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Dachel Media Update: Tembenis Family Featured on Fox Boston Vaccine Debate

Tell the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee That We Want #CDCWhistleblower Hearings

Hearings.fwNote: Complete contact info including Twitter @'s are at the end of this post.

It is time for us to write to Jason Chaffetz, the new Chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to respectfully request that he move forward with holding hearings on Dr. William Thompson's admission that he participated in the cover up of links between vaccines and autism at the Centers for Disease Control.

We have learned from Dr. Thompson that a causal link between autism in black boys and the MMR vaccine, when given before age of three, was suppressed by CDC “higher-ups.” Through the use of a collection of unethical statistical tricks, these senior officials at CDC chose to publish “reassuring” findings when the honest result of their analysis showed clear links between early vaccination with MMR and autism risk, both in African American boys and children with “isolated” (meaning normal in all other respects) autism. Members of Congress have spent many months reviewing the documents that Dr. Thompson turned over, debating which committee had proper jurisdiction in the matter, and have settled on OGR. Now we begin the process of holding OGR to the task of investigating this 15-year-long national scandal in depth.

Please write to Congressman Chaffetz and request that he schedule hearings soon. Please be respectful in your communications, let Rep. Chaffetz and other committee members know that you are following this story very closely, and that your expectation is that OGR is going to keep the pressure on CDC to reveal the truth and to take the matter with the seriousness and urgency that it requires. Only OGR is positioned to expose and remedy the corruption in our nation's vaccine program.

We also encourage you to tweet and FB to the committee and its members on a regular basis to educate them on developments in the #CDCwhistleblower scandal.

It has been a long year for us as we have waited for the jurisdictional questions to be resolved; now it is up to us to help these Members of Congress face the difficult task of rooting out the lies that have harmed our children. No doubt they are all under immense pressure to preserve the status quo and let the CDC's transgressions remain overlooked so they can continue their unethical “business as usual.” It is our task to respectfully educate them and empower them to act on our behalves, as they are chartered and required to do. They will face many obstacles to issuing the subpoenas that will be needed to get the truth out, so we must support them in acting on what will be an unpopular action among many of the powerful corporate interests that oppose us.

Information on how to contact the Committee, its Chair, its Ranking Member and its Members:

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Phone: (202) 225-5074

Republicans on OGR:

Democrats on OGR

Jason Chaffetz
Phone: (202) 225-7751

Elijah Cummings
phone: (202) 225-4741

Committee Members
All web site, phone, facebook and twitter information for all members are on this page

List of Members' Twitter @'s





I just read Ginger Taylor's sage comments.

Please disregard my last post. ;)


I know in anti-war movements, that requests to politicians to end wars are not always "respectful". The language gets colorful, to put it mildly, and frankly is almost considered appropriate to tell-it-like-it-is.

At what point do parents of disabled children/adults get to waive protocol and give the politicians a piece of their mind?


I dislike how sometimes people in decision making positions sit behind phones and email in offices open when only a minority of constituents will ever make it by to put a face to a problem. It allows them to establish distance between themselves and the lives they are affecting and pretend that their decisions have no major consequences.

I'm glad that there are some in office willing to listen and learn and maybe even act on their new knowledge.

For the others, for those politicians completely resistant to any logical discussion, they obviously operate in a different realm. Maybe what they need is a more personally affected level of awareness. Their next door neighbors need to be made aware of the myriad of issues and fraud behind vaccines. Then those neighbors immediately need to be taught that their politician/neighbor thinks they can raise your children better and more safely but without liability than you can. And their neighborhood local merchants need to be taught this. And the people at the churches that they attend need to be told that. And the external groups and committees and business customers need to be told this.

Their wives and husbands need to be told this! Don't assume that those spouses know.

Tim Lundeen

I agree with Bayareamom -- we've been nice and they have listened politely and then ignored all the arguments against SB277, any one of which should have killed it. The Democratic party is bought, and the individual politicians are bought and arrogant.

Now if Brown signs it, we need to go around them with a proposition for medical civil rights, we need to work to vote them out of office and/or recall them, and we need to support the legal challenges that will likely kill this bill in the end.

They think the anti-SB277 people are going to go away and stop bothering them. They have no idea what's going to happen... I've never been politically active, but I'm going to be contributing and campaigning against the people who voted for SB277, and doing what I can to help remove them from office. Lots of people are feeling the same way.

One really good thing is that this bill has united the people who realize that vaccines are like the emperor's new clothes, and it has generated a lot of publicity about vaccines. Every bit of this increases people's anxiety and reduces vaccination rates.

I do think the tide has actually turned, we just can't see it yet.


I have to do a mea culpa here and state that I wasn't reading this correctly and assumed this was about the hearings out here in California re SB277; hadn't realized this was about the CDC hearings re Thompson.

I've been in a brain fog lately...too much going on.

But having said that, I hope you all realize that playing NICE out here in California hasn't worked. These guys are playing hard ball; responding with cute letters from our kids and flowers may be nice and thoughtful, but in the end...well, that's almost embarrassing.

At least out here, you have to fight power WITH power, might with might. We are starting to see this happening out here and it's about damned time.

Ginger Taylor

David, Thanks.

George and Betty, because these guys are doing the right thing at the moment. Lots of work has been done behind the scenes to get these specific individuals to not listen to CDC and to listen to us, and of course to do the right thing, and they are doing it now. So we want to reward those legislators who are being brave and challenging the status quo, not punish them. And yes, we want them to want to continue to partner with us and defend us. So please be respectful. Good manners ARE working with this committee.

If the time comes for harsh words, we will certainly let you know who deserves them and when. But the people on this list are doing the right thing. I think you guys know me well enough that I am more than happy to go after bad faith politicians with zeal.


Betty said, "But I'm not sure what that next level is. Intimidation or threats maybe?"

When a lawyer walks into a courtroom, she doesn't say to herself, 'now, I'm going to be real nice, respectful'.

No! She says I'm going to be firm, forceful and convincing! One doesn't have to break the rules of civility in order to express concern over a serious matter to an individual who is paid to listen to and act on that concern. One doesn't have to (or shouldn't have to) approach these paid, elected representatives with one's tail between one's legs. This is akin to peons bowing before royalty in ages past. We haven't come so far, have we?

Georg Elser

Direct Action of some description is what is needed !

Good manners has not worked - that is plain to see .

go Rand

Just another week of promoting / advertising vaccines.... for FREE... at FOX NEWS.

Gardasil.... another miracle vaccine... 220+ Gardasil deaths at the vaccine court ?

& OMG the measles again.... FREE VACCINES on Martha’s Vineyard They are now tracking every step a measles patient makes...

does Merck EVER REALLY give a FREE MMR vaccine... or does this just mean they have found someone else to pay for them ?

Dan Burns

Made the call to Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Left message and am waiting for return call.

Betty Bona

Points all well taken. Maybe the time for respectful discourse is past. If using only respectful engagements continues to get us nowhere and means more children are injured or killed while we politely discuss, then some of us must abandon the "nice" and take it to the next level. But I'm not sure what that next level is. Intimidation or threats maybe?


Kevin Annett over at convened a common law court of justice to pursue those persons and organizations responsible for Canada's genocide of tens of thousands of indigenous children. If justice for our vaccine-injured children is thwarted by the OGR, would this be a possible alternative route to be considered?

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Will do. Thank you!


When I read this, my first thought was, "Are you kidding?" I really don't mean to be rude or disrespectful, but seriously, I think we've all seen that 'being NICE' doesn't cut it with this bunch in Sac.

THEY'RE GOING AFTER OUR KIDS; they're coming for the adults next (they've already started). THIS IS A WAR we're fighting. No one is advocating violence, but on the other hand, playing nice isn't going to win any battles, either.

Phone calls, faxes, emails and face-to-face meetings with these guys/gals in Sac DIDN'T WORK. Thousands showing up in protest, didn't work.

What MAY be working just might be the result re what just happened at this last Emergency Town Hall meeting.

Hope so, anyway...


The last digit is missing from Rep. Chaffetz's phone number.

For George Esler (or was it Elser?)


Surely, it is not necessary to be particularly "nice" just maintain manners, and be efficient. Always btw valuable to get the main message across in the heading and first line if possible: they are receiving thousands of messages a day - they have necessarily low attention spans.

Betty Bona

They haven't listened to our "nice" before, but maybe they will be more likely to now that the NOI is involved. I think it's worth trying the "nice" approach one last time.

For George Esler (or was it Elser?)

"it will soon be august 2015 - and look what has happened in the last 9 months - international enforced vaccination laws Why should any of us ever be respectful ?"

Because, Georg, the only purpose is to try and persuade representatives and being rude will only succeed in alienating them further, confirm their worst suspicions etc. (whatever they deserve).

Georg Esler

it will soon be august 2015 - and look what has happened in the last 9 months - international enforced vaccination laws

Why should any of us ever be respectful ?

David Taylor

To whoever researched, compiled and wrote this--Thank you! Will make much hay with it.

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