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Vaccines: The Science Has Spoken

Strike reverseBy Cathy Jameson

The Science has spoken. 

Until it changes its mind. 

The following headlines and images remind us that sometimes Science has some catching up to do.  Sometimes Science needs an update.  And sometimes Science needs to rewrite a textbook or two.

Rrewrites happen when Science flip flops. 

Image source: Google images

Butter ISN'T bad for you after all: Major study says 80s advice on dairy fats was flawed

Science needs an update because sometimes Science doesn’t have all the answers it thinks it does. 

Image source: Google images

Red wine is good for you!

Wait. No, it’s not

Image source: NYTimes

Sometimes, Science thinks it know everything.  During the 1930s, Science must have thought it knew everything about cigarette smoking.  Science was so confident that it even encouraged doctors to promote cigarette smoking.  

But decades later, the message about smoking cigarettes was a little bit different. The Science, and now doctors, said that cigarette smoking was dangerous to your health. 

Image source: USAToday

Science, and some doctors, act as if they are the ultimate authority.  Sometimes they aren’t and they have to backpedal.  That happened after the fast-tracked HPV vaccine was introduced in the mid 2000s.  When the HPV vaccine landed on the US vaccine schedule, three doses were recommended. 

Image source: Google images

A few short years later, the headlines read One HPV vaccine dose ‘enough’ for cervical cancer prevention.

Image source:

For many girls who’d already received more than one dose, including the ones who’d been compensated for vaccine injuries received from the HPV vaccine,  learning that one dose was ‘enough’ was too little too late

But the Science, including Vaccine Science, has spoken.  And screw anyone who doesn’t want to listen to it. 


Vaccine Science has been very vocal.  It’s loud, in your face, and it steals headlines.  It’s been rather brusque lately, but those of us who stopped listening to Vaccine Science can tell that it’s gotten louder because it’s trying desperately to get the last word in.  This video is a good example of that.

Image credit: C-SPAN

In the video, the CDC’s Anne Schuchat, M.D., who is also the director of the National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Disease, doesn’t just cite inaccuracies in the name of Vaccine Science but she attempts to fabricate facts about Dr. Wakefield, his findings, and that “article”.  Schuchat claims that it was just flat wrong.  She also implies that dozens of better studies – ones that do not link vaccines to autism, should reassure parents.  Schuchat goes so far as to include in her testimony that vaccines do not cause autism  even though they do.   It should be concerning that when autism as a result of vaccines is being questioned, the experts’ studies claim absolutely no link to vaccines when at least 100 readily available studies  say otherwise.  Either way, during that Hearing it was easier for Schuchat to remind the public, and especially the parents, that they should just kowtow to the Science even if the Science is dead wrong.


Dr. Schuchat mentions that she talks to parents.  She explains to them that vaccines and she, a physician and a public health expert, should be trusted.  But parents don’t trust vaccines.  And they’re beginning to not trust the health experts who are publicly warping facts and reality. 

Medical benefits may have been seen for some people at some point with some vaccines, but over time, medical risks have been noted by others.  When risks are noted, that information should be immediately shared with the public.  In sharing that information, we should see these types of phrases in our newsfeed:  new evidence, groundbreaking discovery, significant findings, researchers work round-the-clock.  We should see headlines that scream:

Scientists Backtrack! Vaccines Don’t Always Save Lives

This Just In! Vaccine Sales Benefit Stockholders Not Patients

The Science Was Wrong!  We Trust the Parents to Make Their Own Vaccine Decision

Instead, when vaccines make headlines, they blame, belittle, and crush.  They also misinform:

Anti-Vaccine Movement Causes Worst Measles Epidemic In 20 Years“Measles is now spreading outward from Disneyland in California, in the worst outbreak in years. The epidemic is fueled by growing enclaves of unvaccinated people.”

Measles Outbreak:  92 Percent Of Doctors Blame It on Anti-Vaccine Parents - “More than 90 percent of doctors believe the current measles outbreak can be laid at the feet of parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, a poll indicates.”

Flu shot only 19% effective this winterIn spite of the flu shot's limitations, people are still better off being vaccinated, Pekosz said. ‘There's nothing harmful about the vaccine,’ Pekosz said. ‘There's no disadvantage to getting it.’"

No disadvantage?  But the flu shot had limitations.  It was 81% ineffective!  Where is the outcry?  Where is the demand to make a better, safer, more effective product? 

There is no demand, and there will be no demand.  That’s because the general public has been ingrained to believe that vaccines, even ones with low effective rates, are only safe and only effective.  Why?  Because the Science and the media have spoken.   


The media pushes the easy button every time that they say that Science has spoken.  They overused that sentence especially when they side with the medical industry, which as our community knows is quite often. 

Citing only gains, only benefits, and quoting only whomever they’re in cahoots with, the media lacks integrity and facts when it comes to reporting on vaccines.  Easily, they could ask for input from parents.  But when the media does seek input from parents, parents are portrayed as emotional conspiracy theorists and their vaccine-related stories likened to science fiction.  No wonder the general public is still in the dark about vaccines!

Instead of citing setbacks and instead of reporting that many medical procedures, including vaccines, come with risks, news reports downplay potential hazards.  They dismiss concerns from parents as well as ignore valid claims of vaccine injury and of death.  While a teaching opportunity would better serve the public, the media continues to add to the circus they’ve created.  They shut door on the parents but kick it wide open it for others to chime in.  The media lets others push that easy button, others who think that that they know best  even though they don’t. 

Since December, when vaccine stories cropped up all over the airwaves, the Science and the media could have presented a great amount of useful, factual, and reliable information.  They wasted time, ignored facts, and ramped up the fear instead.  They chose to gang up on the most vulnerable and then did everything they could to humiliate them.  Their loyalty is not to the vaccine customer but to the vaccines. 

Vaccines are not all that they are cracked up to be.  They are ineffective, come with side effects, do not fully prevent or protect, can cause serious problems, and always come with a risk.  As much as Science thinks they are, vaccines most certainly are not perfect.  I don’t know if they ever will be. 

So, when it comes to vaccines, the Science hasn’t completely spoken. The Science shouldn’t have the last word on vaccines anyway.  The parents should. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Trinh Huynh

I hope the following very relevant article will be interesting to the author and the readers here.

The first paragraph:

"A fundamental limitation of most modern science approaches is the undeniable possibility of a future discovery that can overturn existing theories. The overlooking of this possibility lies at the root of many modern world crises. These crises can be overcome only when science reforms its approach so that every understanding gained is firmly rooted in reality."


Hello everyone.
I write from Spain. In my country there is some controversy right now due to a case of diphteria. Of course it is all political hogwash. Turns out communists are about to take over, and among the very diverse groups supporting them are some of those who genuinley think that vaccines can be harmful and want freedom of choice. What these people don't realize is that communists will also force vaccines, no questions asked. But they like to dream.
Being a liability for the communists, both the left and right establishment, and the pseudolibertarian opposition use this topic as another rhetorical weapon against the popular movement. I'm myself against both the current state of things and against the communists, but what really irks me is that the very few sensible people who dare to think and seek for the truth are being abused and denigrated for political reasons.
I ask and its community to research a little this case if possible, and in that way show some support to the thinking people in Spain. Plese, don't forget about other countries. We all need truth and freedom.

Shelley Tzorfas

Pharmaceutical interests is not exactly the same thing as science though it masquerades as science. A result is desired from a vaccine and an offer of money is announced. They look for Universities to do "Research" that will claim that a particular vaccine will prevent a particular illness. They might offer $97,000,000 to a university to prove the desired outcome. The University must meet those pre-ordained outcomes if it takes the bid.

I often think about how they came to identify Retts Disorder as part of Autism when in fact it is a Genetic illness and a Chromosome problem. We do not say for example that Down Syndrome is Autism, though some children with Down Syndrome have Autistic like symptoms.

The affect of allowing Rett's to be categorized as Autism is deep. This way some of the fake research on Autism can continue. Real Science does not start out with a rigid decision. With 1 in 6 US kids suddenly having Developmental Disabilities-only since the vaccine schedule went from 7 vaccines to 70 i is time that we change this dialogue and stop ob·fus·cat·ing the real issues. Shelley Tzorfas

Theresa 66

but alas, the Child has not spoken since his last vaccine. This is what many are living every day. Where is this childs' advocate in government, their senator, representative, president ? Oh, I forgot, children don't vote so no one cares but their families. And they are not believed. By friends, family, doctors, or government. I'm ready for science to shut up, I'd rather hear our children.


When I was a child, Mr. Wizard swore by the perfect breakfast of "fruit, cereal, milk, bread and butter."

But wait! Wasn't bread and butter a duplication of cereal and milk? Even as a 7-year-old I noticed that. And where did eggs fit in?

I think the science has finally caught up.


As far a vaccines, are concerned, Science has not spoken it has screamed it's lies!


The religion has spoken.


Once upon a time there was a rich, great and powerful country. In the south though lived many poor families. Although they were poor - they lived in a rich country, and so they were healthy and I suppose fairly happy, and they had all the cornbread they could eat.

But then something began to happen! Many began to sicken.
Many became highly sensitivity to sunlight, many became agression, they developed restlessness, tense and a desire to quarrel. They had skin problems - sores, and rashes would break out all over their body, they lost their hair, their legs and fingers swelled up, they had smooth, beefy red tongues as their tongues developed inflammation, Red skin lesions, they could not sleep insomnia, they became so weak that their neighbors to the north said they were lazy, and in the end when many started dying they suffered mental confusion, lack of coordination stumbling as they tried to walk, paralysis of extremities, peripheral neuritis (nerve damage), Diarrhea, enlarged, weakened heart,
Eventually dementia ----- and at last a merciful death.

This epidemic great till at last 3 million of the people had it and 100,000 had died.

The medical profession was called in and they said it was some kind of unknown virus that they could not culture out in their big important labs, but it did not matter cause there probably was no cure for it any how.

Then one day a doctor that was studying it - said he did not thing it was a virus, or hook worms or bacteria or a fungus but they were not getting enough of a B vitamin - maybe.

The medical establishment laughed at him as he wrote his papers, and put out his theory.

No wait he said -Look it is simple; the big and powerful companies that grind the corn into corn meal changed from soaking the corn in lime - no not the fruit but a base burning powder, and instead milled it - and threw away the husk that has a B3 vitamin -- niacin.

It took years and years for him to prove this. He had to take a lot of sh$% - even eat sh$% -- I mean that literally.

He had to take poop poop from pellagra patients and dry it and eat it in his food - he and his lab workers to try to prove it was not an infectious agent.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

It is sickening that so many esteemed "experts" have so little comprehension of real science. Medical authorities often tell us, "The thinking is..." or "We now believe..."

Real science is a never-ending search for understanding. The discovery of a cerebral lymphatic system was made using new fluorescent dyes. Hopefully this will soon lead to new research on impaired brain development following encephalitic illnesses and effects of vaccines.

It is sickening that parents continue to be blamed and shamed in ways far worse than the "refrigerator mother" label, which was a euphemism opposing primitive ideas of hereditary causation of mental defect.

My son did not regress into autism. He suffered head injury and asphyxia at birth, and was developmentally delayed from the start. Even so, smiling doctors tried to convince us he was "within normal limits." No! At least since the 1930s developmental milestones have been well documented. Lookup Arnold Gesell, who made movies of infant development in the 1930s.

Parent reports are dismissed as "anecdotal" but has anyone done research on pediatric records in response to parental claims of normal development preceding regression? Such a study should have been initiated at least 10 if not 20 years ago. Parents have a right to demand such research.


Good post Kathy. Still, it goes without saying that there is a big discrepancy between their 'science' and science. Getting it wrong is one thing, intentionally getting it wrong is quite another.

Tony Bateson

Anne Schuchat is not fit to hold public office on the strength of that performance, she is a Public Health Inexpert and if you had laws like ours she would be charged with breach of trust whilst holding public office.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.

Bob Moffitt

As much as Science thinks they are, vaccines most certainly are not perfect. I don’t know if they ever will be.

There is only one thing we can know "for sure" about vaccines ... they will be as they have always been .. described accurately by the Supreme Court as "unavoidably unsafe" .. the keyword being "unavoidably".

How do we know this? Because the possibility of science creating a "one size fits all" vaccine is not only scientifically implausible .. it is scientifically impossible.

Unfortunately, it is not only the "unavoidable unsafe" vaccine that will cause some to suffer serious .. life-threatening .. sometimes life-long disorders .. robbing them of their quality of life .. but .. the very same "mistakes and errors" responsible for hundreds of thousands of death in US hospitals every year will surely occur during the "design, manufacture, storage and administration" of billions of vaccines each year.

All of which join to make PARENTAL INFORMED CONSENT the most basic humanitarian right that must be PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.

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