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Dr. Toni Bark on CA SB277

Dr Toni BarkBy Anne Dachel

Recently Dr. Toni Bark from Chicago spoke at an SB 277 rally in Sacramento.   Her talk was only about seven minutes, but her words were powerful.

"I was the director of a large inner city a pediatric emergency room. . . in Chicago, Michael Reese Hospital, and over time, I actually saw, it became very apparent to me that children who'd been in the vaccine clinic that day getting their routine vaccinations.and return that evening in the ER . . .  Children would come back with febrile seizures, occasionally death from respiratory failure, . . . severe asthma attacks.  And it became apparent to me that not all children respond well to vaccination.  

". This was back when the schedule was much smaller.We were told, we don't vaccinate preemies, we don't vaccinate infants with neurological issues,  we don't vaccinate infants who are sick.  . . . We were told we never vaccinate women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant in the next sick months.  That has changed.  So much has changed.  I used to write a medical exemption for children who had any kind of autoimmune issue, autoimmune issues in the family---and that has become all but impossible.  

"This is the takeover by pharma.  Legislators are clueless.  They're either clueless or they're bought, or both.  

"We have to take back our legislative process.  We have industry controlling our legislators.  This is terrible.  We have industry controlling what goes on in our bodies.  Through our legislators, we need to take back this process.  And I mean it when I say they're either clueless, or bought, or both.  Because when you're bought, you don't want to know the truth.  They have to deal--they have to reconcile with their psyche or their conscience.  They don't want to reckon with their conscience. . . . The doctors don't want to.  Most doctors do not know they're giving you misinformation, they really don't. They believe what the CDC has told them.  They don't know how corrupt the CDC is to its very core, how many investigations there has been around the CDC and the level of corruptness.  Even with your own Kaiser Permanente, conducting experiments on African American and Hispanic children in your state of California without informing parents it was an experimental vaccine  this was in the 90s; this was not the 1940s.  .  .  . this was not Tuskegee.  

We have so many issues.   . . I can't even. become fully apprized of all the corruption stories, even all the stories that have been adjudicated.  The CDC is in business with pharma . . . They're in business with pharma, like Merck and Glaxo and Sanofi and all these companies that have been found guilty numerous times on criminal charges . . . on criminal offenses.  And they have no problem being in business with them.  And Dr. Pan is a liar.   He is not a doctor that is misinformed and is just blindly following the CDC,  No, because he has written statements--and when you're a doctor and you put down statements as facts, you better cite your references, you better .do your research. Everything he says can e refuted  If only the legislators bothered to do a Google search.  How lazy are they?  .how much do they get  paid?  They can't do a Google search?  It's un(fucking)believable!  

Even if we don't prevail today, even if we don't, we will have lawsuits, and the lawsuits will allow us to have discovery  and we can subpoena people, they haven idea the shit storm that is coming. This is the same playbook as the GMO story.. And how stupid and smug of them ..because they will be victims of their own legislation, because the adult schedule is coming for you, it's coming for them . . . 

And guess what?  They will have gotten rid of exemptions, they'll have roll up their sleeve and take their shots.  . . I wish Pan and Allen and all their colleagues room up their sleeves. and take all the 69 doses they want you to have. .

Today isn't the end of the battle, it's only the beginning. Thank you so much for showing up.

Dr. Bark is an incredible voice for us.  I met her in 2013 at Autism One in Chicago.  She talked during a luncheon and my single thought was: I need to get to know this woman who is a medical voice out there telling us the truth about autism and vaccine damage.

I have written about her three times. 

January, 2015 Flu Shot Mandate

November, 2014 Pediatric Vaccination Status

August 2013 Autism

The heated debate over SB 277 has publicized some frightening aspects of vaccine oversight failure.  On June 9, 2015, Tony Muhammed, from the Nation of Islam, spoke on vaccine choice in Sacramento.  He was well-informed about the whistleblower scientist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who has gone public about an agency cover-up of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African American boys. 

Muhammed compared this to the notorious Tuskegee experiment, which was a forty year study of the progression of untreated syphilis in African American men in Alalbama conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service starting in 1932.

Dr. Bark brought up "experiments on African American and Hispanic children in your state of California."

She continued,  "They don't know how corrupt the CDC is to its very core, how many investigations there has been around the CDC and the level of corruptness.  Even with your own Kaiser Permanente, conducting experiments on African American and Hispanic children in your state of California without informing parents it was an experimental vaccine  this was in the 90s; this was not the 1940s.  .  .  . this was not Tuskegee."

This got my attention.  Why is it that poor, marginalized people end up being used for scientific inquiry?   Why was an "experimental vaccine" being tested on minority children?  Why aren't the sons and daughters of state legislators who back the end of exemptions also the first test subjects for vaccines?

I asked Dr. Bark about what she meant by "experiments on African American and Hispanic children" in California.  She referred me to the National Vaccine Information Center.

On NVIC there was disturbing information on vaccine testing.

National Vaccine Information Center and Washington Office on Haiti Call On FDA to Release All Records and Raw Data on Experiment

In an experiment to find out if they could give a high potency Edmonston Zagreb measles vaccine to babies as young as four months old in order to overwhelm their natural maternal antibodies and replace them with vaccine-induced antibodies, medical researchers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Johns Hopkins University injected thousands of babies in the Third World with the experimental vaccine that reportedly caused chronic immune suppression and the deaths of an unknown number of babies.

With the help of Kaiser Permanente, more than 1500 six month old black and Hispanic babies in inner city Los Angeles were enrolled in the experiment starting in June 1990. The study was halted in October 1991 after repeated reports from vaccine trial sites in Africa that girl babies were dying in higher than expected numbers six months to three years after vaccination. . . .


In a classic example of how a drug company in search of a market for a new vaccine creates that market with the help of the CDC, black children in Memphis, Tennessee eligible for free vaccines under the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) program are being targeted for mandatory vaccination with the newly licensed high potency pediatric hepatitis A vaccine. A group of Memphis parents, protesting the forced vaccination of black children without the informed consent of their parents, have filed a $500 million lawsuit against vaccine maker SmithKline Beecham, the county health department and school board citing civil and religious rights violations.

I found more. 

June 10, 2013, NaturalNews.com: African children being used as lab rats in heinous vaccine medical experiments

Parents of dozens of African children severely injured by a combination meningitis vaccine known as MenAfriVac are demanding answers following a recent declaration by government officials that the vaccine was somehow not the culprit in the tragedy. According to an investigative report by VacTruth.com's Christina England, at least 500 children in the small village of Gouro in Chad were held hostage last December by so-called "humanitarian" groups, who forced them to receive the deadly MenAfriVac vaccine,, which in many of them caused severe convulsions, paralysis, or worse.

In early December 2012, the children were reportedly put on lockdown at their school and coerced into accepting the MenAfriVac vaccine for meningitis A as part of an aggressive initiative launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, PATH, and MVP (Meningitis Vaccine Project). The children's parents were not told about the vaccination efforts, nor were they sought for parental consent, and yet these children were threatened with being cut off from an education if they refused the shot.

June 13, 2015, African Children Still Paralyzed After Vaccines, Government Says "All in Their Head" 

It has now been officially confirmed that in December 2012, 38 children were hospitalized after receiving the meningitis vaccine, MenAfriVac, during a vaccination campaign arranged by the Chadian government. News program France 24 stated that Saleh Ahmat Bodoumi, a former Member of Parliament in Chad, confirmed that seven of the most seriously affected children have since been evacuated from hospitals in the capital city of Ndjamena to the Republic of Tunisia in northern Africa to undergo further investigation and specialized treatment.

Sept 4, 2014, Minority Report: A Covert CDC Program Inoculated Black Babies with Deadly, Experimental Measles Vaccines 

From 1987 to 1989, scientists set up a research center near 30 remote villages in central Senegal. Their stated primary objective was to study the clinical efficacy of two high-titer measles vaccines: Edmonston-Zagreb (EZ-HT) and Schwartz (SW-HT).(17) However, researchers had already done several studies demonstrating that high-titer measles vaccines produce a better immunological response than standard vaccines when given to children younger than nine months and as early as four months.(13-16; 18-21) Therefore, scientists conducting the Senegal study might have had another agenda. In fact, an elaborate "mortality surveillance" was established to check safety, evaluate the vaccination strategy, and perform "independent checks on child deaths."(17)

Researchers might have suspected the vaccine was dangerous when the results of earlier studies began to filter in. But they were probably reluctant to abandon their high-titer shot without testing it at least one more time to be sure. Senegal must have seemed ideal; the region was extremely remote, and less than 4% of the mothers who "consented" to the study were literate.(17)

To begin the study, researchers randomly assigned comparable children to three vaccine groups: a) EZ-HT administered at five months; b) SW-HT given at five months; and c) placebo at five months, followed by a standard low-titer measles vaccine at 10 months. All of the children were followed for up to three years. When the results were tabulated (using eight statistical procedures) it became clear that children who received the high-titer measles vaccines had significantly higher mortality at 41 months than children in the standard low-titer measles vaccine group. But they were not dying from measles. Most of the deaths were from other common childhood diseases. Apparently, the high-titer measles vaccines lowered overall immunity making the children fatally susceptible to diarrhea, dysentery, malaria, malnutrition, acute respiratory ailments, and other infectious diseases.(17)

Children who received the Schwartz strain (SW-HT) died of other diseases at a rate 51% higher than children who received a standard vaccine. There were 48 excess deaths for every 1000 babies vaccinated. Children who received the Edmonston-Zagreb strain (EZ-HT) died of other diseases at a rate 80% higher than children who received a standard vaccine. There were 75 excess deaths for every 1000 babies vaccinated.(17) Mortality remained consistently high in the second and third year after the EZ-HT vaccine was administered, whereas it declined substantially in the control group. One of every six babies vaccinated with EZ-HT died within three years.(17) . . . 

June 17, 1996 LA TIMES: CDC Says It Erred in Measles Study

A government-sponsored study of two measles vaccines, begun in 1989 during a major U.S. epidemic and conducted on nearly 1,500 minority infants in Los Angeles, failed to disclose to parents that one of the vaccines was experimental, federal health officials said Sunday.

"A mistake was made," said Dr. David Satcher, director of the Atlanta-based federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the study sponsors. "It shocked me."

Despite the lack of standards when it comes to vaccine safety testing, legislators around the country are pushing to end a parent's right to choice to vaccinate or not.  Parents need to protect their rights.  If the government can force you to vaccinate your children, what can't the government do to your children?

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



Betty DiDario

Thank you gor speaking for the defenseless children who depend on us to protect them.

Joy B

Absolute hogwash, David Burd, wrt the "benefits" of fracking. The earthquakes are happening in areas not at all connected to the larger faultlines, etc. And earthquakes are the least of our worries, it's the water supply that's being poisoned. Recently the EPA released a bought-and-paid-for 'scientific' for study denying even that. And that should tell you all you need to know. EPA, FDA, CDC - they all have the same fake scientists-for-pay on speed-dial. Not to mention what the MIC gets up to with their 'think-tanks', promoting war on every single continent on earth for "the greater good". (yet another parallel)

And these parallels absolutely should be drawn. We as a society have become so comparmentalized and overspecialized that we aren't seeing eye-to-eye on anything these days. People need to learn to look beyond their own frame of reference before any of this can change. Then they need to actually absorb the facts. It's an exercise which needs to be done in the correct order or it's pointless.

For instance, probably the most apt analogy to the vaccine disaster which is an extremely popular target in so-called activist circles, is what Big Ag(specifically US Big Ag, as per usual) getting up too. It's a profit system which, inadvertently or not, results in global degradation of the very systems which support life on this planet. What Big Pharma is doing is in so many ways equally abhorrent(moreso, if we're being honest), the degradation of the life force itself.

As Voltaire once said:

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

We are allowed to criticize certain industries; oil, Ag, defense; but to the average person these entities are still too abstract to inspire the kind of passion needed for reform. As soon as people realize that their own children are the victims, the fire in their proverbial bellies will ignite.

So, we need these comparisons and analogies, we need to repeat, repeat, repeat them. The average person thinks we're all kooks because they are unable to connect the dots and see the larger picture, which is creeping fascism.

The meme fed to the general public that one corporate sector is somehow sacrosanct is what needs to be torn down. Drawing these parallels, exposing these patterns of behavior, which run across the board in big business, cannot be done enough. Whatever it takes.

Betty Bona

@David M Burd
Sorry, but I am often unclear with my associations. I meant to highlight how fine and respectable young people can be sucked into the industry version of science with their careers on the line. I am not knowledgeable about the dangers or safety of fracking and should not have indicated that I am in any way an expert. I only know that relying on the industry version of fracking safety is like relying on the tobacco industry's version of the safety of cigarettes, is like relying on Monsanto's version of the science of GMO safety, and is like relying on the CDC/Pharma version of vaccine safety science. You are absolutely right that the merits of the fracking controversy are not appropriately discussed here. Industry control of the science is the issue I meant to compare. I also note that none of the above controversies entirely compare with the vaccine controversy because of the liability free status of the pharmaceutical industry.

Sophie Scholl

I concur with the Rats commentator .

I feel a snowball effect coming on .

Dear rats: time to jump

People like Jodi Hicks are unique alright. These scum like Hicks, Gerberding, Offit, Thorsen, Schuchat...are going to have their come to Jesus moment that Healy spoke of sooner than later.

david m burd

Betty Bona stated in earlier Comment:

"story about the results of a study finding that fast pumping of oil and gas industry waste fluids deep underground is linked to the national surge in earthquakes."

I think it is not useful to try to bring in other issues if nor directly pertaining to the onslaught of carnage caused by vaccines.

Yet, as to a claimed "national surge in earthquakes." Even if the fracturing of strata ('fracking") to release more gas/oil was possibly related to a surge in mini-earthquakes, not felt by we humans but detected by very sensitive instruments, this is actually GOOD because having great numbers of teeny earthquakes releases energy that would otherwise be released in a major catastrophic 'quake.'

So I contend it is actually beneficial if indeed 'fracking' was causing a surge of mini-quakes.

But, I repeat it is not worth bringing in lots of issues if they don't directly relate to the Vaccine Carnage Issue.


"If the doctors would just start a group to push back, it would be very powerful. Even if its an underground group holding secret meetings, they could devise a strategy to come out in public once they have enough members, because a large group of doctors coming out all at once to denounce the vaccine program and attest to the harms they have witnessed would bring it all down really quickly..."

Absolutely. But you know, this group is SO bought and paid for, it's nauseating. This bought and paid for issue STARTS literally when they enter medical school. I viewed a documentary about this; one physician discussed how all of this lobbying starts, and it starts with these young, newbie fresh medical students. Believe me, they are 'hooked' early on and that lasts throughout the entirety of their academic careers and on into their professional lives.

The indoctrination starts early. Then, when they're interning, sleep deprived and barely functioning, that indoctrination REALLY takes hold. Dr. Mendelsohn described this quite eloquently in one of his many lectures.

Sad, but true. The buying off starts early and is ever more enticing the further on into their careers they go. Additionally, the lecture fees many of our physicians partake in, are lucrative enough to keep that hold on them and they keep coming back for more.

Physicians have literally stated, when asked about their ties to industry, that they would not be able to send their kids to college, nor maintain the lifestyles they've become accustomed to, if it weren't for the side funds they receive from Big Pharma.

But this is but one issue; there are other more esoteric reasons these physicians don't speak out, but I would state that most of this is truly because of their incestuous ties to Big Pharma.

Nick's Mom

If the doctors would just start a group to push back, it would be very powerful. Even if its an underground group holding secret meetings, they could devise a strategy to come out in public once they have enough members, because a large group of doctors coming out all at once to denounce the vaccine program and attest to the harms they have witnessed would bring it all down really quickly. Even the little ants (taken from Bugslife, no less) can take down the larger, stronger grasshoppers if they stick together. I often think of this movie in relation to our doctor's. Simple lessons in a child's movie, but have we learned?


"Before her tenure at CMA, Jodi served as the Legislative Director for the California Chapter of the National Organization for Women (CA NOW). In this role, she lobbied on behalf of women and girls in the state, ensuring their continued protection on issues ranging from fair pay to reproductive health..."

...translates into she was one of the leading forces behind the push for AB499, which now allows all minor children in California to consent to Gardasil vaccination and/or consent to any other STD vaccine, w/o parental knowledge.


"...oh doctors just give them out like crazy says Ben Allen's staff lady..."

That's not Allen's 'staff lady' friend. She's a paid lobbyist; her name is Jodi Hicks:


Legislative Advocate

"Jodi Hicks is the former Vice President of Government Relations for the California Medical Association (CMA). She was the first woman to hold this management position at California’s leading physician association, representing more than 35,000 members in all modes of practice and specialties. Jodi’s unique ability to articulate compelling positions on issues has helped to garner her a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Capitol.

Before her tenure at CMA, Jodi served as the Legislative Director for the California Chapter of the National Organization for Women (CA NOW). In this role, she lobbied on behalf of women and girls in the state, ensuring their continued protection on issues ranging from fair pay to reproductive health. One of her most successful endeavors was helping to defeat the highly public and divisive Proposition 85 in 2006. Jodi increased CA NOW’s presence at the Capitol in a way that was unparalleled prior to her arrival. The organization saw a marked increase in media attention that helped push their issues to the forefront..."


Children would come back with febrile seizures, occasionally death from respiratory failure,....


Why should anyone need to say anything more than this????

People should be rioting in the streets over this one statement alone!!

Jeannette Bishop

Regarding agenda behind these mandates, I think we should consider this as put forward (or a similar globalist-corporate agenda):


"The Trans Pacific Partnership may even explain the mad rush to mandate vaccination since what little has been leaked about the document demonstrates that, once ratified, corporations could sue states that attempt to alter existing legislation in ways that could 'harm future corporate profits.' So in theory, if personal vaccine exemptions no longer exist by the time the treaty passes, they could not be reinstated. "


So, with SB 277 California might be stuck with the open door for any "recommended" vaccine. Or I'm wondering with even just AB 2109 already in place if medical groups or state agencies would be pressured to crack down on the physicians signing "counseling" forms?

I've been looking at the somewhat dispersed geography of these mandate attempts (we already have Mississippi and West Virginia without meaningful exemption options, added Vermont if I understand correctly, and they've aimed for the entire Pacific coast with major determination in California, in Texas they attempted to pass a huge number of bills--lost one which I hope doesn't turn out to be significant, ... Maine, South Carolina, ...database sharing legislation in Idaho and I think another state? ...I'm probably leaving out many)...

But my question is, is there anything in the works or on the books that could be used to pressure other states in a region or perhaps the entire U.S. to go along with the more aggressive vaccination business models they aim to get on the books in various states? Or if a certain portion of the heavily vaccinated U.S. has this as "law" does that set a standard that may transfer to other nations under these global trade initiatives?

Lilly Meehan

Josef Mengele lives.

Go Ms Bark

Lol, Dr. Chris Hickie trying to work out why more doctors don't call out (read harass) Dr. Sears or Gordon for their views on vaccination. Here's why: Many doctors do see the harm bring done and many selectively vaccinate themselves. Useful idiot is what Hickie is!


Dr. Toni Bark is a true inspiration!! Why haven't other doctors spoken out? I have heard multiple times that they are intimated by Big Pharm, that they may lose their liability insurance, etc. etc. Yet why is it that we are now in the third month of SB277 which only permits medical exemptions if a child is to attend a public or private school in California and the problem with doctor intimidation has not been dealt with.... it's come up. There must be thousands of letters that address this problem. But to my knowledge no one has made any amendments to protect doctors who give exemptions. Doctors should be able to make good clinical judgments with a patient without being judged themselves. The fact that they can't makes the medical exemption a joke. Slippery Dick Pan and even more slippery slithery Ben Allen treat the medical exemption like Halloween candy...oh doctors just give them out like crazy says Ben Allen's staff lady...huh?? Why is it that parents take SB 277 so seriously and the authors of this bill treat it like there just aren't any problems with it at all. It's even crossed my mind that this bill is a hoax to scare the refusers into vaccination...then at some point they both go. oh just kidding. Or maybe they are counting on Jerry Brown coming through with the religious exemption. Senator Allen says that AB277 is "just exactly like New York State." No, it's like Mississippi because New York has a religious exemption. Oh maybe we just haven't gotten to that part yet, that comes after the bill passes, and then the governor sort of tacks that on the end. Except at that point what does religious exemption really mean?


Many great speeches from that rally!
I had never heard of the cdc-kaiser vaccine experiment in LA till Dr Bark's speech.
In an old LA Times article a telling statement from CDC:
"Our doctors just didn't think of it as being 'experimental'", said Barbara Reynolds, an agency spokeswoman.


This all reminds me of the Salem witch trials. One theory has it that some individuals were physically sick, but this was misinterpreted as evidence of the Devil being present, and the fears were then used to settle grudges. Given the right circumstances, irrational thinking can spread faster than a virus and do more damage. At Salem fingers were pointed at people who did not believe in the religious hysteria, pretty much the way fingers are pointed today at individuals who question drug companies and their products. You would think that in 300 plus years we could do better.

god bless any brave enough to speak out

Yes, John, God bless any who speak out. They endure untold abuse by mainstream media who is completely complicit.

Jeannette Bishop


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for posting this transcript and thank you, Dr. Bark, for your courage and action in speaking out.

There are many videos from this rally on youTube. Here are a couple of Dr. Bark from different positions. The bottom link audio is clearest for me:



Betty Bona

This will make good material for psychology sorts to write papers on in the future - why do people go along with the pharmaceutical agenda without question and when and how do the tides turn. I was acquainted with a very smart and educated young man with a black mark on his resume from his college days. He was overjoyed to obtain a high-paying job with the oil and gas industry "educating" the public about the safety of fracking in the communities where the oil and gas company wanted to move in. After some time, and to his parents' dismay, he quit the job and took off on an unplanned world travel to "find himself". I don't think he was at the point where he knew he was spoon feeding lies to the public, but I think he was no longer comfortable with the veracity of the story he was required to tell. At the beginning he was clueless and bought with a high-paying job he couldn't obtain otherwise. Once he began to feel uneasy, he gave up the money for his conscience. I'm sure there are many legislators who would give up their pharma support if they were clued in, but I'm afraid the cluing in won't happen until we get discovery in court. I only hope it will happen then.

On another note, is anyone else confused by the tragic shootings in Charleston being labeled a "terrorist attack"? The story was plastered on the front page of my paper, as I expected, but underneath was a much less obvious story about the results of a study finding that fast pumping of oil and gas industry waste fluids deep underground is linked to the national surge in earthquakes. Sometimes I think stories are sensationalized to draw attention away from stories that hurt the corporate world.

Angus Files

Very powerful words from Toni Bark great women at least she has the balls to speak out unlike the millions of other Doctors wimping out of the real big issue, vaccines = ill health and death.

Thank you.


John Stone

Just to say they are "clueless", "bought" but also very much intimidated. You don't speak out without cost. You only have to think about the abuse RFK Jnr has had to endure, and anyone who has raised questions in public life in the UK has been frogmarched into line, or excluded. The politicians and the editors run scared of the lobbyists and the officials, afraid that they don't know enough. They ought, of course, to know enough to know that they are being bullied and lied to.


Bob Moffitt

"This is the takeover by pharma. Legislators are clueless. They're either clueless or they're bought, or both ... we have to take back our legislative process. We have industry controlling our legislators. This is terrible ..."

I think it far worse than "terrible".

I think the correct word would be "fascism" .. which I believe applies to describe what happens when government ... specifically ... entrenched federal regulatory and public health bureaucracies .. (CDC, HHS, FDA, etc) .. act to "protect and serve" the vested interests of private corporations .. specifically .. the pharmaceutical industry .. (GSK, Merck, etc) .. while at the same time ignoring what would "protect and serve" the vested interests of the people.

I fear our country has become the "medical tyranny" that Founding Father Dr. Benjamin Rush warned against 200 years ago

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