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Autism Epidemic is Killing Children - Where are the Politicians Now?

CJ crazy womanBy Kim Stagliano

Michael Bolden RIP: Autistic 5-year-old boy drowned in lake at Plant City farmers market

Carter Kelb RIP: Funeral services set for 4-year-old drowning victim

Jahmaine Reinhana RIP: Autistic boy wandered off and drowned in water tank

Yet Unamed Boy, 6, drowns in Conway pond Police say boy wandered away from nearby home

Timothy Wallace RIP: Family mourns death of 9-year-old autistic boy hit by train in Sale Creek

Kobe Lewis RIP: 5-year-old autistic boy fatally struck by car in Palatine

Leon Michael leFleming Jayet-Cole RIP: Man charged with murder over autistic boy's death

Aiden Archer RIP: 3-year-old Milwaukee boy dies after being found with 11 bite marks, bruises, brain swelling

We had a small measles outbreak in CA last winter and the lobbyists for Merck and other pharmaceutical companies pounced on the opportunity to introduce vaccine exemption restriction bills from Maine to Oregon.  The media ran headline after headline about the dangers of measles, of flu, of whooping cough - of every "vaccine preventable" (cue Dream On by Aerosmith here) disease any American child might have contracted, regardless of how.

Vaccine Rights Restriction Bills

Every heard of Fifth Disease?  How about "Slap Face" disease?  Same thing. It's one of the six childhood skin rash diseases. It's contagious. It can cause serious harm to the fetus if a pregnant woman contracts the disease. I had a Fifth disease scare when I was pregnant with my oldest child. There is no vaccine for Fifths disease. Why? I do not know.  There are no headlines when an American child contracts Fifth disease. There is no shaming of the Mother who "allowed" her child to become sick. There is no blaming the unvaxed, because all children are unvaxed for this disease.

.... there is no vaccine available for human parvovirus B19. B19 virus is present  throughout the year; in temperate climates  outbreaks of infection are more common in  the spring and summer. These outbreaks are  centered on primary  schools where up to  40% of pupils may be infected. Infection is commonest amongst 4 - 10 yr olds. By adulthood 60% of the populations are

During the month of June, and take note of the date, it's only June 8, no fewer than seven children with autism have died. Another child died in late May. One was struck by a train.  One was run over by a car. Four drowned. Two were beaten to death. Each child died in a violent manner, one could reasonably argue as terribly as any death from disease.  Eight children under the age of 16 have died. ALL had autism. Where is the media outcry? Where are the neurodiversity advocates? Where are the autistic self-advocates mourning the loss of fellow autistics? Are these children not part of the "herd" after all?

Where are the politicians who claim to be so worried about pediatric health that they would nullify basic American healthcare rights to protect kids? 

The National Vaccine Information Center has a complete compilation of the current litany of legislation regarding vaccination mandates and rights.  Here's a link to their site.

Why don't our kids seem to matter unless they are in the "dangerous unvaxed" category, in which case they (and we  their parents) are vilified?  Why isn't autism seen as serious threat to children's lives?  

Autism is deadly. Deadlier than First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth disease, it would appear.

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book. Her newest book, co-written by Tony Lyons, 101 Tip For Parents of Girls with Autism is available now.
101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism 9781629145082



I can't wrap my ahead around the genius of Age of Autism. They go through all the trouble of building a website, which is not cheap after paying graphic designers, code writers, and "journalists" to write articles, but they don't bother to learn anything about what autism actually is.

This website has less value than junk food. Such as shame that people are wasting their lives here.

Dan Corrigan

Let's apply Louise's logic to drunk driving:

Drunks don't kill people. Cars do.

Stop blaming the drunk drivers.

barbara j

Children with autism die at more than twice the rate of neurotypical children.


You're kidding right? Autism deaths are largely due to wandering and drowning. Shame on you for willfully ignoring this inconvenient FACT. It's pretty hard to teach someone who has severe autism to swim, never mind let anyone know there are going to go off wandering.
Many in the pro-vaccine camp refer to parents who are wary of so many vaccines on the American schedule, as having "special snowflake" children. I would argue that the neurodiverse who gloss over such harsh truths as wandering and drowning deaths, and feel they are simply "different ways of being" as the ones who more fit that description.


For Louise et al: you obviously do not have an autistic child in or around your life. Do typical kids wander in traffic? Do typical kids wander into lakes and rivers? autism DID kill these children. Please don't comment if you're not living it..

barbara j

For Louise et al

1) "According to the National Autism Association, accidental drowning was responsible for approximately 91 percent of the total deaths in the U.S. reported in children with autism aged 14 years and younger due to wandering/desertion from 2009 to 2011. Plus, nearly 50 percent of autistic children escape a safe environment. The figure is four times higher than non-autistic children."


The ICD-9-CM code for wandering, effective October 1, 2011, is designed to promote better data collection for and understanding of wandering and to prompt important discussions about safety among healthcare providers, caregivers, and the person with a disability to the fullest extent possible.

Wandering places children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or other disorders in harmful and potentially life-threatening situations—making this an important safety issue for individuals affected and their families and caregivers. Children and adults with ASD and other developmental disabilities are at higher risk of wandering off than are children and adults without these disorders or other cognitive disorders.

At the request of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, a Safety Subcommittee was convened to address wandering and other safety issues for children and adults with ASD. CDC, as a member of the Subcommittee, submitted a proposal for the wandering code to the ICD-9-CM Coordination and Maintenance Committee for consideration at the March 2011 meeting, which represented the final opportunity for additions/revisions to the ICD-9-CM until 2014. As part of the Coordination and Maintenance Committee’s usual procedures, proposals were open for public comment for 4 weeks, and revisions to the ICD-9-CM were announced online on June 10, taking effect October 1.

3) Car crashes kill people. Drunk driving kills people in car crashes. Should we excuse drunk driving since people die in other crashes?

4) Show respect for those who have died and are in danger.


Autism didn't kill these children. Drowning, and people did.

Violence and tragedy do not discriminate. Shame on you.

Non-autistic children drown - why? - Because they didn't know how to swim, fell into water, etc. - they drowned.

Non-autistic people are murdered. why? Because horrible people murdered them.

Non-autistic people die of violence, accidents, etc. Stop blaming autism for everything.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for calling out the politicians...I'm not sure whether to hope they do anything more to help at this point, but ... maybe some will see value in un-legislating some of the denied epidemics' enabling laws?

I've not heard of "Fifths disease" until today, but I figured if it was a virus, or virus-like something or other ...

...and it might become about as scary as Ebola in the future...

...and speaking of the Ebola scare that is so not talked about right now (was something about the vaccine an epic fail?), I'm wondering if the reason there isn't the same push (as in the past with polio) in the media for an EV-D68 vaccine (not that they aren't probably working on one too) is because a focus on a "new" (identified in 1962) virus "suddenly" causing paralysis (and deaths) might lead some to see the polio epidemic in a broader way--"more than 100 non-polio enteroviruses"--or narrower way?

To be thoroughly fair, established h-e-double-toothpicks-care already has given us a hint that if they could make an "autism vaccine" without implicating one or more other vaccines they would have gone for it, so I guess their capacity to care is boundless within (self? corporate? elitist?) imposed boundaries...

How do we tear off the boundaries?

Michelle M Guppy



I thought "slap face" disease had something to do with vaccine injury deniers. That's become an epidemic in itself.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Kim, thank you. Do you or anyone out there know what is happening with the CARES Act, the former Combating Autism Act?

The self advocates got the name changed, and research on causes de-emphasized. The IACC may now be non-existent. Are funds being allocated for self-advocate purposes that the rest of us do not know about? How can we keep track of CARES Act activities and expenditures?

I do think we should keep pointing out that the autism epidemic is worse and just as scary as the polio epidemics that I remember when I was a child.

One who works with children

Great article, Kim. As someone who works with children who have special needs, I find this absolutely appalling and sickening. Where is the outcry from AAP, media or politicians? So many children wandering and drowning or otherwise suffering untimely deaths. Where is the outcry? Far more children have drowned than will ever die from measles. Nobody seems to care. Greg, don't forget that the neurodiverse think that they are special (and their "science"blog buddies talk about 'special snowflakes' when they refer to parents who are vaccine wary regarding their children -how ironic)
Once again we have people like Paul Szoldra and "Scoence"bloggers to thank for scuppering one of the last fundraisers for this. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Ginger Taylor

US Children killed by autism in the last week: 5
US Children killed by measles in the 21st century: 1
Shits given by US politicians about vaccine injured children: .003%

Laura Hayes

Excellent, Kim.

Thank you for pointing out what is so painfully obvious to those of us in the "Autism" trenches. We now have millions of children and young adults worldwide, and their families, who are struggling and trying to cope...with little to no assistance, and often with next to no compassion.

There is indeed a public health crisis, and it's not chicken pox, measles, or mumps. It's AUTISM. It's VACCINE INJURY. It's CORRUPTION among those who are entrusted to protect.


Thank you, Kim, for spotlighting the hypocrisy of public health officials and pharmaceutical companies.

Peter Miles

Autism will never appear as a cause of death on a death certificate but its clearly the most significant contributing factor. This just ends up being another way of obfuscating the truth. Long term, there are going to be millions of autistic people, children and adults, living out desperately difficult and lonely lives. Who will look after them? What will be the cost? When will someone suggest that euthanasia is the most humane way to deal with the issue?

A society is measured by it's care and concern for it's most vulnerable members. I fear our society is dropping to a level of depravity unthinkable just a generation ago.


Kim, what does the neurodiversity camp make of of all these autistic kids' deaths? Well for them being autistic and not able to speak, not toilet trained, and banging your head constantly against walls are all natural variations of being. Perhaps they would also find autistic kids meeting untimely deaths as 'natural variations of being' -- or should I say 'unbeing'.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Kim, thank you for this vital coverage. If this trend continues, we can expect over 300 tragic deaths a year involving autistic young people. Imagine if 300 Americans died of measles every year. The CDC and the medical community would be sounding a national alarm. There'd be calls for action.

Autism deaths on the other hand are greeted with silence on the part of these same people who pretend to care about the health of Americans.

Anne Dachel, Media


Hush Kim with the fifth disease stuff - Don't give them any new ideas about vaccines.


If it was a case of 'measles', the media would be spreading panic, they all should be sued for spreading lies including those medical quacks that say there is no autism/vaccine link.

Sophie Scholl

There is an Autism Pandemic occurring right now .
Where are you Mr Cameron ? and your preparedness for future pandemics ?

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