The Battle for California, Part 5 - California Democrats Pass Fugitive Slave (I Mean, Anti-Vaxxer) Act and Guarantee Their Own Destruction!
Autism Treatment Network Doesn't Work



Jewish Folks,

I want to add that the Hebrew Scriptures are regarded as so mysterious that some scholars devote literally an entire lifetime studying the meaning of just one line of Scripture. So let's not put forth the false pretense that rabbinical scholars have a complete understanding, not only of the science of vaccination, but of the spiritual and mystical realm and our place and role in it.


Jewish Folk - pig stuff can be injected into you, as long as it by passes the GI track?


Jewish Folks,
Thank you for the links and for your point of view. My position is that while according to Jewish thought, our bodies do not belong to us but to G-d, our bodies also do not belong to the United States Government or Governor Jerry Brown, or any other politician or political entity, even those governing in the modern state of Israel, even on the advice of modern rabbis, who are themselves teachers among men, but "just" men, not G-d. Nor do our bodies belong to medical physicians or scientists or ethicists, also mortal men and women. Our bodies are not ours to defile. I strongly believe from the depths of my Jewish consciousness and spirit, that vaccines defile the body. I also believe that G-d has brought me to this understanding and conviction. Even if Jewish teaching says that vaccines are beneficial to the community, if I know for a fact differently, I have a moral and spiritual obligation to do what I know to be right.

When I read your quote from Rabbi Breitowitz that the body is, " be protected and preserved until such time as He chooses to reclaim it," I think of all the children that I know of, all the adults, who have been severely injured or killed by vaccines, including my own child. I think of the $3 billion that the U.S. Government has paid out to the victims of vaccines. How is that protecting and preserving the body? It isn't - at all - just the opposite. There are people here struggling to get through each day trying to cope with and heal the wounds of vaccination that have been inflicted upon their families, children in severe pain going without proper medical care because the medical community has taken the stance that vaccine injuries are to be denied and hidden, intellectual ability compromised, siblings going without attention, parental careers and dreams lost, divorces from the strain, social isolation and desperation, financial bankruptcy. So, I agree with Rabbi Breitowitz that the body must be protected, but I KNOW that it must be protected FROM vaccines, not BY them.

I can't tell you what every rabbi thinks. But based on the information that is now widely available and the growing numbers of injured everywhere, there must be rabbis who understand the dark side of vaccination. There must be. And while not an ordained rabbi, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, who I presume is a Jew (please forgive if I am wrong), is one of many physicians who can explain how vaccines are harmful and more dangerous than the diseases they are given to theoretically prevent. Modern rabbis, dealing with the complicated issue of vaccination, would be wise to listen to this learned man.

John Stone

Jewish Folks

It is very depressing to read Rav Aviner's appeal to authority:

"Rav Aviner also explains: "We greatly value independent, critical thinking, but you also need a bit of common sense and humility. It’s very nice that we take an interest in medicine, but it’s not a normal situation for our country to have five million physicians and five million economists, five million prime ministers and five million rabbis and five million psychologists." ("

I couldn't find the quote on the link but what could be a better example of corporate profit led lunacy than the swine flu debacle (where in fact many experts were in open disagreement) and presumably the good Rabbi was at a loss for an opinion. But for instance if your child had been injured (in this case as is openly admitted by the condition of narcolepsy) you might have a different opinion of what the greater good is. In this case the products were transparently rushed to market without due regard safety or any sound assesment of the danger of the illness. Many people were injured by bad medicine (including anti-viral treatments).

If a child is injured by a vaccine is it part of Judaism (a) to tell their parents that they are mistaken (b) tell them to hold their silence for the benefit of the community (c) respect the authority of the state when the science is uncertain and disputed?

I note that when referring to the vaccine schedule of the modern Israeli state you conflate said entity with the biblical 'Land of Israel' (Eretz Yisrael). I wouldn't like to get into that.

Jewish Folks

Linda1, you have raised a number of issues. I will try to lay the groundwork and work in the specific comments.

The original question was whether vaccinations were kosher. As I stated, kashrut is a set of dietary laws. Things that are injected are not food. This is explained well by Rabbi David Solomon:

This also touches upon John Stone's observation that "Jewish law would in principle permit the use of non-kosher ingredients in medicines," but those are oral medications.

Kashrut is a subset of halachic law; as you noted, "surely there would be disagreement." (I will try to return to the rest later.) In the case of the wider subject, there is indeed disagreement among the poskim, but this is mainly over whether vaccination is obligatory (a mitzvah aseh) or only strongly to be encouraged.

This represents a technical analysis, part of which is about assessing comparative risks. There are many introductory discussions available, and one will find the much the same mitzvot in all, but Rabbi Breitowitz from Ohr Somayach raises one very important point:

"In effect, the Torah teaches us that our bodies are not our own property but belong to G-d to be used in His service and to be protected and preserved until such time as He chooses to reclaim it. This is in sharp contrast to modern medical ethics and political theory which posit autonomy and self-determination as supreme values, and enshrine the attitude that 'it is my body and I can do with it what I will'...." (

This is the obligation to klal Yisrael.

Rav Aviner also explains:

"We greatly value independent, critical thinking, but you also need a bit of common sense and humility. It’s very nice that we take an interest in medicine, but it’s not a normal situation for our country to have five million physicians and five million economists, five million prime ministers and five million rabbis and five million psychologists."

If you wish a detailed analysis, Rabbi Asher Bush provides one here:

"[T]here is no validity to any suggestion that vaccinations are contrary to Jewish beliefs or practices."

I hope that these are sufficient resources to begin to understand the issue. I have a few additional observations regarding scattered comments:

"When they won't mix the types of threads in their clothes because they believe that there is a scriptural commandment not to mix species...."

Shatnez is a chok; it can be rationalized into a mishpat, but this has nothing to do with species.

"It would be interesting to learn the content of their discussions on vaccination to see exactly what they understand about the drugs and about the impact on the human body."

Judaism is hardly a secret society! Here is the vaccine schedule in Eretz Yisrael:

You would suggest that it's a matter of "what they understand"?!

"Surely there would be disagreement among sects, especially the ultr-orthodox, and among rabbinical scholars, especially if aware of what vaccination really entails."

Returning near to where I started, one might wish to bear in mind that "ultra-Orthodox" can be taken as a slur. "Sects" may even be more problematic.

Nonetheless, surely the Lubavitcher Rebbe qualifies!

Or the haredi chief rabbis Yosef and Lao?

It is certainly possible to pick out remarks by Rav Kamenetzky, who comes up in the article by Rabbi Bush yet has made much more inflammatory comments since, but it is very difficult to place these into any sort of meaningful context without greater understanding: here one would have to look to R' Kanievsky, etc.

But these are details. I would encourage you to study further and most certainly to be wary of such generalizations!

cia parker

Even non-Californians can sign to express support for the referendum opposing SB 277:


So the Washington woman had no rash, different strain from the Disney one and she may have had an MMR anyhow. Wonder if she was near anyone who'd had the live vaccine? Oh mainstream will never be allowed to ask that even.

Bob Moffitt

@ Eindeker

""Pig Products from vaccines" please provide any evidence showing "pig products" are contained in vaccines;

BOTH rotovirus vaccines were found to contain "pig viruses" .. does "pig viruses" qualify as a "pig product" in your world?

@ Eindeker

Well they say there is no peanut oil in vaccines but I have seen patents (trade secret patents) where peanut oil or ground nuts are used in the culture medium. Smoke and mirrors always smoke and mirrors like with the words trace or minor or neuroinammation doesn't equal autism...don't bother answering because I wouldn't waste time with the likes of you.


Agreed they have really f'd up with people who were moderates on the issue (and this was likely a very high percentage) and did vaccinate for the truly communicable diseases. Now they are feeling trapped and trapped beings will bite as they say. Killing off docs also doesn't play well.

for Melinda Kohn

Yes someone brought up the point of exchange students as well as tourists. Are they going to be forcing them to have every. single. shot? Because otherwise their whole stupid plan makes no sense and it could probably be challenged on that alone.

Georg Elser

So the law in California now states that everyone must SUBMIT to vaccination according to the dictate of some clueless bureaucrat who can be bought and manipulated at the whim of some hidden puppet master .

And this is now the case after tetanus vaccines were uncovered
in Kenya just this year with the sterilising agent HCG hidden in . And of course we have at least three documented cases of this occurring (mexico74 & phillipines95 - no those are not world cup dates) .

So this is now the LAW . Shame on you PAN .


When they won't mix the types of threads in their clothes because they believe that there is a scriptural commandment not to mix species, how could they agree with injecting parts of diseased and other animal tissues into babies? It would be interesting to learn the content of their discussions on vaccination to see exactly what they understand about the drugs and about the impact on the human body.

John Stone


I've never heard that: indeed I don't suppose you could get more Ultra-Orthodox than Rabbi Handler but his attack on vaccine culture was head on, and not based on canonical fastidiousness about ingredients.


Surely there would be disagreement among sects, especially the ultr-orthodox, and among rabbinical scholars, especially if aware of what vaccination really entails.

John Stone

My best guess is Jewish law would in principle permit the use of non-kosher ingredients in medicines, particularly if they were deemed necessary to their manufacture. I think this is a side issue from real ethical issues that religious leaders (not to mention professional ethicists) are too lazy, or corwardly to address in relation to the vaccine program: once you accept that they may not be as safe or as effective as claimed in official dogma (and what status does state dogma have in religion, truth or revealed truth) then where does it leave you? Unconditional belief in official dogma is pretty much equivalent to totemism - a dereliction at best, or pure moral weakness.


pharmaceutical companies are very aware of the cultural sensitivities of the Jewish & Muslim communities and go to great lengths NOT to use material of porcine origin, including, for example the hydrolysed protein (gelatin) capsules commonly used in many medicines.


Wait a minute

Are you actually saying that pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to exclude materials of a "culturally" sensitive origin.

Yet they have no apparent issues with ingredients like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze, animal blood, animal organ tissues, animal viruses, mycoplasma......

Sophie Scholl

Dear Eindeker
the parents of the next generation have a god given right not to have their children posioned by the STATE into autism . The science is with us .
The criminality and forgery is with you .

to Jewish Folks from Linda1

Jewish Folks,

"The pig, because it divides the hoof but does not chew the cud, it is unclean for you. You shall not eat any of their flesh nor touch their carcasses."

In ancient times they didn't inject animal cells into the body. But if it isn't kosher to touch it, it wouldn't be kosher to inject it either.

Melinda Kohn

18 to 22% of the visitors at Walt Disney World are from outside the USA. ( Virtually ALL of them are not fully vaccinated (since we are the most vaccinated country in the world). Why aren't these crazy people worried about them?


Dear Shelley
"Pig Products from vaccines" please provide any evidence showing "pig products" are contained in vaccines; pharmaceutical companies are very aware of the cultural sensitivities of the Jewish & Muslim communities and go to great lengths NOT to use material of porcine origin, including, for example the hydrolysed protein (gelatin) capsules commonly used in many medicines.

Jewish Folks

"Muslims and Jewish Folks had a religious right not to have their children shot with Pig Products from vaccines but California took away that Religious Freedom"

They are called dietary laws for a reason.

billie joe

If a scientist publically makes comments to suade people to vaccinate... and the scientist is giving bum info, is there a negligence suit that can be thrown at them? Experts should be required to speak the truth.


The flaw in the Governor’s reasoning is that physicians are not informed of all aspects of vaccine safety.


Yet they inject them into people, anyway??


My guess is that the vaccine exemption given by the medical community will be comparable to those number of people that win in vaccine court, (far and few between) about 3,000 people over 30 years because they don't want many non-vaccinated people for various (obvious) reasons, when they are done there really won't be any medical exemptions, it's just a game, as was the vaccine court, making people think they had an option, in reality, there is no option.


Our rights as parents are gone on what we put inside our children - the herding theory is so.................where is the proof? There is none that is why it is a theory..what will happen next we will ahve to carry vaccine cards to get into a movie... a amusement park..a store...? I had not been on line since the early am (in Ca) nor read the paper yet cause I was taking my son to therapies and when someone told me I felt as if I had been punched and could not breathe...I fear for the children that will be forced to get the vaccines that may do them major harm and where will be then?

Shelley Tzorfas

Muslims and Jewish Folks had a religious right not to have their children shot with Pig Products from vaccines but California took away that Religious Freedom and shot down any theory of Democracy. Science without conscience

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Well, parents: sue and bring it down that way, start bugging out, or start forming your own home-school cooperatives with like-minded parents, grandparents, and teachers. This is only the beginning, I fear, because, yes, the doctors are going to be under the pharma/government gun now.

Laura Hayes

Just sent this to my email group, and thought I'd share with my AoA family, too.

As we wake up to our first full day living in Fascist California, many parents are asking themselves what they are going to do. Some of the choices I have been hearing:

1. Find a doctor to write a Medical Exemption. (If you do, please be willing to pay extra, as this doctor will need to start a legal defense fund for himself, b/c he will be investigated and/or fired at some point soon for issuing MEs).

2. Cave and vaccinate. OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot even believe that I am hearing this, and believe me, I am. I have no words for the parent (well, I do, but am choosing not to print them here) who has learned enough to know how dangerous, ineffective, and unnecessary vaccines are, not to mention the vast corruption behind them from manufacture to mandate, but who would then vaccinate their child so they can fill in the blank here. I strongly predict that those parents will live to regret that decision if they make it, as all vaccines cause some level of damage, as they will most likely find out if they are willing to see and acknowledge the evidence that will manifest itself. If they thought the options of home-schooling, leaving the state, and/or fighting this travesty legally were daunting, inconvenient, expensive, and unpleasant, just wait until they are living with the lifelong effects and ravages of vaccine injury in their families. The other choices pale in comparison.

3. Leave the state. (Not a bad choice, but to where is the question? This medical fascism is spreading across our country, and globally...that is the frightening state of things...and why we must continue to educate others, and continue to do battle. It is a life-or-death fight in the most literal sense of the saying.)

I am attaching an open letter to legislators which I have sent out previously. It asks the question: Who shouldn't receive a Medical Exemption for vaccination? My answer: everyone should receive one for every vaccine! I suggest taking it to your next doctor appointment should you be making one to request a Medical Exemption for your child. (Here is the AoA link for it:

Lastly, some other thoughts I have had and plans I might implement if I still had school-aged children:

1. Write my own Religious Exemption including the text of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, make a copy of my paid property tax bill, and see if one can ascertain a print-out of one's status with the police department (i.e. proof of the fact that you don't have a rap sheet, and that you are to legally be considered a fit parent in the absence of evidence to the contrary). I would then take those 3 items to my child's public school and enroll him/her in the typical fashion. If denied enrollment, I would then show up on the first day of school, with the same documents, and my child, and make them force us to leave if public school attendance is denied (be sure to have someone filming and your attorney present).

2. Hire an attorney to fight for your child's Constitutional right to a "free" public education (remember, you're paying for it via property taxes and other taxes).

3. If you prefer your child to attend a private school, speak with the administrator to see if they are willing to admit those who wish to submit PBEs and REs, at the risk of being investigated by the state. We must hope that there are school administrators (in addition to private school owners and boards of directors) who are willing to be investigated/harassed/fined/closed by the state, but who would then sue the state of CA and win on Constitutional grounds.

4. If home-schooling, begin planning with other families about how to make the most awesome school experience ever for your children, minus all of the problems associated with the public school system. Think of all the wonderful things you can focus on teaching at your own home, another's home, or an agreed-upon community location, vs. that which is taught in school that you might not want your child hearing, learning about, spending time on, or even thinking about! Think of the extra time you and the other families will have to do amazing things without the constraints of a long school day, much of which is wasteful beyond belief, and without all the travel time and school-related events you might otherwise feel compelled to attend. The opportunities are endless, so make the most of them! Let those who have their children enrolled in public schools see what they are missing! Maybe they will join you, or request what they see you doing be implemented in the public schools...and maybe we will take back control of our state, and of our school system!

Those are my ponderings for today :) Stay inspired, and keep fighting for your God-given parental rights, for your Constitutional rights, for your medical choice freedom, and for your fundamental human right to determine that which does, or doesn't, go into your body, or that of your child's.

Be well, stay strong, and let's all do what we can to bring this present evil to an abrupt end.

for Beth

Doctors will be being intimidated and threatened by the likes of David Gorski. He is already mentioning today that he feels people will "overplay the family history card." David Gorski is working double time to screw everyone's rights and force even 9 year old girls and boys to have especially dangerous vaccines like Gardasil.

Health Freedom number 1 election issue

We will have to MAKE health freedom a major, if not the major issue. If they don't speak outright on it they lose credibility.


I just saw a movie called "Chasing Madoff." I had assumed that when Madoff was finally arrested it was because the people who had been documenting Madoff's Ponzi scheme for two decades had finally prevailed, but not so. Madoff essentially just turned himself in when the financial crisis of 2008 turned off his inflow of money. A lot of big firms seemed to have known he was a fraud, but did nothing. (And three hundred other firms were involved with Madoff and had a vested interest in his continued success.) The SEC shut down every internal investigation or refused to take the simplest steps to follow up allegations. Individual investors who were personally warned often preferred to believe Madoff was legit because he was a nice guy. Meanwhile the main guy dogging Madoff, Harry Markopolos, is carrying a gun, wearing a bulletproof vest and checking under his minivan for bombs.

There was a Congressional hearing, but I don't think it accomplished much. A few people at the SEC resigned and went on to do other things.

This matter of exposing wrongdoing is not simple because those not actually involved or personally affected (or so they think), don't want to know.


Governor Moonbeam must have been sleepwalking for the last three months because he apparently didn't: read any constituent's mail; listen to any testimony from the legislative committees or sessions relating to SB 277; listen to any speeches on the Capitol steps; nor notice that thousands of people were out on the streets wearing red and carrying signs. (Maybe drug companies had paid staff members giving him advice, or maybe drugging him--just kidding.) Or maybe it was just that robotic California Democratic mindset where everyone speaks with one voice and independent thought is frowned upon. Really though there is no excuse for this decision. I do not know when the dominos are going to fall but now California is falling too. All I can say is thank you to the Republican party for acting like real human beings and we are only 16 months away from election time where in my district I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure we get an elected official who cares about families, and health freedom.

for Anne and Sophie

"Cocooning" probably didn't interest people so much and they have already started vaccinating pregnant women. I don't believe they will stop until everyone submits to every vaccine "they" deem necessary. I have even seen some of the Orac people think it's going too far.


Does this mean that ANY doctor can exempt a child for ANY reason that can fit into one of those categories? Or, will the doctors be second-guessed and then shunned? And, risk losing insurance payments? Or, anything else?

My kids are vaccinated--on our schedule. What happens when flu shots are added to the schedule? Gardasil? Meningitis vaccine for more than boarding schools? Why HepB when mother proves she is HepB negative? Why chicken pox, when it doesn't really work? Yes, kids will be getting pertussis still, but I'm sure they will add one to the schedule however often is not too often to have a tetanus vaccine. Every five years? Whatever it is.

For adults, what is the answer? How will they get someone like me to get a Tdap? Insurance? Employment? So, kids can't enter a school because they're so disease-ridden and dangerous...can they and adults enter houses of worship? Movie theaters? Um...Disneyland? Speaking of Disneyland, do they care that no one died?

This is f*cked up. I don't get it at all.


As a person who has lived with a neurological disability and also dianosed with ASD I would tell Californians to do anything to avoid this ridiculous vaccine schedule. Some people can be tipped into a life of illness as a result. It is a terrible thing in more ways than one can say. I have suffered horrendously. I am not saying this to be dramatic but this crazy, pharma driven vaccine schedule is not something to be given into or taken lightly. I am frankly horrified that California would take this path. I have lost a lot of respect for the whole state and its ludicrious pathetic state government. The New York Times recently wrote about this saying "the science is settled." What science is settled? Wha? Where is even the reporting? Although I do not live in California and have no kids this issue has disturbed me more than I can say.

Sophie Scholl

How is it possible they can pass a law mandating vaccinations on babies when at the same time the government is paying out for vaccine damage ?
Surely that is a court case on its own ?
Now we know why they suspended the vaccine damage reporting database earlier this year !

Civil disobedience time ! REFUSE TO COOPERATE

Very frightening and scarey times indeed .
Echoes of Germany\Poland 1939-1945 .
Paul Offit I curse you for your criminal behaviour .

As for Texas surgeries that turn away the unvaccinated , that story amuses me greatly . We have turned our backs on mainstream medicine - we dont go to them .

Emily whats her face over at those scoundrels Forbes is talking about people like us here at AoA who dont even go for our annual physical check-up . What total nonsense that magazine and that woman spews .

W John Martin MD, PhD.

The flaw in the Governor’s reasoning is that physicians are not informed of all aspects of vaccine safety. Pharmaceutical companies impose proprietary restrictions on the information they choose to disclose to regulatory agencies. Moreover, not all of the safety information regarding vaccines is necessarily conveyed to government regulators. The government is remiss in its refusal to acknowledge the widespread epidemic of infections by stealth adapted viruses. Government officials did so because some of these viruses are derived from cytomegaloviruses of the monkeys used to produce polio vaccines. The known cytomegalovirus contamination of experimental polio vaccines tested in Africa provides a likely explanation for the origin of HIV, the AIDS virus. Vaccinations can potentially provoke illness due to preexisting stealth adapted virus infections. By mandating the use of vaccines, the California government should now assume responsibility for testing individuals for stealth adapted virus infections. Early vaccination could reasonably be withheld from infants who are infected, at least until methods are in place to suppress stealth adapted viruses.

Anne J

The next predictable outbreaks will be blamed on unvaccinated adults, rather than the real vaccine failures . They will be coming for adults next. F--- them. I'm so sick of the corruption!

Sophie Scholl

Gorski is a Quack -
there is no upside to this .
There was no deadly epidemic outbreak , it was an orchestrated piece of fraud and spin .

"Maybe people will start realizing that vaccines are not as effective as advertised."

How long do you think we have ? this is urgent , this is critical , this needs to be now .


I was born in UK in 1945 and had not heard of autism until 1970s when I read an article. In 1990s one grandson was diagnosed autistic, another ADHD. These were the first children I knew with autism. 20 years later it has become 'the norm' for children to be on the spectrum. If not vaccines, then what has changed environmentally? Until honest research is done to find out, families will continue to suffer. Of course, the research cannot be done because the result is already known by Governments and Pharma and they cannot admit it because of the massive repercussions.

Gorski is a Quack

There is an upside to this, remarkably.

The next time some "deadly epidemic" arises in California, whether it be measles or pertussis, the media will try to once again blame the unvaccinated (since the unvaccinated are the new boogie men). People will see this and wonder, "Didn't we pass a law that forced vaccination on everyone? Why are these "deadly" preventable diseases still happening?"

Maybe people will start realizing that vaccines are not as effective as advertised.

Bob Moffitt

"The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases. While it is true no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community"

It is one thing to claim that "immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community" .. and .. then require ONLY children to suffer the potential severe consequences .. including death .. of those risks.

If the intention of Gov Brown and Dr Pan is to "protect the community" by coercing PARENTS to vaccinate their children .. why stop there?


I think we can assume that is precisely their plan going forward .. first the children .. then selected occupations .. such as .. hospital staff, day care workers, etc .. until virtually EVERYONE will be crushed under the boot of the pharma fascists.

tony bateson

Governor Brown please let me know if you ever learn of an autistic child who has never been vaccinated. I've never found one and I have been looking since 1996.
In Britain we have perhaps two/three million kids who have never been vaccinated since 1966 so a lot of them are getting on now, what they aren't is autistic.
Unvaccinated may put kids in harms way but the evidence doesn't seem to support that although it seems to guarantee the individual won't be autistic.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

Georg Elser

How do we get this reversed ?
How do we fight this ?

I cant use the expletives I want to because the comment will be censored . But damn you Pan .

Surprised but not surprised

Gov. Brown thanks for nothing, I will not vote for you. You have done a huge disservice to your constituents, blood is on your hands too.

for Linda1

Yes Governor Brown will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. He will come to represent corruption and tyranny. And for Pan to say that "Californians have spoken" is a gross mischaracterization of what went down. If anything constituents were basically pissed on. Oh and by the way, I wasn't aware we were having "outbreaks" of hepatitis B or other generally non-communicable diseases.

go Rand

Perhaps time to make some California waiting room visits with 4 to 5 Autistic children all together... seeking vaccine information and medical wisdom.

Still looking for the first AAP doctor in America who will sign up for & take the 6 month baby vaccines... one round would be amazing

but 8-12 rounds would be needed to adjust for their body weight... before they can claim "not to be anti-vaccine."


In Canada, Chair in Public Health, Kumaman Wilson said (a Cansdian poll showed fully 2/5 questioned vaccine science) "mandating will harden the view of vaccine opponents,"

Jeannette Bishop

Well, Pan has shown quite thoroughly what type of "sound discretion" a lot of pediatricians exercise, especially when they have no liability for harm and a lot of pressures/incentives to get those vaccines into as many bodies as possible.

"Vaccines are safe and vaccines save lives. The science is clear. Californians have spoken. The governor and the legislature have spoken. 'No more preventable contagions! No more outbreaks!! No more hospitalizations! No more deaths and no more fear!' Thank you! Thank you! SB 277 is now law!!" @ 1:54

No more fear until the next pandemic/new contagion media blitz... no more hospitalizations? (we really need the vax unvax study) and I wish someone would put all this clear vaccine science out there...

And Governor Brown or his staff could have at least taken a minute to accept this position in hand:


I predict that this letter from Edmund Brown is going to become very infamous in the history of California and this country and will overshadow anything else that this man has done. It will be his legacy. From the denial of the right of consent to medical risk taking, to the statement that the risk to the individual is to be mandated because of the benefit to society as a whole (the end justifies the means - human sacrifice), to the complete power of medical decision making given to the MD who is following government mandated standards. This letter will be studied for it's many flaws and for how it could even be possible that such a statement could be issued by an elected leader in the United States.

That's if the pharmaceutical overthrow of our government is not completely successful.

Angus Files

More of this abominable disgrace to follow

Autistic girl, 16, with a phobia of using toilets died from a heart attack caused by constipation after going for eight weeks without a bowel movement, inquest hears

Read more: news/article-3144855/Autistic- girl-16-phobia-using-toilets- died-heart-attack-caused- constipation-going-eight- weeks-without-bowel-movement- inquest-hears.html# ixzz3eZStF9PV


Jeremy Bowers

June 30th 2015, the day Californians killed God, lets see how much rain he brings them this year...

cia parker

Time for plan B. What are the rules for coop home schools? I guess Californians had better plan and implement as many as possible to make it possible for working parents to leave their children in them. I hope as many as possible will boycott the fascist public school system, and that those for whom it is practical to leave California will do so. And educate parents on vaccine damage so they'll recognize it when it happens to their children, and to support as many as possible bringing lawsuit, maybe in group actions, for every child who reacts after being forced to get the vaccines. Public demonstrations everywhere in protest. Maybe like Pegida, have one every week for as long as possible. Recall the bastards who did this, make sure they never hold public office again. I'm very sorry, California.


And there it is in plain English. Medical tyranny. The decision is made by the doctor, solely, at his or her "sound discretion". Not by the parents. No informed consent. No consent at all. The parents do not matter. The child, if old enough to be involved in his or her own health care decisions, does not have a say. Forced, massive, repeated dosing of state mandated experimental medication in healthy children.

What's the matter with Edmund Brown? Maybe he's taken one too many flu shots.

@Governor Brown

God help the children who will be subjected to endless vaccines. Especially God help the African American children.

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