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Pharma "Pan"ning for Gold While Opposition to SB277 Grows

Dr PanThe following is a letter written by Jinan Robison to Senadoctor Richard Pan, regarding California's  vaccine mandate bill SB277.

Dear Senator Pan,

SB277. It sounded like an EXCELLENT way to bolster your ratings. I get it. It sounded like a piece of legislation that would quickly fill your pockets with some big money, while holding hands and canoodling with powerful corporations. What an excellent deal, right? Work with Merck, make an ungodly amount of money, and boost your political career all the while ensuring that consistent donors are on your side. A good career move. It should fly under the radar, right? I mean only 2% of Californians hold a personal belief exemption. Such a small number to sacrifice. That had to have crossed your mind at some point. Take into account the large amount of American people who have long since lost hope in any sort of real democracy. Add in our own selfish values and you have a slam dunk bill right? I mean the American people are far too busy wasting incredible amounts of time on “social media” sharing videos of women fighting in Wal-Mart to worry about a little ol’ bill about vaccinations. We are so eager to claw into each other over ‘personal beliefs’ and spend our time de-friending our “friends” and relatives over whether or not they plan to address former Olympian as Bruce or Caitlyn from here on out. Clearly we are too busy to worry about vaccines. A large number of American people have given up on government and are ignorantly accepting legislation without a second thought. It should have been a slam dunk bill for you.

The only problem, it hasn’t been. This bill has been met with droves of people who are no longer willing to stay silent. SB 277 has not been a slam dunk for you, because you forgot just who you were messing with. You forgot just who made up that 2%, but more importantly, you failed to see that this doesn’t just affect California. No this little slam dunk bill that you thought would help fund a fancy vacation, bolster your popularity, and boost your political career ( because we all know that 1.5 star pediatrician rating wasn’t going to work out for you) has been met with opposition, phone calls, dozens of rallies, and an incredible amount of testimony throughout each hearing. No, you didn’t realize you were not just dealing with the 2% in California anymore. Instead, you are dealing with a country of angry mothers, fathers, doctors, lawyers, health professionals, and scientists. Another article said it best, “You woke up a beast” and you did in fact. Other bloggers have expressed a sincere gratitude for bringing this nationwide attention. You should know time isn’t on your side. The more time this takes, we will get stronger, we will continue to rally, we will continue to educate others and we will continue to be united. This is no longer about politics. To be honest this isn’t even about vaccines anymore. This is about something far greater than “the greater good”. This is about vaccine injury awareness. This is about freedom. This is about corruption. This is about greed. This is about the ignorance of SB277 to take away parental rights. This is about informed consent. This is about uniting religions. This is about uniting pro-choice and pro-life. This is about uniting race. No, this “slam dunk” bill no longer means a life in politics flying under the radar passing laws for the benefits of those donating to your campaign. No, this bill has united a firestorm of opposition and now this bill only means one thing. This bill means WAR.

So, Senator Pan enjoy your Merck sponsored vacation because when we are done with you, you may not have a career left. When you unite people together from all walks of life, then ignorantly insult them and spew your agenda on them, I can assure you, you will not be left alone! Your name will not be forgotten. We will win, this bill may get signed, but one way or another, we will win. Our lawyers will win. Our children will win. For you, this bill may have meant luxurious and lucrative kickbacks, but for us this bill is about our children and messing them only means one thing. It means war.

Your opposition


About Jinan:  "I'm Jinan, the keeper of the cookies, master of dance parties, and single handedly responsible for using up all of our family’s internet data each month. Hey, don't judge, there's a TON of stuff to research when you have two kids (and one on the way)! About 10 years ago I became very interested in holistic living. To expand my knowledge and skills in this, I began studying at Natural Health Institute for Massage Therapy. I spent time learning Eastern Medicine and took classes on Ayruvedic Medicine, Pathologies, and the Anatomy and Physiology of the body.

After a few years working as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I retired my license in order to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Organizational Communications with a minor in Global Studies from MTSU.  My husband and I own Wild and Sunny Farms, an organic urban farm. We hope to continue to use sustainable methods to grow food and find ways to give back to the community through our CSA. We are currently working to partner with another non-profit to establish a community garden in order to continue to give back. When I am not working in corporate America, taking care of the kids, or running the farm. I enjoy firing up the keyboard to write!"


Gary Ogden

This letter made my day, my week. Bravissimo! So busy fighting Pan's sleaze and living life, it took me a few days to respond. I think the governor is not such a sap as the legislators, but I could be wrong. The courts will be our children's salvation. Despite what the San Diego Assembly critter said, I believe this can't possibly survive judicial scrutiny. Fight on, or fill the breach with our English dead!


Brown said corporations control politicians. Let's see if he proves it.


Interesting comment from 'my' Governor Brown:

Christina Waldman

Is your Representative a "Pharma" Representative?


It seems like pharmaceutical companies would be uniquely capable to identify areas of embarrassment or weakness in public officials (or anybody else, for that matter).

From _Blood Feud_ by Kathleen Sharp: "Since then [1988], Amgen, J&J, and other drug companies had installed ever more sophisticated surveillance systems, employing former FBI executives, foreign agents, and black-ops experts to guard their treasures from competitors and counterfeiters."

Maybe treasure guarding doesn't take up 100% of their time.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Sorry Dasha, You obviously have not studied about what is in the vaccines and what are the results- which is what most people on this site have been doing for years. Most of the people on this site have children who have been horribly damaged by vaccines I suggest that you try finding one person who regrets not vaccinating their child.
I live in India and at the rate autism is rising there, I am ready to close my nursery school in New Delhi at any time if I find that I am running a school for autistic/nearly autistic kids rather than a school for normal kids. I am totally disgusted . This has all occurred since year 2000 as vaccines containing mercury, and recent changes in vaccines used in the last few years, is creating a growing disaster. OK - so now I have a new career in life- helping parents in Delhi to do biomedical improvements in their affected kids. Why on Earth did this have to happen?


Carol: Indeed blackmail makes a lot of sense and goes a long way in explaining such staunch defence of some pro-vaccine initiatives in the face of constituent feedback against. I have wondered about this as an explanation for a while now. In the case of Dr. Pan, it seems as though he is not viewed as a success in terms of his rating but that may or may not mean anything. What is obvious is that if you are going for more of a political career vs medical, it would be most helpful to have big pharma money backing you.
In Britain, allegations regarding pedophilia are rife and you wonder whether some in high places are blackmailed into promoting or going along with certain money making agendas- like vaccines.

For Darya Bubman

So you are on the pharma payroll and are you one of Chales Chiu's colleagues that would benefit somehow from the commercializing of the flu tech invention? Either way you seem to be gaining from your rather myopic and hateful view towards any who would question vaccines.

If you have daughters I hope that they are not among the unfortunate growing number who seem to experience problems post Gardasil. Read the Danish experience below this article. Apparently those debilitated by side effects is greater than the number suggested by the CDC gang.


PRESS RELEASE for Rally on June 25, 2015 in Sacramento re Opposition to SB277:


Christina Hildebrand
A Voice For Choice
(408) 835-9353

A Voice for Choice, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, based in Mountain View, CA, that opposes California’s controversial new vaccine bill, SB 277 (Pan/Allen). Representing organizations, coalitions, parents and citizens, A Voice For Choice has been a highly visible presence in Sacramento during prior Senate hearings for SB 277. A Voice for Choice is just one of the several groups endorsing this rally, including: Our Kids Our Choice, Californians for Vaccine Choice, Million Mamas Movement, Stop Mandatory Vaccination, California Coalition for Health Choice, and Health Freedom Action.
Speakers include:

Lori Martin Gregory – Former Biotech consultant, current Editor and Publisher, The Mom Street Journal
A representative from the Nation Of Islam
Diane Miller J.D. – Director of Law and Public Policy, National Health Freedom Action/ National Health Freedom Coalition
Christina Hildebrand – Founder of A Voice For Choice, Inc.
Bianca Amann – Educator and Your Family Your Choice Co-Chair
Angelita Garcia-Stonehocker – Educator, Mother, and Founder of Indigenous People’s Alliance for Healthy Choices
Dotty Sunshine – Founder and CEO of Moms In Charge; Nutrition and Functional Health expert
Joshua Coleman – Father of vaccine injured son, Otto
Kimberly McCauley – Mother of 2 daughters: 1 vaccine injured, also presenting a speech on behalf of constitutional attorney Caitlyn Obolsky.
Laura Hayes – Emcee; Parent Educator and Advocate for Parental Rights and Medical Choice Freedom


Members and representatives from like-minded organizations, including A Voice For Choice, Our Kids Our Choice, and California Coalition for Vaccine Choice will gather at the California State Capitol to protest SB 277, to direct concerns to Governor Brown, publicly announce the Health Choice / Health Freedom Movement, and to show unification of the multiple Health Choice / Health Freedom groups. A peaceful rally will be held at 10:30 with speakers. Afterwards, Health Choice / Health Freedom Advocates will head inside the capitol to speak with their Assembly Members in person regarding current vaccine mandates of SB 277, SB 792 and AB 1117. On-site interview opportunities with bill opponents will be available. Live streaming will be available at: More info:


The California State Capitol, 1315 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Opponents will gather around 10:15 on the West steps for the peaceful rally. After the rally, Health Choice Advocates may move inside the Capitol to speak with their Assembly Members in person.


Thursday, June 25th

Peaceful rally begins at approximately 10:30 a.m.

Attention Media: Many groups’ spokespersons will be available for on-site interviews during and following the testimony period.


The recent revelations about Dennis Hastert (along with old ones about Hastert and others by Sibel Edmonds) have made me think about what besides greed motivates our public officials. If foreign nations play long games of entrapment on elected officials for the purpose of securing favorable votes, why wouldn't wealthy corporations do the same thing? I imagine compliance with blackmailers would be close to 100%. Nothing like a stick behind and a carrot in front.

Not saying this is operating in Pan's case.

For Dasha from Managing Editor

Hello, Dasha. You come in, you insult us and you complain in a nasty fashion that we did not publish your comment - there was a 6 minute time elapse from your first to your second comment. Most of us are parents of vaccine injured kids with autism at Age of Autism. We moderate comments in between tying shoes, wiping bums, changing period pads, keeping our kids from leaving the house, managing food issues, scheduling speech, OT, PT - we're not just sitting around harassing parents of disabled kids. May you and your girls (I have three daughters w autism) NEVER experience the pain of vaccine induced illness.

You're a PhD in the biomedical field spending day trashing parents whose kids have suffered. Class act.

And you have a financial interest in vaccination - A HA! Disgusting

Yours, Kim, Managing Editor

Dasha Bubman

Nice, afraid to post opposition comments? So much for freedom, huh.

Dasha Bubman

You are ignorant and dangerous. I really hope the bill passes on Thursday and we don't get infants dying from preventable diseases and polio and measles coming back. This letter full of unsubstantiated personal attacks frankly smells of desperation. Shame of you!

Mom of two girls in Mountain View, CA

adrienne moore

Love it. Bravo.

Kallie Miller

Many thanks for an authentic, honest needed letter to Pan who only rates a 1.5 as a physician and to the public, many of whom need to hear the truth. I have hope this letter goes viral as inspiration to people to stand up and speak for their individual rights. In fact, I believe, we should not even need to get exemptions. Let those who believe in vaccinations get them and let those who believe otherwise be vaccine free. Isn't that democracy?

I am grateful to you Jinan for a wonderful letter which has met my need for support and hope in a sometimes challenging world.

melissa christopher

It only took one man on fire to inspire the Arab Spring... you've roused an inferno

Natalie Lewis

Thank you for this excellent letter. i have been fighting this bill tooth and nail, and I will continue to expose the lies and the corruption!

Vaccinia Risks

Dear Jinan,

You are a courageous and articulate young woman. Keep up the brave fight! Today I invited my pediatrician to see a screening of "Trace Amounts" at our local theater. It seems unlikely that she will come. She has abdicated her responsibility for the vaccinations she gives out to the "specialists, the epidemiologists." I gently reminded her that it is the parents and pediatricians that must take responsibility to the treatments given to the children. She simply cannot pass the buck. It has become all too convenient to do so.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Way to go, Jinan!

For Bob

Wow Bob! Truth!

Joan Didak

Great article!! I am a healer living in New Mexico. I was vaccine injured by travel shots while preparing for a trip around the world. What a trip it has been! Please friend me on Facebook.
And keep writing!
Joan Didak

Georg Esler

This bill means WAR.

is it so wrong of me , to want the bill to pass now ?
Because sb277 is our rallying call .
Far better than the "Hear this well" call .
Far better than the snide "there is no conspiracy folks just get your damn vaccines"
Far better than the criminal Rear Admiral Schuchat

go Rand

Does Dr. Pan still have a private practice? Seems a few parents and their Autistic children could stop by at the same time and pick up vaccine information.

That is why they are there...

Could make for an interesting waiting room.

Bob Moffitt

Jinan wrote of Pan's morally bankrupt effort to enact SB277:

"This is about vaccine injury awareness. This is about freedom. This is about corruption. This is about greed. This is about the ignorance of SB277 to take away parental rights. This is about informed consent. This is about uniting religions. This is about uniting pro-choice and pro-life. This is about uniting race .. this bill has united a firestorm of opposition and now this bill only means one thing. This bill means WAR."
I could not help but compare Jinan's list of "unintended consequences" that Pan has unleashed .. with the "unintended consequences" that evil punk in the South Carolina who thought his despicable act would "unleash a race war".

Instead of igniting a "race war".. members of the victim's family stood before him in court .. each and everyone "forgiving him .. asking him to repent so that God will have mercy on his tortured soul". Their Christian words and actions were so inspiring they united the entire country .. black and whites joining together .. the complete opposite of what that evil punk intended.

Just yesterday .. the Governor of South Carolina voluntarily removed the Confederate flag that flew over the state capital for a hundred years .. something I seriously doubt that racist punk ever imagined would be the result of his evil act.
One of the potential "unintended consequences" of an act is the "perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended .. sometimes referred to as "backfire".

I think Pan and the evil punk have suffered .. justifiably so .. a "perverse effect" from their evil intentions.

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