Offit's books, I've read several of them and have underlined passages on every page with notations as to why what he says is demonstrably untrue. So far Dr. P. has refused to publicly debate anyone from our side about vaccines, most recently Dr. Toni Bark. Why do you think that is?


Cia Parker is the mother of a fifteen-year old daughter who had encephalitic reactions to two vaccines which caused her autism and severe language disability. She homeschools her now, since the public schools have no method for instructing autistic students. 


Mandatory Terrorism

Golly, there is evidence that certain herding breeds have a genetic reaction to certain drugs:
But ALL HUMANS react THE SAME to all vaccinations!

DAILY KOS says its a conspiracy theory to say otherwise. Because DAILY KOS must be getting mucho bucks from pharma. They can't possibly be that stupid!

Mandatory Terrorism

Great post CIA!

VIOKAA (Vaccine Injury Otherwise Known as Autism

Cynthia Cournoyer

The people in the health industry actively, yes deliberately and actively, disregard any information coming at them. This is the only possible explanation for their wholehearted embrace of the vaccine philosophy that says, vaccines are safe and effective.

We learn from those health care workers that left the industry because they felt they could no longer go against their conscience. The idea that vaccines are doing more harm than good is devastating to the status quo.

Those who still administer vaccines? Too dangerous to read package inserts and then investigate. Too dangerous to be curious about anything vaccine related. Just ignore common sense and go along to get along. Put the blinders on... la la la la, hands over ears!

Jenny Allan

John Stone comments "It is dismaying to see people like Godlee, Goldacre, Wager posing successfully as arbitrators of research ethics."

Indeed John. Both of us made representations to Lord Leveson concerning lies, inaccuracies and ethical transgressions in the Deer & Godlee BMJ 2011 articles and editorials, which accused Dr Andrew Wakefield of 'fraud' and deliberate falsifications. Leveson chose to ignore our well presented factual evidence, although he did have a sarcastic dig at COPE, then with Liz Wager in charge. Leveson said complaints to COPE 'went round in circles'. Too right!! My complaint to COPE about the Deer/Godlee BMJ articles was referred straight back to Godlee at the BMJ. I wondered why I bothered.

Later, I found out COPE was a 'revolving door'. Past Chairpersons include Godlee and her then co-editor Harvey Marcovitch; both of whom co-wrote the accompanying editorial to Deer’s first BMJ article ‘How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed." The editorial was titled:- ‘Wakefield’s article linking MMR vaccine and autism was fraudulent’, (Godlee, Marcovitch and Smith), both articles dated 5-01-11.

There's NOTHING remotely 'ethical' about these BMJ articles, or COPE's refusal to properly censure them. Obviously COPE is about 'window dressing' and NOT 'publication ethics'

John Stone

Hi Jenny,

Yes, very much to the point although several years later. Of course, they did publish Dhillon's letter but they refused to publish either David Lewis's excellent report or even an extended letter from him - what they did publish was a highly censored letter and unprofessionally abusive response from Deer. This was all happening with John Walker-Smith's case immediately pending in the High Court, and I guess was also significantly the moment of Ben Goldacre's retirement from regular journalism - it would have been very embarrassing for him to have faced any questions on these matters.

It is dismaying to see people like Godlee, Goldacre, Wager posing successfully as arbitrators of research ethics and critics of the industry: what a smokescreen!

Jenny Allan

@ John Stone
Ah yes! Editor Fiona Godlee's 'management' of the British Medical Journal's Rapid Responses. The one I remember best is that 'pesky' Royal Free Histopathologist, Professor Amar Dhillon's response to Brian Deer's BMJ article in response to Dr David Lewis's letters, which challenged the pathologically unqualified Deer's (pun intended)claims the Lancet 12 childrens' bowel biopsy results were deliberately altered and falsified.

Prof Dhillon explained the childrens' diagnoses were made following intensive clinical discussions by a multidisciplinary team, a point also made by team member clinical paediatric gastroenterologist Prof Simon Murch at the GMC hearing. Neither Godlee nor Deer have been able to discredit the testimony of these two excellent doctor/scientists, although a disgruntled Godlee made strenuous attempts to discredit ALL of Dr Wakefield's 1998 Lancet Co-Authors. When this failed miserably, she wrote a BMJ article in collaboration with her COPE crony Liz Wager, claiming all UK research scientists were 'at it'!!

These women have done immeasurable harm to the UK scientific and medical communities, not to mention the damage done to the reputation of a once well respected medical journal.

Thu, 2011-11-1British Medical Journal's Rapid Responses.7 09:10
A personal statement by Amar Dhillon in response to “Pathology reports solve “new bowel disease” riddle” (BMJ 2011;343:bmj.d6823). This statement is not a formal representation of UCL’s position.

Mary D

I was disgusted when my pediatrician friends started giving this to newborns for NO REASON. Just because their corrupted professional organization told them to. This was based on about 25 cases in the whole USA in one year. And these were mainly day care kids, an irrelevant group for many families who care for their own children in ways with less exposure.

Gary Ogden

Excellent column. One thing we all can do is educate everyone we encounter in our daily lives about vaccines. I do this with everyone, and am usually pleasantly surprised how receptive people are. Most folks I talk to no longer trust the government, so it's not much of a stretch to get them thinking about trusting vaccines. The British people managed to force Parliament to overturn the vaccination mandate. We face vastly more powerful forces, but we must do it, too. It can only come from the grassroots. We have many scientists and physicians on our side, and bless them for their courage, but they are essentially silenced in the mainstream media. We, however, can undermine the leviathan that is destroying public health by talking to everyone about the dangers of vaccines, their history, and the utter lack of evidence in their favor. The ignorance and incompetence of the health bureaucracies, like that on full display in the California legislature and governor's office is the reason we are where we are. They do not want an educated public. They are, in fact, the enemy of health, but they're either not smart enough to understand such a concept, or they're more concerned about job security (for understandable reasons) than public health.

Donna L.

Heck, I'd settle for having them just read a package insert.

John Stone

A decade ago a group of people including myself were making a valiant effort to argue back daily in British Medical Journal's Rapid Responses. Against this background in one thread there was a notable interjection from a lady called Valerie Iles, who ran a National Health Service consultancy called "Really Learning":

"What a pity that these rapid responses demonstrate so clearly the point Paul Bellaby is making. There is a need for unemotional, succinct, informed discussion that the public can follow, and every time people capable of making that input leave the floor to the kinds of contribution made here then they are allowing the public to think there is no other argument."

Of course, soon after Fiona Godlee who was just taking over took the hint and decided to restrict comments. They have always known that couldn't win if there was free discussion, and we should never cease to remind them of it.

Angus Files

Great article and fresh perspective for me, which I can only dream about ,never the twain.

Possibly a new book could be
A Day in The Life Of A Doctor Injecting Children To Their Graves.

It brings home to me how powerful divide and rule is when us parents are having to stand back and watch other parents fall over the Autism cliff oblivious to the fall the child and parents are going to take to their graves, despite all the talking the shutters of sense are down.


Laura Hayes

Excellent idea, Cia, to have a book club type meeting with parents and doctors! What an education THAT would be...most especially for the doctors as the parents of the vaccine-injured and vaccine-killed, who've made it their personal life missions to figure out what happened to their once-healthy babies, and who valiantly and persistently try to prevent it from happening to other babies, would SCHOOL them!!!

Thank you for this superb article. Sharing it now!

cia parker

I think the only way to wrest control of our lives from the hands of the pharmaco-medical kleptocracy is to restore power to the people by reading, education, and discussion, the traditional ways of teaching both true information and the love of the Enlightenment values which have been the strength of Western civilization. Meet with people out of the reach of the tools of the pharmaceutical hegemony, the mainstream media. I'm impressed by the efforts of Tim Donnelly's organization to get signatures for both the Referendum on SB 277 and for the Recall efforts: meetings to train signature takers have been organized all over the state, and many have already filled up.

cia parker

How could they censor a book club?

cia parker

I was thinking local book clubs rather than national television. We could even start them ourselves, and have meetings at the public library, which usually has free rooms for non-profit groups to use. Maybe put up flyers at health food stores advertising them. Invite the doctors of some of the members to attend. If they became popular, hospitals might start offering book clubs of their own, but the idea would be that everyone would read the same book, and everyone would be given the chance to give their opinion during the discussions. At this time, Pharma owns the mainstream media, so let's just go around that block: this would bring back a sense of democracy and human rights to public discourse on the most important topic of our time.

david m burd

Hi Linda1 - Yes, the polio vaccine was indeed "smoke, mirrors, and corruption". For several years in the early 1950's there was indeed a significant increase in polio "symptoms" including deadly paralysis of diaphragm muscles causing death by suffocation - hence the iconic photos of people in iron lungs to mechanically enable their breathing.

However, these "polio" episodes were in exact timing with literally hundreds of millions of pounds per year of applied agricultural neurological poisonous chemicals (such as DDT) being a new way to increase Ag production. Medical papers from that era actually cite mothers' breast milk tested strongly for DDT as much consumer Ag product was contaminated with such.

Then, with the Polio Panic in full cry, and with the advent of new "vaccines" the Med/Pharma industry redefined poliomyelitis to eliminate any cases that were indeed transient (meaning temporary muscle weakness) and thus were no longer counted as a polio case, and fraudulently claiming the new vaccine was effective. Smoke and mirrors at every level.

History that cannot be eradicated also shows many hundreds, indeed thousands, of kids and older adults were indeed killed BY the new vaccines, still happening today, and of course today just dismissed as coincidental.

As Cia has said, we ALL had polio infection in our first year or maybe later - before any polio vaccines - and virtually all passed into growing maturity with greatly enhanced health, brought by actually incurring the "disease."

Stand Up!

Cia, thank you, excellent.

Additional references dissecting the fraudulent, life-altering and life threatening act of vaccination--devoid of any benefit to humanity (and meticulously referenced)..

"Vaccination Is Not Immunization"...Dr. Tim O' Shea, DC

"Vaccination, All Questions Parents Should Ask"..Dr. Tedd Koren, DC

Also, for historical perspective on the dangerous and false paradigm that the practice of medicine at large continues to embrace..."Divided Legacy"..Harris Coulter-(one of several volumes written on this subject--can't remember which at this time)

Jeannette Bishop

Consumer demand, I think, would be a powerful motivator. If increasing numbers of parents move toward and insist upon only getting their "healthcare" from physicians that have demonstrated independent and factual vaccine history/risks/efficacy training (and maybe other elements of healthcare training), it will be hard IMO for the "mainstream" narrative to stay relevant.

I wonder if private certification processes (kind of like with organic food) could make it easier for parents to "shop" for a physicians, some kind of "stamp" a physician could advertise among his/her qualifications to demonstrate they undertaken independent vaccine history/risks/efficacy training (maybe something along the line of workshops taught by Dr. Tenpenny).

The government/corporations are working to compromise the meaning of "certified organic" so they can "compete," but with an educated consumer group driving that market, I don't believe they've succeeded in undermining the more trusted certification groups.

Conversely, perhaps something like membership in the AMA, could be something consumers choose to boycott...

Tim Lundeen

Thanks, Cia!

For people who are open-minded, I recommend Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries and d Roman Bystrianyk. Superb book.

For people who are devout vaccinationists, I suggest Vaccines 2.0 by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted, which might at least start them thinking about the issues.


It's a great idea but they will censor any notion of it just like Daily KOS did with a cartoon.


Excellent post, Cia. Given the facts, it is beyond comprehension that the vaccine program could even exist. I wonder if even the polio vaccine had any impact on what they were calling polio, or if that was all smoke and mirrors too.

Anne J

Maybe Sharyl Atkisson's upcoming new show might do something like this? Would be very eye-opening for many!

Bob Moffitt

Cia .. great column .. full of information that is well worth receiving .. re-examining once again .. while raising the serious question why the subject of vaccines has NEVER been given the exposure of national televised "debates" between highly qualified representatives of BOTH sides of the question:

Does the benefits of vaccines ... far outweigh the risks?

Unfortunately .. I think it safe to assume .. the possibility of having a nationally televised debate on this particular subject will NEVER happen. Why?

Because the "pro-vaccine" representatives will refuse to participate .. as evidenced by Paul Offit .. author and highly-regarded "pro-vaccine" expert and public advocate who .. for at least a decade .. absolutely refused to share a dais with a qualified representative of opposing opinions .. to participate in a serious discussion on the most basic .. critical questions .. raised in this essay.

Odd those supposedly having "science" on their side .. are the very ones who refuse to defend that "science" .. after having been given numerous opportunities to do so.

Unfortunately .. the vaccine cartel is quite satisfied to keep the discussion as it is .. where well paid "sock puppets" appear periodically on every major news-outlet .. spewing the same "talking points" over and over again .. with no voice given to those who have the information and expertise .. to challenge those "talking points".

The subject of vaccines has always been "one-sided" .. and .. it will stay that way as long as the vaccine cartel has the money to pay for it

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