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Pushing the Medical Envelope: Part One

Sir Graham Sleby Wilson
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By  Martin J Walker

Part One: Sir Graham Wilson and The Hazards of Immunisation

Everything faded into mist.

The past was erased, 
the erasure was forgotten.

 The lie became the truth.
George Orwell, 1984


Sir Graham S. Wilson, 1895-1987, Director of the UK Public Health Laboratory Service, for over 20 years until 1963, was a real scientist, whose writing is underscored with the kind of uncertainty that genuine scientists always have.

 In his 1967 book, The Hazards of Immunization, (1) in 24 chapters, he outlined the problems which can occur with vaccination. So varied and so determinedly stated were his concerns that towards the end of the book he tells the reader that while in the US he was castigated for being anti vaccination. He denies this, but it is clearly evident that he thought attention to detail and the examining all aspects of vaccine adverse reaction was vital.

Science, scientists and vaccine corporations, have, however, changed radically over the last 50 years and Wilson’s present day equivalents are unrelenting dogmatists for whom money, licences and patents come before serious intellectually driven research. These modern mercenaries, pundits, vaccine promoters and shills have been arguing for some time for hundreds of viral strains to be included in one vaccine.

Oddly arguments are phrased not in scientific terms, but the subject is talked over with bizarre expressions such as ‘we can combine as many viral strains as we want’, and with simple arguments about convenience and lower costs, such as ‘why go to the doctors on different occasions when you can get a hundred shots in one vaccination’ – save money and time. The marketing approach to vaccines is no different to that of washing powders.

With combination vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies are able to introduce viral strains into vaccines for which there has been no need in the past. In the MMR vaccination for example, the mumps strain had not previously been recommended by the Beitish National Health Service (NHS) for mass vaccination.

Wilson was concerned about combined vaccines, because he saw the interaction between them, and other aspects of their manufacture, increasing the chance of unforeseen interaction with the individual receiver. He says:

 'Combined vaccines, provided that they are given in the same total dosage, are not necessarily more toxic then single vaccines. The reactions they elicit is determined by the most toxic component of the vaccine; but when containing alum some of them are liable, as with combined diptheria-pertussis vaccine, to lower the resistance of the body and lead to activation of a latent infection – the so-called provocation effect'.

Of course one has to bear in mind that at the time Wilson was writing combined vaccines were just coming into being.

In the UK, Getting Ahead of the Curve: A strategy for combating infectious diseases (including other aspects of health protection), A report by the Chief Medical Officer Sir Kenneth Calman published in 1992 advocated a government policy centred on combined vaccines.

It read in part:

'Over the next decade it is highly probable that research and development will produce new generations of vaccines. Indeed, as the benefits of new genetic technologies are increasingly successfully applied, the pace of emergence of new vaccines may well accelerate. Not only will there be new vaccines, but many will be combined. Harnessing this change will require a carefully managed relationship with the research community and the vaccine industry.

In the short term the major developments could be: More vaccines combined into new ‘multivaccines’ to reduce the number of injections or clinic visits.'

In the US, one major vaccine researcher and patent holder, Paul Offit has frequently stresses the possibility of using combined strain vaccines containing up to 10,000 viral Strains. Offit claims 10,000 viral Strains would have no adverse effect whatesoever. This view is also propagated by the Oxford Vaccine Group, one of the leading UK vaccine research organisations.

Inevitably because ‘scientists’ such as Offit try to speak in a kind of popular shorthand, no mention is made, as they are constantly in Wilsons writing, in these grand claims of the differences in biological disposition between children or the added adjunct chemical and organic material such as egg, aluminium, mercury, chicken etc. which are introduced into the mix of the viral strains.

Inevitably Offits off-the-cuff populist suggestions cannot be supported by any scientific proof by the CDC, the WHO or other apparently trustworthy organizations. In it’s Internet summary of vaccine safety, Vaccines and the Immune System, the Children’s hospital of Philadelphia, makes the most bizarrely unscientific claim which are not only blatantly wrong but completely irrelevant.

Harping on the Offit theme, they say, ‘each infant would have the capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time’. They then add ‘Using this estimate, one would predict that if 11 vaccines were given to infants at one time, then about 0.1 percent of the immune system would be "used up."’

So, according to these vaccine propagandists, ‘the immune system’ is like a bottle and 11 vaccine strains would ‘use up’ only 0.1 of its volume. This is complete and utter nonsense and has nothing to do with science in any form and even falls short of guesswork or ‘wild speculation’. No one has ever received high levels of multiple vaccines. In fact it might be said that those who are given multiple vaccines, today are guinea pigs, for specific combines vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies are experimenting on these subjects.

In the concluding paragraphs of The Hazards of Immunization, Wilson goes to some lengths to explain the considerable complexity of the biology of vaccination. He has particular things to say about ‘mass immunization’, and one has to remind oneself that he was writing in the 1960s.

About mass vaccination he says:

 'In such a (mass) operation, time does not permit an inquiry into the suitability of each individual subject for vaccination. An allergic history, such as that of sensitivity to egg protein, horse dander, horse serum, or penicillin; a history of eczema either in the subject to be vaccinated or a member of the family; a history of asthma from whatever cause; any stage of pregnancy; the presence of certain blood dyscrasias; current treatment with certain corticosteroids, irradiation or alkylating agents; recent administration of other vaccines and sera; as well as the age, general health, and state of nutrition – should all be taken into consideration before a person is inoculated … but this is not possible under the conditions of mass immunization'.

That Wilson was a real scientists and not one of these faux money making mercenary populists, is shown by his conscientious attention to detail. When you read Wilson you don’t mind him being a doctor or part of the medical establishment because you realize as you read his only concern is the citizen, the patient and the child. Wilson has integrity. Reading Wilson you also can’t help but lament the death of intellectual and curiosity driven science and its replacement by the propagandists of contemporary drug dealing.

Part Two to follow.

Martin Walker
Martin Walker is an investigative writer and author.  You can see his work at Slingshot Publications. He writes: I have been an activist, investigator, political poster artist and writer for most of my adult life. My twelve books, essays and articles and a large number of posters reflect an involvement in campaigns since the occupation of Hornsey College of Art, where I was a student in 1968. For the last twenty years my writing and investigating has been confined almost entirely to the field of corporate lobby groups involved in pharmaceutical marketing and the cover-up of adverse reactions. For a more complete view of my campaign involvement you can see parts of my CV.

         Most recently between 2007 and 2011 I have reported, written essays and edited and published two books by parents about the adverse reactions caused to children given the MMR vaccination. I followed and wrote about the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield attending every day of the bogus three year trial organised by the General Medical Council.

Footnotes and references for the two part series:

(1) The Hazards of Immunization. Sir Graham S. Wilson. University of London, The Athlone Press. London 1967.

(2) Interestingly, some were against this new legislation because, they said, it would lead to an increase in home schooling!  This use of punishment could be seen as poor PR because the PR companies are actually defining a population, helping the resisters come together.

(3) Dirty Medicine: Science, big business and the assault on natural Health care. Martin J Walker, Slingshot Publications. 1994.


(5) Paul  A. Offit, What Would Jesus Do About Measles?

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13 Mar 2005

(9) Aldous Huxely, Brave New World,

The almost never mentioned,One by David Karp, 1953, Vanguard Press, 1953. USA

1984 George Orwell. Secker & Warburg, UK 1949.


Louis Conte

"That Wilson was a real scientists and not one of these faux money making mercenary populists, is shown by his conscientious attention to detail. When you read Wilson you don’t mind him being a doctor or part of the medical establishment because you realize as you read his only concern is the citizen, the patient and the child. Wilson has integrity. Reading Wilson you also can’t help but lament the death of intellectual and curiosity driven science and its replacement by the propagandists of contemporary drug dealing."

Well done!

Thank you Martin for reminding us that there is a history of people who questioned and stood up for their patients.

Hopefully, some doctors read this.

Sophie Scholl

"DISCLAIMER: This is meant as no disrespect to monkeys. "

None taken - thanks Bob !

John Stone

Great to have Martin back, and very important piece of history.

Sophie Scholl

Martin please dont delay too long with part 2 - and all subsequent updates .
There is an insatiable appetite for immunological criminal exposure here !

Bob Moffitt

"Everything faded into mist .. the past was erased, 
the erasure was forgotten .. the lie became the truth.
George Orwell, 1984
This Psychology 101 - Behavior Experiment .. shows erasing the past is not that hard to do.. to me .. the banana represents raising questions regarding vaccines .. with apologies to those who have already read it in previous post

You start with a cage containing four monkeys, and inside the cage you hang a banana on a string, and then you place a set of stairs under the banana.

Before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana. You then spray ALL the monkeys with cold water.

After a while, another monkey makes an attempt. As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray ALL the monkeys with cold water. Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to
prevent it.

Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey.

The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs. To his shock, ALL of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will
be assaulted.

Next, remove another of the original four monkeys, replacing it with a new monkey. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment - with enthusiasm -- because he is
now part of the "team."

Then, replace a third original monkey with a new monkey, followed by the fourth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked.

Now ...the monkeys that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs. Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey. Having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been
sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, not one of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the banana.

Why, you ask? Because in their minds, that is the way it has always been! This is how our bloated public health bureaucracies today ... and this is why, from time to time,

ALL of the monkeys need to be REPLACED AT THE SAME TIME!

DISCLAIMER: This is meant as no disrespect to monkeys.


Welcome, Martin!

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