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The Baby Food is Organic…the Shots are Not

Baby Food organicBy Laura Hayes

Mothers across America carefully read food labels, avoiding non-food ingredients, pesticide-laden foods, and genetically-modified foods.  They are returning to glass baby bottles to avoid toxic plastic ones, and they are learning to shun items laced with poisonous flame retardants.  However, many have yet to learn about the dangers lurking in the 70 or so doses of vaccines they are allowing to be injected into their children, more if they allow vaccines while pregnant (in essence, beginning the vaccination process in utero for their child).

Mothers must be warned about and advised against the health-and-development-damaging ingredients in vaccines.  It is up to those of us who know the disturbing and disgusting facts about vaccines to continue to expose the truth to help stop the poisoning of children. 

What mother willingly poisons her own child?  Only one that has been lied to.  When a mother allows a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to vaccinate her child, she is allowing that person to poison her child.  Think that’s too strong a statement?  Think I’m exaggerating?

What mother would allow lead to be injected into her child?  Answer: none. They know it would cause brain damage. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject mercury and aluminum into their children, both of which are severely neurotoxic (mercury many more times so than lead…and yes, mercury is still in vaccines given to infants and children, in addition to those given to pregnant women). To make matters worse, mercury and aluminum are synergistically neurotoxic, meaning that when they are given together, as is often done during vaccination, their individual toxicity is made far worse by the presence of the other, many times worse. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with brain damage in our country.  Coincidence? 

What mother would allow something that could cause cancer, say asbestos, to be injected into her child?  Answer: none.  They know that cancer is often akin to a death sentence, if not the first go-round, then the times that often follow. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject formaldehyde, phenol, and MSG into their children, all of which are known carcinogens.  It’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies don’t test to see whether or not their vaccine products cause cancer, they already know the answer.  Instead, they simply write “not tested for carcinogenicity” on their package inserts, and our unethical government regulators let them get away with that.  Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with leukemia and other cancers in our country.  Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause life-threatening auto-immune diseases, something like aluminum, to be injected into her child?  Answer: none.  They know that auto-immune diseases are progressive and lead to premature death.  However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject not only aluminum, but also mercury, polysorbate 80, retroviruses from pigs, mice, monkeys, and other animals, DNA fragments from other humans, specifically from aborted fetuses, and from various animals, and laboratory-created live and killed viruses and retroviruses from both humans and animals, all of which are known to cause auto-immune diseases.  Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with Type 1 diabetes, asthma, Crohn’s disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, demyelination, ulcerative colitis, and many more auto-immune diseases in our country.  Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause life-altering and life-threatening asthma and allergies to be injected into her child?  Answer: none.  They know that both asthma and allergies severely restrict a child’s life in many ways and that both can result in death.  However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject food proteins (which the blood is incapable of breaking down into amino acids, resulting in inflammation), antibiotics such as neomycin and streptomycin, and toxic chemicals at the same time as adjuvants (e.g. aluminum), which are designed to artificially overstimulate the immune system, resulting in the chronic and sometimes fatal conditions of asthma and allergies.  Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with asthma, life-threatening peanut allergies, numerous types of food allergies and food intolerances, and numerous types of environmental allergies.  Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause infertility, such as nonstick chemicals and solvents, to be injected into her child?  Answer: none.  They know that they would never want to destroy their child’s future reproductive capabilities.  However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject their children with polysorbate 80, known to adversely affect fertility.  And who knows what ethylene glycol (antifreeze), Triton X100 (detergent), aluminum, mercury, foreign DNA fragments, and the myriad other vaccine ingredients do to one’s future reproductive ability.  It’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies don’t test to see whether or not their products cause infertility, they already know the answer.  Instead, they simply write “not tested for impairment of fertility” on their package inserts, and our unethical government regulators let them get away with that.  Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of couples struggling with infertility issues.  Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could kill her baby to be injected into her otherwise healthy child?  Answer: none.  Mothers would lay down their lives for their children, they don’t purposefully put them in harm’s way.  However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject their children with more and more vaccines, not knowing that each and every one carries the risk of death, and more so when combined, as they most often are.  Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of babies who are dying before their 1st birthday in the U.S., including many of  “SIDS” (the label that unethical doctors and medical examiners use for vaccine-induced deaths instead of calling them what they are…i.e. vaccine-induced deaths). Coincidence?

So then, what mother willingly poisons her child with the vaccines recommended by our nation’s CDC, which are then mandated by the state in which she lives?  Only the uninformed mother, the one who doesn’t yet know she has been lied to by many whom she trusts:  the FDA, the CDC, the AMA, the AAP, the vaccine manufacturers, her doctor(s), and mainstream media.

Please help inform these mothers who have no idea they are allowing the poisoning of their own children. 

Please help inform legislators who are mandating that mothers allow their children to be poisoned at the hands of those who are to “first, do no harm”, so that their child may attend daycare and/or school.

Please help stop this vaccine madness, this vaccine holocaust against our children.  (The definition of a holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, which is exactly the effect that our nation’s vaccine program is having.)

Please help restore the health and development of our nation’s children, and thus, of our nation itself, as our children are the future. 


Fight to eliminate vaccine mandates.

Fight to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which shields pharmaceutical companies and those who administer vaccines from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths.

Educate everyone you know about the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines, and teach them natural and risk-free ways of protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the health of their children and themselves.

Thank you.

Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes is the mother of a severely vaccine-injured child who is now 21 years old and permanently disabled as a result of his “routine” childhood vaccinations. His vaccines were administered without any informed consent, and they have left him dependent on others for the remainder of his life.  His childhood, adulthood, independence, and lifetime opportunities have been decimated by vaccines. He was born a very healthy baby. Vaccines destroyed his health, development, and ability to lead a full and independent life. 



beverly gardner

I like to read the words of Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, (1926-1988) Associate Professor and Director, Division of Community Pediatrics, University of Illinois College of Medicine, and private pediatrician.
In the first of his books to attract widespread publicity, Confessions of a Medical Heretic (Contemporary Books 1979), Dr. Mendelsohn cautioned patients against blindly following the advice of doctors, and warned them to beware of hospitals. “A hospital is like a war,” he wrote. “You should try your best to stay out of it. And if you get into it, you should take along as many allies as possible and get out as fast as you can.” [2]
I also like the label he gave to medical doctors, "The Devil's Priests".

Another reader

Someone made this post at RI recently and not many are responding with much sincerity or loosening of their industry party line (indeed MI Dawn has said she is in the insurance industry). Some jerk named Lawrence opines that "anti- vaxxers just don't like it that there have been continued improvements in vaccine quality." Seriously. He said that.
Even Ren said very recently that "anyone who treats vaccines as s sacred cow is not pro- science and referred to Offit as not including some vaccine like smallpox on the schedule. I think some of them are seeing that there is a real and growing lack of trust in their vaccine "science." Oracs latest posts just seem very desperate lately. He literally drowns in opinion and judgment rather than fact when he refers to someone as 'bragging' about having their 15 year old son fully vaccinated according to public health recommendations. It just seems very odd. Anyhow here is the commentors point:

Actually it’s on the schedule that I find it hardest to really argue ‘the case’ for science. That is, I’ve had quite a few conversations with parents who partially vaccinate, but skip one or a few, mainly the lower risk of exposure/consequence (yes I get the hide in the herd problem there) or those which are later or not listed in other countries (can’t remember the specifics – I’m in Australia, and I think UK and Japan have lesser items?)
If seeking to not marginalise or radicalise someone in this camp, it does seem a bit dogmatic to argue for ‘the science’ when countries vary. Or when a particular one – I think hep B at birth – might be justified as due to maternal risks, or in our case, regional travel risks, which make sense as population level advice but not necessarily at an individual level.
From this there is a problem of arguing the middle ground, but I don’t think it’s really so simple an argument as ‘trust the schedule, it’s following the science’. Even if public health professionals are making risk/benefit assessments, these again are population calculations. I can understand for example, parents not taking heb B at birth, but following the rest of the schedule ( and perhaps a little late, not as per following a quack schedule, but accounting for periods of sickness etc)
I have a problem where now the govt here is denying standard tax benefits to parents in such contexts. Firstly, these benefits were never set as part of a social contract of this nature. Secondly, it’s enough to push people to trust the state less, and then move towards the pseudoscience.

Ted Kuntz

Great article. Most people won't even consider that they are being lied to. Their confidence in vaccines is not based on science, it is based on trust. The question is, is this trust based on truth? The vaccine story is a wonderful story. We all wish it were true. It wasn't true for my son. And the more I read on this topic, the more I realized how we are being deceived.

Angus Files

I remember the care free days ,if it came out of the microwave it was brill and if it never it wasn't worth buying,and you can boil baby milk in the bottle instantly and not have the baby cry for ages whilst you find a saucepan and heat it up then pour it out of the saucepan spilling it as you do...

I remember the days when we would buy bottle water and think who buys those crazy water filters and why?

I remember the days when our good friend used to buy re-usable diapers and never vaccinated her kids ,how irresponsible and dangerous we thought...but then her mother was head of the Social Work Department mmm.

I remember the days when we would buy new sheets for the kids beds and thought because of the lovely smell of antimony and fire retardant's we were keeping them safe.

I remember the bottle no mother should be without Calpol.

I remember the anticipation and top of the must do, get the shots, can we have them early, how could we swing it because the sooner they have the shots the sooner they are protected ,right!

The mind changer comes when your child has been shot up with un tested vaccines and is destroyed for ever..It took us 6 years to work that out...you don't want two to end up like that..so you have to go over your whole life and change..to late for the victim of the crazy world we once thought was sane,and we were sane to do all the things we were told to do .. we still live in the crazy world but now know it is a crazy world, and what we do now is sane, but were called crazy.



Robin V

What mother allows these deadly toxins to be injected into her child? The one who has been lied to by the pharma controlled media, coerced by doctors who refuse to care for her child unless she dutifully allows poisons to be injected, and vilified by her fellow moms, neighbors, and even family members. It takes courage to challenge the medical establishment. Articles such as this one are slowly changing the tide. Thank you for continuing to educate us all and inspire mothers (and fathers) everywhere.

David Taylor

Would love to have Laura's great article done up as a compelling tri-fold brochure--just an 8.5x11 sheet printed on both sides and folded in thirds.

If there is a graphic designer among us, send me the Word or PDF file and I'll print the first 5,000.

We can "Stand Up" at malls on Saturdays and hand them out.

Twitter @Peakdavid


Wow, it is hard to imagine that all this information is slow getting out there to the public. On the other hand, I can't watch any T.V. show with out a phamaceutical commercial during each break!

John Stone

Stand Up!

No, it is not particularly about you but it is something which just keeps on happening. Obviously, you are very welcome here to comment pseudonymously, but I always do find it ironic when people commenting pseudonymously ask other identifiable people to "stand up" or some such.

Stand Up!

Hey, John Stone, I am free to comment on this blog..am I not??
So that you understand...
My comments are appropriate and directed to a person in Olmstead who is in a position of leadership with respect to this ongoing subject matter, and I'm providing him with what I believe to be constructive feedback--a leadership principle. You, on the other hand, are apparently taking my comments personally and creating an argument as to my identity?? Are there not others that write under an assumed name?? Do you have a problem with them as well?? The history & science of vaccination is an unequivocal matter as far as honest research is concerned with respect to vaccine toxicity, distorted history, and the ultimate false paradigm from which this tragedy known as vaccination stems from--GERM THEORY. (germs do not cause disease, they are merely scavengers, opportunistic)
As a natural health care provider, I am quite vocal on this matter and educate accordingly and responsibly based on the facts. I "Stand UP" on a daily basis, words that profoundly resonate with me from the leadership role I assume as a doctor, and I am not interested in being "politically correct" on this important subject matter, nor do I believe you should be.

P.s.. I sincerely appreciate your comments regularly as well.

Cynthia Cournoyer

What mother would allow this? 99% of the American population!
They believe in vaccines unconditionally. The argument the uninformed parent usually starts with, is that doctors would never allow shots if all you say was true.

People cannot believe that doctors would hurt children. People cannot believe that something "that bad" would be allowed to exist. So the only place they can go in their minds is that you are a kook. End of argument.

Yep, pretty kooky, huh?


Stand Up, the fact that Mr.Olmstead mainly speaks of one ingredient in vaccines likely is that it causes the most obvious damage, I'm sure he doesn't think the rest of them are safe, besides why make things more confusing to a general public that is mainly misinformed and unaware of the vaccine dangers.I think that when one looks at mercury in vaccines, they eventually will understand that it's only the tip of the iceberg, and will then take them into further research.

cia parker

Stand Up,
I agree with you, and believe that the DTaP/DPT, MMR, and Hib vaccines (etc.) are far more dangerous than they are life-preserving.

John Stone

I can't speak for Dan, but there is always an irony when people command other to "stand up" or stick their neck's out but stubbornly fail to identify themselves. What I think is that it is perfectly reasonable to look at the merits on a product by product basis but a great pipeline of these things is not on. And if there is a case of favouring a vaccine on balance I still recognise that the institutional machinery does not exist for making sure that they are safe as they might be.

Stand Up!

I wonder if Dan Olmstead ever reads Laura's comments which are both detailed and factual regarding the inherent toxicity of ALL vaccines.

Funny how he--who I truly and sincerely appreciate for creating this blog, (and promote it as an educational tool to anyone willing to listen & learn about this tragic subject of vaccination)--continues to be critical of predominantly ONE ingredient, and has actually written a book supporting the use of certain vaccines. I don't understand the cognitive dissonance on this critical issue by Mr. Olmstead. But thanks for your continued efforts at least on one aspect of this ongoing tragedy.

david m burd

Laura, Thanks for an excellent presentation to be passed onto our relatives and friends, even though we may alienate some - or many. But that is the consequence of speaking against the establishment. As one sage said long ago: "If speaking the truth you should already have one foot in the stirrups" to avoid the wrath that will be upon you.

If I may add another chronic/deadly affliction to children, most likely the consequence of all the vaccine toxicities you clearly spell out: My sister, a former pediatric nurse and thus a general believer in vaccines, now spends huge time and effort to raise monies for "finding a cure" for the explosion of childhood lymphoma cancer over the last couple decades. I dare say this vaccine-caused cancer can be added to your quiver.

Also, as to SIDS, back in 1995/1996 the CDC et al. arbitrarily cut the SIDS annual death toll in 1/2 by saying 1/2 the SIDS toll could be ascribed to specific causes as "sudden unexpected infant death" (SUID, today usually called SUD, sudden unexpected death). This was accomplished by claiming accidental suffocation by sleeping in the same bed as parents, with the parent accidentally causing the suffocation - though this was never provable - yet Voila!, the SIDS toll was magically cut in 1/2, and staying around 2,500 every year now in the U.S. with another 2,500+ passed off as "SUD." How clever they do get.

Bob Moffitt

I wonder what Charles Richet .. 1931 Nobel Prize in "Physiology and Medicine" award recipient .. would have to say about the concerns Laura has observed regarding the wisdom of "injecting" so many foreign, unnatural chemicals and such .. directly into a perfectly healthy infant or toddlers "humoral immune system" .. which Richet ultimately labels the "self".

Richet's speech is as relevant today as it was when written almost a hundred years ago .. because .. the "self" is as unique to each and every individual TODAY as it was since the beginning of time.

While it is true that every child has a "humoral immune system" .. it is also true the child's "self" is the child's alone .. none other is like it.

And so .. to pretend science can produce a "one size fits all vaccine" is not "science" .. it is "wishful thinking" at best.

Richet's speech can be accessed here:


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