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Safeminds Honors The Life of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet

Jeff BradstreetSafeMinds joins the autism community in mourning the death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. Jeff was remarkable. Always working so hard for our autistic children, recognizing that they suffered from comorbid conditions long before the medical establishment. You see, Jeff was one of us, a parent of an autistic child. He understood our heartbreak, our hope, our struggles, and our happiness over the “small” things: a new word, better behavior for one day at school, more smiles indicating our child felt better… a brown, formed poop. He rejoiced when we rejoiced. With his death, there is a hole left in the universe; and a Grand Canyon sized gap in the autism community.

Jeff wasn’t just an autism clinician treating our kids. Following a protocol that seemed to work for one child, then forcing our children’s square needs into round holes. He searched for answers for every child’s medical needs knowing that every child was an individual.

Jeff was a thinker… always making things happen. Publishing science. Understanding that every research paper adds to the knowledge needed to tackle and stop the autism epidemic. He collaborated with so many other doctors in the US and other countries, continuing the vision of Dr. Bernie Rimland, who wanted autism doctors to share their knowledge of what was working.

Jeff was a hard working autism advocate as well, traveling on his own dime to talk to Congressmen, Senators and government agency leaders about the biomedical needs of his patients that might help direct the government science to more fruitful areas.  His input was invaluable to the meetings. His knowledge of the biomedical needs of the kids was unsurpassed. He forgot more than many doctors know.   Read more here.


Valerie richter

Many other doctors affiliated with Bradstrret have also turned up dead under suspicious reasons. My autistic son was given double the vaccinations as most kids due to a military medical facility error which I yelled at them for. He was under the age of one, and little did I know what would happen to him by age three.
My question is are their any doctors brave enough to continue his work? I have not been able to find any who are continuing the mri treatment with online searches.
Thank you for your response in advance.


A crime in itself that this family should have to raise funds for an investigation. Autism families have been denied proper medical care, now they are being denied police protection.

Regina Stegall

This is so odd! The media isn't reporting anything about this man's death.
He was my grandson's doctor for a year or so and I remember my daughter talking to him via Skype. He was a gentle and caring human being who genuinely cared for his patients.
I'm deeply sorry for what happened to him!!

go Rand

From about 1998 I believe...

Dr. Bradstreet



Is it true that Dr. Bradstreet was conducting the long awaited vac-unvac study? May be the big brother has found that he was about to release his data, hence he was neutralized, because the result are so devastating to whole vaccine scam and crime against humanity?


What was the FDA looking for? Research that they don't want the public to see? Records that they wanted to disappear? Who within the FDA was responsible for this raid? Or was it another federal agency operating under the FDA name?

Did Dr. Bradstreet have some kind of evidence that would be bad for the government's public/private partership?

Where are Dr. Bradsteet's records now?


Look - there are two horrible things that have happened here. One, a great man has died. The other, his death which normally would be ruled a homicide, has been ruled a suicide. I hope I'm not being too graphic here, but how in hell could anyone conclude that a body found in water with a bullet wound to the chest is a suicide? Seriously. I guess the third horrible thing is that this is being accepted.


I couldn't agree more.

The only thing less believable than a "self inflicted' gun shot wound to the chest, is a team of police officers… who would present THAT to the press as a professional assessment of what they think went down.

I used to believe that nothing could sicken me more, than realizing that my son was poisoned when he was still just a baby, by a doctor I used to trust… while I held him down.

But I guess I was wrong. Because when I look at the bigger picture, at least my child is still here.

Jeannette Bishop


I don't know if this helps (it only helps me a little), but a lot of people seem to immediately see the need for an independent investigation:

http://www.gofundme.com/xscefs (from humanati's comment)

david m burd

More revelations about Dr. Bradstreet's death (suicide or murder?).

Why would Dr. Bradstreet take his own life? Who in hell ordered an FDA raid on his doctor offices?

From news accounts:

"The circumstances surrounding Bradstreet’s death are made all the more curious by a recent multi-agency raid led by the FDA on his offices.

“The FDA has yet to reveal why agents searched the office of the doctor, reportedly a former pastor who has been controversial for well over a decade,” reported the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Social media pages dedicated to Bradstreet’s memory are filled with comments from families who say the deceased doctor impacted their lives for the better.

“Dr. Bradstreet was my son’s doctor after my son was diagnosed with autism. He worked miracles,” one Facebook user states. “At 16, my son is now looking at a normal life thanks to him. I thank him every day.”

“I will forever be grateful and thankful for Dr. Bradstreet recovering my son… from autism,” another person writes. “Treatments have changed my son’s life so that he can grow up and live a normal healthy life. Dr. Bradstreet will be missed greatly!”


Look - there are two horrible things that have happened here. One, a great man has died. The other, his death which normally would be ruled a homicide, has been ruled a suicide. I hope I'm not being too graphic here, but how in hell could anyone conclude that a body found in water with a bullet wound to the chest is a suicide? Seriously. I guess the third horrible thing is that this is being accepted.

Ray Gallup



Katie Wright

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was such a brilliant and compassionate physician.

A doctor who walked the walk and who and been through, unfortunately, our nightmare. His son had a horrific vaccine reaction and inspired Dr. Bradstreet to devote his life to healing such kids. I am so grateful. Dr. Bradstreet's reproach was a beacon of hope and scholarship amid the millions of pointless genetic and early ID (it doesn't matter when u ID! Better yet prevent the problem!) science. I am eternally grateful for his guidance and brilliance.

2 Months ago I heard Dr. Bradstreet speak with such pride about his son graduating from high school. He was an amazing Dad.

John Stone


I believe the FDA raided the premises prior to his death, though it is very obviously not the view of Jeff Bradstreet's brother, for one, that he commited suicide.


Since when does the FDA get involved in an investigation of a provider's death? Isn't that odd?


"Anti-Vaccine Doctor Jeff Bradstreet Dead in Apparent Suicide

Anti-vaccine doctor Jeff Bradstreet was found dead in an apparent suicide in North Carolina, officials said.

The Rutherford County Sherriff's Office said in a news release issued this week that Bradstreet died of what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

He was found in a river in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock on June 19 by a fisherman.

"The case is still under investigation," the news release said.
His family is raising funds online to investigate his death, the Associated Press reported.

Bradstreet ran a clinic in Buford, Georgia, and published autism research based on the claim that vaccines cause autism, the AP said.

The Gwinnett Daily Post in Georgia reported that U.S. Food and Drug Administration agents searched Bradstreet's clinic on Monday, citing multiple law enforcement officials. That report could not immediately be verified by NBC News."


Dr Bradstreet's death is considered suspicious by his family & they are asking for financial donations to fund a private investigation.


This campaign is organised & supported by his family.

The link is currently not working but I donated earlier using it so please keep trying.


I have no words. Such a tragedy and an enormous loss for all.
My eldest on the spectrum is 22 now, so I'be been following "biomed" for several decades now. The contribution to science and our community that Dr. Bradstreet made was immense. He was always out on the cutting edge, pushing the envelope. I owe so much of my kids' progress to this man and his research.
Thank you for everything Dr. Bradstreet. You will not be forgotten!

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