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Fierce Vaccines Reports on Merck Whistleblower Suit RE Mumps Vaccine

Whistleblower-protectionIf Merck ($MRK) has answers regarding the efficacy of its mumps vaccine, it's not being forthright, says a letter filed by an attorney representing two former Merck virologists who are now whistleblowers.

Originally filed in 2010, the suit claims that the pharma giant skewed the tests of its U.S.-exclusive mumps vaccine by adding animal antibodies to blood samples, resulting in 95% efficacy that kept competitors--who couldn't match the efficacy--off the market. And since the original suit, the new filing claims, Merck has been "consistently evasive," in providing answers, saying it can't run a new clinical trial to determine the efficacy and only providing 50-year-old data on the jab.

Instead, Merck has been "hiding behind a facade of confusion and obfuscation as to what efficacy means," the letter states, even though the attorneys say "efficacy is a common term used throughout the industry to identify how well a vaccine works. It is also a term Merck has, until now, freely used throughout these proceedings to describe how well its vaccine works."

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Instead, Merck has been "hiding behind a facade of confusion and obfuscation as to what efficacy means,"

Merck can't hide, its just a name.

Why doesn't anyone ever expose the person at Merck, who is responsible for this facade of confusion and obfuscation?


They must know that mumps portion not working...they gave a multimillion dollar grant to UGA to come up with a better one a few years back

Angus Files

Psychopathic criminals .


Sophie Scholl

Now Merck doesnt know what "efficacy" means - amazing.
These criminals are barefaced & plain ridiculous.

No wonder Gerberding sold those shares .
She knows the end is close .

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