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When is ‘Shaken Baby’ Syndrome Possibly Vaccine Injury Instead?

What ifBy Mary Romaniec

Perhaps it is just the cynic in me that I can rarely look at a media news story without a measure of skepticism.  And perhaps it is also that my job as a reporter has me looking at the story from a different angle. . .the one not reported. 

So when a seeming rash of ‘shaken baby’ syndrome stories began to appear with regularity in news segments and in print, I began to take notice because the “culprit” was immediately deemed some sort of derelict or troubled dirt bag with mental health issues that probably led to the assault on the infant. 

However my radar was up on the possible other side of these stories because of our family’s experience with vaccine injury.    You see, a vaccine injured infant can in fact mimic the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.  

In a 2001 article published in the Medical Sentiel, Dr. Harold Buttram, M.D., presented a compilation of 25 cases of individuals accused or convicted of SBS, drawing attention to the similarities of SBS symptoms and those of a child affect by vaccines.  It was Dr. Buttram’s contention that there are people in jail now, wrongly accused of something they did not do. 

Dr. Buttram wrote that what we are seeing a growth in is not SBS, but something entirely different: 

A New Syndrome? Based on observation and a limited but suggestive body of medical literature, it appears that we may be witnessing in many SBS cases the adverse effects from interactions of highly potent vaccines given in combination. These potentially include: Hepatitis B (hemorrhagic vasculopathies, autoimmune reactions, neuropathies), Hemophilus influenza (hypersensitization), tetanus (hyper-sensitization), and pertussis (hypersensitization, brain edema, and the effects of endotoxin in causing vascular inflammation and hyper-coagulability).

There now appears to be a new syndrome that develops within a 12-day period following immunizations, and which may include elements of adverse reactions from each of the vaccines listed above. The most important of these include brain edema and inflammation of blood vessels, resulting in increased fragility and friability of blood vessel walls. These in turn may lead to spontaneous hemorrhages from a shearing of subdural blood vessels and the development of subdural hematomas, thus mimicking what is now thought to represent the SBS.

These findings are as yet largely unrecognized because unsought. In the name of justice to those now wrongfully imprisoned for child abuse leading to the SBS, and to those who will be accused in the future, let us hope that this area receives the investigation that it deserves.

Our story

When my son was born in 1999 he had a cry that did not sound like a normal newborn’s cry.  It was high-pierced, almost shrieking.  When we brought him home it didn’t take long for the neighbors four doors down to tell us they could hear our son crying when they were in their living room. It was a distinctive cry so they knew it was our baby.  Later, we would identify that cry as part of the vaccine-induced injury brought on by the flu vaccine I had while pregnant with him.  He also was born with bilateral club foot, hypotonia and sensory issues. . .all indicative of mercury exposure in utero. 

The point is that our son did not present as a “normal” baby even at birth.  But rather than suspect that we were doing something untoward to our baby, our neighbors displayed only mild annoyance or a measure of pity. 

So when I received a text from one of the firefighters in town alerting me to a dead baby situation that I may want to report on, I hesitated a bit knowing that my paper tended to avoid stories of a sordid nature; not to mention the media storm that was about to surround this situation.  And I was right.  My angle of the story would have been pitted against both the official and the unknown details of the story. 

The apartment neighbors told police and investigators that the one month old baby boy just never sounded normal.  His cry sounded like he was in constant distress.  The mother was vilified in the press and beyond, as was the local police department and child protective agency. The case was blown up in the press with news channel vans planted outside the police department as the investigation unfolded. 

My instinct on this situation was entirely different than the official story of suspicion that the mother had done something to the baby, and the police department and social services were duplicitous in the baby’s death.  Instead I went to my editor and told him my suspicion of vaccine injury was well-founded based on what I know the symptoms to be.  And this one had all of the earmarks of a vaccine induced injury. 

Gratefully my editor took me seriously and reported just the police issued statement on the matter.  The final word was that the autopsy results would be made public within ten weeks.  Of course I knew the report would not actually be made public because they were not going to find anything “wrong” with the baby that would lead to charging the mother with abuse or neglect.  Turns out I was right on this part too as nothing more was reported on the situation. 

Perhaps one of the most notorious cases of SBS involved the death of infant in 1997 who was under the care of an au pair, Louise Woodward.  The case was in the headlines throughout the trial and beyond.  Physicians back then testified that the boy had a fractured skull and subdural hematoma along with retinal hemorrhaging, deemed indicative of SBS.  Woodward was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 15 years.  Her appeal reduced the charges to manslaughter and she was sentenced to time served and released in 2002. 

In all of this Woodward declared her innocence and even passed a polygraph before the trial.  One of the key physicians called to testify on behalf of the prosecution was Dr. Patrick Barnes, a pediatric radiologist who described the injuries of the infant as conducive to Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Barnes would eventually backtrack his position, suggesting he would not give the same testimony today.  He added that there is a revolution in understanding the kind of head injuries incurred by the infant, meaning there may be other attributable reasons. 

"We started realizing there were a number of medical conditions that can affect a baby's brain and look like the findings that we used to attribute to shaken baby syndrome or child abuse,” Barnes said. 

Leslie’s story

What brings this whole topic to mind at this time is that I witnessed someone I know well go through the same accusations of SBS and be brought to trial for injuries sustained by a baby in her day care.  This woman (I will call her Leslie) is the epitome of kind, caring, nurturer who would never harm any child, let alone one in her care.  She has two young children of her own to tend to, plus two well-adjusted teenagers she had raised as a single mother. 

So when the headlines blasted that she had been charged with SBS, I intuitively went to the part of the story not told.  The six month old infant had his well-baby check the day before where he received his scheduled vaccinations, which according to the recommendations of the CDC consists of:  DTaP, Prevnar, PCV, influenza, Hib, Hep A and perhaps another Hep B (no word on which ones he actually received).  

The next day the child was dropped off to Leslie’s home and within the hour the child was having difficulty breathing with the stiff unresponsive body of a child in seizure.  Intuitively, Leslie picked up the child and headed outside just in time to flag down a passing police officer who administered CPR and called for ambulance service.  That quick action actually saved the infant’s life, but the accusations that would fly would question her judgement of running outside versus calling 911.  Yet, if she had called and waited for help the infant likely would have died. 

After three years of aspersions of every kind cast on Leslie, the jury acquitted her on all counts in a matter of two hours of deliberation. 

It was then that I decided to reach out to Leslie and share with her my suspicions on the role the vaccines may have played in the boy’s injuries.  Information on the boy’s current disabilities was not made public, but I knew what they were: seizures, cognitive delays, low muscle tone and other neurological issues.  Leslie confirmed my suspicions and then I told her that within a year he would be diagnosed with autism.  She looked surprised by this.  “But he had bruises on him,” she said, with a look of wonder how bruises would have anything to do with vaccine injury or autism.  I later sent her information that explained a condition known as purpura, which is bleeding underneath the skin, linked as a reaction to number of vaccines, including some he may have received the day before he had a seizure in her home. 

Leslie elaborated that this boy cried for at least five hours a day, something the parents grappled with at home too.  The district attorney tried to suggest that Leslie got sick and tired of the crying and finally hurt the boy.  The boy’s pediatrician testified that the boy was perfectly healthy the day before, which Leslie found odd since the boy was a colicky mess of shrieking cries and a diaper that smelled atrocious. 

No, something was wrong with this boy, and now Leslie stood accused of the worst of it. 

Even after the acquittal Leslie knew the parents would sue her for civil damages and she would be forced to countersue for defamation. The nightmare seemed endless.  I began to send her links of vaccine injury which doctors are remiss to recognize and court systems even more so; which means that there are potentially countless others who may face this same scenario of an injustice they have to fight.  Her next lawyer would need to have the possibilities at least explained so that when a doctor is on the stand the astute lawyer can ask the pertinent questions.

While I am not a lawyer I would consider asking any physician on the stand if they have ever read the package inserts of a vaccine, followed by if they have ever had a child in their practice suffer significant vaccine damage as listed on the label of the vaccines.  I would probably also ask if the physician was familiar with the VICP, VAERS and if they ever filed a claim with either.  Then I would turn to the parents and have them describe the child’s behaviors before that fateful day, including the day he received his six month vaccines.  Something was wrong even before that day, and they probably felt that way too. 

A crisis of injustice

Stories abound around the country of SBS cases where the person was convicted and put on death row.  Yet, many in the medical and criminal justice community are beginning to take note of something else going on. 

Dr. Norman Guthkelch is the pediatric neurosurgeon who first wrote a paper on SBS, noting that some babies bleed on top of their brains, despite evidence of head trauma.  His paper, published in 1971, warned parents of the dangers of shaking their infants.  But now, Guthkelch says he has doubts about the way this theory is being used in courts of law, telling the Medill Justice Center project at Northwestern University, “because people are in jail on the basis of what they claim in my paper, when in fact it is nothing like it.” 

Indeed.  Perhaps it is something entirely different.  We need to start looking further at SBS for what it might actually be in some cases—vaccine injury. 

Mary Romaniec works as a reporter and is the mother of a child who recovered from autism by the age of four. In addition to mentoring hundreds of families around the U.S. and the world, her articles about autism have appeared in Mothering Magazine, Autism/Asperger Digest, Autism Today, Age of Autism and Journeys Magazine. She is the author of the upcoming book Victory over Autism: Practical Steps and Wisdom toward Recovery for the whole family. Victory Over Autism is available from Skyhorse Publishing.



All US citizens, call your public library and ask that they stock The Syndrome DVD documentary (debunking SBS!) They have budgets for requests and happily encouraged me every time! Our library in Jonesboro, Arkansas now has Vaxxed and The Syndrome, and I am requesting many more today! Man Made Epidemic, Trace Amounts, and The Greater Good! Please do the same locally!

Maya S C

In your third from last paragraph beginning: “Dr. Norman Guthkelch is the pediatric neurosurgeon who first wrote a paper on SBS, …” you wrote: “some babies bleed on top of their brains, despite evidence of head trauma.” I think you meant to say that: “some babies bleed on top of their brains, despite NO evidence of head trauma.” I hope you don’t me pointing this out in your otherwise very interesting article.

This so-called “Shaken Baby Syndrome” is a lie which has been cooked up by the pharmaceutical industry and those who are in cahoots with them. When are doctors going to have the decency to admit to us what they already know – that not only are vaccines unnecessary (i.e. they don’t work) but they are far too toxic for our tiny infants’ bodies to deal with. As for vaccinating pregnant women – they must know that this the most likely outcome is abortion! As a result, we are now looking at a generation of brain-damaged children that Big Pharma refuses to admit is due to their toxic crap, for fear of the massive lawsuits that will result when they do. It is also fair to say that since virtually all of our politicians are being paid off by Big Pharma, nothing is likely to be done about this situation in the near future.

Grace Green

When I was expecting my second son, in Lancaster England in 1984, I contracted an extremely nasty flu at about five months.
I could hardly breath. The GP who attended our house barely looked at me, and said it was my husband who should be in bed because he had a sore throat! Funny how they can change their story, when money is on offer.

david m burd

Betty Bona (and All), Thanks for the many comments documenting the horrors of Flu Shots, and focused on its killing of infants in the womb.

For many years the CDC and its various brain-washed Allies have touted and proclaimed that "pregnant women" are THE MOST IN NEED of the Flu shots. And, during the manufactured hysteria of the H1N1/Swine flu in 2009, pregnant women in the U.S. were coerced to taking 2 or 3 Flu shots comprising first the Summer months and then the Fall months after the newly concocted, horrendously toxic H1N1 shots rolled off the vaccine lines.

Story after story emerged in various news accounts of women spontaneously aborting, with an accurate count impossible, though some researchers put the toll into the many thousands. And this was in only one year,

Today's CDC website continues with their extolling and urging pregnant women as the most in need of their precious Flu shots. You can't make it up.


Check out the new documentary called The Syndrome on resetfilms.com. You may have to google that since I'm lousy at posting links.


I'm glad my livelihood does not depend on caring for infants and small children. I would be terrified of being blamed for an injury or death that was actually caused by vaccines.


Reading this reminds me again of the pain of the mothers in their third trimester who took the flu shot pushed on them maybe about 4 years ago, and how they felt their babies distress so terribly and then the child abruptly dying. Agonizing. (I shared this once before and I don't think it posted.)

It's what comes to mind every time I read of these early vaccinations, or any vaccinations.

for Chris

Well, well. It seems the sleeping giant may be awakening and the Democrats will be regretting the pharma pushing agenda all the more with someone like Trump now in the Presidential mix. Trump isn't coy about what he thinks! Pharma and politicians just got a little too greedy at childrens' expense. They really should have seen this coming. Pretty stupid of them and it will cost them. No one likes a party who would sell out its children.


SBS may go the way of Roy Meadow's Munschausen by Proxy "disease." Roy had several parents falsely accused of murdering their children. Remind you of Justina Pelletier? Roy Meadows was charged with misconduct. Sadly, of course some children have been shaken or abused but it seems that some in the medical field, such as a doctor in Arizona, just like to pursue this avenue for political reasons. Very sad for the families.


When is ‘Shaken Baby’ Syndrome Possibly Vaccine Injury Instead?


Every time.

Angus Files

Thanks Mary so many families destroyed by the accusation alone. Win or lose the stigma remains and destroys, I would guess.

Of course all that the "professionals" do know "its nothing to do with vaccines" Aye right!!


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Mary. To me SBS is an indication of the depths to which unquestioned, maybe fear-founded, institutions can descend... another aspect of vaccinating under "ends justify the means" mindset that teaches when people cannot proceed on a path with just means the ends cannot be anything but appalling.


It appears that California State Senator Richard Pan and his gang of Big Pharmaceutical lackeys have awoken a sleeping giant! The comments on the link below are damning, and CA SB 277 might prove to be the Waterloo for the comfortable California Democrat. If this passes the assembly and Brown signs this into law, we must have a long memory on the next Election Day, and break up this monopoly of a one party system in California!

OC GOP Opposes SB 277

Joy B

Apologies, everyone. Looks like I broke the board not closing the italics tags properly.

Joy B

"flu shot regulation".... er recommendation.

Joy B

I just checked the CDC schedule for birth-age 6, and now there's a cute little cartoon figure of a pregnant lady with the caption;

"Is your family growing? To protect your new baby and yourself against whooping cough, get a Tdap vaccine in the third trimester of each pregnancy. Talk to your doctor for more details."


Wow. Between this, the flu shot regulation, and the HepB at birth, they really are covering all of the 'born this way" bases, aren't they?

A TDAP vax in your third trimester, "of each pregnancy"?

"Yes please, Dr Mengele!"

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth is another dangerous protocol practiced since the mid 1980s. Asphyxia of some degree will occur if pulmonary respiration is not established quickly. Recovery from asphyxia also can cause post-recovery bleeding from stressed capillaries.

In the UK this past December, the protocol was modified, and the new mandate is to wait at least one minute before clamping the cord. Traditional textbooks taught that the cord should not be tied until pulsations in it cease, which occurs after the fetal heart valves have closed.

How many children live with heart problems due to improper closure of the fetal valves? Read Tedy Bruschi's book, "Never Give Up."

Ailsa Boyden

Australia's now-deceased "Australian Greek of the Century" Dr Archie Kalokerinos wrote about one vaccinated baby who developed a high-pitched scream almost immediately it was vaccinated and did not stop screaming until it was given an injection of vitamin C.

He wrote about one infant's brain swelling so much following vaccination that it was protruding (under the skin of course) through the baby's fontanelle opening.

According to Dr Kalokerinos,a vaccination can increase a person's need for vitamin C for up to a week or more following the vaccination and that it is unwise to vaccinate when vitamin C levels are deficient.

If one vaccination can increase a baby's need for vitamin C, imagine how great is a baby's need for vitamin C when they are given multi-vaccinations at the one time.

Babies' deaths from vaccinations are under-reported. It is time this abomination ceases.

If possible, read Dr Kalokerinos's book "Every Second Child" Note how a lot of babies/children suffer from unrecognized sub-scurvy conditions and vaccinating them at such a time is definitely not wise.

Betty Bona

Some people believe that the reason for our high infant mortality rate has everything to do with our NICUs saving more premature babies only to have them die in early infancy. I can't believe the numbers are really that high, and no one has explained to me why our NICUs are so much different than the NICUs in other developed countries with lower infant mortality rates. They say they don't save as many preemies as we do in the US, but I wonder if they even have as many as we do. It has made me think of another trend that may be almost as heartbreaking as the SBS trend.

More and more of the young mothers I know are having shorter pregnancies, and the cause I see most often is placental abruption, but sometimes no cause is known. I don't have any statistics on the number of early pregnancies or abruptions, but I feel sure it is rising, and I think the cause may be the flu shot, with or without mercury. As Suzanne Humphries explains, immune activation from the flu shot is not conducive to a continuing pregnancy. (I heard Lipkin say the same thing about immune activation, but he said pregnant women should get the flu shot to avoid the immune activation involved with actually contracting the flu!?!) I've been looking specifically at the interaction of the flu shot with thyroid since I know so many people who have low thyroid issues now.

We aren't great a determining when someone needs to be supplemented, and a bigger problem may be that supplementing with T4 (like synthroid) does no good when too much T4 is converted to reverse T3 rather than the active form of T3. This reverse T3 is a mirror image of T3, but is inactive and blocks the binding site for T3 making it unable to do it's thing. It makes since that, as part of sickness behavior, we would have a mechanism to slow down metabolism. So when we are sick, the body converts more of the T4 to reverse T3 and metabolism is slowed. Nature is smart. When we have immune system activation (it's a bit like being sick), there may also be some increased conversion of T4 to reverse T3 rather than to regular T3. I have read that toxic metal exposure also increases the conversion of T4 to reverse T3. I understand that hypothyroidism can lead to placental abruption (though I don't have a paper to site). Hypothyroidism could result from the increased conversion of T4 to reverse T3. Maybe the reason we have more preemies that we save in the NICUs than other countries is because we give the flu shot to pregnant women. (I hope I have presented my theory well enough.)

If we are actually increasing the number of early terminations of pregnancies with the flu shot partly through this thyroid mechanism, it is really sad for all these young mothers not to know the real cause. They tend to blame themselves for that glass of champagne on their anniversary or the fact that they didn't totally give up caffeine or aspartame or whatever other minor missteps they made. I would love to see research on the number of pregnancies ending in abruption where the moms received flu shots versus the number where the moms did not get the shot. We don't have any safety studies on the flu shot in pregnancy or the flu shot with mercury in pregnancy, so shouldn't we be entitled to this?

Dr. William Gaunt

Mary, your writing style is so clear and inviting. It gently pulls the reader along. Great article. Thanks.


I read about shaken baby syndrome - is really a vaccine injury years ago in "A Shot In the Dark".

A dog can grab a hold of it's prey and give it a good shake - but the aim is to break the neck, and that is what it does, not to shake the brain.

I wonder if this regular doctor that came up with this idea was an observer of dogs and how they love to shake things? If so he missed the point, just as he missed the really reason a baby's brain begins to bleed.

Of course - his theory became very famous - because Pharma and the head of big medical federal government agencies did need an out on these infant mortaility rates.

John Stone

Thanks Mary

There's a host of valuable articles on this topic by Ed Yazbak, originally published in 'Red Flags' but now available from vaccination news. Here are some links:


The position is even more hopeless in the UK where challenging orthodoxy on SBS on the part of a doctor is almost certain to end up with an invitation to be tried before the General Medical Council.

Bob Moffitt

What has always troubled me is the eager "rush to judgment" of first-responders and emergency room staff .. to suggest the infant in distress "shows signs of injuries" consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

The moment that suggestion is made .. all other possibilities are too often ignored .. and .. you can all but guarantee an investigation by local police and child welfare staff will focus almost exclusively on the "last person" that cared for the child .. demanding that "person of interest" explain how the "injuries" occurred. In far too many instances .. aggressive investigators encourage the accused to admit "something" must have happened and an honest refusal to make any "admission" is immediately judged the same as denying "guilt" of causing the injuries.

At that point .. greatly aware of the extensive media coverage of "child abuse" cases .. everyone involved .. police, medical staff, Child protective services and District Attorney's .. will do everything possible to punish the "suspect" for his/her heinous crime.

In those instances where no admission is made .. prosecutors simply make up their own explanation .. such as .. the baby's constant crying caused the accused to violently shake the baby out of frustration.

Unfortunately .. that the child's existing fragile physical condition .. such as .. brittle bones .. could be possible for creating the symptom of actual "physical injuries" .. and .. adverse reactions to vaccines .. which offer plausible explanations for bruising or bleeding on the brain .. in far too many instances .. will be ignored .. in favor of prosecution of the accused.

In any event .. it seems conspicuously odd that infants in America .. arguably the wealthiest, most technologically advanced country in the developed world .. has a dismal "infant mortality" rate when compared to other less wealthy and advanced developed nations. Especially odd is the fact the USA has the most aggressive vaccination policies in the entire world.

Why should that be? Are we to believe infants in our nation are somehow "genetically inferior" to other nation's? Are we to believe infants in the USA are dying in higher numbers because parents are placing them on their backs instead of their stomachs when they are sleeping?

Again .. just as the failure to investigate a child's fragile physical development or vaccines leads to unwarranted prosecutions for child abuse .. the potential .. extremely plausible . main"reason" for our dismal "infant mortality" rate is not SIDS .. but .. numerous toddler vaccines .. which to this day remains unexamined.

To make matters even more odd .. the USA now has a growing number of Sudden Unexplained Deaths (SUDS)being assigned as the "cause" of death for older children .. including perfectly healthy teens .. who die "unexpectedly"


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