Vaccines, Autism, and Broken Ties
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Letter to the Editor in SitNews.US Ketchikan, Alaska RE: Vaccination

LetterThank you to AofA reader Amanda Mitchell for sharing her letter to the editor published in SitNews.US, in Ketchikan, Alaska.    We've excerpted the letter below. Please go to SitNews.US to read the full letter. 

May 26, 2015
Tuesday PM

Every media outlet seemed to be covering the Disneyland outbreak. Did you read where they said the parents choosing to opt their kids out of vaccines caused this? Did you read anything about the whistleblower that came out, Dr. William Thompson, Senior Scientist for the CDC, stating that they intentionally manipulated and adjusted the study data to erase a link to autism from the MMR vaccine? [1, 2,] Did you read about how Merck is being sued for fraud by its own scientists? [3, 4] I would like to go through the Disneyland case, the vaccination logic, and much more. I hope that you bear with me (print it out and read it in chunks if needed), securely fasten your best thinking cap on and get ready to leave your presuppositions behind. We are going to where many of you have never gone before and I hope this will make you think, ask questions and do your own research.

Let’s begin by defining immunity. What does it mean to be immune? Taking the word back to its original content, im + muni, it means not (as in impossible) duty/function. In other words, exempt from that function or duty. As vaccination has become a foundation in our society, the word immune evolved to a meaning of antibodies to a disease. This is because there is a presupposition that when a person has antibodies to a disease they exempt from that disease. I would like to challenge this assumption with logic and facts.

Antibodies can be produced with any antigen: enzyme, toxin, or other substance that results in the body producing antibodies. Antibodies are produced from activation of B cells by the T cells and are not what destroy the pathogen directly. Actually, it’s our phagocytes. A simpler way to picture phagocytes is through pus. Think about an infected cut on your hand. You may notice that before pus is seen, that redness, heat, swelling and pain are felt. This is part of the inflammation process that is necessary to allow increased blood flow to the area and to increase capillary permeability. It is only when those capillaries are primed to leak the b cells and plasma, containing antibodies, that the ‘invaders’ will be dealt with. As the phagocyte count goes up in the area, so does the visibility of the infection or the debris from the biological battle (this is what happens in sepsis, too much can kill). This cell mediation is done through a biochemical process using histamine, prostaglandins, cytokines, pyrogens, etc and is not as simplistic as us laypersons assume. Antibodies are like having a bunch of cameras, but no law enforcer (with a matching key or access to the camera) to fight crime. It doesn’t make the body more efficient at fighting disease anymore than security cameras can personally stop crime.

According to the presupposition that many people have about antibodies, it is assumed that antibodies completely rid the body of a virus or bacteria and make that body exempt from that particular disease. Now, if this was entirely true a person would not get shingles as shingles is the reactivation of the chickenpox virus. Actually, it is already known that many viruses stay in the body and can reactivate at a later time: mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus (the many strains), hepatitis b [8] and more. Viruses not only can remain in a body in our cells, but they can be passed down to offspring. Check out the nefarious HHV-6. [9] This virus can wreak havoc in your system, infiltrate your genome and be passed to your offspring to continue its nasty work. Or there is the SV40. This virus contaminated the original polio vaccine. It causes cancer and it has been found to be passed down to offspring as well. [10, 11, 41]Actually, an interesting little tidbit is that the whole transgenic movement started with Rudolph Jaenisch and Beatrice Mintz infecting the embryos of mice with SV40 virus. It was then found that viral DNA can be integrated into the germ line. [11] It’s pretty clear that by injecting or contracting a virus that this doesn’t make a person exempt from that disease or give them an ‘immunity’.

Let’s consider the cases and information that is already out there. The CDC reported more than once about highly immunized populations contracting and testing positive for the very virus it was immunized against: The USS Ardent in February 2014 and the USS Arkansas in 1996. [12, 13] Think of all those that were vaccinated that came down with pertussis. There are several people this year that died from the very same flu strain they were vaccinated against. Kiera Driscoll,5, received the flu vaccination this year, yet died from the same strain of flu weeks later. [30, 31] Ayzlee McCarthy,3, who received the flu vaccination this year and died from the same strain. [32] Kathrine McQuestion,26, died from the flu, but was vaccinated this year as well. [33]The Disneyland scare which no one ever found patient zero, led to a lot of fear about measles and more awareness. They started testing genotypes and found several different genotypes (so definitely not all from the same source). [27] First of all, many vaccinated people came down with the measles and the unknown vaccinated status was lumped into the unvaccinated category. To begin with, that is terrible science and is not a valid perception of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Several of the cases for measles, were vaccine-induced measles. Anchorage had a case of vaccine-induced strain of measles around that time and so did Baltimore. [14, 15, 16, 17] Please notice on how the vaccine strain of measles was portrayed by media as a ‘reaction’ (with the same symptoms and testing positive as measles), but not a viral infection. I know for a fact that measles can be contracted from a vaccine and be spread because I was one of the kids in the 80’s that contracted measles not long after being vaccinated for a second time and my brother came down with measles too. My mom talked with the local health officials after consulting a doctor, so I know that somewhere reporting is a little skewed.

But let’s say you don’t believe my personal story or you still think it is ‘rare’. How many of you have read the vaccine inserts? The MMR vaccine insert that is posted on the FDA website states that a person can develop atypical measles and that any person that has received the vaccine can shed the virus up to 28 days. [18] But it is reasoned for us that there is no indication that the virus can be transmitted to another through the excretion or shedding of the virus. That’s odd. How else is a virus transmitted if not through the excretion of the virus or through the end of a needle? While you puzzle out that doublespeak, I would highly recommend looking through the different adverse reactions and noting that the MMR vaccine has never been tested for carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, or impairment of fertility and it clearly states that the vaccine is not 100% effective like we are told.

Read the full letter and the references at SitNews.US.


cinthia hampton

Of course the pediatrician will never connect vaccines and your daughters symptoms.

Jeannette Bishop

So very well written! Thank you!

Laura Hayes

FABULOUS letter, Amanda! Sharing now :)

LInda L.

My daughter received the MMR right after her first birthday and developed measles rash 10 days later. Her pediatrician told me that was a side effect of the vaccine. He said it was a very rare side effect. I was seven months pregnant at the time and no one asked me my status of the measles. I had the measles as a child and did not give it another thought. When she was five and it was time for her second MMR, I told her new pediatricians about her vaccine reaction. They told me they were unconcerned about vaccine reactions and gave her a second vaccine. I should have run from there like my hair was on fire, but I trusted my doctors. She only received one vaccine at a visit as she was born in the early 1990's. While she does not have autism, she has vitiligo (inability to produce melanin in the skin) and recurring joint pain.

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