Pushing the Medical Envelope: Part Two
Dachel Media Update: Another CDC March in the Making

The Battle for California, Part 4 - The Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology Join the Fight Against SB 277

Interesting TimesBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Simpson University biology professor, Dr. Brian Hooker, never imagined he'd find himself on a stage with Robert Kennedy, Jr., a minister for the Nation of Islam, and all of it taking place in a sanctuary of the Church of Scientology Community Center in Los Angeles, CA.  Such are the curious alliances that the fight against SB 277, the proposed law which would remove children from public schools based on their vaccination status, has created.

But perhaps he shouldn't have been so surprised.   Things had been moving at a rapid pace in the past few weeks as the fight against SB 277 had gone into battle mode.

Dr. Hooker, Barry Segal, Eric Gladen,  Shiloh Levine, and Robert Kennedy, Jr. had met with Minister Louis Farrakhan in Chicago during the Autism One Conference in late May and talked about the revelations of CDC whistle-blower, William Thompson that senior government scientists had concealed an increased incidence of autism in African-American males from earlier administration of the MMR shot.  Farrakhan was deeply disturbed by the information.

Maybe it shouldn't have surprised Dr. Hooker to find himself at a United Methodist Church in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 listening to Minister Louis Farrakhan preach to an inter-faith audience of approximately 1,400 people.  Near the end of his speech, Farrakhan called on the group to oppose SB 277 and urged them to call their Congressional representatives and demand that Dr. William Thompson be subpoeaned to appear before the American people and tell the truth about what had been done.  Minister Farrakhan pledged to support this effort.  On October 10, 2015 there will be a large march in Washington D. C. to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.  Two weeks later, on October 24, 2015, the Nation of Islam will lead a protest at the CDC demanding that Dr. Thompson appear before Congress.

Later that night, Minister Farrakhan hosted a gathering for about 100 leading black entertainment figures at a private home in Tarzana and repeated his call for them to oppose SB 277 and demand that Dr. William Thompson be subpoeaned to appear before Congress.  Dr. Hooker was impressed by Minister Farrakhan's command of the science.  As a scientist, Dr. Hooker finds most people mess up the science when they try to talk about it, but it was clear to Hooker that Farrakhan had listened closely. 

Dr. Hooker had initially been wary of becoming close to such a controversial figure as Minister Farrakhan, but in all his interactions he has found the man to be warm, welcoming, and inclusive.  Few other public figures have shown such curiosity and commitment to getting to the bottom of the autism epidemic.  I think God delights in using such unexpected vessels of grace to further His work.  Many in the community may feel we need to wait for other, more prominent, less controversial figures, but I for one have been waiting more than twelve years for such a person or group to step forward.  If others feel differently and want to continue to wait, that is certainly their right.

At the present time in California we seem to have the support of republicans, libertarians, and tea party activists, but we confront a near-monolithic democratic opposition.  I understand in other states the democratic party is more welcoming of our views, but that it not what we face in California.  The enemy is at the gates.  If this bill passes I will probably have to leave the state in which I was born because I refuse to put my children at risk. 

I believe it is incumbent upon us as a community to admit our shortcomings.  We have not been good protestors.  We do not know how to defend ourselves against powerful interests.  Although we may be good warriors for our children, we are outmatched in the political arena.  The Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology are superb warriors in the political struggle.  When putting together a coalition our partners will have strengths and weaknesses.  I welcome them to the fight and encourage others to do the same.  I say let us defend our children and hold any disagreements we may have among the various groups for a later time when our common enemy lies defeated on the battlefield.

The Town Hall meeting which was held at the Church of Scientology Community Center on Thursday, June 18 was important in several respects.  Minister Tony Muhammad opened the meeting and prior to the gathering he was able to spend some significant time with Dr. Hooker and Robert Kennedy, Jr.  Minister Muhammad has been a champion in this effort to oppose SB 277 and shared with the small group the outreach he'd been doing with members of the Legislative Black Caucus in California.  Some politicians, like Assemblyman Isadore Hall, III apologized for his previous vote on SB 277 and promised to research the matter and if necessary, write a letter to Governor Brown urging him to veto SB 277 if it passes.  Other politicians, like Assemblyman Reggie James-Sawyer were dismissive of Minister Muhammad's outreach, accusing him of race-baiting.

The Town Hall meeting was a sea of white, black, and brown faces, listening intently to Minister Tony Muhammad, then Robert Kennedy, Jr. discuss how the concealment of this information by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson was similar to the infamous Tuskegee experiments letting African-American men with syphilis go untreated for decades.  Finally it was time for Dr. Hooker to speak.  Hooker felt strongly that the media has not reported accurately on the concerns of parents and the evidence of science on vaccinations and their risks, and so his speech covered a good deal of the science.  In support of Dr. Hooker's belief that information be reported accurately, I will let you read his speech in its entirety.

Dr. Brian Hooker's speech - Autism and neurological injury due to vaccinations are extremely important problems specific to the African American community.  There are strong evidences in the scientific literature that African Americans may be more susceptible to vaccine injury and may also have increased susceptibility to neurological disorders such as autism.  The most reliable studies show that autism incidence is higher in African Americans as compared to Caucasians. 

Durkin et al. (published in 2010 in the journal PLOS One) applied a correction to autism incidence to account for under-reporting at lower socioeconomic status and found that autism incidence was about 25% higher in African Americans as compared to Caucasians.  This was determined in a nationwide study using the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disability Monitoring Network.  Further, in a study by Becerra et al. (published in 2014 in the journal Pediatrics), it was shown that the incidence of autism among African Americans in Los Angeles County was higher than that of Caucasians.  The effect was most profound in foreign-born blacks (living in the U.S.) with a 76% greater risk of autism as compared to U.S. born whites.  The effect was also seen to a lesser extent (14% greater risk) in U.S. born blacks.  However, when considering children with severe autism (autism with mental retardation), Becerra et al. found that the incidence was much higher in foreign-born blacks (163% greater) as well as U.S. born blacks (52% greater) as compared to U.S. born whites.   This pronounced effect was not observed in any other race category considered.

In terms of vaccine injury, let me be clear – I am not anti-vaccine.  I want safer vaccines that protect and not harm children.  I want populations vulnerable to vaccine injury to be identified and protected as well.  You don’t call someone who wants safer automobiles, “anti-car”.  Similarly, it is ridiculous to refer to vaccine safety advocates as “anti-vaccine.”

In terms of vaccine injury, the study by Gallagher et al. (published in 2010 in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A) showed that blacks were at significantly greater risk of regressing into autism after receiving the thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B vaccination series as infants.  Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that is used in some vaccines in multidose vials and  is still used in the flu shot, the tetanus vaccine and meningococcal pneumonia vaccine and is also in trace amounts (sufficient to cause harm) in the Hepatitis B, Hemophilus influenza B (HiB) and DTaP vaccines. The data show a 5.53 times greater risk of autism for black boys receiving the thimerosal-containing HepB vaccine series versus those black boys not receiving any HepB shot.  White boys did not show a statistically significant risk in this instance. 

Further, background information released by the CDC whistle blower, Dr. William Thompson, showed that the CDC found higher risks of autism in black children who received the MMR vaccine on time versus those that received the vaccine after 3 years of age.  Unpublished data released by the CDC whistle blower show that black boys were up to 3.36 times greater risk of receiving an autism diagnosis when they received their first MMR vaccine prior to 36 months of age versus those black boys receiving their first MMR vaccine at or after 36 months of age.  This effect was not observed in any other race category considered. 

Although the CDC attempted to hide this information (which was discovered by Dr. Thompson on November 7, 2001), Dr. Thompson ultimately issued an August 27, 2014 press release through his attorney stating, “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information  in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.”  Dr. Thompson further stated in his press release, “My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub­ group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.”

Over the period of November 2013 to August 2014, I had over 30 separate phone conversations with Dr. Thompson.  He initially reached out to me in an unsolicited phone conversation to my cell phone.  Dr. Thompson and I had talked on the phone and exchanged email correspondences much earlier, between 2002 and 2004, back when I was trying to advise the CDC on their vaccine safety studies related to childhood neurodevelopmental disorders.  However, the CDC curtailed my conversations with him in 2004 due to my family’s participation in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program where we were seeking renumeration for my own son’s vaccine injuries.  The phone calls from November 2013 to August 2014 were secret and Thompson did not let CDC officials know that he and I were talking as that could have cost him his employment. 

I made the decision to record four of the last phone conversations I had with Dr. Thompson, without his knowledge, based on the revelation of harm to children, caused by the CDC’s very dysfunctional and even criminal vaccine safety program.  These recordings were obtained legally and involved advice from legal counsel in each instance.

In my phone conversations with Thompson, he also discussed thimerosal containing vaccines.  Dr. Thompson revealed adverse neurological outcomes specifically in boys exposed to thimerosal in vaccines within their first 7 months of life.  This consisted of motor and phonic tics present in “neurotypical boys” tested in standardized tests.  Although Dr. Thompson did not comment regarding the relationship between thimerosal and autism, he did note that tics were about five times more prevalent in autistic boys compared to the general population.

Dr. Thompson also described a culture of fraud in the CDC, an institution with a built-in conflict of interest regarding vaccine update versus vaccine safety.  The CDC buys over $4 billion of vaccines each year from the pharmaceutical industry to distribute to the states’ public health departments.  Vaccine uptake in the U.S. must be high for the CDC to get reimbursed for that purchase.  Thus, vaccine safety scientists are under tremendous pressure not to find associations between vaccines and neurological adverse events, among others.  He has been specifically told “point blank” from his superiors in multiple instances to not report such findings and to find ways using fraudulent statistical methods to obviate the results and falsely give vaccines a clean bill of health.  Dr. Thompson stepped forward due to the agony of over 10 years of lying and covering up the real truth regarding vaccine injury.   

I also wanted to talk about another specific whistle blower lawsuit, regarding MMR’s effectiveness. There is a False Claims Act lawsuit pending against Merck in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Case No. 10-4373 (CDJ).  This case was brought by two former Merck virologists who were involved in the efficacy testing of the mumps portion of Merck’s MMR vaccine.  According to these scientists, Merck engaged in fraudulent testing and data falsification to conceal the vaccine’s diminished efficacy. 

As a result of Merck’s fraudulent scheme, the scientists allege, American children are being injected with a vaccine that does not provide the efficacy Merck claims it provides and does not provide the public with adequate immunization.  According to the scientists, Merck’s MMR vaccine contributed to the recent mumps outbreaks in the U.S.  Late last year, the Court denied Merck’s motion to dismiss the case and the case is in the discovery phase.

SB277 removes the last “check and balance” in preventing vaccine injury in children, parental consent rights.  In the past, parents have been able to opt out of vaccines for their children based on personal beliefs, without jeopardizing school attendance.  SB277 will change all that whereas the only children that will be able to attend school will be either fully vaccinated or receive a very “difficult to obtain” medical exemption based on some condition that would increase her/his susceptibility to vaccine injury.  These exemptions are rare and extremely difficult to obtain.  Based on CDC guidelines, even if an earlier vaccine leads to seizures or the death of a sibling, the child is still not exempt and this is being widely misrepresented by the proponents of SB277.  Homeschool children will be exempt from the law but this is just not an option considering the large number of two income families in our underserved communities.

I urge you to contact your state Assembly members and tell them to vote NO on this bill.  I urge you to reach out to the legislative black caucus members and educate them about the CDC whistle blower and other issues regarding vaccine injury that make this bill nothing but medical tyranny. 

We want Congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson.  In fact, Dr. Thompson himself wants to be subpoenaed so the entire truth about the CDC can become public record.  I urge you to contact key Congressional offices to ask that Dr. Thompson be subpoenaed in an open Congressional hearing.  The truth needs to come out, period, and this is one way to bring the truth to light. 

Pharmaceutical Money Received by Senator Richard Pan and Speaker of the California Assembly, Tony Atkins and Calls for a State and Federal Investigation of the Allegations

In an unexpected development, the Sacramento Bee published an article on June 18 by Jim Miller listing the politicians who had received the most money from the pharmaceutical industry in the 2013-2014 legislative session. Not surprisingly, topping the list at #1 was Senator Richard Pan who is the author of SB 277, with $95,150 and followed closely by Speaker of the Assembly, Toni Atkins, with $90,250.  The article also reported that pharmaceutical firms and their trade groups had donated more than two million dollars to members of the California legislature in the 2013-2104 legislative session.

The Autism Action Network and your humble correspondent are calling upon the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, and US Attorney for the Eastern District of California, Benjamin B. Wagner to launch an investigation of this apparent quid pro quo between pharmaceutical manufacturers and our elected officials in the campaign for SB 277. 

Read the full article in the Sacramento Bee about the pharmaceutical money Senator Richard Pan and Speaker of the Assembly, Tony Atkins have received in the link below.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! - This is the moment when we can rip the veil off the effort of the pharmaceutical companies to buy votes, harm our children, and make us outlaws.  Do your part!

Please call the office of California Attorney General Kamala Harris and request an investigation at (916) 445-9555.

And please call US Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner and request a federal inquiry at (916) 554-2700.

Can you imagine what can happen by this Friday if each of those offices have 500 requests to investigate Senator Pan and Assemblyman Atkins?  It will be a new day, California.  A new day!  And I won't have to move to Oregon!

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   You can visit his website at Plague The Book.   And after you read it, write a review on Amazon!  We want to get to 100 reviews by the end of the summer and are at #74!



Dr. Andrew Wakefield and NOI's Brother Tony Muhammad appeared along with others at the Santa Monica rally to repeal SB277 yesterday.

HUGE! Why no mention on AOA?

Is this #vaccinemovement best handled "leaderless" for various valid reasons? Or is this a schism among activists?

Kenneth Lo

Hello everyone. My daughter had a adverse reaction to the mmr vaccination damaging her brain to a autistic state. Thank god the black community has woke up and there will be unrest over this. Revolt is needed for change when your government has failed to give us a proper warning about the danger of the mmr vaccination. I have failed as a father having blind faith in the medical community and government. I was wrong!!! I need your help Im am out of south Florida and have reached out to every rich person I know that could donate. I have hooked up with a group that is sending charter busses of people to go revolt to Washington and to the CDC with the nation of Islam. I know most of you will not personally go to this but I am going to with cameras in hand and body armor ready to document everything. There needs to be wide spread attention that can not be silenced and the only way is mass demonstration from the most feared men in America. I need your help with a tax deductible donation to fill the bus. There is a 501c3 attached so you will be able to write it off. This is important if your used to donating money I am sure there are lots of less causes you have supported. Help start the revolution and bring THE CDC WHISTLE BLOWER TO TESTIFY IN SUPREEM COURT!!! The Lawyers should be fighting over the cases for the parents and children affected by this act of TREASON. my email address is [email protected] Support the Revolution help get your child justice and its a tax write off you have to pay it anyways!!!HELP!!!


The CA senate just passed this atrocious bill 23-14. Time to call, write and fax Gov. Brown as many times as it takes!

If this becomes a law I will never vote for another Democrat in California again.

Jeannette Bishop

@reader, Calchannel isn't working for me either. Thank you for the link!


CalChannel doesn't work for me today, oddly.

LIVE video here: http://senate.ca.gov/calendar?startdate=6-29-2015&enddate=6-29-2015


I'm sorry to disagree again.

It's the CA Republicans (overwhelmingly men) along with Democrats of integrity and conscience (both sexes) who are saving the day - not women legislators, not mothers. In fact, IMO, the women legislators (mothers old and young) who support SB277 are the most appallingly contemptuous legislators I've seen in my entire life. Shudder-worthy, all.

In the Assembly, Republican state legislators voted NO on #SB277 almost unanimously, although 2 Republican women, both self-described as mothers in condescending floor speeches, joined Democrats to support #SB277.

In the Senate, watch final vote now here: http://www.calchannel.com/live-webcast/

Accuracy matters.



Gary Ogden

To Reader
My apologies. I was relying on a faulty memory. Assembly Members Burke and Brown are to be commended for standing up for what is right, for the children. It is the mothers who will save us. Assembly Member Burke was very good in the Health Committee hearing, as well I stood in line four hours at that hearing, but had to leave to catch my train and wasn't able to testify, so I've followed the rest of it on cal channel.


@Gary Ogden

That's completely wrong information. Two out of three assemblywomen in the CLBC voted against the rotten bill that is #SB277:

Hon. Autumn Burke (D)
Hon. Cheryl R. Brown (D)


Kenneth Lo

I could not be more greatful. For the past 9 months i have been called a lier a bad parent even a race trader since my daughter has had a adverse reaction to the mmr vaccination she hasnt cqlled me dada in a year! It has been heartbreaking and withojt justice. Now with civil unrest over the génocide in a vaccination the whistleblower will be called to testify and us parents will be able to get the best care for our children and people should be charged with treason and sentenced to death.

Gary Ogden

Kent: In retrospect I think it was a colossal blunder to involve the NOI. We lost the entire Black Caucus; one of them was practically livid with anger. We must work hard on the Governor. He's not such a pushover as those saps in the legislature. And I have great confidence in the courts. By the way, thanks for the extraordinary book; I couldn't put it down! You have a gift for telling a story well. Gave you a nice review on BN.com.


The segment was damage control. They know they have a huge problem. The part where they show the scientist saying that the data was bad so it had to be removed from the study is the important part - they know people are hearing about Thompson now and the message they're trying to get out is that yes, this did happen, but it doesn't mean anything - see? this scientist says so.

Of course, it's not going to work, but that's what they're up to. They are being forced to cover it, but they're resorting to lies to try to re - cover it up. Notice that they didn't contact Thompson or his attorney for an interview. If they wanted to get to the bottom of the story, that's what they would have done.


Huge advance being first mention of the name and story of Dr William Thompson in the mainstream media EVER (to my knowledge). I urge you to comment at the link with transcript to balance the critics. Please support CBS Los Angeles Local for this segment!




Partial transcript.


Greg, you are correct. The Draft during the Vietnam War fueled the protests and end of the war. The protestors were indeed proud of being anti-war too!


So glad to see the activism kicking into high gear. I will also make it to Atlanta in October to join my brothers and sisters as they march for the health and safety of our kids. Funny, I went from not believing SB277 stood a chance, to fearing that it will pass, to now, in a way, secretly wishing that it will. Defeat of the bill may only be a small victory, leaving the vaccination enterprise firmly in place as we merely continue to take potshots at it. Passage of the bill, however, may provide the impetus for us to come together as a formidable force and shake the entire edifice to its core, and watch as it comes spectacularly crashing down.

And in case anyone is wondering, I am indeed a proud anti-vaxxer. Until the proper, definitive studies are conducted to verify that vaccines are indeed safe and effective -- and I don't believe that vaccines will ever be found to be safe and effective-- I will always remain an anti-vaxxer. A very proud anti-vaxxer.

Diverse Universe

Thanks for this. Anyone who cares about their children, anyone who cares about civil rights-- jump on in! The water is freezing and filled with industrial sharks but the company is never dull.


I know very little about Twitter. But how about a Twitter title: #LATimesLIES, or #LATimesPharmaPROPAGANDA, etc.


Did cuomo sign the meningitis bill?
Is this for the new "untested" one?

Julie M.

There's a predictable LA Times hit piece on Tony Muhammed today, loaded with misinformation. Lousy picture of him looking like he regrets something and assorted LIES and spin that I'm sure come right out of a press release from OM/CMA/Pan's office. There is also an inference to a "discredited study" that tries to link the whole thing to the ever popular myth about Wakefield. In fact the study Muhammed is referring to is obviously and ironically the primary CDC/autism study.

Please take to Twitter and set the record straight! #CDCwhistleblower #CommunityUnity #BlackLivesMatter


@Denise Douglass:

I am opining here - I've no corroboration for this, but I am wondering if the Emergency Town Hall Meeting held recently and at which Dr. Brian Hooker and Robert Kennedy, Jr. spoke, has something to do with this.

As Julie M. has stated, this vaccine issue has hit the African American community like wildfire. I would imagine there are numerous conversations and other goings on behind the scenes, most especially when word got out that planned marches are in the making.

There are some powerful players now becoming involved with this battle over SB277. EVEN if this bill is killed, this planned march in D.C. in October MUST proceed.

Dr. William Thompson NEEDS to appear in an OPEN Congressional hearing so that all will understand and know what is truly happening behind closed doors at the CDC. People need to know how corrupt this agency really is, because many do not (including a lot of physicians who still have their heads buried in the sand).

I am very grateful to have witnessed the courage and strength of Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Brian Hooker as they stood and spoke at this meeting.

This fight against medical tyranny has only just begun...

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I am so encouraged by this. Thank you Kent Heckenlively, Esq! Thank you Brian Hooker!



"SB277 was PASSED AND RETAINED today. That means that the bill stays on File until the next day without penalty. If a Member wishes to wait an additional day before taking up a bill, the Member may ask the House for unanimous consent to pass and retain his or her bill on File until the next legislative day.

This means that the bill has NOT passed, but rather that Pan decided not to put it up for a vote today. It is POSSIBLE that Pan didn’t have enough confirmed votes to pass the bill today. Please continue to communicate with your Assembly representatives. The BEST method is face-to-face interaction. Call for appointments, and show up at the district offices with good information to educate them and secure a NO vote on ‪#‎SB277‬."

Taken off the "Californians For Pro Choice" Facebook page...

Jeannette Bishop

@Bayareamom, thanks@

Grace Green

Kapoore, I and my sons have had obstructive behaviour like that from politicians, civil servants and other public employees (which in the UK includes physicians) in trying to resolve our own problems arising from vaccine injuries,for at least three decades. They can't win in the end, so don't give up. We must all stand together.


@Jeannette Bishop:

Just received word that the vote WILL NOT take place today (no Floor Manager is assigned to the bill as of today).

Stay tuned...

Jeannette Bishop

Does anyone know if the California Assembly vote will be today?

The bill is listed at the top of the Senate Third Reading File:


There's a comment here that says, "It will no longer be heard today:"



March On! But does it have to be October?

The Millions Against Monsanto march is Oct 17th in DC. Many of the same people who would be willing to march against the CDC corruption in Atlanta would also be the same people willing to march against Monsanto. Personally, I think marching against the CDC is more important at this point in time, as we still have some semblance of choice over foods today.

But wouldn't it be great if the millions against Monsanto would march in Atlanta against the CDC, also? I bet a case could be made to them that the CDC has deliberately turned a blind eye on investigating medical conditions and disease relating to glyphosate instead of warning the public about the dangers of chemicals in our food. The CDC probably only spends a fraction of their budget on chronic illness caused by toxins in conventional factory farm pesticide ridden and gmo ingredients compared to research that would benefit the pharmaceutical industry's bottom line, leaving, once again, the economically at-risk population spending less money on clean food and more money on pharmaceutical solutions for dibilitating but preventable illness, instead of broadcasting a public service announcement showing the long term health and economic advantages of eating clean food in order to reduce the risk of chronic illness and cancers.

Didn't the President's Cancer Panel end up recommending organic food in their 400 page report? Has the CDC taken up and disseminated that message in any way close to the efforts they have spent increasing vaccinations? Haven't the past 3 White House administrations required organic menus in the house?

I'll say it again - I don't want to eat a GMO, why would I want to become a GMO? Just like shooting unrelated genetics into various foods and animals in a way that would never otherwise happen naturally has had unexpected consequences, so, too, does shooting unknown ingredients and genetic material unnaturally combined directly into human blood. The two movements are two sides of the same coin.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you, Kent, for this uplifting piece for a Monday morning. We really are an army now, with new factions joining all the time. So when will those in charge of the vaccine schedule and vaccine safety be made to answer the charges being made against them?

They work for us. They're accountable to us.

Anne Dachel, Media


Thank you Kent Heckenlively for stating it exactly the way it is!! I really hope you don't have to move to Oregon. I truly believe California's economic resilience is due to its large body of activists, and many will have to leave the state if this passes. I for one will have to stay and my grandchildren will have to be raised in a medical tyranny, which we may be able to avoid by using medical exemptions but that is slight compensation when my taxes will go to schools and police departments run by fascists who are willing to arrest parents for slight deviation from a medical protocol that kills. I have been an activist for over twenty years and I have never seen anything like the behavior of the Democrats who have put up a wall of arrogance against constituents. For weeks now I have not been able to meet with my Assembly Member because his staff keep telling me to e-mail this one person who will not set up the appointment. I lack words to describe what is happening: it boggles the mind, it dumbfounds me, it is a surreal dream. What in the world is going through their heads when they defy so many in this fight and when it is so obvious that the writers of this bill are on the payroll of big pharm.


Thanks Kent for seeing the sense in accepting NOI support in fighting for the health of our kids. But wait!! Orac and his minions are sharing how crazy we are associating with NOI. I don't know --I am starting to rethink things now! Orac loves us and wants the best for us 'cranks, quacks, and conspiracy theorists'. He cares passionately about what goes on here in our little 'wretched hive of anti-vaxx scum'. Maybe we should just continue to engage them with our polite, reasoned arguments, and cooler heads will prevail and they will eventually see our point of view. LMAO!

theresa 66

Sophie Scholl and all: Can't we do a simultaneous coordinated march EVERYWHERE ? ? ? Most of us are unable to travel, so it would be awesome if we'd do this where ever we are. Tiny little towns, bigger cities, different countries. Would the media be forced to cover it? They did with March on monsanto.
This needs to be over, our kids need treatments A.S.A.P.

TannersDad Tim

Yes - We are invited to March. share this TinyURL.com/SB277MustWatchNow

Bob Moffitt

Kent writes:

"I welcome them (NOI) to the fight and encourage others to do the same. I say let us defend our children and hold any disagreements we may have among the various groups for a later time when our common enemy lies defeated on the battlefield."

I say AMEN to that!!!! Therefore .. I pledge to eagerly support NOI in their effort to seek an end to the tragedy that has "caused" 1 in 68 American children to be diagnosed autistic .. including the purely innocent children whose parents belong to the Nation of Islam.


"Near the end of his speech, Farrakhan called on the group to oppose SB 277 and urged them to call their Congressional representatives and demand that Dr. William Thompson be subpoenaed to appear before the American people and tell the truth about what had been done. Minister Farrakhan pledged to support this effort ... on October 24, 2015, the Nation of Islam will lead a protest at the CDC demanding that Dr. Thompson appear before Congress."

Hopefully .. God willing .. members of my family will be among the "protestors" gathered in front of the CDC on October 24 .. as we were years ago .. June 8, 2007 .. when we joined less than a hundred that showed up .. in support of Moms Against Mercury and United Methodist Women .. who sponsored a rally on the 7th anniversary of the infamous, secret, SIMPSONWOOD meetings.

Needless to say .. our Moms Against Mercury and United Methodist Women "rally" did not receive ANY major media coverage . no surprise in that is there?

Hopefully .. the protest on October 24, 2015 will have at far larger turnout .. that receives the media coverage it deserves .. and .. the major media outlets will be mindful of being labeled "racist" .. should they choose to ignore a rally that includes ALL RACES AND GENDERS .. demanding to know why BLACK children are at significant higher risk of autism than all other races.

I can't wait for the opportunity for MY FAMILY .. to once again .. STAND DEFIANT .. in front of that damned corrupt CDC building in Atlanta ... and .. if that offends some .. so be it.

Sophie Scholl

Dr Brian Hooker you are a true legend .

KentH & Dr Judy Mikovits London applauds your Autism ONE conference on CFS(ME) and the mice virus .

We the informed parents are so grateful for your tireless work & campaigning under the most difficult draconian circumstances.

Question for the Nation of Islam -
Can white men march with you ? We are the "PARENTS" !
Minister Tony Muhammad - I am serious ?

"Minister Farrakhan pledged to support this effort. On October 10, 2015 there will be a large march in Washington D. C. to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Two weeks later, on October 24, 2015, the Nation of Islam will lead a protest at the CDC demanding that Dr. Thompson appear before Congress."

Can we do a simultaneous coordinated march here in Ldn ?

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