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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Knock-Knock-Knocking on Racism’s Door

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

My Facebook friends are over the moon about an event Thursday night at the Scientology Community Center in Los Angeles that featured some of our best friends appearing with Nation of Islam’s Tony Muhammad. “Inspiring to see this community coming together to fight for our right to choose what goes into our bodies,” wrote one Facebooker.

 As Californians For Vaccine Choice Posted: "FULL HOUSE! They try to split us up but they bring us closer together instead! People of all ages, nations, races all together to fight for our kids! You don't mess with the Nation of Islam, Robert Kennedy Jr. Or Brian Hooker! 'You allow the same media who tells you that your baby got autism from natural causes, tell you about the Nation of Islam.There is wickedness in high places, the pharmaceuticals!' Tony Muhammad, speaking so much truth." 
The event was billed as an “Emergency Town Hall Meeting” that seems to have been prompted when Kennedy literally “showed up at my door,” according to NOI leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, to enlist him in the cause. The Scientology venue appears to have been obtained by the Nation of Islam, which now recommends its followers study Dianetics.

Sorry, but to my mind this is not a kumbaya moment. The Nation of Islam is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, woman-degrading hate group. I mean, isn’t it? It is. For Muhammad to compare the coverage of autism and the Nation of Islam is sickening, and it ought to sit poorly with us. It's also choice to talk about "people of all ages, nations,  races  all together to fight for our kids" and getting "closer together" when NOI doesn't really want white people around -- they want a separate state. ("Rather than preaching a message of unification, NOI calls for segregation and separatism," according to the Web site the blaze.com. "On the group’s web site, the denomination is clear that it wishes for African Americans to live separately from whites.")

Sometimes it's not the media that's your problem, it's the truth. 

 According to the Extremist Files of the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Since its founding in 1930, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has grown into one of the wealthiest and best-known organizations in black America, offering numerous programs and events designed to uplift African Americans. Nonetheless, its bizarre theology of innate black superiority over whites — a belief system vehemently and consistently rejected by mainstream Muslims — and the deeply racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rhetoric of its leaders, including top minister Louis Farrakhan, have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate.”

 Let’s pick one Farakkhan gem: "T]he Jews don't like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man.” Taken out of context, I'm sure. Oh, "And don't you forget, when it's God who puts you in the ovens, it's forever!")

 He hates Catholics, too. “It is no secret that Farrakhan is anti-Catholic, as well as anti-Jewish,” according to the church’s bigotry watchdog, which noted, “Cardinal Bevilacqua refused to meet with him in Philadelphia. Farrakhan had sought a meeting with the Archbishop of Philadelphia, as well as with local Jewish leaders, and was turned down—for reasons evident to everyone but Farrakhan.”

 To continue with the SPLC, “While Jews remain the primary target of Farrakhan's vitriol, he is also well known for bashing gay men and lesbians, Catholics and, of course, the white devils, whom he calls ‘potential humans ... [who] haven't evolved yet.’ All of this has helped make him attractive to certain white supremacist groups who agree that the races must be separated. In its turn, NOI has come to view white supremacists as people who at least understand NOI's program and could therefore become allies.” 

 I know many in the autism activism community believe there is no problem with this association, that you use what you have to get what you need. Sorry to disagree with that, Friends, but I do. Desperate times call for desperate measures, yes, but not deals with the (small d) devils of racism, bigotry and homophobia. 

 This brings us to our reducto ad absurdum: Would we go to an Aryan Nation event if they agreed with us? Is "Racists For Vaccine Choice!" a placard we are prepared to get behind? 

Not the best week to ask that question.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.




I am a Catholic with vaccine-injured children. I have gay friends and enjoy their company. I love and pray for them. I do not support gay marriage, however, because as a Catholic, I believe the sacrament of marriage was designed to be procreative and not merely recreational or for the sake of companionship. I would like to think that my sacramental understanding of marriage would not preclude me from supporting medical rights. I would like to hope that you, Dan, whom I respect and admire, would not conclude that I hate you or other gay people in my assertion that marriage should be reserved for procreative unions. I love all people and would like to think there is a place for me and for the NOI in the fight for medical freedom.


Look, new victims on the horizon . . .

"A new study shows than an HIV-1 vaccine regimen, involving a viral vector boosted with a purified envelope protein, provided complete protection in half of the vaccinated non-human primates (NHPs) against a series of six repeated challenges with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), a virus similar to HIV that infects NHPs."


Only works in 50%. Why doesn't the article list the adverse advents? What happened to the other 50%? Did it work in 50% but cause AIDs in the other 50% or did some kind of chronic illness show up in 80% of them, creating lifelong disability in the vaccine survivors? Were they baby primates or grownups? Anyone take brain tissue samples afterward or their their freezers break down and ruin all the sampling after the paper was written. What will happen to a large percentage of the caretakers who take care of AIDs patients if the caretakers get the vaccine?

Looks like the LGBT population is about to have a much bigger fight on their hands than the freedom to marry. Will they be beholden to the Democrats that made their dream come true if the vaccine ends up causing damage in the very population the manufacturers claim to want to help? With the large LGBT population in California, will the vaccine be mandated when it hits the market that all children need to get it?

Will the leaders of that community stand up and defend their peers with Kennedy and the rest of the health freedom groups, while they are still healthy enough to participate?


@Dan or anyone else, I respectfully ask where the gay community sits on this very important issue (health freedom). Many of us have gay friends or family members and have supported them through their struggle. Recently they have won some important rights. You are obviously working towards this end but it would be nice to see some visible support on health freedom from the larger gay community. Perhaps there is and I'm not aware of it so much.
For that matter, although I don't blame Jenny McCarthy etc for being quieter, it seems like now is the time for all of us to really make our voices heard as our rights to our own bodies are being stripped away.


@John Stone

John, thanks for the response. I said I wouldn't comment further, but, 'you pulled me back in'.

Indeed the journalist can also be an activist, but is that always a good thing? For instance, if an editor here, for the journalistic endeavor of it all, were to write a blog arguing that Wakefield indeed committed research fraud would that be a good thing for our cause? You also seem to the suggesting that commentary is the great availer no matter the journalism, but is this really the case. Even after commenters setting the editor straight that Wakefield did not commit research fraud wouldn't the damage still have been done?

Also John, don't get me wrong, I do believe bringing up NOI unsavory views does help our activism. We need to discuss the pros and cons in allying with such a group. As I also mentioned, we can also discuss how to mitigate the harms even if we decide that it's found to be still beneficial to ally with them. Yet, Dan's blog did not come across as entertaining such discussions, and perhaps this is why so many are turned off by it. It mainly came across as scolding us for choosing such a 'bad friend'. Maybe this was good journalism, but it certainly wasn't good activism.

John Stone


I don't really see the distinctions here. Journalists function in various ways - often the actual distinction is beween reporting and editorial (commentary) and of course on AoA we have plenty of both and maybe they even get mixed. Dan wanted to express his qualms about NOI, and of course one of the things we also need to be able to do is tolerate different shades of opinion on our side, and we have I think had a most excellent discussion with lots of views...


Benedetta says….

Writers, journalist - authors - good ones are provocative are suppose to be provocative. I am not sure what Dan Olmstead really thinks; but he did put into words - what nagged in the back of my mind and caused an open discussion on the matter.

And perhaps therein lies the problem Benedetta! Is Dan a journalist or an activist? The two definitely are not interchangeable, nor are they always compatible. If you are a journalist your main concern is reporting the story without too much considerations for other matters. If you are an activist, however, your prime concern is advancing your cause, and to this end you’re keenly concerned about strategies. I would say with this blog we saw Dan the journalist. He was simply pointing out the unsavoury size of NOI and the ethical conundrum with associating with them, without further reflection on other matters. We didn’t have Dan the activist, and it wasn’t so much about pondering whether it’s in our best interest to ally with NOI with all their faults. There were no arguments to the extent of if we still find it beneficial to ally with them how do we mitigate the potential harm. Nor did Dan seem to grapple with how it will go over with his supporters that he is slamming a potential ally.

Now Bendetta, I have commented a lot on this blog and I will wrap things up with this final thought: I too don’t know what Dan’s thinking is, but I am certain that our movement is best serve not by having Dan the journalist, but Dan the activist.


Writers, journalist - authors - good ones are provocative are suppose to be provocative. I am not sure what Dan Olmstead really thinks; but he did put into words - what nagged in the back of my mind and caused an open discussion on the matter.

Angus brought in you-tubes to watch what Minister Tony Mohammed had to say, and because of the article I listened and gathered information - read what every one else thing.

Tony Mohammed; plans on things being peaceful - but he plans on harassment that is legal, and he has an organization that can pull it off (I think) I do not want bombings and looting and innocent people getting hurt - and everyone thinking this is out on the fringe green our vaccines thus linking this important cause that effects every human being (most don't know it - ?YET?) linking it to some - crazy environmental group setting houses on fire.

That is a way to keep people asleep.


Sarah Martin, I share your frustration but I don't think it's all despair. Dan gave us AoA and for that we are forever indebted to him. Relationships, however, over time evolve, and viewpoints often come to clash. Perhaps these many negative reactions to this blog will prompt Dan to reflect and consider whether his recent moves are truly benefiting or cause, and whether changes need to be made. In the long-run, such honesty will benefit everyone.

Sarah, I also feel that indeed we will win and these gaffes only merely slows us down. We will win because not only do we have truth on our side, but, even more powerful, vaccine injuries just aren't sustainable. They devastates the emotional, social and financial fabric of our society.

Joy B

CIA Parker:

The Taliban, ISIS et al are not Islam. In reality, they were (and still are, in the case of ISIS, which is still trained and funded by the CIA - no, really!) both mercenaries for US empire. One step away from the MSM and it's all pretty clear.

(I've been watching the entire sh*tshow with as much scrutiny as y'all have been watching the vaccine epidemic.)

So, in this age, we right here in the US and other 'civilized' nations are very likely destined to come up against the same type of paid thuggishness and repression as that doled out by ISIS and their handlers. The rubber will meet the road at some point, and we will have our very own ISIS right here in the US, as soon as we really start to resist. Some would argue that the police are already taking that role, with their cruel and callous EXECUTIONS of the poor and mentally ill. It happens every day now!

Anyway, Islam or any other religious affiliation, or lack thereof, is irrelevant. Religion is used to divide, and I guess to a great many it still does the trick. Tell me, were you as concerned about 'Islam' before 9/11? Just because a group happens to follow a particular religion doesn't mean it is connected to their political demands. In fact, before the US invaded the entire middle east, groups like the Taliban were highly marginalized. People turn to 'power' when they're being attacked.

So likening the NOI to ISIS is exactly the type of thing they want you to do. Methinks you've been on the rightwing nut-o-sphere too long. Make no mistake, the "new liberal" as seen in the halls of power is absolutely a classic rightwinger. We are staring directly into the gaping maw of fascism, authoritarianism, and the complete destruction of whatever social fabric we have left. Now is not the time to chide black people for organizing under a structure which has, for the most part, been unfairly demonized.

In a way, the vaccine injured ARE the new blacks/underclass, and this absolutely is, as many others have already stated, a civil rights issue. The "civil rights era" is eternal, especially in a country so hell-bent on destroying it for profit.

Sarah Martin

I have been in this fight for 9 years and until I read this article, I never doubted we would win. After reading this I see now why we haven't made more progress. We're so focused on what everyone is doing wrong, we can't get organized and get lawsuits in the works. I really don't understand why you would publish this. Just to cause hard feelings? Just to ensure more division among us? What good came from this? Our kids deserve justice and now I fear they will never get it. We don't stand a change if we can't stop mudslinging. This was a turning point for me, my optimism has been taken over by reality. We are our own worst enemy. California has people fighting over how to do things, you've just insulted people who probably just want justice for their kids too. Can't we stand on that common ground? We have no money as a movement. I spend $900. a month in biomedical treatments for my son. I gave up my career because I needed to be with him. We have nothing. Most of us have nothing. Why offend people with connections and attorneys who could help us? Maybe NOI is actually offended by this atrocity like we are. Please remove this article. It will hurt us if it hasn't already. We might as well hand Gerberding and Offit a victory on a silver platter because we can't stay focused. I was on a thread a while back arguing over epigenetics and autism. At the end of the thread I said, 'We will win eventually, you'll see.' To which the troll responded,'No you won't. You can't get along well enough to have a conference, you will never come together as a group. There is too much ego' I never believed her until just now. We may as well roll up our sleeves and get ready for mandated vaccines. We are the country's best and only hope and all we can do is point out petty differences. http://themindunleashed.org/2014/10/mit-researchers-new-warning-todays-rate-half-u-s-children-will-autistic-2025.html

Sophie Scholl

There seems to be a grat deal of discussion about the virtues of the Nation of Islam - or not ? as the case maybe

But did the Nation of Islam invent the vaccine program ?
Is it the Nation of Islam that is trying to mandate vaccination regardless of circumstance ?
Is the Nation of Islam covering up and lying about the true nature of vaccination - and how they definitely are the cause of the AUTISM PANDEMIC
Is the Nation of Islam lying to the whole world about vaccines being linked to cancer, aids , MS proably , autism alzheimers , parkinsons , hogkinsons , diabetes , CFS ME , SIDS and the list goes on and on .

And somehow there is a discussion about the Nation of Islam being extremists . The extremists are the CDC & WHO
The murderers and butchers are at the CDC & WHO .

For Uncle Bud who would have stood with us against toxic shots

Catholics against forced vax:
And my uncle was a guard at the Nuremberg trials while in the army.
He was so horrified by the atrocities he joined a Trappist monastery to become a force for good. He later became a priest and preached often about ecumenical themes. Catholics come in all types. The Pope Francis types just need facts and witness and they will be on our side.


It has been really interesting to read this thread, and like Rosa, I am realizing that inclusiveness is the way to go.

Moved to a little country town and two of my friends met when we were out the other day. Each family has "History" and won't speak to the other. Half my friends have different viewpoints on some of the things that are very important to me. Some of them support my stance on vaccine injury; others disagree but are kind.

I would march against forced vaccination with whoever is willing to do so. All those who march together agree on at least one thing, and maybe we will indeed learn from each other and this will indeed be the start of better relations. Our children, all our children, are worth it.

It's happening fast enough that the assorted pharma and fed operatives are overwhelmed to try and stop it. Already many entertainment people have met with Muhammed. We'll know soon enough if this will FINALLY become a top-down effort to get the CDC whistleblower to testify before congress.

Indeed Julie, perhaps with this prolonged discussion we are merely flattering ourselves by asking whether we need NOI. Perhaps the better question is whether NOI need us. Seriously – how many people can we, vaccine sceptics, muster to storm Atlanta and demand Thompson speaks – 10, 20, 30,000? It sure as hell isn’t a million! Perhaps NOI stand a better chance of single-handedly taking down those pharm/gov’t goons. Should that be the case, this whole discussion would’ve been academic. Our kids would be saved, and we didn’t ‘dirty’ ourselves by associating with NOI. It would definitely be a win-win. Personally though, I choose to ‘wallow a little in the dirt’ and give my full support to NOI in advancing our cause.

@Cia Parker
Other than pushing our intellectual arguments and making our emotional pleas that always seem to be falling on deaf ears, and now hoping the SB277 will implode on itself, if we must reject NOI”s support, what fresh ideas do you have that may potentially break the status quo? Perhaps I will also solicit Dan and others who feel it best that we don’t associate with NOI for an answer. Seriously Dan and others, what new ideas can you share that you feel will be helpful in breaking through and advancing our cause? If you guys do not have anything new to offer then I am afraid I must bring up Einstein’s definition of insanity.

@go Rand

I would guess if the NOI showed up at the CDC in Atlanta with a million people, the news media would not cover it.

Maybe, maybe not. Ignoring white protest may be an effective strategy. Ignoring black protest, however, carries inherent risks and may potentially fuel the fire. It plays strongly into the narrative that the Man is out to get us and won’t have our grievances heard.



Oh please. My point was that while the NOI is being called out as a hate group, to remember that no one is perfect. All these groups have erred in the past - have held hateful views - some continue. Anti-catholic propaganda. Give me a break.

Yes, every race is being harmed, but the research indicates that those of African descent are at greater risk.

Jonathan Rose

Reading this lively debate, I am becoming more amenable to working with members of NOI. So far no one has accused Tony Muhammad of making bigoted comments. Farrakhan certainly has said awful things in the past, but if (as Diverse Universe) he is trying to move NOI away from bigotry, I for one am quite prepared to forgive a repentant sinner.

And certainly there should be more black participation in our movement. The idea that vaccine choice is supported only by affluent whites from Marin County is a myth. The Reuters poll taken a few months ago showed that vaccine choice enjoys more support among blacks than whites, and more support among poor people than the upper-middle classes. If vaccination rates at California's inner city schools are close to 100%, it's because parents there can't afford to send their kids to private schools. Frankly, it's the people at the top of the socioeconomic pyramid who have the education and the economic resources to challenge the system and organize protest movements (like ours). The people at the bottom are used to being pushed around by authority, and more often than not they accept injustice with resignation. But anyone who's been following the news lately knows that black Americans are getting very, very tired of being pushed around. And a march on the CDC would be a highly constructive channel for that unrest.

I'd also point out that Farrakhan's 1995 Million Man March was supported by just about every important black leader in the country, including Maya Angelou and Rosa Parks. So no one can condemn us without condemning them as well.


"For starters, up until fairly recently (and maybe still), Catholics thought everyone else was going straight to hell. They also are famous for believing that the Holocaust was punishment for the Jews killing Jesus. "

Sounds very much like anti-Catholic propaganda to me.

Babies of every race, colour, and creed are being damaged and killed by vaccines so people of every race, colour, and creed should stand united to protect them.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Amen to you Dan Olmstead. How can we get the African Americans from Charleston to join us? I can stand with them any day of the week.

beth johnson

When the autism community has visited the CDC in protest in the past, it was noteworthy how few black people were there. Actually, I've always been struck at how white the DAN! and AutismOne conferences were over the years.

I'd love to picket our "friends" at CDC again, and would be happy to walk with NOI. I would love to see many black parents sit in at ACIP (Advisory Committee for Immunization Practice) meetings, where vaccine schedule decisions are made. The media, of course, would ignore it, as they've ignored our rallies in the past. Maybe NOI could see to it that that Thompson testifies at last; Thompson is probably staying quiet on the advice of his lawyer, and without a LOT of noise being made, will surely work out the rest of his career quietly, kind of like Thorsen gets to walk away from his crimes.


Linda; I did really think that you knew.


I am a 50+ white Canadian woman who works with children and I would march against the CDC.


What is the status of any hearing with Dr. Thompson with Congress ???


That's a really good question.

Why are we even calling this guy a whisleblower, if he has yet to actually blow the whistle on anything??

If his assertions are true, then every passing day is yet another day that these poisonous vaccines are being administered to children.

How is it possible, that no-one from the industry is panicking over this? How can it be, that no-one from the media (.. including THIS media) seems the least bit bothered by 10+ months of knuckle dragging on this issue???

go Rand

I would guess if the NOI showed up at the CDC in Atlanta with a million people, the news media would not cover it... Some locals would be happy that they are getting some hotel/ motel revenue and tell them to come back again anytime...

What is the status of any hearing with Dr. Thompson with Congress ???

How many election cycles will it take to create a committee that would approve such an event ?


I know the Protestants are not one mass group. Said that way for the sake of brevity. Of course, different Protestant sects have no use for each other either.

Jeannette Bishop

According to Tim Donnelly, accusations of racism were being put out (I assume over the net) at the time of the June 9th rally even prior to Tony Muhammad's appearance. Donnelly's stance was something like "Relax...if they're calling you racist, you're getting to them..."

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), I'm a little cautious about letting people inform me of the views of someone else, and...

I don't know a lot about the NOI, but from a little perusal, they don't seem to be about force to get their idea of a perfect world, and I'm also thinking maybe it shouldn't be too surprising that this group is standing up against vaccine injury, and vaccine mandates before other more mainstream groups (some like Cynthia McKinney have spoken out months ago...more to my view of things IMO though).

"I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

Sorry, I'm weirded out not being in church right now (still after more than three years of this) as someone who attended almost every week until forced association with "Smart" meters in my neighborhood (probably with the aid of some dastardly dental work, somewhat forced there too, at least there was no informed consent when I was old enough to consent) made my brain start to melt around all the active wireless devices people love to live with, but I'm just trying to say that I suspect God likes some in the NOI and some like Mr. Olmsted better than some of us less out-spoken, less courageous (maybe just me) people.

Angus Files

Thanks Julie M for the correction my fault the keyboard on my laptop is faulty ...

Correct email for Brother Rizza:

[email protected]



As a regular reader of AOA, honestly, I'm quite disheartened by your article, first as a result of the credibility you give to the SPL, which is itself, today,is largely regarded a hate group in itself, and iswidely viewed as an extremist anti-Christian hate group, even garnering ridicule and criticism from the establishment media which in the past often referenced the SPL in pushing political agendas & propaganda & used the SPL to discredit those like us, standing up to the corporate, government, media complex on issues such as ours.

The issue of medical tyranny, the matter of life & death, rises so far above Black/White, Left/Right, the Spiritual unity being brought to the forefront, by this issue alone, may resolve issues moving into the future, that we cannot at this point even fathom. And, it is beginning, please view our recent Town Hall and you will see what I mean. Thanks Dan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCXImr-z2DE


Linda, what makes you think the protestants is one mass group?

Thank You Angus for the video. It gives me much to think about. I am not sure what the Nation of Islam is about - he seems logical, and reasonable and even kind and thoughtful.

But then so does Tom Insel. Colleen Boyle -- they sound so very nice and polite and all that!

Errr; how to know what really lurks in the human heart.

I must admit I know little about the Nation of Islam, but the man on Angus's video did seem to speak from his heart, to a room full of white women. Sigh, maybe it is okay?

Angus Files

Another whistleblower god bless them.

Former Sgt of Police Chris Savage explains how vaccines soft kill babies..breaking rank in Australia.



Lucy Cole

United we stand; divided we fall. I am a 74 year old white woman. I will go to the march against the CDC.

cia parker

I disagree that the only way for blacks (and other minority groups) to assure their human rights is through violence. Martin Luther King, like Gandhi before him, achieved what he did by non-violence and respectful behavior. The heart of most white people had been changed over centuries to recognize minority groups as fellow human beings, through the abolitionist movement in the UK and the US in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, through the example of dignified individuals who demonstrated their worth through civilized behavior and their innate human dignity. Massive armed rebellion would have been ruthlessly put down by the armed forces. It was windows opened by the imagination after reading books like Uncle Tom's Cabin, which allowed people of other races to imagine how they would have felt had they been born to a similar situation, which gradually changed people's hearts.

Julie M.

Correct email for Brother Rizza:

[email protected]


Let's get a grip here. Since we're talking about the NOI history, let's see who is so perfect that they can throw the first stone. For starters, up until fairly recently (and maybe still), Catholics thought everyone else was going straight to hell. They also are famous for believing that the Holocaust was punishment for the Jews killing Jesus. Protestants have no use for Catholics and vice versa. And let's not even mention the other world religions. According to Christians, none of them are valid and all heathens need to be converted ASAP. Want to talk about misogyny? Women still don't earn equal pay in 2015 (and the NOI is not making the laws). When I was a kid women had their place, and many high school courses and sports were not open to us, just because we were female. Up until high school when things began to change, we wore skirts, no pants, or we were expelled.

Are you saying you wouldn't have anything to do with your parent's and grandparent's generation, because of these beliefs and societal practices?

A personal story...My grandfather was a very gentle man, a big man as I remember, always joking, always smiling. He never lectured or talked much about the past until one day when I was a young teen, not meaning to, I pushed his buttons. I was shocked to see him break down, tears streaming down his 80 something year old face. He confided through a choked up voice that when he was a tiny boy of maybe 4 years he watched as a Russian soldier slit his grandmother's throat to take her necklace. The rest of his family escaped the Russian pogroms and came to this country, where they settled in Harlem. I had never seen him cry before or after that day. I also was surprised to find out that my grandfather who never previously expressed a hint of prejudice, didn't think that blacks were like us. They are different, he insisted. Surprising that he could have this view of blacks even though he himself was persecuted not only from the pogroms but from extreme prejudice in this country which haunted him all his days, in that he had to change his name to disguise his Jewish identity in order to be accepted into the trade union so he could earn a living in America.

I believe that prejudice or racism is a primitive instinct in all of us. We are all hard wired to stay away from those who are different and from those who exhibit aberrant behavior. This is a primitive survival mechanism, as from man's beginning, one's own tribe would be safe and the other tribes not necessarily so, and appearance is how one recognized one's tribe. Even among one's own tribe, aberrant behavior could signal danger (other than the scriptural reference of it being taboo, I think this explains homophobia). Then there is the experiential aspect that either softens or strengthens these instincts. Some of us can notice a difference in others and intellectualize that it is ok, nothing to worry about. Others can't.

We need to recognize these primitive instincts for what they are and not let them divide us.

I don't know what it's like to be black, now or previously. But I'm not so sure I would be able to overcome the experience without having a bitter heart. When you're white you can usually blend in, as my grandfather did, but not when you're black.

I'm appalled to see here some likening these people to the devil and I am so over being told that we need to be careful who we associate with lest the enemy use it against us. If we showed up at a rally with Jesus Himself, they would still throw boulders at us (probably more). At this point, I really don't care what the criminals think.

RFK, Jr. was right, wise and brave to inform the Nation of Islam. How could one justify not spreading the message to all, including those who have been and who continue to be most harmed? I say let the past be in the past and let's work with what is in our hearts today, remembering that none of us are perfect, not in the past and not now. Every single one of us is a work in progress.


Further information as regards my comments to Cia Parker. I want others who may be reading my comments to understand what I am speaking about (most especially those of whom may be 'new' to this medical tyranny movement):



"Dr. Palevsky says:

“When I went through medical school, I was taught that vaccines were completely safe and completely effective, and I had no reason to believe otherwise. All the information that I was taught was pretty standard in all the medical schools and the teachings and scientific literature throughout the country. I had no reason to disbelieve it.

Over the years, I kept practicing medicine and using vaccines and thinking that my approach to vaccines was completely onboard with everything else I was taught.

But more and more, I kept seeing that my experience of the world, my experience in using and reading about vaccines, and hearing what parents were saying about vaccines were very different from what I was taught in medical school and my residency training.

… and it became clearer to me as I read the research, listened to more and more parents, and found other practitioners who also shared the same concern that vaccines had not been completely proven safe or even completely effective, based on the literature that we have today.

It didn’t appear that the scientific studies that we were given were actually appropriately designed to prove and test the safety and efficacy.

It also came to my attention that there were ingredients in there that were not properly tested, that the comparison groups were not appropriately set up, and that conclusions made about vaccine safety and efficacy just did not fit the scientific standards that I was trained to uphold in my medical school training.”


"...Conventional medicine teaches that the polio and the smallpox epidemics went away because of the vaccines, and that most of the diseases that we faced in the 20th century in the United States were brought down because of the power, strength and the implementation of the vaccine policy.

Meanwhile, there are a significant number of studies in the medical literature that actually show there were many other reasons that these infectious diseases went away.

For example, one article published in 2000 in the Pediatrics Journal describes how, before the World War II, the majority of the infectious diseases the US was faced with – such as diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, measles, influenza, parapertussis, tuberculosis and scarlet fever – were all reduced before World War II and BEFORE there were antibiotics and vaccinations available to treat or to vaccinate against these diseases.

The reasons for the reductions in incidence rates and mortality of these diseases were predominantly due to the implementation of public health strategies, including:

Clean water
Better living conditions
Improved sanitation
Improved nutrition

There are many such examples..."

The above statements corroborate what I've been saying...that is, that medical university curricula simply teaches its students that ALL vaccines are good and ALL vaccines are safe and efficacious. This same U.S. medical university curricula says essentially NOTHING about medical conditions which should be considered, prior to vaccinating a child or adult, nor provides anything in its literature regarding the down side to vaccines, much less what to look for in the way of a vaccine reaction in either an adult or child.

It used to be that physicians were (at the minimum) taught that NO PREGNANT WOMAN should receive a vaccine. That is not the case, today:

Here is a terrific article re Barbara Loe Fisher's statements concerning this rather new push to vaccinate pregnant women with the flu vaccine and with the Tdap vaccine:



"...Then, in 2011, a pertussis containing Tdap shot was recommended for all pregnant women, preferably after 20 weeks gestation. Both current vaccine recommendations are endorsed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other medical trade associations..."


"FACT: Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving influenza or Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S. and there is almost no data on inflammatory or other biological responses to these vaccines that could affect pregnancy and birth outcomes.

FACT: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists influenza and Tdap vaccines as either Pregnancy Category B or C biologicals, which means that adequate testing has not been done in humans to demonstrate safety for pregnant women and it is not known whether the vaccines can cause fetal harm or affect reproduction capacity. The manufacturers of influenza and Tdap vaccines state that human toxicity and fertility studies are inadequate and warn that the influenza and Tdap vaccines should "be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed."

FACT: There are ingredients in influenza and pertussis containing Tdap vaccines that have not been fully evaluated for potential genotoxic or other adverse effects on the human fetus developing in the womb that may negatively affect health after birth, including aluminum adjuvants, mercury containing (Thimerosal) preservatives and many more bioactive and potentially toxic ingredients..."

Diverse Universe

I respectfully disagree.

Farrakhan has apparently caused a rift within NOI by speaking out against the blanket condemnation of homosexuality, in a sense attempting to modernize American Islamic practices.

It might not have been a strong enough departure from tradition for some but considering how slowly some ancient global institutions change, it was quite radical. It was a greater departure than one sees coming from a Catholic pulpit, yet if the pope made a speech about vaccine injuries, this community would celebrate it. We have highlighted the statements of politicians and public figures when they support research for vaccine injury when they may have, on the other hand, displayed non-progressive attitudes regarding other positions.

I fight beside people who don't share my views on abortion, women's rights and many other issues because we all have children and no one group will control the message.


Thanks for sharing this, Julie. Good to know...

for Cia Parker

Have you watched the entire meeting? I cannot believe that you have for all that I saw was 100% truth and unity in action. As a Canadian, I feel we are finally seeing a coming together where the media will be called out and politicians will be held to what is true and right. I am sure the black community will be disparaged for what they will do and more games will be played to try and divide and conquer us. Finally, though, I feel this movement for medical freedom and integrity has wings.


This issue has nothing to do with gender, race, skin colour, or the brand of religion that a person calls their own.

This is about deliberate vaccine injury. Which IMO is a manifestation of the ugliest form of earthly evil, that hates everyone equally.

When I look at Minster Tony Muhammad, I don't see skin colour. Nor do I care what religion he has chosen for himself. I see a man, an American man who has incredible courage. And who fully understands the crime that has been committed against our children. A man like NO-ONE I've seen before him, because he has the courage to call it exactly what it is. He seems to grasp the urgency of stopping this crime NOW. And he has the conviction to see that those responsible are held accountable for that they've done.

Children are being hurt, it's beyond insane. And I am sick of our leaders who scream "vaccine injured children" out of one side of their mouth, while simultaneously proclaiming "Oh but I'm still pro vaccine!!" out of the other. That stance is moronic. I'm also sick and tired of other leaders who claim to be fighting the good fight on our behalf. But who've done little more in a decade than shadow box on the issues that they claim to be fighting so hard.

The world doesn't need any more of that shit.

What the world needs now are another half a dozen people like Tony Mohammed, who will stand with Tony Mohammed. And see that something is done about this now.

Julie M.

One thing to note, too. This idea that it's the Nation of Islam that will be driving this won't last long at all. Tony Muhammad invoked Malcolm Gladwell and called himself Paul Revere. In fact, it's Kennedy who is our Paul Revere, and he finally knocked on the right door when he met Brother Tony. So far, our movement's been that other guy, who went in the other direction, and didn't manage to get the word out in time to prevent the British from overrunning their position.

Think Chicago. Right now, the news and evidence are spreading through the black community like a lightening bolt. It's happening fast enough that the assorted pharma and fed operatives are overwhelmed to try and stop it. Already many entertainment people have met with Muhammed. We'll know soon enough if this will FINALLY become a top-down effort to get the CDC whistleblower to testify before congress.

The cat is out of the bag. This isn't an NOI issue. It's a black issue and the scope of it means that - hopefully - we might be riding coattails from here on out. How can Oprah ignore this? Cornell West? Tavis Smiley? Obama, at the end of this term with nothing to lose, except his legacy among blacks as the first black president?


@Cia Parker,

With all due respect, you do not need to educate me about this bill. I live out here in California and although I've not been able to make it to Sacramento for any of the rallies, I have been judiciously keeping on track of this bill.

Here is that amendment, such as the language now exists (it could still be changed prior to signature):

"120370. (a) If the parent or guardian files with the governing authority a written statement by a licensed physician to the effect that the physical condition of the child is such, or medical circumstances relating to the child are such, that immunization is not considered safe, indicating the specific nature and probable duration of the medical condition or circumstances circumstances, including, but not limited to, family medical history, for which the physician does not recommend immunization, that child shall be exempt from the requirements of Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 120325, but excluding Section 120380) and Sections 120400, 120405, 120410, and 120415 to the extent indicated by the physician’s statement."

WHERE in this language does it state that physicians KNOW what MEDICAL CONDITIONS make it unsafe for said child to be vaccinated?

Did you not read what I posted originally? I HAVE interviewed many physicians, medical students and nursing students in my past during my heavier activism days. I have not only spoken to reporters/journalists about this issue, but I also spoke with physicians and nursing students when I attended the National Vaccine Information Center's Seminar back in 2009.

I have spoken with, and interviewed, veterinarians and vet assistants, as well. They, too, acknowledge they are not taught the downside to vaccines when attending medical school.

The United States medical curricula does NOT provide teaching material regarding VACCINE REACTIONS. PERIOD. Which translates into WHY pediatricians are apt to explain to you, after you've witnessed your child's reaction, THAT IT WAS JUST A COINCIDENCE. HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VACCINE.

MOST OF THEM DON'T KNOW. And more probably, they don't WANT to know. It's frightening for them to have to come to terms with the fact that they may not have been taught the truth about vaccines. Dr. Lawrence Palevsky discusses this issue during his very long, and brilliant interview with Joe Mercola some years back. He completely verifies what I am stating.

So again, this language now inserted into our bill out here in CA has absolutely NOTHING to do with the parent then being able to bring this issue to court if a physician does not deem certain reactions, reactive enough to discontinue vaccinating said child. The restrictive Table which WILL be used within which to determine vaccine reactions, will not accommodate those reactions which parents have witnessed.

It is clearly stated in documentation to pediatricians from their trade union (the AAP) that SEIZURES ARE NOT CONSIDERED CONTRAINDICATIONS TO FURTHER VACCINATION. One mother has since stated that when she told her pediatrician her child had suffered a seizure after vaccination, he told her that this meant her child's immune system WAS HEALTHY. And of course, he told her to continue vaccinating with the same damned vaccine that caused her son's seizure.

THIS BILL IS NOT GOING DOWN. It WILL be signed off by Governor Brown. Unless, of course, he gets cold feet, which could happen, but I sincerely doubt it.

I know I am repeating myself here, but again, my husband is an attorney and studies statutes for a living. He has read the entirety of this bill, since the inception of this new amendment, and fully believes, on a professional level, that these amendments are not borne out of some altruistic means.

That is NEVER the case with any of those behind the pro-pharma movement. Amendments are not added to quell the dissent of those that oppose these bills. There are two reasons for these amendments:

1) To help bring in the votes of those legislators sitting on these committees who may have issues with some of the verbiage contained within these bills; and

2) To help mitigate the legal issues should this bill reach the light of a courtroom, where I rest assure you, IS going to happen, if Governor Brown signs this rotten bill into law.

Medical Freedom for ALL

I was with you, Dan, until I read the comments. I have to say, these are some of the most insightful and inspiring comments I have ever read on AoA, and I've been here since day one.

Just wanted to mention - re: deals with the devil...most of us have already had to make them. The religious exemption I had to write to prevent my son from further vaccine damage reads like a Bible-banging, anti-abortion/anti-women's rights, clinic-bombing religious fanatic. I am an atheist.

And speaking of woman-degrading...nothing degrades women more than a life sentence of caring for a child who has been seriously injured and disabled by vaccines. We can't work outside the home, we can hardly GET outside the home -- not even to go vote! -- and many of us are physically abused on a regular basis by our vaccine-injured kids. June Cleaver looks like Gloria Steinem to me, at this point.

Desperate times indeed. Political correctness be damned. I'm with TannersDad: "Let us fight our one battle here and now and save some children."

Laura Hayes

To Danchi,

Here is the link for the current amended text of SB277:


Important to tell anyone who will listen that there is NO amendment that will make this bill Constitutional, ethical, wise, or tolerable.

Approximately 10% of CA students are on an IEP (that statistic alone should be of FAR greater concern to our legislators than a few cases of measles, whose recipients now have lifetime immunity, increased protection against certain cancers, and for females, the ability to pass on immunity to their infants via breastfeeding). Add to that 10% those who will supposedly be able to get MEs, and CA could now potentially have well over 10% of its students not fully vaccinated attending school. These last-minute, last-ditch amendments are further proof that this bill makes NO sense, other than being the next step on the path of completely removing parental rights and forcing vaccinations on all from fetus to grave.

If SB277 becomes law, they'll be back next year to deal with these exemption categories...just a matter of time. Nail by nail, they are sealing the coffin on freedoms and rights here in the U.S.A., land of the FREE. Californians, and Americans everywhere, need to WAKE UP, fight for our rights, and regain control of those who are supposed to be representing us, not big pharma, big chemical, big agriculture, big food, and other big, bad businesses who continue to put their wealth above our health...and who are getting away with it in the light of day thanks to our bought-and-paid-for, willfully-ignorant, and corrupt legislators.

Anna Quandt

Thank you Angus Files for posting the video. I just watched it and found it impressive and moving. Without disagreeing with any of Dan's points, I also thank NOI for giving Robert Kennedy and Brian Hooker a platform and your support. My Unitarian community should follow your lead.

cia parker

Nobody is perfect, but it's a mistake to collude with groups which do not even give lip service to the belief in universal human rights or the equality of man, beliefs which are the foundation of post-Enlightenment Western civilization. A terrible mistake to say Well, I believe that women, homosexuals, people of any religion, race, or nationality should be treated with respect as long as they act in a civilized way. But, hey, it's OK with me if you don't! As long as you are willing to work with me toward a common goal, I will overlook your expressed desire to act violently towards all other groups, including mine, once our goals are achieved. Most black people, as well as everyone else, would never say this or think this. I think it's confusing civil rights and the March on Washington fifty years ago with morally attempting to justify the desire to subdue all those outside the Nation of Islam. And just the phrase Nation of Islam is chilling. Have we forgotten how Islam overran Christian, Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Buddhist areas of Asia, Europe, and Africa, killing an estimated eight million of those who did not share their beliefs? Why would Nation of Islam want to evoke that as a justifiable ideology?

Angus Files

that e-mail given out by Tonis assistant dosent work has come back returned...



Does the Nazarian amendment include extended family? There are dozens of children in our family-first and second generations that have had vaccine reactions including, eczema, asthma, autism, learning disabilities, peanut allergies and other types of allergies, stomach issues etc. Do you have a link to this information?

Angus Files

The young man assisting Mr T Muhammad gave his e-mail out at the end for further meetings contact etc it is as video.

[email protected]

Thanks to all



Dear Dan:

Yes, everything you write about NOI is true, and it takes no small amount of backbone on your part to point out these unpleasant truths, so thank you for that.

The history of the experience of aboriginal peoples on virtually every continent is that they were largely eradicated or exploited by (usually) lighter skinned imperialists. Read The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes for the horrifying reality of how Australia's Aborigines were literally slaughtered down, their backs to the sea and facing settlers with guns. Ripping black families apart and shipping them to slavery is a well known fact of history. We, in the US, in large part owe our standard of living to the fact that our ancestors participated in the mercantile exchange of human beings. So please allow me to point out the double standard here- the history of Western civilization is largely about exploitation of native peoples. You and I benefit from that past history to this very moment because our bellies are full and we have a roof over our heads.

The Nation of Islam is everything you say they are and probably worse. My point is examine the history of how and why they arrived at their current political posture. It is because for over three hundred years, darker skinned people were chattel. That paradigm ended when the exploited began fighting fire with fire, evil with evil. The early slave rebellions in the West Indies were horrific, blood soaked affairs, the retributions afterwards amazing in the ingenious use of torture.

The NOI are angry, militant extremists because that is what it takes to protect and advance rights and humane treatment for people of color.

In the context of this battle, everyone subjected to involuntary allopathic Western medicine is as surely exploited as are/were people of color.

As detestable as have been past and current positions of NOI, their platform and views were forged in an actual, no holds barred battle for survival of their people. The exact fight we are all engaged in.

The vaccine mafia does not fear the concept of political dissent and the normal channels pf petitioning the government for redress of grievances. The vaccine mafia laughs in our collective faces and outright mocks our naivite.

The Black Experience of fighting oppressors tooth and nail to gain freedom is a valuable skill set to bring to this battle. The starting point of a million person march on Atlanta is a demonstration of raw, political power and will. The vaccine mafia DOES fear that.

Tony Mohammed opened his speech at the SB277 rally in CA with a reference to all prophets of God. He did not sound homophobic, racist or other crazy views. He used the biblical story of Pharoah striking down first born Jews as an analogy to the current plague being visited on us. He said "we will not be punked" and "we will put this in check."

In conclusion- you, Dan, are right. NOI is abhorrent. Think about why they are the way they are. They have to be. If they weren't militant, paranoid, and angry, Black people might not be voting, or worse. The tactics they used to break free were not always pretty or dainty but by God they worked. The Mississippi three were killed in the fight to get Black voting rights. The other side, then and now, plays for keeps in a way that I personally cannot comprehend because I haven't lived it. NOI gets it. Fight power with power.

As always- wishing you peace, and thankful for your tireless efforts on behalf of vaccine injured families.

Angus Files

Rock on Guys bring it together..

Town Hall Emergency Meeting - No on SB277



george Esler

Very happy the nation of islam is on board .
the middle classes have been too civilised about all of this - we need some backbone .
This is not about Gay rights (why have you even raised this?). This is about the vaccine-maiming of children .

As for Catholicism , the likelihood is , apart form the heroic Kenyan church , is that the hierarchy has sold out .


I'm with Julie.

I don't know anything about NOI, but even if the NOI has a history of isolationism, who could blame them? How many years does it take before deliberate discrimination and demoralization lead to that?

But who is to say that the future can't be different? NOI is comprised of many members who probably disagree on a lot of things but have mutual concerns which draw them together.

Maybe the NOI members are thinking about the rich, politically connected white guy and others involved with appreciation that bridges a gap because they came to them with information that innocent black males and their families are being subjected to life sentences by corrupt medical policies, causing possibly more destruction to the African American social fabric than racist cops and prison systems have. The prison system removes a person from family and society and sometimes only temporarily. Autism removes a whole family from normal society, damages them financially and emotionally, most often permanently. There is more than one way to keep African Americans on the fringes of a WASPish society. There have been articles about medically controlling prison populations, but prison walls aren't even needed for that type of control.

Maybe, just maybe, NOI will realize that not all white people are all bad, that women have been instrumental in trying to save these children and deserve more respect, etc. and that maybe by extension they'll need to reevaluate their stance on homosexuality.
Yes, this could be a very healing and progressive time if people work at it. No one said it was going to be easy. Mutual learning is at hand.

Maybe the introduction of one shared level of respect and understanding will bring down the artificial divides that people in power seem to want to keep in place to distract the average citizen from the one or two real divides that truly deserve to be recognized: good versus evil, and the abundance of money that allows 5% of the world to maintain undeserved power over the remaining 95%. Anyone still stuck in the Republican/Democrat paradigm is being duped.

If the Canary Party turned out to be an attempt at controlled opposition, which I sincerely hope it was not, they did state one thing that was true: as a single platform party, medical freedom is the one issue that crosses every single political, racial, geographic, cultural separation, sexual identity, environmental, etc. The vaccine issue represents the larger issue of medical freedom, and because THAT crosses ALL barriers, it very well may be THE most important unifying civil rights issue of modern times.

Maybe the time is right for an organization to pick up where the Canary Party left off and start getting registered as a political party (with a stronger name, maybe.) If NOI spreads the word on the issue, maybe Sharpton and Jackson and their followers will stand up and pay attention and maybe that will lead to more exposure on the issue.

Or, vaccine safety advocates can ignore the reality of what temporary alliances can lead to and allow pharma and their government cronies to control the agenda and direction, leaving both vaccine freedom activists and African American activists alone, lonely, and unsuccessful in their efforts.

I guess that's okay, if you are okay with the status quo and the higher and higher price we pay as the status quo gets worse and worse.

Nobody is perfect, NOI isn't perfect, vaccine freedom advocates aren't either, though they may be better tuned to wider variety of civil rights and constitutional rights issues. Obviously gay rights advocates aren't perfect if some of them are disenfranchising vaccine freedom advocates. Republicans and Democrats aren't perfect either - they've strategically grouped their populations so that neither gives enough to the general population to make a much needed positive difference in our daily lives and both slowly pick away at our most important rights in slightly different ways - divide and conquer.

I would encourage anyone who has a problem with the NOI recognizing the vaccine issue as part of their fight, to learn more about them and try to find out an issue or two that they support that you DO agree with, as there are probably some there. History shows that those labeled extremist are often victims of government disinformation that could be deliberately designed to prevent important information from getting to those who need it. If a group isn't backed by govt or some large commercial entity or rich philanthropic organization, chances are it exists because someone's rights have been trampled.

If you simply can't, go out and make inroads into some of the other disenfranchised groups readily available in the U.S. and explain to them the impact of how bills like SB277 will eventually affect them, too. They will make the connection eventually. Because it affects EVERYONE!

And, God forbid, if heavy metal exposure from pollution and by extension vaccines, was ever shown to affect a part of the brain having to do with sexual orientation, watch out. Because if ways are found to mitigate the manifestations of heavy metal exposure in cases like autism, you know damn well that someone is going to make the case that homosexual orientation is a medical issue that requires mandatory intervention and then we'll see if the gay population takes medical freedom a bit more seriously.

Ironically enough, that particular issue would get both the Republicans and eventually Democrats on board with vaccine freedom: Every anti-gay right-wing Christian Republican would probably finally protest against vaccination mandates, because they probably think that while it's okay to sacrifice kids to potential death, autism, and other lifelong disabling diseases from toxins, it may not be okay to sacrifice their children to a potential life of homosexuality from those same toxins (oh the horror/sarcasm intended).

Homosexuality could re-emerge as a medical diagnosis, just not in the DMV, and be labled a preventable medical condition. Then someone would probably "invent" a vaccine to protect homosexually inclined kids against future "gayness." Then the Democrats would protest mandatory vaccination because being gay is acceptable in today's society and one shouldn't have to change, especially when the vaccine kills a certain percentage of the gay children its given to, and then is found to sterilize a large portion of them, a type of medical genocide if you will.

The gay rights movement would be split initially, before deciding that it would be an individual decision whether to get treatment or not. Chelation would suddenly be non-controversial again, as special interst groups would make sure there was insurance coverage for it. Gay rights advocates will be wishing for the simple days of people like Michele Bachmann. Or maybe it will just take an AIDs vaccine to become mandatory for all those who are openly gay, whether or not you are HIV free and have been monogomous for years, even though it kills or disables 30% of the population it's mandated on? All of which is why gay rights activists should be advocating for vaccine freedoms now, not later.

Every child and adult deserves medical freedom, whether they are NOI or not, whether they are male or female, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, rich or poor. Anything less is a-moral and discriminatory. People are smart enough to know that groups can share some mutual issues, and disagree on others. It's the indebted corrupted media and the government with its lobbyists and message makers that want us all to believe that we can't discuss one issue because we disagree on others. It keeps us in our single-issue silos while they beat us down like a bunch of wack-a-moles every time we dare to pop out and look at what's around us and maybe reconsider
what should be taking precedence in our lives.

cia parker

The addition of the Nazarian amendment is new, and states that the physician can take into account the patient's family history when deciding whether to grant a medical exemption. That means that if the doctor says Pish, tosh, asthma in the father means nothing, I'm going to vax him anyway, and the child reacts, the parents could go to court and ask what the meaning of the Nazarian amendment was if not to say that a family history of vaccine reactions, autism, allergies, etc., is RELEVANT. The doctor can no longer just say Pish tosh, but can be held accountable if he takes it upon himself to say that family background is irrelevant. So kids with autism and an IEP don't have to get any more vaccines. That's ADMITTING that vaccines cause autism. The Nazarian amendment is ADMITTING that these conditions in the family background make reactions more likely. Just a HEARTBEAT away from admitting that vaccines are DANGEROUS for EVERYONE! Now, will they still demand that EVERYONE ELSE has to submit to the mandate? Everyone else could sue on the grounds of discrimination and demand equal protection of the law. I predict this bill is going down! In flames!

cia parker

I agree with you. We should not be in an inclusive movement with NoI. We cannot make common cause with a group which preaches hatred of whites, Catholics, Jews, homosexuals, etc. etc. We should not want to ride the coattails of incited black rage to victory. Preaching and seeking to implement a supremacist ideology is wrong and we should not encourage such people in any way.


My head is spinning.

Dan brings up valid concerns.

Bayareamom, John Stone, and Julie also bring up excellent points.

In light of all this, I thought I'd share this, which suddenly seems relevant:



Brilliant post Julie!! So glad that the majority of commenters here see the sense in having an inclusive movement that welcomes all forces interested in advancing our cause. And yes, maybe this occasion will further inspire us to tear down walls that divide us. Certainly, exclusion will never accomplish this.

Cheers, Greg

Interesting Washington Post article

Black shooters referred to as thugs, terrorists. White shooters called "mentally ill." Very interesting in light of this discussion.


Fantastic points. It's exactly how it needs to be turned right back on the ones who criticize any association.


"...It's going to mean that instead of the onus being on the doctor to prove that the vaccine would be dangerous to the child before being able to grant the exemption, the presumption is going to become if any family member of the child had asthma, allergies, etc., the doctor can be sued if he does NOT grant the exemption. So that's going to leave five children in California who do not have any relative with autoimmune disease and who will still fall under the mandate."

I don't know about this.

First, it has already been stated on record that physicians will have to adhere to specific guidelines proffered to them via their trade union vis-a-vis ANY medical mandates signed/given. As you know, the Table used in our so-called vaccine court is extremely restrictive; I cannot imagine these guidelines suddenly becoming more esoteric, in favor of far less severe reactions, such as eczema, high pitched screaming, lethargy, etc.

Remember - our medical institutions do NOT teach its medical students about the down side to vaccines. Vaccine reactions are NOT discussed via medical school curricula; neither is it discussed in our nursing institutions. Generally speaking, should any medical student and/or nursing student even dare to so much as question the sanctity of vaccines, much less question the issue as to side effects, they are soundly smacked down and told these are not questions to be asked. PERIOD.

I know this because I have interviewed several physicians and nursing students/nurses. To the last one, everyone of these individuals stated it is verboten to ask one single question about vaccine reactions/adverse events.

I asked several of these individuals when I attended the National Vaccine Information Center's 2009 Seminar. And again, they all confirmed this.

The nurse in our son's pediatric group, back in 1993, also fully acknowledged she had NEVER, EVER been taught about vaccine reactions. I asked her the following, "If you've never been taught about vaccine reactions, how in the world would you recognize one if you saw one?"

The look on this older nurse's face...PRICELESS. It was as if lightbulb went off and she recognized that one hard fact...SHE WOULDN'T HAVE KNOWN MY SON WAS HAVING A REACTION IF SHE'D SEEN IT.

So we're left with physicians who a) have never been taught what to look for in the way of vaccine reactions, b) a parent telling their pediatrician that their child is having a reaction will more than likely, be brushed off as coincidence, or c) EVEN if the reaction is quite severe, as our son's was, THEY WON'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT IT, nor will they most likely, report it to VAERS.

MANY issues with this bill.


Whether that happens after it hits Brown's desk, or in a court room, remains to be seen...


@Julie M.:

You stated:

"...Morally empowered to speak truth to power from a completely new direction and backed by HISTORY. We're talking about crimes against humanity. As all three panelists agreed, the impact to the African American Community since the CDC realized that mercury in vaccines was responsible for autism is about 250,000 children who might have been saved from ASD. As Brother Tony stated: "That makes the Tuskegee Experiments look like a Sunday picnic in the park." As sickening as you know the autism rates in this country to be, just let it sink in how much more degraded the black community is by vaccines at 3-5 times the normal rate. Think of the young men in prison. Think of the children struggling in school. Think of the kids on the spectrum no one even bothers to diagnose. Now think of how institutional racism has made all that even harder for economically marginalized people. We need to WELCOME every black person into this movement, no matter who they are, with open arms so we can walk them through what we know and help with their grieving process like no one else can, if we can..."

YES. I absolutely loved your comment. Every. Single. Word.
You speak from the heart and from your soul. You spoke the Truth.

I wish so much to have been able to attend that Town Hall Meeting. I am so heartened to hear that everyone who showed up was treated with kindness and respect.

This is not a time for divisive rhetoric and barbs aimed. Listen...IF WE DON'T DO THIS, IT'S ALL OVER. PERIOD.

I have been shouting this from the rafters, but I'm gonna say it again: THERE IS MORE TO THIS AGENDA THAN MEETS THE EYE. And THAT is what people are now realizing. This is not some sort of conspiracy theory.

It is the Truth.

I just wrote to a friend in the movement and told her that the African American community is much needed in this movement if we are going to succeed. For all the reasons listed in Julie's above comment, are the reasons they MUST be included in this movement.

And they have fire in their souls. They've had to; they've fought similar battles long ago and are still fighting those same battles. They KNOW how to organize and BE HEARD.

One of my best friends long ago, during my legal assistance days, was African American. We met at a law firm in downtown Westwood, California. We would speak for hours about the divide that kept the whites from the black community. Some of what Gwen shared with me, startled me. But I recalled when I was a young girl, the outright bigotry that both sets of my Grandparents exhibited (my Grandfathers). It was both shocking and shameful to see and to witness this bigotry as I tried, as a young girl, to grapple with answers as to why someone I so dearly loved, and who dearly loved me, could be so unflinchingly hateful towards others, simply because of the color of their skin.

I firmly believe this is a true test for those of us who have been in this fight. Will we be able to unite as ONE and fight this battle together, or will we continue to be mired in suspicious thought and intellect toward others who we perceive to be DIFFERENT.

I have always believed we ALL have more in common with one another, than not. The one commonality we ALL share with one another must truly be our love for our children.

But it shouldn't stop there. No. This is a global issue; we are literally witnessing crimes upon humanity which must be stopped.

This is a tsunami waiting to burst forth, not just here in California, but across this great Nation. Do we stand up and fight this battle TOGETHER, or do we divide ourselves via issues which have absolutely nothing to do with this one battle.

I'm in. By whatever means I can, I will be in Atlanta come October. Hope to meet some of you there...

Angus Files

Great post Julie M ,together we stand divided we fall.


cia parker

Does anyone else feel that it's all about to become academic? The Sacramento Bee with its article exposing how the vaccine companies bought all the legislators involved in promoting SB 277, publishing the exact amounts they were given. The amendment saying that kids on an IEP won't have to get the vaccines. The Nazarian amendment saying that doctors can consider a family history of vaccine reactions or neurological/autoimmune disease in the child's family and grant a medical exemption based on it. This is a game changer. It's going to mean that instead of the onus being on the doctor to prove that the vaccine would be dangerous to the child before being able to grant the exemption, the presumption is going to become if any family member of the child had asthma, allergies, etc., the doctor can be sued if he does NOT grant the exemption. So that's going to leave five children in California who do not have any relative with autoimmune disease and who will still fall under the mandate.

Julie M.

Hi Dan:

I first have to note, unpleasantly, that AoA is the subject of debate right now in CA. Lots of people are new to this movement. I've been following you all for nearly a decade, but you should know that there is a lot of flack RIGHT NOW about AoA, Canary Party and California Coalition Health Choice being controlled opposition, evidenced mainly by the inability to create fast and effective change over the last many years. I don't buy that myself. However, this post today will make it harder for me to defend you over the next few days. That said, I do think that NOI is an important issue to discuss.

I was at the Townhall Meeting because I trust Kennedy and I had yet to hear Hooker speak. I am female. I am Catholic. I am white. I'm a Democrat (until SB277 passes). I have been fighting the vaccine mandate with all my might for the last several months. I listened to what Brother Tony had to say with an open mind and an open heart. The crowd was mixed race and mixed religion. All were absolutely acknowledged, respected and warmly welcomed, much to the surprise of some. The Charleston tragedy was used as a unifying moment to pray for those who were killed. At that point early on, any reservations I had evaporated.

Obviously, Farrakhan and Tony Muhammed are of different generations. And as stated elsewhere, Brother Tony was electrifying.

A big part of the evening was spent emphasizing that UNITY was going to be our strength because the opposition won't expect it and wouldn't know what to do with that. This is something I've been trying to reinforce for sometimes in the SB 277 fight as the trolls have kicked at our coalition and tried to divide us with religion and politics. Race was obviously the next play.

Here's the bottom line. Brother Tony exudes a confidence and a steadfastness that will not be swayed by the fear tactics that have been used against us in the past. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is a game changer. He is a powerful motivator and he emboldens people by honoring them.

I've been staring at this issue for a long time, and I've reached out to African Americans about this, with little success. We are so much more divided, and intentionally so, than we even realize until we try to break through these barriers. But the real impact to the African American community of these vaccines was not truly clear to me until I listened to Hooker and Kennedy lay it out for us. It's appalling, even by the standards we know.

We have a moral imperative to stop this from continuing. Period. And we now have an ally who is:

1) Absolutely fearless and who cuts through cognitive dissonance and gets at the truth with ease. That comes down to charisma and leadership, qualities that are a breath of fresh air in this decades-old movement.

2) Morally empowered to speak truth to power from a completely new direction and backed by HISTORY. We're talking about crimes against humanity. As all three panelists agreed, the impact to the African American Community since the CDC realized that mercury in vaccines was responsible for autism is about 250,000 children who might have been saved from ASD. As Brother Tony stated: "That makes the Tuskegee Experiments look like a Sunday picnic in the park." As sickening as you know the autism rates in this country to be, just let it sink in how much more degraded the black community is by vaccines at 3-5 times the normal rate. Think of the young men in prison. Think of the children struggling in school. Think of the kids on the spectrum no one even bothers to diagnose. Now think of how institutional racism has made all that even harder for economically marginalized people. We need to WELCOME every black person into this movement, no matter who they are, with open arms so we can walk them through what we know and help with their grieving process like no one else can, if we can.

3) We now have an ally who has first hand experience leading a CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. I've been saying that we are witnessing Medical Civil Rights Movement. That's what you've all been fighting for longer than have I. Please don't get left behind, because we need you. We need your truth and your experience.

3) Can you muster a million people to march on Atlanta? Isn't it about time that happened? For God's sake. We need to go to Atlanta. Mark your calendars. It's happening.

4) Can't we act like grown ups and use this as an opportunity to CHANGE THE CONVERSATION about race and racism? It all falls apart if we're going to be closed minded and fall back on old prejudices and accusations. Respect this as an opportunity to TURN THE PAGE. We can't fight massive, endemic corruption on our own, or in pockets. Whose going to help us? The mainstream media?

This represents a BREAKTHROUGH. It's time to get EVERYONE fighting the Corporate Takeover of America. NOW. Welcome the reinforcements. We need to gather as many into this coalition as we can. Balance our more extreme elements with people of all walks of life. Balance Tony Muhammed with George Featheree. We need the Anti-GMO movement. Latinos. The gay rights movement. Animal rights movement. Student movements. Black activism runs through many movements. We need every single marginalized individual in this country to put aside their differences to start fighting the real problem of Citizen United, Corporate Citizenship and the push to monetize our bodies and minds, and the bodies of our children. AND the bodies of children in other parts of the world.

It's mutually assured destruction: if we start lobbing stones at one another, it's GAME OVER. We lose. We'll all be hiding our children in basements when the vaccinators come "knock knock knocking." (Door to door vaccination, by the way, has already happened to homeschoolers in Pan's district in California, even WITHOUT mandates. They also have a vaccine clinic in the new high school in his district.)

So, I'm in. I hope you will be, too. It's going to take work to hold it together and keep it moderate. Let's build some bridges to Atlanta.

cia parker

Can we not be polite but distant? Let NOI do its thing while we do ours?


I wrote this below.

"If someone says "how can you feel comfortable associating with the Nation of Islam?" in your opposition to vaccines then your response should be:

"how can you associate with the likes of Hitler and ISIS in your support of vaccines? Many people have views that I find objectionable whilst holding views that I agree with and I assume it is the same for you. Or are you seriously saying that those people who share your views are in 100 per cent agreement on *every* issue? That seems like a remarkable claim to me."

But I just realised that a better response would be:

"The WHO and other pro-vaccine groups regularly do business with third world dictators and corrupt organisations in order to get as many vaccines to people as possible. So by your logic their association with such people would make vaccines bad."

Jenny Allan

"SB277 what a cheap manoeuvre to compare them as the same."
Just to clarify the differences between proposed legislations in Scotland and California :-

California already has mandatory child vaccinations as a condition of attendance at State Schools. As I understand it SB277 proposed legislation will remove religious and philosphical exemptions, and make it almost impossible to obtain medical exemptions. Private schools and even groups of home schooling parents will be drawn into this legislative net.

At present, child vaccinations are not mandatory in the UK, (of which Scotland is still a part), and the Westminster Parliament health spokespersons recently assured UK citizens there are no plans to introduce mandatory vaccines.
In Scotland, under a proposed SNP 'named person' surveillance of every child up to age 19, a tick box checklist has been devised of 34 child 'must haves' and 'must be's. This list includes the command:-

"MUST have immunisations completed by relevant ages"

This presumably includes all 'recommended' child vaccines, including HPV, and there appears to be no exceptions. This is not linked to education, although proposed named persons will inevitably include teachers. Parents are also to be held responsible for their child's behaviour, including ASD and ADHD, both possibly vaccine implicated conditions.

I said, "This legislation is far more invasive and sinister than California's SB277", although both proposed legislations are unsafe, ill thought out, and guaranteed to alienate thousands of parents in both Scotland and California.

Please no more 'ad hominem' barbs at me Angus. Save your spleen to fight this in Scotland and support parents in California opposed to SB277.

Alan Hysinger

I can't fathom your true motive for making this post, Mr. Olmsted. By your logic, we should not align ourselves with anybody who does not share our core values. Yet, in this fight, as a lifelong liberal now challenged to examine my allegiances, I have found much in common and am able to fight alongside people who have many core values I do not support. I fight alongside people who probably supported Proposition H8. It doesn't matter. To them they are fighting alongside someone who was probably against it and it doesn't matter to them either. The TRUTH is our differences are irrelevant. We are the underdog and we need as many reinforcements as we can get.

By your logic, we should all just pack up, go home, and take our medicine. I honestly hope this is some latent racism you possess coming out. We can work with that. I have recovered from a racist upbringing myself, so I understand the ramifications of parents who unwittingly act as propagandists. I have grown to learn lines like "potential humans" are intended to shine light on the inhuman acts of others, and are not made as global statements to diminish every white person. Because if it isn't latent racism, the only thing I see in your post is controlled opposition. It benefits the establishment greatly to splinter off the black community in this fight. And that will not stand.

Sean H

What's the first rule about making a deal with the devil? DON'T!
So many of the commenters are saying "The Nation of Islam is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, woman-putting-down hate group but..."
Think about how the wider populace will look upon the cause to fight SB277 when they find out that the Nation of Islam is supporting the cause. They have some crazy things that they believe in. This will only cause many people to turn away. The Black community does not take the Nation of Islam seriously. I am black and I forget they exist from time to time.
Think about it the Pharma companies also began with a little compromise here and there. Now look where they are...

what if...

Oh Dan this is the most painful thing. Mary Ann isn't Mary Ann and Ginger isn't Ginger any more! (Ref to a Gillian's island show). Fellow liberals who care about puppies, the poor, women's rights, and gay rights, don't give a fig about what our vaccine injured family endured or even care and generally hate religious points of view . Republicans who usually put corporate interests over private ones, don't even want to pay women equal wages, are terrified of gay marriage, include the likes of W who has connections to Eli Lilly's-and seem
Apope-electiv about Pope Francis -seem to give lip service to the concept of vaccine damage. Farrakan who I want to like because he is a member of a much maligned demographic hates Catholics like me, Jews like my dear friends, and gays as--Generally hated by the same folk who hate the NOI due to its race. I admire and respect your point of view and integrity. But what if this is the moment we all actually talk with no media to interpret or shape. What if this is the moment the NOI gains understanding that Jews and gays and Catholics are just people and begins through true dialog to lose the fear based hate. And what if this is the moment where sheltered white folk truly get what would drive this group to its misdirected hatred and we start together to direct out energies for change and our anger to motivate us to demand the changes to the medical system and the Vaccine cartel that must happen to save this entire generation of all our babies. What happens when the walls come down and we all talk? At least the NOI will dialog. We cannot say that about was the California legislature who branded us as crazy and shut the door.


I just despair.

If this article were written by anything other than one of us vaccine skeptics I just couldn't believe somebody would write something so naive and self-defeating as this ode to the professional wrongologists at the Souther Poverty Law Center. But we (us vaccine skeptics) seem absolutely desperate to write one naive and self-defeating piece after another and have been doing so for the past 3 decades.

And look at where we are.

"Oh no no! I swear I am not *anti-vaccine*! No sirree! *That* would be CRAZY!!! I would never do that. Vaccines are oh so great! We just need to make them a bit safer that's all."

And remarkably - after constantly handing over all our ammunition to the other side- we just sit there dumbfounded that we never gain any traction.

Golden Rule of arguing when you are dealing with rhetoric (which is the overwhelming majority of vaccine fanatic arguments):

NEVER qualify yourself!!!

Whenever you do that you simply reinforce the rhetorician's (in this case vaccine fanatics) tactics as valid. You are effectively saying that "yes I agree that *would* be a terrible position to take but I swear that doesn't apply to me". And voila! You have successfully sold a whole bunch of your allies (and potential allies) down the river in the hopes of a temporary reprieve.

It is immoral, cowardly and what is more it is absolutely disastrous strategically. They will come after you soon after and you will just have less people on your side to support you this time.

If someone says "how can you feel comfortable associating with the Nation of Islam?" in your opposition to vaccines then your response should be:

"how can you associate with the likes of Hitler and ISIS in your support of vaccines? Many people have views that I find objectionable whilst holding views that I agree with and I assume it is the same for you. Or are you seriously saying that those people who share your views are in 100 per cent agreement on *every* issue? That seems like a remarkable claim to me."

We don't all have to agree with each on everything - we don't even have to all agree on every aspect of the vaccination issue. Some of us believe they work but are not sufficiently safe. Some say they are generally ineffective. Some (like myself) say that not only do they not work but they cannot work because they don't even answer the right question. However, regardless of where you stand it is dangerous folly to use an argument that legitimises those arguments of our enemies who don't believe we should have a choice.

Angus Files

Jenny you assume, what you want but the fact is the JCVI give all the vaccine advice to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England and are answerable to, Westminster nothing has changed same old, same old for decades. I am against Named Persons and it bears no resemblance to SB277 what a cheap manoeuvre to compare them as the same.

Religion is dead.
Anti-Gay is dead.
Anti- Black is dead.
Anti-Jew is dead.
Anti-Muslim is dead.
Anti-English is dead
Anti-Scotland is dead
Anti-vaccine is dead
Until you change your beliefs, in the UK Government , you cannot move forward .That is all Mr Kennedy has done here moved and changed the same old, status quo established brain washing trick of divide and rule, black against white etc.
Thank you Dan for your creativeness as a writer to highlight the mind-set of the evil power that corrupts the world and most do not even know they are fuelling it..



"The fatal error in that logic is that the Dark Side will use their kookiness to smear us, ruthlessly."

Indeed Jonathan. The effectiveness though in smearing the messenger is limited by the message and the audience. For instance, a group attuned to their subjugation and oppression will likely not so easily dismiss a message about their subjugation and oppression, no matter how much the messenger is smeared.

Again, analyzing tactics, if I were of the Dark Side I wouldn’t be as concerned with a bunch of privileged white folks protesting sb277 and demanding respect for their rights. I wouldn’t even be so scared about their threats of lawsuits. In the same way I can buy legislatures, I can also buy judges. Hordes of angry black people, many with nothing to lose, taking to the streets and protesting the poisoning of their kids is a different matter. These things can often prove to be extremely flammable, and have a way of quickly spiraling out of control.

My ‘vaccine sceptics’ friends, I encourage you to continue to play your best hand. Yes, let’s stand against racism, feminism, homophobia, ageism, and vaccine violence. We will denounce your racism, feminism, homophobia, ageism and so on. Should you, however, speak up against vaccine violence, we will not only encourage you, but we will also provide you a platform.


"Does anyone here seriously think that Robert Kennedy Jr. didn't try to get the message to Sharpton or Jackson or other black leaders?"

If memory serves, Cynthia McKinney tried waking up African Americans re the Thompson whistle-blower issue...no takers. Where were Sharpton and Jackson, then? Has anyone heard one peep, one utterance from either one of these two re the MMR issue/male black children, issue? I haven't....

When I read your article this morning (first thing I did today), I was taken a little aback. I viewed most of that Emergency Town Hall meeting via livestream and although I'm not one of your Facebook 'friends,' I WAS THRILLED WITH WHAT I SAW THAT EVENING.

Why? Because I saw white folks and black folks sitting there together, discussing something that affects ALL OF US. So on this one issue, just perhaps we can all lay aside our differences and use this one common issue we all agree on, to fight back together.

Just perhaps, when working with one another on this issue, we may be able to close down some of those barriers that still divide us. It's been done before and it can be done yet again.

I have never, ever seen this type of attention devoted to the immunization issue since 1993, when we witnessed our son's horrific vaccine reactions. I am ONLY JUST NOW beginning to understand how chipping slowly away to the masses with our voices has actually helped our cause. That mountain's hard to move, but inch by steadfast inch, it keeps getting moved until finally! WHAM. The paradigm is truly beginning to shift!

This is amazing! to me. I've been active in the pro-choice movement for a very long time, now. I have been so disheartened with the level of deceipt and downright criminal behavior all across the board with this issue.

It's downright evil.

So, to ME, to see this sort of willingness on both sides of the camp (black/white and everything in between), IS A GOOD THING. No one is perfect in this camp, Dan, least of all me. I used to quibble about someone not saying the right thing about some of the issues with vaccines; nothing was ever done in just the way I wanted to hear it said or being done, but I've learned that perfection isn't a part of this equation.

What I witnessed during that livestream the other evening, was fantastic. TERRIFIC questions were being asked by several black members in that crowd.

THEIR babies are being impacted, too, Dan. Should they not be apprised of the issues with this?

No. That's never been the answer before, and it isn't the answer NOW.

Short of walking with the Devil herself, I'll march with the NOI in Atlanta come October if I can. For this cause...

For the first time in 20 years, I actually feel we're making some progress here.

And I know this is only the beginning; others around the globe are truly waking up re the horrors behind this vaccine program.

It's finally happening...


There were probably those in the rallies against sb277 who were racist. But their support is accepted as long as it isn't part of the agenda. He has raised a much needed awareness of vaccine injury that other black groups have not, for whatever reasons.
But I thank you for raising my awareness about the noi stance.

Sean Burke

All I can say is, my experience dealing with NOI at the town hall was very positive. They were very kind, warm and hospitable. Tony Muhammad seems to be a uniter and not a divider and is a powerful voice for good in that community.

Jenny Allan

"Simply all I am saying is If you take, unionism, another divisive tool away from your argument, we don’t have much to disagree about."

Without talking referendum politics Angus, (although there's no escaping politics with vaccine issues), the 'named person' initiative was entirely instigated by the Scottish National Party and will only apply to children resident in Scotland. It will NOT apply in England Wales or Northern Ireland, where child vaccines were and are voluntary, (as is presently the case in Scotland). I am assuming the 'must' on the checklist will effectively make child vaccines, ALL recommended vaccines, virtually mandatory in Scotland. This legislation is far more invasive and sinister than California's SB277, and we should all unite to fight it in Scotland, regardless of our political persuasions.

As for Westminster historical vaccine policies, My family has been campaigning against the MMR vaccine, since the mid 1990s (pre Wakefield). Scotland's health departments have been devolved since devolution. It's no use blaming Westminster!!

As for the REAL subject of this thread. I was very impressed by the speech made by Tony Muhammed against CA SB277. This was definitely an evangelist speech with religious fervor, and why not? It was passionate and hard hitting. In fact just what we need to get our vaccine concerns message over.


The tactics of control of divide and conquer (Blck vs. white, straight vs. gay, pro-vax vs. anti-vax etc. ) as well as smoke and mirrors (look over here, not there) are as old as the hills but sadly still effective among those asleep. Was the Charleston killer mind-controlled to set off a race riot or perhaps focus Black attention away from NOI revelations about CDC eugenics via vaccines which I understand is spreading like wildfire amongst the Black community?


Well, look at it this way: it is not really our choice what the Nation of Islam does or does not do.
Now is it?
They have seen with the same clarity just as we have, about the corruption coming out of the CDC and the pharma's heaped up mountains of gold from the sell of vaccines and freedom from lawsuits.

And some times - just some times these organizations do become more centralized.

For example the Mormons were let us face it, out of their gourd following after a guy that claimed he had an angel show him were some ancient Bible was written by the Native Americans was hidden. It was okay to marry a bunch of women - not just one.

And then at one time I am sure my own ancestors that came over on the Mayflower or at least followed close behind were considered a bunch of zealot religious nuts.

I don't know. But This Nation of Islam does put the fear of God in some of these politicians.


Does anyone here seriously think that Robert Kennedy Jr. didn't try to get the message to Sharpton or Jackson or other black leaders?

Autism Dad in PA

While I don't like or support anything the Nation of Islam pushes, I would rather their voice be speaking out against SB277, than for it. And if they can get the African American community to become vocal on mandatory vaccines..... all the better.

That said, I will never attend one of their meetings or rallies, even if they are in Sacremento, Ca.

Donna K

I support Bob Moffit's comment and think this particular point bears repeating:

"I prefer to believe we had a humanitarian .. moral duty .. to inform the Nation of Islam of the inhuman threat to "BLACK MALE INFANTS" .. whether or not those infants were born of NOI parents."


Scientology? Louis Farrakhan? I was just thinking the other day that at least I didn't have to hear about that creep anymore.

What a story to wake up to.

Angus Files

Sorry Jenny also ,no hard feelings .This article is about more than my kids, more than Religion ,more than Unionism, more than the SNP its bigger… its simply about the divisive strategies used by corrupt people , to satisfy human greed.

Simply all I am saying is If you take, unionism, another divisive tool away from your argument, we don’t have much to disagree about. I to agree with you and your listed links from NO2P.
I take the view The Named Person , is no more than has been listed over the years by consecutive bought Government’s .The dictate concerning,breast feeding,kids behaviors ,vaccination schedules ,psycho drugs , the dictate has been in place for decades.
It’s a very sad day because I grew up believing in Government’s and the Health Care system my ancestors have fought in every war for the sake of the Brittish Isles(my fathers English and supported the SNP all his married life) .So much so that where I come from the Highlands of Scotland ,I was taught at Primary School that it was the first comprehensive health care system in the world based on the 1912 Dewar Report into Medical and Nursing Attendance in the Highlands of Scotland. I to once believed in Unionism the monarchy the vaccine schedule, etc but I am awake now.
I wouldn’t fart in a space suit for the leaders of this country just now.
There is a paper called Practice Briefing 1. which describes the roll ://www.gov.scot/Resource/Doc/1141/0109328.pdf

The Social Work has been able to for decades,to walk into your children’s house and remove your grand children nothing new . As a matter of fact recently I have been on Radio Scotland twice defending NO2P, have you? Plus a radio blog for Sallie Elkordy.
So far as my kids are concerned of course it inflicts a problem on them caused by the Scottish Government ,if you wish to see it like that,but it hasn't just arrived its been in place for decades.To be frank, it doesn’t matter who you get in power the money is just to big from Pharma to do anything about it just now,and that's a world wide problem .
All I do know is that ALL , the political parties have been in power and done nothing, to help the Autism Vaccine Campaign .Nothing can be any worse than what we have had ..oh! and Donald Trump is running for President ,The Donald is also a big SNP fan,I can see things coming together a bit ,if I screw my eyes really tightly and have FAITH not in God not in Unionism not in Religion not in ANYTHING but mankind.

You obviously want more of the same,same old ... here you are Jenny Westminster Hall this year discussing vaccine damage from London..it could have been on another planet.


Freedom Aye

for Jenny

Yes Jenny Allen to all that you said. Scotland is in the grip of some bizarre liberal agenda and God, individual freedoms are out. Your example of the court appointed child advocate is a frightening example. Their brand of group think is all that seems allowed!



White upper middle class people have been trying to protect kids from vaccine injury for years. And no one has been listening.
Maybe other voices are needed too.
As a white woman, would I go to his rally? Nope.

But do I love the fact that he is telling people in a way they can hear about vaccine injury?
Oh yes.
Maybe autism rates will drop in the African American community because of him. And those babies deserve an advocate.
Most of us have a legacy that is a mixture of good and bad.
Just mo, but in terms of balancing the ledger, if a racist also takes advantage of his popularity to save innocent childrens lives, isn't that a good thing?

Medical freedom is everyone's issue. Period. No apologies

That's just what the "Science"bloggers and industry creeps want you to do. Shut up and worry about being politically correct. If we were on the Titanic (and there were enough life jackets) should we worry about not giving any to certain people??? Don't fall into that trap.

Jonathan Rose

This is a profoundly troubling moral dilemma. It's one thing to allow Tony Muhammad to speak at one of our rallies, as long as he sticks to the subject of vaccines: if he starts spewing hatred against some group, we can (and should) kick him off the platform. But it's quite another thing for us to join one of Farakkhan's rallies. That's a very serious ethical and tactical error. Dan, everything you've said about the NOI is true, and needed to be said.

RFK Jr. has done wonderful and courageous things for our movement, but he is also recklessly exposing himself to enemy fire. You can be absolutely certain that the pharma PR flaks will exploit any association with Farakkhan for all it's worth. A biography of RFK Jr. is due out in September, and looks like a hatchet job. Even if it doesn't mention the Farakkhan episode, the reviewers surely will.

Yes, when all the "respectable" politicians and journalists have been bought off or silenced, there's a powerful temptation to seek help from marginal characters. We tell ourselves "They may be kooks, but they're our kooks". The fatal error in that logic is that the Dark Side will use their kookiness to smear us, ruthlessly. The Civil Rights movement in the 1950s had to be very careful about associating with Communists, and for the same reason, we have to draw lines somewhere.

Medical freedom is everyone's issue. Period. No apologies

All groups need to hear about what is happening to our children and that definitely means African Americans. We can't worry too much about particulars. ALL are affected by this issue. Getting awareness out doesn't mean condoning every aspect of groups. Keep it simple. We are fighting for medical truth and freedom, period.

David Taylor


I respect your position but encourage you to reconsider it:

1. RFK,Jr., our generation's UR-liberal, sought out Louis Farrakhan for humanitarian reasons. RFK's signal is clearly that joining forces on this issue is an important move, morally and strategically.

2. To date, the speeches and public statements of Tony Mohammed have focused on the CDC Whistleblower issue as it affects black infants, not the issues that concern you in your piece.

3. A focus on the CDC Whistleblower and the race-specific crime that Thompson reports has the potential to reveal the same kind of inhumane, experimental treatment of poor and vulnerable populations currently going on in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Europe and Scandanavia are rejecting vaccines. BigPharma is hungry for fresh meat.

4. Donald Trump so far has been the only candidate from either party who has listened to our side, given it public support, and even warned Americans about the questionable tobacco science of the CDC. I and others have supported Trump whenever he has spoken out about mandatory vaccines, but not his position on moon landings or birth certificates. Can we not have the same selectively when it comes to the NOI?

America itself was founded by white, elitist, slave-owning misogynists. Louis Farrakhan is an 80+ year old man who has done great good for black Americans but also has espoused some repellent beliefs. His sun has almost set. We are working with the new leadership. Let's keep an open mind to upgrading our collective database on the NOI and the important work some of those leaders are doing to address an obvious crime done to black children.

Finally, thank you for bringing the NOI's history into this discussion. It forces us to review this partnership, its pros and cons, and to go forward with it with more clarity.


We are in a desperate situation here in California. I have been an activist for many years in local politics and it's such a strange phenomena that thousands can show up to testify against a bill, and it has about as much impact as no one showing up. Thousands can write letters and call representative and get only curt responses or a form letters in return. Something truly strange is happening here that does not resemble politics as usual. Tony Mohammed may represent a questionable organization. I really do not know much about the Nation of Islam, but I agree with Greg that this is a war and we have to find allies where we can. The government we elected has turned against us. We have to end the Black/white divide to win this. We have to get William Thompson in front of Congress. I hope and pray that this alliance is based on genuine care for children. Generally, though, I have to say that I do believe Muslims are maligned unfairly in the press, and given that those of us who are against mass vaccination programs are also maligned by the press I don't automatically believe what the press says about the Nation of Islam.

Jenny Allan

"Scotland my home ,is a class example when people put religion aside they come together."

Sorry to disagree Angus, but Scotland is presently run by pro secular anti monarchists. Those religious groups, (and individuals), who disagree with the SNP dictats are ruthlessly disregarded or reviled.

Scotland has never been so divided. The latest SNP wheeze is a proposed 'named person for every child' to make sure the parents are bringing up their children, from newborn -19 years, within an SNP devised protocol, as seen on the following checklist. Whatever happened to parental rights and privacy laws, never mind common sense!! 16 year olds in Scotland can marry and have children of their own. They can join the armed forces and be sent to combat duties. The SNP wants them to be able to vote in elections, so why the NANNY? My teenage grandson says ‘it sucks’!! If implemented next year, this legislation will apply to him.
Just 4 out of 34 ‘commandments’ all beginning with MUST:-

“MUST be breastfed during the first 6-8 weeks of life
MUST have immunisations completed by relevant ages
MUST meet or exceed appropriate levels of attainment across the curriculum
MUST not be considered by staff to be disruptive.”

This applies to YOUR kids too Angus. There’s NO allowances for special needs children, including autism. Expect to be blamed for any child’s challenging behaviour or learning difficulties.

Teresa Conrick


That initial video of support done by Tony Muhammad was electrifying in that it was what many wanted -- an adrenaline rush to the autism epidemic. Unfortunately after the fireworks cleared, the reality crept in that the messages and meanings behind the scenes could be more harmful than helpful. You describe it well and it's concerning.

Maurine Meleck

Kennedy has crossed the most slippery slope. The thing is that he is his own man and he's going to do what he wants no matter the positive or negative consequences. While support from the black community has increased for all our vaccine injured children, we will no doubt see a backlash from those who disagree with Kennedy's choices. Sure wish I had all he answers to this dilemma....


Dan, I hear what you are saying about unholy alliances, but I must remind you that the vaccine-war is truly a war and sometimes (actually often) in war unholy alliances must be forged. With the whistleblower affair what I feel is the most outrageous and heinous aspect of it all is not so much that the CDC covered up the link between autism and MMR in black boys for over a decade, but now that the truth is out nothing is still getting done about it. Where is Reggie Jackson or Al Sharpton to stand up for these black boys? Where is the NAACP? If allying with Satan himself will save our kids, I say let’s go for it. And does the other side ever display any misgivings in fighting dirty. They lie, they misinform they slander us… We are not allowed to have our opinions heard under the ruse that that would provide false balance. They violate our most basic human rights such as our right to informed consent, and they do so in the most under-handed ways. Isn’t the SacBee now reporting that pharma bought Pan and the Democratic Party in advancing sb-277? Seriously Dan, when did the other side ever fight nice? If the NOI threat of a million angry black men taking to the streets, and especially given the climate with the SC shooting and the other race relations issues will slow them down, then so be it. Again, it’s about saving our KIDS, and in this case the ends truly justify the means.

Louis Conte

There is no denying the history.

However, we have a situation here where the reality of the heightened risk of vaccine injury is being denied and censored by the main stream media to such a degree that creative and extraordinary steps must be taken to get information out.

There is a long history of inflicting real harm on people of color in the name of public health. The Thompson revelations are just the latest chapter. What is unique with vaccines and autism is that the harm is not limited to the African American community and data was manipulated to keep the reality of vaccine injury from the entire country.

And yes, specifically from 5,000 petitioners in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings.

The word "scandal" doesn't adequately convey the scope of what has been perpetrated against the world's children. The autism epidemic is the result of the corporate take over of democracy. It is a crime against humanity.

Something must be done because these actors will keep doing what they are doing until they dragged off to prison.

So, like Roosevelt and Churchill in WW II, we are left with difficult choices in confronting it.

Anna Quandt

I completely agree with you Dan.


In past history, all sides united in the case of a war against a common enemy, as we did in WW2. In the end we are all people, and I do not see the Catholics standing up boldly, or any other religious leaders worried about what vaccines are doing to our children, they're all wimped out, and are seemingly OK with human DNA in our vaccines, certainly not a group that will be taking a stand for our cause.

TannersDad Tim

Dan you make very valid points. I have made deals with small "d" Devils in the past and got burned. Truth is I am out of gas. I have appealed through every method I know possible to everybody. I guess I use the lesser of two evils strategy. When our main stream media, medical system, political system and faith based systems ignore the poisoning of children, you do go with what you get. I pray my actions can bring together an evolution revolution to a better state. The leaders I have interacted with have added our cause to the platform appeal of the next million Man march with our community invited to be represented. Yes it is a bumpy ride but Dan, I am so tired. Let us fight our one battle here and now and save some children. Just my two cents TannersDad Tim

John Gilmore

I teach at an art college where the majority of the students are from the five boros of New York City, about 40% or more are African-American. The day after Tony Muhammad spoke at an anti-SB277 rally in California I had two students independently let me know that they had heard that the Nation of Islam was talking about vaccine injury "just like you talk about Mr. Gilmore." That was a lesson for me in the reach of NOI. And when the Southern Poverty Law Center expresses the slightest concern for vaccine-injured people or the autism epidemic maybe I will pay attention to their opinions, but certainly not until then.


Thanks, Dan. I didn't remember the history. But as Bob and John point out, they have a right to know and we have a responsibility to tell all people, whether they like us or not, and whether or not we agree with their philosophy. Sometimes being united against a common enemy changes hearts and minds. Let's hope so.


Since the beginning of time; stuff like this happens. You have a good cause - with good people fighting it -cause they want rights, freedom-common sense, and order, and instead they get guillotines, a Napoleon, a Stalin, an Ayatollah, gas chambers, and Nazis.

This is a real danger when people inside the government gets stubborn about any position -esp one as important as children's health. Right now people inside our government thinks this sort of stuff cannot happen - well I will give President Obama credit when he warned everyone it could. You just don't get so corrupt, that you just flaunt it in broad open daylight and assume that it was always done this way and you are just really cleaver. The people that in the past worked for the federal and state governments understood this and it was important for them to always keep the trust of people. AND NOW LOOK AT US --- Yeah; I too thought --- that I would never find myself on the same side or in agreement with this group; and yet here we are. There is a real danger to all of this and don't think there is not.

You cannot keep these groups dampened down they will take over cause ti apparently is their nature.

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