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Thank You Dr. Richard Pan and Friends of SB277

We are here!By Ginger Taylor

(Note: SB277 passed the health committee 12-6 yesterday and moves forward.) For years and even decades a small group of us have been slaving away, day after day, to get the word out that the vaccine program is now a huge problem and that our kids have been victims of "the greater good." For years we have been calling out from the bottom of the large chasm that we have fallen into for others not to come this way, to stay of the dangerous path that we didn't know better than to follow. But it has been hard work as we have so few resources and become so removed from the mainstream because of our children's vaccine injuries, so only those very close to us could hear our cries.

But this year, you came through for us. Not since Evan McCarthy and Hannah Poling have we had such a huge advancement in our work and progress in getting out our message. Because you have made such boldly corrupt moves, and told such bold face lies, and made the most absurd arguments, we now have families in all parts of the American experience coming out of the woodwork to join us! And they have megaphones that we didn't have!

We now have soccer moms, and crunchy moms, and NASCAR dads, and political power players, and outspoken black leaders, and Hollywood beautiful people, and smart physicians, and rebel libertarians, and that dude at the grocery store that I have been going to for 9 years, and never spoken to more than, "Do you guys have any more lemon yerba mate tea in the back?" who said to me last week, "Hey... thanks for doing all the stuff on vaccines you have been doing. I had not felt good about them for a while..."

And today I just heard a mom with a perfectly healthy child tell the California Legislature, with a big loud megaphone, in front of at least a thousand other moms, "We are awake now, and we are never going back."

And I cried.

I am so, so tired. So broke. So empty. And you have sent me so many reinforcements. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you.

Thank you to California Senator Dr. Richard Pan for telling such easily fact check-able lies about vaccines that people know you are a fraud and say things like, "That guy is a pediatrician?"

Thank you to Oregon Senator Dr. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward for being so arrogant and elitist that you actually admitted in a committee hearing, on camera that you think you should have medical choice for your baby and the peasants beneath you should not.

Thank you to Senator Jeff Tarte of North Carolina for being so mean and nasty that it was clear to everyone that you don't actually give a crap about families, and that your bill had nothing to do with the actual well being of children.

Thank you to Representative Ralph Tucker of my own town of Brunswick, Maine for offering nothing but fear based arguments, completely free of facts, so everyone could see that your bill was not even remotely relevant to reality.

But mostly I have to thank you all for working so hard to get us back into a court room! For years we have lamented that we have had our 7th amendment rights removed and decried the fact that we have not been able to get the injustice done to us in front of a jury as our founders intended. Pan et. al. has once again given us a shot at public hearings with actual court procedures! As Dr. Toni Bark proclaimed from the steps of the California Capitol before the latest hearing on SB 277, "Even if we don't prevail today, we will have lawsuits and the lawsuits will allow us to have discovery and we get to subpoena people, and they have no idea the shit storm that is coming! They will become victims of their own legislation."

I thought court was a pipe dream. I thought getting the liars under oath and cross examining them would never happen. Not only is that suddenly a possibility, it is our supposed "opponents" who are handing it to us. Is PanCo. secretly on our side? Are they blowing this up so monumentally that the system finally collapses on itself? You have to wonder... why would they make moves that only hastens the exposure of all the corruption and opens the court system up to us?

So in conclusion, to all the physician legislators who have been pushing these bills, thank you for not even bothering to spend a hour online fact checking yourselves, or us and our arguments, so that you would make false claim after false claim for us to mow down with such ease. Thank you for never reading a vaccine package insert so you could look so ignorant in front of the public. Thank you for not even googling "Vaccine Injury Compensation Program" so all those moms who used to look funny at us for not vaccinating suddenly realize that we DID know more than our doctors. Thank you for staying tucked inside your ivory tower holding mutual admiration society meetings for decades so you don't even know what not to say to show your bias and stupidity. It is my earnest hope that you are equally as bold in civil proceedings with your claims, and line up to testify in court, under oath and penalty of perjury, to be cross examined by... well anyone... a hungry lawyer trying to make his mark, any random mom reading this right now, the guy who checks me out at the grocery store, or me. Can it be me? OMG... please let it be me!

Your acts have advanced our cause more than you will ever understand. And all it has cost us is the lives, health, functioning and independence of the children that we love with all our souls. But of course, as we have learned from you, that is a small price to pay for the advancement of a greater good, right?

Ginger Taylor, MS is an uppity brat that does not know her place.  She has some titles and stuff, but we assume she bribed someone to get them, because honestly, we don't kow why anyone would listen to her.  She is really just a mom.


Diane W Farr

Laurie....you mentioned a class action suit. Can we sue the CDC?


More info: Assemblyman Rocky Chavez (who voted NO on SB277 at the Health Committee Hearing on June 9) spoke at the Voters Call the Shots Rally in Oceanside, So CAL this past Friday. Here is that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1lM-1CVD3I&feature=youtu.be

He is outlining an additional strategy for stopping this bill and proposes a live debate (or several) with Dr. Pan. The freedom of choice issue is at the heart of the legal tactics, though along the way the truth about vaccines is coming out.

Again, Dr. Pan is being exposed. He and another Senator have been served intent to recall. That info is on the SB277 Recalls FB page. Here is that link: https://www.facebook.com/SB277Recalls?fref=ts

Update: California SB277 Recalls
June 12 at 10:40am
‪#‎SB277‬ More great news! Senator Pan has filed his answer to the Intent To Recall notice, according to the Secretary of State! We should have a copy of that today (or maybe Monday!)!

Choice Alliance 2016 has targeted their first district for replacement candidate: AD80 which is that of Lorena Gonzalez (another disgrace in the Assembly, for those who watched the full hearing; she is also co author of the bill). She ran unopposed in a low turnout election in 2014 and somehow believes she has a constituent 'mandate'.

Here is the full Health Committee Assembly hearing from June 9. Pan's lies as well as opposition testimony are here. And around the 3 hour mark, you will see the hundreds of citizens from across the state of CA who came to have their moment to oppose SB277 at the microphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5zzzaLXv-8

Thanks and I am praying for vindication for all of the parents who have suffered and struggled in silence (typed 'science' by mistake-that's about right!) due to vaccine injuries. I am so sorry for how you have been treated and how insulting it is to be talked about as though you are lying. Perhaps a class action lawsuit could come out of this, even without the big pharma liability? Please know that many of us believed you and supported you all along and hope this movement has reached critical mass so that the voices can no longer be ignored.


I am sharing your article among different groups online here in CA, including Californians for Vaccine Choice, SB277 Recalls (recalling those who voted in favor; Senator Pan has been served with intent to recall and that process is well on its way www.SB277recalls.com) and Choice Alliance 2016 (helping to fund and campaign for citizen candidates to replace those on the assembly Health Committee who voted yes on SB277). I am posting this article in threads on their FB pages when possible, too.

There is also a go-fund-me campaign on behalf of Stop Mandatory Vaccines (also on FB), another CA group dedicated to creating and paying for mainstream TV commercials. He is particularly interested in giving a voice to parents with vaccine injured children. His focus is more on long term strategy of spreading info re: truth about vaccines. According to the page, video interviews have already been shot in the Los Angeles area. http://www.gofundme.com/ohwupg

All support from around the country really helps, in terms of spreading the word about different strategies for changing this system and the outcome, not just for this bill but any future mandated efforts like this. As people know, CA gets a lot of publicity and we know that what happens in CA affects the rest of the country, for better or worse. As the saying goes, 'As California goes, so goes the nation'.

Just wanted to share the above groups-you can find them on Facebook. Please look them up and disseminate widely, as you feel appropriate. I am not directly affiliated with any of these groups, just a concerned, active CA citizen. We are all in this together, though must work from within our individual states to dismantle this ridiculous attempt to control our bodies and those of our children. (:

ps-I can also recommend the FB pages Oregonians for Vaccine Truth and Healthcare Choice and Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice. I think staying connection via different channels helps us stay fully informed and helps to build a national coalition for clearer communication among groups. Surely we need multiple strategies as these mandates are multi-pronged and byzantine like in their scope, tied to educational funding, healthcare, medical, mainstream media, academia, medical industry, etc. Their tactics are many and so must ours be.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Friends, does anyone have information on this ? I recall reading some years back that California has its own vaccine adverse reaction reporting system- or something similar. If this is true, does this explain in some way, the extra effort to force vaccines on Californians?
It is only a matter of time before statistics from California show that the incidence and rate of autism is falling in this state, which has a law prohibiting vaccines with mercury being given to pregnant women and children of less than 6 years of age. (Came into effect in 2006) And , of course if people dont vaccinate the rate of autism will fall. What do you thinK?


At a rally in Oceanside today, Assemblyman Rocky Chavez has challenged PAN to a debate on #sb277. This about choice and a parent's rights to make important medical decisions on behalf of their child. The democrats have lost their way and have overstayed their welcome. Personal freedom will prevail. Let's make this happen. This needs to end.


"Wait, do children on IEP'd are exempted why? Because they know that there is a percentage of them who have or would be harmed by vaccines?"

See Dr. Sears' Facebook page on this:

There is no rhyme or reason, except that Pharma is attempting to cast a wide net to increase profits as much as possible, and has been forced to make some concessions in the short term, casting a smaller net that will balloon into the wider net they intended.


Wait, do children on IEP'd are exempted why? Because they know that there is a percentage of them who have or would be harmed by vaccines?

thankful mom in California

You're not just a mom, you're A MOM. Thank you for fighting to your last dying breath everyday. Thank you for fighting till you fall over from exhaustion everyday. Thank you for standing up not just for your children, damaged by vaccines but for all the children who haven't had any vaccines b/c you parents spoke up to inform us younger parents to stay away from the dangers of vaccines. Thank YOU, Ginger Taylor, you're an unsung hero!

MichelJoy DelRe

Thank you for your BRILLIANCE, commitment, love of our children, and compassion for those who are ignorant.


Thank you Ginger for an inspiring article.

Congratulations to CA legislators for revisiting "Separate but Equal (Brown v Board of Education)". Is that really what they expect the people of CA to swallow?

Notice how the media went totally silent on anything vaccine before the vote?

Notice the silence of the Reiss? Isn't she a constitutional lawyer?

The other no exemption states WVA and MS have had their laws constitutionally challenged- doesn't the Supreme Court uphold the state's right to force vaccinate?

In the recent wave of vaccine mandates, all except maybe one were defeated overwhelmingly- NC, MD, Washington St, Oregon, where else?Why is CA different? Answer: it is not. There is NO public support for forced vaccination. None. There is overwhelming and fervent support for religious exemptions, at least.

What is next? Could fail in the CA house if enough people call in. Court challenges? I don't know. Again- the silence of the Reiss, and her ilk, is ominous. Don't think they aren't already three steps ahead.

Probably massive passive resistance and citizen demonstrations are next. That is what it took, on the steps of the US Capital, to get voting rights.

I am with Ginger. The real fight has just begun. It is the 1960s all over again. Pass the bong and man the ramparts!

They say: "Let us eat vaccines!" I say: To the barricades! Liberte! Equalite! Fraternite!


Ginger can you edit my writing? I meant
I "THANK" you. Not "THINK" arggggggggg

Soorya Townley

I love Ginger Taylor with all my heart, my soul and even my toes. I think you sweetheart from everything that is me. Your fight has been relentless and , even though I have only been walking streets handling out information for 30 years, educating parents, I have been at your side spiritually. I am here with. you. and we will win. we are almost there now. after all these years.


Thank you to all who are fighting and continue to fight in California. My niece lives in southern California and has a two year old and another baby on the way. She is a teacher in a large school district and carries the information I send her to all the other people that she works with. They may not have believed her at first, but the sheeple are awakening. It was so refreshing to wake up this morning to read this article. Ginger thank you for helping me turn 180 degrees on my perspective on this insanity. I would love to see Offit on the stand FINALLY having to reveal his true ties to pharma/vaccine profit. Then call in Dr. Verstraeten (what did you know and WHEN did you know it). Then Dr. William Thompson. Then call in Dr. Pan, etc., and then, at the very end - last witness, call in Dr. Wakefield who has stood in defense of our children for a very long time. The cherry on top would be restoring this good man's name. Thank you again to all who are fighting.

Jenny Allan

Sophie -I think this is what was referred to re "Dr. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward for being so arrogant and elitist that you actually admitted in a committee hearing, on camera that you think you should have medical choice for your baby and the peasants beneath you should not."

Sophie Scholl

Has anyone got the link to this ? pls

"Thank you to Oregon Senator Dr. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward for being so arrogant and elitist that you actually admitted in a committee hearing, on camera that you think you should have medical choice for your baby and the peasants beneath you should not."

I want to save it for my record !


Re the IEP amendment - it says they will have access, it doesn't say where. That could mean in the home and it could also mean differently structured than in the school.

But the case could be made that children that do not have an IEP are being discriminated against. Why are healthy children less protected under the law so that they can be excluded from school if not vaccinated while children with IEP's who are unvaccinated will not? Makes no sense.

David Taylor

@Christine--thank you for your sacrifice and hard work. I watched the entire five hours and live tweeted it. You guys were sensational and you shamed the corrupt lobbyists and politicians with your courage and strength and conviction.


Hang in there. More and more people are finding out the truth, despite all the BS that is put out there to fool us. Bravo.


Thank you Becky and Seashell. I am very concerned.


Shannon I found this and I think this is what Dr. Sears was referring to when he said:
The language of the amendment seems to indicate that these
kids will only have access to their special education services, so
the question was asked in the hearing whether or not these kids will
be able to attend all the regular aspects of their school day as
well, and Dr. Pan and the education specialist with him assured us
that yes, these kids will be able to take part in all aspects of school.
I think Ginger warns us correctly that we must not assume that children with an IEP will have access to all educational services just b/c Pan said so... keep fighting!!!

Click on Bill analysis and then 6/5/15 Assembly Health.

On pg 14:
c) Special education students must have access to services. As previously discussed, under federal and state law disabled children are guaranteed the right to a free, appropriate public education, including necessary services for a child to benefit from his or her education. An amendment should be taken to clarify that students with an IEP will still have access to special education related services as directed by their IEP.
Section 120335 (h) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a pupil that qualifies for an individualized education program, pursuant to federal law and Section 56026 of the Education Code, from accessing any special education and related services required by their individualized education program.

Lesly Weiner

Rock on fellow warriors.
We shall overcome.


The IEP amendment as voted on was in the bill analysis, and should appear on the bill's page in the next day or two:

Section 120335 (h) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a pupil that qualifies for an individualized education program, pursuant to federal law and Section 56026 of the Education Code, from accessing any special education and related services required by their individualized education program.

California is ready

I just watched the entire rally and no wonder their side is worried. I wish that the super adjuvant trials that produced the cytokine storms were more written about. Bring it on pharma. California is ready. I'm reminded of the Eagles song, Take it to the Limit. Yes we will.

Thanks to media, pharma...

Brilliant, Ginger! We must firstly and foremost thank the pharmaceutical companies for revealing such doggedness and recklessness in profiteering over children's' health. I mean, even to some of the "Science"blog crowd, it's getting obvious that hep b at birth, Gardasil, chicken pox...is a pure money grab. You also really have to thank them for putting out those craptastic 'studies' that are so bad that even a smart 5th grader could see through them (shoutout to Poul Thorsen!)
Special thanks to "Science"blogs for their special brand of cruelty in ignoring vaccine damage and organizing hate campaigns against anyone who dares disagree. Lastly, thanks to the neurodiverse, for whom wandering and drowning deaths are a 'different way of being.' Indeed, they are truly very special snowflakes.
Of course I can't forget the media- thanks to the media, whose obvious and utter pandering to their pharma sponsors has become just that freaking obvious that it's comical. You are now a bottom line joke.
Thanks for all your help guys and keep it up. We are only getting stronger in number.
Oh God I almost forgot the politicians!

david m burd

Ginger - kudos! and a great way to address the "professional medicos" such as Pan, et al.

Yet!, I propose we many millions who realize the terrible dangers of vaccines (and reject most if not all per the CDC Immunization Schedule) call ourselves The Healthy Herd.

Since we do indeed in fact HAVE Healthy Heard Immunity! Why? Because our kids and our prior families living in fine health easily went through the litany of so-called "deadly" diseases without those now mandated - and virtually without the need/want of unending toxic "boosters" required per Dr. (Criminal) Pan and his like.

I shall volunteer as a nominal Healthy Herd Sargent -- I nominate Ginger (though there are many others well qualified) as America's first Healthy Herd General.

Of course I am attempting a humorous approach to the catastrophe that is engulfing us all.

Thanks again, Ginger, and so, so many others that are well known over the years here at AoA - you know who you are.

Your Healthy Herd Sargent --- "Attention!"

Susan Owczarzak

THANK YOU Jesus for Ginger Taylor. Amen.


You said it!

All those assembly people now need to know what OTHER ways there are to put the immune system into such a state as to not even require vaccines. They need to know about all the scientific discoveries that show that nutritional support and individual nutrient therapy will prevent and minimize the damage that vaccines advertise to mitigate, without all the damage. And so does every neighbor and businessperson in the area of each person in every Californian's district, along with the phone number & email to call their rep.
Because vaccines are one size fits all, and all the rest is not.

I feel like this is the push to force the product into mandates BEFORE the reps all find out the major progress and solutions being offered by personalized probiotics. Tailored probiotics will provide so many solutions so cheaply to so many chronic diseases that the first state to become aware and accept those solutions and drop vaccines will become the richest state of the nation, when suddenly medicaid becomes affordable again. There are reps out there that need to know, they are begging for valid scientific options OTHER than vaccines for their citizens. Democrats don't give a damn about protecting religion. But they shouldn't be allowed to continue to proclaim ignorance of the options, either, AFTER the vote, like so many did when the gov't quietly admitted there were no chemical weapons.


It seems a slam dunk case for us on SB277.

The state will have to simultaneously argue that it is not *punitively* restricting education access to non-vaxing parents (which would immediately contravene the Constitution) and at the same time argue that the compelling state interest is that this policy is specifically designed to *compel* parents into vaccinating in order to supposedly avoid another measles in Disneyland "epidemic".

So on the one hand they will be arguing it is there to coerce parents and on the other hand explaining that it is in no way punitive.

We would have to have the worst lawyers in the world to lose this case. Having said that we should be very careful of not using arguments that might be thrown back at us in the future.


Monday night at 11pm I left my family, I got on a bus in LA and rode with 50 others to Sacramento. With no sleep I rallied all morning. I spent the afternoon/evening in the hot halls of the capitol for my voice to be heard for 3 seconds. Only to get back on a bus back to LA. I returned home at 3am. Know what happened next? My children woke me at 7am and while exhausted, I could look them in the eyes and proudly tell them I STOOD up for them! Not only me but a thousand plus, stood up for them. I stood up and I will NOT stand down!

Pan, I have friends who sided with your beliefs who are now questioning it. Friends who spread fear a few months back are now liking my posts. Great job bro.

You were right! Education is a right not a privilege!

Jeanette Forlano Slaw

Thank you Ginger for another excellent article and for all you do to educate the public about the dangers of vaccines and advocate for the protection of parental and vaccine choice rights. You are so right! These proposed laws that are popping up all over the U.S., especially in California -- and the lawmakers behind them -- are helping to create more awareness about vaccine issues and helping to build larger and larger armies of warriors opposed to mandatory vaccines than those of us who have been concerned for years could have ever done! May God continue to bless you, your family and all those who continue to work to protect children and families from vaccine injury.


I read on Dr. Sears page that Pan said it verbally on Senate floor and it should have some binding effect. Of course I hope this bill dies. But if not, I hope this amendment is included.

Ginger Taylor

Shannon, the amendment for the IEPs to be honored does not actually exist anywhere. It is just a promise that Pan made. But don't worry, I'm pretty sure you can trust him.

barbara j

It's far easier for these politicians to slip money into their pockets than spend an afternoon reading.

Marcia Mayo

It seems to me that the industry and their proponents are making a last ditch all out effort which suggests they fear they are actually losing control. I read today that Julie Gerberding, former director of CDC, then president of Merck's vaccine division, now EVP of Merck, sold over half her Merck stock in May.;)- that's supposed to be a wink. I am actually encouraged by the blatantly over the top efforts at coercion - it seems desperate. I say redouble our efforts everyone!


Brilliantly written. Just brilliant. My heart so resonates with yours. And yes, the shit storm is coming!!

Jeannette Bishop

For those in California who might not be aware of this site (maybe I'm shouting out to a void), there's some info being compiled here that may be helpful:


If anyone is in Shannon Grove's district with me, I hope you're able to take the time to thank her for taking such a public stand against this bill:


Lisa Lopez

I would pay money, Ginger, to watch you shred them under oath. I would also bring popcorn.

Jeannette Bishop

Ginger, you put so well into words so much of what I wish I could say. Thank you for this, and thank you for being the force for good in so many other ways that you have been and are!

I don't know how to really put this...it may be that we should take it to the courts too, the courts we want to think of as our courts, but ... especially at the federal level--nowadays that's not going higher ...

Sean Burke

I didn't vaccinate my kids because I never trusted the medical system. I always kept really quiet about this because of the scorn received when people found out. Now I am involved and out in the open. I started fighting only for my kids but now fight for all kids. I have gotten to know so many amazing people, some heart-wrenching stories, some amazing courage and found hope in a time of darkness. You have made difference Ginger. A huge difference. You helped me choose the path I took with my children and I am forever grateful. We will go forward and go forward together.

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath

Thank you so much Ginger for all you do. We never know what the turning point will be and hopefully this is it. After 30+ years of screaming of the dangers of vaccines, yesterday was difficult. Its astounding really.

Bev allor

My heart bled listening to the comments of the parents in opposition to mandated vaccines, although some were cut off. It's as if they talked, but few listened. Most senators seemed to have their minds already made up. My heart also bleeds for the thousands of injured children and even adults who will be forced to be vaccinated in the future.

go Rand

As we all know, Pixar’s daycare has one of lowest vaccination rates in Silicon Valley (owned by Disney)



I read on Dr. Sears Facebook page that children with IEP will be exempt from mandates. I have not been able to find that amendment on the Cal gov site. Does anyone have a link they can post?

Joan Campbell

Yes we must keep up the pressure, greetings from Scotland


very well done Ginger a definite nail in Pharma`s coffin.

We all wish we could turn the clock back, and we all think its a bad dream..but its the stuff nightmares are made of.

And I hope all involved from pharmas side rot in hell for eternity.

Thanks Ginger


CA Mom

The republican's should also thank "Dr" Pan for making such a great case for changing parties. I have always been a democrat, but no longer. It's such a gift of the democrats to vote their party line just in case I had any second thoughts that maybe some of them did actually care about us and our kids. Ginger, maybe you could write that thank you note for the republican party. I am sure they would appreciate your great humor and intelligence with the upcoming elections and all.

Jeff Ransom

Thank you Ginger!

I wish someone would have went to the microphone yesterday & said "I'm not a lobbyist so I know it doesn't matter what my name is or where I am from or what organization I represent or what I want".

Also, so I guess the Democrats are no longer "Pro-Choice" quick someone introduce a bill about outlawing abortion & watch them play the pro-choice card.

Sophie Scholl


As Dr. Toni Bark proclaimed from the steps of the California Capitol before the latest hearing on SB 277, "Even if we don't prevail today, we will have lawsuits and the lawsuits will allow us to have discovery and we get to subpoena people, and they have no idea the shit storm that is coming! They will become victims of their own legislation."

maureen McDonnell, RN

Thank you Ginger! This is a bold, accurate & beautifully articulated interpretation
of the current state of affairs & it gives us all hope for a saner, safer outcome!


Those of us who have been fighting for vaccine rights in California for the past decade or so, have seen the California Legistlator go from bad to worse. Most people in the general public had no idea about the blatant disdain towards their constituents that the legislators regularly display. This is OUR government, but somehow the legislators feel above us. They may be confused on what a constitutional republic is. Many behave like dictators. Many just mis-behave (ahem, Assemblywoman Gonzales...) They do this because they have no worries because BigPharma writes really big checks, and has their back. So they are free to act out their inner Putin or Castro.


Yet again Ginger easily makes mincemeat out of Pan & company's skewed rhetoric of public control and corporate profit.

The silent consumer majority is increasingly realizing that regarding CDC vaccine safety, there's no "there" there. And once that realization hits, there's no going back.


Thank you for making this latest round of "Put Downs" tolerable. You made me almost feel OK today. I do think this horrific (and ridiculous) SB 277 gives those of us who have lived sequestered lives with chronically ill children a chance to step forward into activism. This is legislation targeted at a group of people to shut them up. The Health Committee could have amended this bill to make it fairer: by eliminating the vaccines for non-contagious diseases; by providing protection for doctors who give medical exemptions from drug company retribution; by respecting the sensitivities of those religiously opposed to abortion so they would not have to inject aborted fetal cells into their children. The 12 of the Health Committee turned their backs callously on all those citizens who cared enough to show up to create a better bill, a fairer bill, and one that respected the immune compromised as well as those who at least don't want the full schedule of vaccination. I am shocked because usually when people show up there is some attempt at compromise: but not here. This says to me that they really don't care and so the gauntlet is on the ground. The warrior moms and dads wanted a better way because they tried to work it out. Obviously the 12 Democrats did not! But thank you for giving a different perspective on the Health Committee Hearing. If the goal was coercion and to shut us up, it failed.


Thanks, indeed, Ginger. It's the only ray of hope I've seen today. And I agree ~ sometimes the foxes get caught in their own net.

Michelle M Guppy

Ok, I'm maxed out on girl crushes after hearing all the strong women boldly speak up yesterday -- but just know I love you and am so proud to know you. Thank you for all you do.


Sophie Scholl

"Therefore, this has become THAT battle--the one in life where you go all the way, including being carried out on your own sword."

I think we ALL have much more we can give to this .
We have already all sacrificed so much ,our children to begin with ,then our friends and families and careers .
Our marriages and our other children have been affected .
And despite all of that we STILL have so much more we can ALL give to the fight !

We have not done enough , we havent begun to do enough.
I wont be happy until I see one of us hanging from the big hand of BIG BEN with a banner in hand (I will not be satisfied then either) . And much more .

David Taylor

Beautifully written, deeply felt, and full of the distilled wisdom that comes only from years of your sacrifice and fight--thank you, Ginger.

I live-tweeted the five-hour meeting yesterday and at one point wrote, "They don't realize they've unleashed legal Armageddon."

The trial scenario that you envision and that we all lust for is still dependent upon decisions made by people in black robes who are susceptible to the carrots and sticks of the Pharma 'hoes. I am cautiously optimistic, but vow to never stop.

If there's a single sentence that sums up yesterday for me it comes from Chairperson Bonta's (D-Asswipe) closing statement: "This bill puts the decision back where it belongs--medical professionals."

The Pans and Bontas, LA and New York Times, DailyKos and Mother Jones, are ready, willing and able to take the decision to vaccinate away from parents. Therefore, this has become THAT battle--the one in life where you go all the way, including being carried out on your own sword.

Freedom, indeed.


Thank you, Ginger. You ARE making a huge difference.

John Stone


It is very interesting. These people are very powerful, but also very crude and deeply incompetent. When the phoney measles campaign failed to make credible impact in January (with all the might of the mainstream media) they went straight into phase 2. But as Abraham Lincoln probably didn't say "You can't fool all of the people all of the time" (sounds more like W.C.Fields out of Phineas T Barnum). And we're not fooled.


Sophie Scholl

Oh my God - I have a warm fuzzy feeling coming all over me .
A good feeling . A pleased feeling .Tears in my eyes even .
And I'm laughing out loud .
Terrific article , wonderful news , couldnt want for anymore .

They want a war - they can have a war .

Bob Moffitt

"Even if we don't prevail today, we will have lawsuits and the lawsuits will allow us to have discovery and we get to subpoena people, and they have no idea the shit storm that is coming! They will become victims of their own legislation."

Just the thought of having access to the "discovery" process which is denied to those seeking justice in the sham known as the vaccine court .. and .. then using the information "discovered" to vigorously cross-examine witnesses for the vaccine cartel .. such as .. Dr. Pan to name just one .. testifying in a real court .. under oath and threat of perjury for falsifying testimony .. brings tears of joy to my eyes and hope to my soul.

The growing threat to our humanitarian right to "informed consent" deserves to be examined and heard in Federal and State COURTS OF LAW ... not in the nation's COURT OF PUBIC OPINION .. where the deck is stacked so high in favor of the vaccine cartel .. where it now resides without any means to give this critical issue the "fair and balanced" examination it so desperately requires.

God Bless Ginger .. I strongly agree with the grocery guy who said: "Hey... thanks for doing all the stuff on vaccines you have been doing. I had not felt good about them for a while..."

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