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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Deviants United -- and Fighting Back!

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Medical authorities, as you may have noticed, don’t like to be challenged. The fact that they have been so wrong, so often, so long and so recently does not in the least change their view of the matter. They are angry you would even bring it up! They may have advertised the throat-soothing properties of filter cigarettes, bled patients dry (probably killing the father of our country) and pushed stupid stuff from Viagra to thalidomide to the first deadly rotavirus vaccine because their phrat brothers told them to. But no matter. This time, and forever after, they are exactly, completely, unchallengeably, unconflictedly right.

 As Mark Blaxill and I pointed out in our book The Age of Autism, this long history of bad medicine is blithely subsumed -- submerged and suppressed might be better words -- under the medical “march of progress” – as in, OK, getting syphilis patients to drink mercuric chloride may have been misguided, but it was the best practice at the time (even if it did cause the worst form of the disease, general paralysis of the insane, but let’s not dwell on that), and after a few hundred years of that they accidentally came across penicillin, which did cure it, so why are we even bringing this up? And Freud was wrong about hysteria, which got psychiatry off to a catastrophic start (hysteria was actually caused by mercury poisoning), but now the "experts" really do understand the human psyche, so get off their case already! Take two Seroquel and don’t call us in the morning.

 I’m bringing this up because realizing how badly and self-righteously medicine has behaved ought to make parents far more cautious than most of them are (although the numbers are growing) about the proven, study-after-study-vouched-for-safety ofWeekly wrap 6 12 the current vaccination schedule. This is not just "presentism" -- judging history by the impossibly high standard of what we have learned since then. The medical establishment really messed up with impunity for most of its long history and a lot of people suffered and died for it. Until at least germ theory came along, people would have been much better off with homeopathy, whether it worked or not, because at least it did no harm.

This month my mind is on a very topical example of medical arrogance and iatrogenic harm, the idea that homosexuals were sick, needed to be treated, condemned or just locked away in jail (or, in Iran, killed, and in Russia, bullied and beaten). June is gay pride month, timed to the Stonewall riots that triggered the gay rights movement. And this month may be the most historic and decisive ever, as the Supreme Court rules on gay marriage rights.

 We’ve come a long way, baby. Just this week the New York Times – where medical “experts” still reign on all things vaccination – looked back at its own often-sordid history of treating homosexuality as an evil disease. The headline from 1964 (when I turned 12): “Homosexuals Proud of Deviancy, Medical Academy Study Finds.” It would be a medical academy, wouldn't it? And it would be The Times, wouldn't it!

 As David W. Dunlop wrote this week: “There it was, to shock anyone whose eye fell on the front page of The Times: news that homosexuals had ‘gone beyond the plane of defensiveness and now argue that their deviancy is ‘a desirable, noble, preferable way of life.’ ” According to the original article, medicine was not going to let the homosexuals get away with having a decent life:

 “The report is the first recognized study of homosexuality by a recognized organization representing all branches of medicine, a spokesman for the committee said” – the Committee on Public Health of the New York Academy of Medicine. Homosexuality, the story went on, “is an ‘illness’ that can be treated ‘in some cases’ but is more easily dealt with by early preventative measures, the report concludes.” Maybe a vaccine? 

It’s amazing how this “first recognized study" by a "recognized organization" to which "all branches of medicine" lent their reputations, reported obsequiously in The Times, was in a few short years inoperative, to use the Watergate term. By 1973 psychiatrists removed it as a disorder from the DSM of its day. Just nine years later! Of course, in the meantime the deviants had stood up and given as good as they got in the Stonewall riots of 1969.

Fellow AOA editor Dan Burns and I discussed this topic of modern medicine as a public health menace to both healthy sexuality and healthy kids in a 2010 Dallas newspaper blog interview (the whole blogging platform has since been taken down): 

 “BURNS: How does your perspective as a gay man contribute to your work?

 “OLMSTED: Psychiatry has caused great harm to gay people by its view, held for decades, that homosexuality was an illness and needed to be treated, overcome, or changed. It was clear to me from personal experience that that’s a mistaken idea. So I knew that psychiatry and medicine could be both fundamentally wrong and arrogantly sure of themselves at the same time. 

 “Another thing is that the majority opinion can be wrong, too. For a long time in this country gay people were ostracized and seen to be unfit for everything from government work to the military to having families. That’s changed; it is changing; it needs to change more. But I know for a fact that experts and consensus can be horribly mistaken on issues that are very important to all of us, so I have no trouble believing that they could be wrong about what’s causing autism too.”

 Not long afterwards, I was at a dinner and sat next to Frank Kameny, a real hero of the gay rights movement who was fired from the federal government in the 1950s as a security risk (he was an astronomer and a World War II vet, for crying out loud!). I mentioned how awful such coverage must have been to endure. I had in mind in particular a piece Mike Wallace had done at CBS around the same time with many of the same disease/disorder/deviant tropes. 

 “The average homosexual, if there be such, is promiscuous,” Wallace states in the 1967 report. “He is not interested in nor capable of a lasting relationship like that of a heterosexual marriage. [Editor’s note: I’ve been together with my partner 29 years next month and married since the Supreme Court threw out DOMA two years ago. Talk about the last laugh -- as Nelson would say on The Simpsons: HA-ha!]  “His sex life, his love life, consists of a series of chance encounters at the clubs and bars he inhabits, and even the streets of the city – the quick one night stand. These are characteristic of the homosexual relationship.”

To my surprise, Frank wasn’t bitter about it. He was, in fact, grateful. “That was the best publicity we could ever have,” Frank told me. “People were talking about us.” (I took the photo above, with an early protest sign, at his memorial service.)

 I hate to tell you this, fellow vaccine safety advocates (or maybe I don't), but we are the deviants of our day. Medical experts pity us on the one hand for our ignorance in deviating from medical orthodoxy and warn against our agenda on the other – infecting others with our sick beliefs. There’s even the battle over what the medical types call nosology – what is the name of this “disorder”? They’ve settled on anti-vaccine, which is to say, deviant. 

 But more and more, people are standing up.

 This brings me to Ginger Taylor’s wonderful piece. “Thank You, Dr. Richard Pan and Friends of SB 277," the bill passed in the California Assembly Health Committee this week that restricts parents' rights to seek vaccine exemptions for their children. The gist is the same as what Frank Kameny said to me. Ginger writes:

 “For years and even decades a small group of us have been slaving away, day after day, to get the word out that the vaccine program is now a huge problem and that our kids have been victims of ‘the greater good.’ For years we have been calling out from the bottom of the large chasm that we have fallen into for others not to come this way, to stay of the dangerous path that we didn't know better than to follow. But it has been hard work as we have so few resources and become so removed from the mainstream because of our children's vaccine injuries, so only those very close to us could hear our cries.

 “But this year, you [Dr. Pan and other SB 277 backers] came through for us. Not since Evan McCarthy and Hannah Poling have we had such a huge advancement in our work and progress in getting out our message. Because you have made such boldly corrupt moves, and told such bold face lies, and made the most absurd arguments, we now have families in all parts of the American experience coming out of the woodwork to join us! And they have megaphones that we didn't have! …

 “And today I just heard a mom with a perfectly healthy child tell the California Legislature, with a big loud megaphone, in front of at least a thousand other moms, ‘We are awake now, and we are never going back.’

 “And I cried.”

 The issues in every movement for social change are different, and I’m not equating the fight for gay rights and vaccine safety advocacy, just noting that both have had to battle the overweening arrogance of medical orthodoxy, stand up for themselves, and tell the truth.  And that after a lot of abuse and  torrents of orthodoxy spewed by smug idiots, the tide can turn quickly. Pan and his pals in the medical industry around the country, and indeed the world, may be provoking the Stonewall moment of vaccine injury denialism. 


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



david m burd

I can't think of anything remotely as disastrous as the Vaccine Holocaust that is ongoing, with its horrible consequences, every day, to our families and any future American Culture.

I don't think this Medically Induced Vaccine Catastrophe is comparable to other "social and sexual" facets (and assorted controversies) that in their own ways are always with us.

I hope we can stay focused on the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: The protection and health of our children.


Dan, I hope you are right that our turn will come soon and congratulations on 29 years. As for "deviants uniting," however, at this point the current pushing of the "one world, corporate, uniform culture" is very pro-gay/homosexual (media very sympathetic in this regard) and not one iota tolerant toward vaccine questioners. As Joe said (and I struggle with this) the good for business bottom line is their motivation. Sadly, I'm not sure it has anything to do with increased tolerance. It actually breaks my heart to say that, too.

Joe Sulaco

Aldous Huxley in Brave New World:

"As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.

We have less and less political freedom. The CDC won't listen to us. The major media lie to us. The scientists attack and ridicule us. We are taxed to death and not allowed to accumulate wealth.

But hey, homosexual marriage, transgender marriage,(Caitlyn WILL marry!) and threesome marriages are GREAAAAAT! Soon, you will see a straight woman, a bisexual man, and a gay man who is the woman's BGFF (best gay friend forever) demand marriage because they LOVE one another and who's just bigoted enough to try to stop them?

The agenda has been the key to distract us from the REAL power dynamic, namely, that we no longer have ANY economic or political power.

Huxley, you were right all along.

Let's focus on the vaccine fight people, before this movement splinters into a thousand pieces.

Jan R

There are similarities with probably many points in time. Today I was listening to music with my 29 year vaccine damaged son who has Autism. Neil Young came on singing "Ohio". I was immediately struck by how closely the lyrics seem to mirror what is happening now. Substitute the words "Tin soldiers" for "Big pharma" and "new laws" for "Nixon"... maybe I'm nuts but it's eerie.

What I do know is...

I'm not sure about the analogies but what I do know is that the "Science" crowd that almost bizarrely embraced both the gay and neurodiverse groups. Now I have absolutely no prejudice toward these groups but I can see that they have been absolutely 'courted' by the industries and it seems to be strategic.


I too was thinking that Betty!

Betty Bona

I see the similarities in the political aspects of the gay movement and the vaccine choice movement, but in other ways, the gay movement aligns better with the neurodiverse segment of the autism population -- the group that claims that autism is just a different way of being that has always been around and should be accepted now. I sometimes think the neurodiverse community is missing an opportunity when it fails to make that analogy.



This is a very short article that is wondering about the number of people that are homosexual. The author tells a brief history of why everyone thinks it is 1 out of 10 -- and even ended up with the public thinking it might be as high as 1 out of 4 now - but from the official study of stats they are claiming it is around 1% of the population. Well which is it!

Again like all this immune stuff - more boys have heart disease from Kawasaki disease, more boys have autism, - well there are more males that are homosexuals than females.

That said 1 % - of the population - yes for Britain but lets us say - it is similar over here in the United States --If it is only 1 % of the population that are homosexuals -- then how come I know so many?


And if you really want to go down the rabbit hole - This is how my mind has begun to think when my government, my professors, my doctors, my children's doctors can no longer be trusted--

The AIDS virus affects the immune system. Hep Bs were given first to homosexual men- and some have said that the AIDS in America - not Africa - came through the Hep B - Was some one wanted to know what would happen to this group if an inflamed immune system was turned off by a virus?

Remember you got some crazy mad scientist - probably from taking his own anthrax vaccine- working for the government - working with weaponized anthrax; releasing anthrax upon the United States right after 911. Anything is possible - nothing is no longer off the table.


Mary Davenport: I see where you are coming from - I do. But you know we have had a since the 1930s a bunch of pretty serious vaccines. And what has been their effect on the population?

Brain injuries, and immune dysfunctions -- what does that mean on a society?

Does the CDC know if homosexuality has gone up in our society?
I mean they are suppose to collect data and do stats on the health trends of the United States?
or are they saying there is no way to tell since it is now considered okay to come out of the closet.
Which by the way if you are a school teacher you know it is pretty hard to hide for some, and then can you change a full grown adult's sexual preferences in the middle of their lives; after marriage and children? Perhaps that is like regression in autism.

So this is like autism in - it does not really increase it is just better diagnosis; only it has become okay to come out of the closet.
Neither one has a blood test or lab test for their condition - unlike celiacs where again they tried to claim it has not really increased, just more aware.

Except there was blood stored from servicemen all the way back to WWII and we know there has been an increase -- and there is more -- there is a new something all together called gluten sensitivity.

Look at Barbara J's short little link?

For Mary Davenport


If analogies were perfect they wouldn't be analogies. It is an interesting analogy, perhaps, because of the strengths of the prejudices and the lack of sound basis. People think vaccines are an argument about science (about fundamental truth) when actually it is about half-baked ideology and false social belief. Increasingly it is about the social exclusion of dissenters.

Mary Davenport

I don't think a discussion of homosexuality helps a movement for vaccine choice. Tobacco science, Semnelweiss, bacteria as a cause of ulcers are good, analogous examples. Putting homosexuality into the mix when so much of behavioral science is poorly understood confuses the issue. What is your priority? Vaccines? Or do you want to put climate change, abortion, marriage equality and other divisive and basically unrelated topics into wn autism discussion? This is a mistake.

Joe Sulaco

Dan, if you'll permit me, I'd have you consider that the present "consumer choice" of sexuality (see the latest version with Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner) is a perfect example of the very corporate hegemony you are fighting with vaccines.

Did you ever wonder why all the MAJOR corporations support homosexuality? I went to the ATM at Citibank the other day and was greeted with a rainbow ATM display asking me to donate for Pride Week. Yessiree.

You see, the very mega-corporations you are dedicating your life to fight, are pushing the same gay/homosexual/LGBTQ you are. Why? Because it's GOOD for business. Break everyone down into obedient little consumers, living the materialistic lifestyle, and we don't care WHO you sleep with. The idea is to rid the world of local culture, local families, local neighborhoods, and local power.

In their stead, you're gonna get corporate culture, one-world culture, and uniform culture. Homosexuals don't constitute diversity, they constitute UNIFORMITY more than anyone else. They're perfectly corporate. They give "diversity training" in corporations, and if you don't comply, believe me, you're gonna be shown the door. Some tolerance.

The very INTOLERANCE to different moral viewpoints shown by the fascist homosexual agenda, is the EXACT indifference shown to you by the CDC.

Consider this viewpoint. The world is becoming less tolerant as we speak, and the homosexual agenda (bank-rolled by corporations you despise) is tip of the spear, my friend.


Jenny, you make some really great points. One has to wonder how all this most vaccinated generation is experiencing changes (and this may be reflected in the study). The study really doesn't answer a damned thing and as such is more waste of monies. I actually really entertained the thought of the genetic explanation for a moment and then it hit me again. Why is Gods name would the studies be so badly done if vaccines weren't implicated. You just can't explain that away. Also, what about regressive autism? Why are typical children sliding down at certain points?


And the young new parents with kids with autism were more vaccinated themselves, creating the next highly susceptible generation.

I haven't read the nature article yet, but I wonder how old are the kids of the younger parents? Did the researchers gather the age of the kids, or just the parents. If they got the kid info, were the kids 8 years old, like the CDC tracking, to make sure they caught all the diagnoses, or did they include younger ones, too? I wonder if a more current rate of autism could be extrapolated from their info.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you so much for writing this, Dan. Yeah, we are now labeled not just as crazy zealots, but as deviant. When you label any human with that label, the underlying message is "deviant is not human, so deviant has no human rights." You are a hero. Thank you.


Greg, I think one of the main issues here is, whose children are most likely to attend every recommended well-baby visit and get their shots on time?

The babies of older parents. who have stable jobs, health insurance, cars, carseats, etc. Older moms have saved up sick leave or have advanced to jobs that actually have maternity leave. Older dads have advanced to jobs that offer health insurance, and a salary high enough to allow their wives to stay home with the baby.


You've hit the nail on the head with this comment.


Great article Dan, thank you. A while ago, I came to decide that social approval doesn't mean much if you can't sleep well at night. Freethinkers versus people who are too scared of social disapproval(often for good reason) to say what they really think, or to dare to question the prevailing norms.
Congratulations on your marriage!

beth johnson

Count me as another former fan of Stephanie Miller. After bashing our family and friends, the vaccine injury crowd, she just isn't funny to me anymore. I am no longer getting Steph-casts.

Jeannette Bishop

I've finally managed to listen to the speech Ginger referenced:


The announcement in February of this legislation was hitting a person who had not much to take it with, but an impression from the same source that tried to warn me not to vaccinate my second child said they've made a big mistake.

So, I'm optimistic, in an exhausted sort of way ...


“His sex life, his love life, consists of a series of chance encounters at the clubs and bars he inhabits, and even the streets of the city – the quick one night stand."

I had to chuckle a bit;that pretty much describes quite a few hetero males at college.

Defiant deviant

Thank you for processing your lived experience in a way that geared you to stand up for others. And thank you for reclaiming the gay rights analogy which, up to this point, has often (and strangely) been wielded against the vaccine safety movement.

I'll never forget seeing a couple of well known industry trolls scheming on how they were going to equate consumer safety advocates to gay-reprogramming proponents in the media in order to cast the movement as backwards, anti-humanitarian, etc., etc. That's when I began to read about "rhetoric of inversion" PR tactics used against the civil rights movement in which proponents of racial equality were somehow equated with fascists and racists. The absurd role reversal-- the racists calling their racial targets racist-- seems to be a traditional favorite.

The analogy is painfully apt especially now because of all the threats that many recovery-minded families face-- from being reported to child services for "medical abuse" or for employing the gluten free diet or refusing shots to being sanctioned for fighting for services in school or being castigated in the press. There's this sense of being chased into a closet, making the people speaking out in hearings across the country that much more brave.

Being a deviant ain't so bad-- the company is stellar.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Dan, thank you for this discussion of medical authority, and the many examples of harm that have been perpetrated. The link Greg provided, brings up an article with 20+ authors that is beyond ridiculous. How does parental age affect the brain? I will continue to try to point out (yell and scream) that the brain must be the focus of all research on autism.

Autism has many well-known causes, prenatal exposures, birth injury, toxic metabolites from genetic defects. How toxic substances and asphyxia affect the brain should be better understood by people with medical education. The evidence is in the medical literature: WF Windle (1969), RE Myers (1972), L Sokoloff (1981).

Research on how vaccines affect the brain must be demanded. The effects of mercury have long been in the medical literature. More research on subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) from measles virus should be requested as a new priority.

Over the past 30+ years the decline in medical education is appalling. Until the mid 1980s obstetric textbooks taught that the umbilical cord should not be severed until the newborn is breathing, until the fetal valves (to the placenta) have closed. But older textbooks are no longer on the shelves in libraries. They have to be ordered from storage depositories, but how many self-assured experts want to go to that much trouble.


A correction -- SB277 was passed by the CA Assembly Health Committee but it has not yet been voted on by the full Assembly.

Great article though and thank you for all that you do!!


Greg, I think one of the main issues here is, whose children are most likely to attend every recommended well-baby visit and get their shots on time?

The babies of older parents. who have stable jobs, health insurance, cars, carseats, etc. Older moms have saved up sick leave or have advanced to jobs that actually have maternity leave. Older dads have advanced to jobs that offer health insurance, and a salary high enough to allow their wives to stay home with the baby.

Every supposed link they find to autism is a link, one way or another, back to vaccines.

They're counting on us to scream, "no! that can't be it!" and not take a closer look.


Thank you for being a light, Mr Olmsted.
The deviant theme reminds me of an old poem, don't know who wrote it-
They drew a circle that drew me out
Heretic rebel a thing to flout
But love and I had the wit to win
I drew a circle that drew them in.
Congratulations on your enduring love, and now marriage.


Thank you Dan for another brilliant post!

On a slightly unrelated note, but touching once again on the medical/scientific establishment getting things wrong, has anyone seen that latest 'massive, definitive' study, proving that autism is correlated with advanced parental age, and (hint hint) autism is genetic? Never mind that teenaged moms were found to be at a higher risk of having a child with ASD that led some to add a new twist and interpret the study as suggesting there is an optimal age of conception -- not too young or old – for reducing your chance of having an autistic child. Yet, what is this actual optimal age? I quote the study:

In contrast, except for Israel and WA, there was a U-shaped association with maternal age with the lowest risk observed shortly after the age of 30. Relative to the age of 30 there was a statistically significantly increased risk of ASD associated with advancing, as well as younger maternal age.

Incredibly, the study is actually suggesting that a woman aged 30 is less likely to have an autistic child than one in her 20s! Also, everyone commenting on the study seems to be missing this! This really blows my mind! On top of flying in the face of prevailing wisdom that women in their 20s are the most reproductively fit, how the HELL does this not put a serious wrench in the notion that autism is connected to advanced parental age that this study is trying to make?!?

As to the findings that women in their 40s, and men in their 40s and 50s were also at a greater risk of having an autistic child, I can’t help but wonder whether these 'brilliant' researchers stopped to account for one thing? Did they consider that within a given sample of kids, due to kids getting diagnosed with autism later as they age, relatively, there will likely be more older kids with autism, and older kids usually have older moms and dads? Reading through the study I did not find a precise passage that addressed this. I would very much appreciate it if someone who is versed on statistical terminologies would read through this study and inform of whether this basic concept was taken into account. I am really curious about this so thanks in advance if you can help.


Angus Files

Yes your right Dan I think the tipping point has been reached. More and more people coming on side. We don't have the advantage of billions of dollars of advertising jut the spread of word which is more powerful than trillion's of dollars hence the coercion(last chance saloon for pharma).

And the fight the Gay movement is a mirror of our own vaccine damage movement.

We fight on.


Thank you Dan!!!!!!

Dan you just made me cry because of the kindness and how you have used your life to understand ours . When Stephanie Miller allowed vaccine -injury deniers on her show I literally cried for another reason. I sent her an email talking about how I had always stood up for gay rights and listened to gay stories and defended gay rights because gays not having rights did not make sense to me --as a Hetero how on earth could I be hurt by two consenting adults in love? And also who gains by forcing people to pretend to be who they are not? It's just misery for all. I even marched on Washington at the Gay Pride parade in the 1980s long before she came out. And yet this otherwise compassionate woman bashed parents like me (by proxy --you bash Jenny you bash me!) --and misrepresented us and ridiculed us and wouldn't even listen. I would bet these faux left sorts have more compassion and curiosity about a wayward spider than they do for our suffering families. They won't even ask us what we think: they won't when give is a voice . But for her it really hurt because I had been such an advocate for gay rights and somehow thought there would be an affinity and an openness to alternative experiences from the mainstream. Dan I didn't know you happe to be gay and now I feel happy that if in some small way my continual life long quiet advocacy for gay friends and gay causes helped someone as wonderful as you. It gives me hope for the daily KOS and the stephanie miller crowds who could help us so much with their Insights that they might finally wake up. Thank you thank you thank you. Gay rights started by gay folk telling their stories to those in their lives at such risk, challenging the lies and misrepresentations being told about them . I think it is the only way that vaccine safety advocates will start to be listened to. The only financial incentive I can see to gay bashing was if corps did not want to pay the partner benefits. There was no other logical reason so the follow the money answer did not apply.. Gay silencers and bashers include people who are truly mentally unbalanced and hateful. In some ways since we know the hate is usually motivated by greed perhaps it is easier to endure. However it is also motivated by fear and a wish that all is like the 1950/ fantasies of the world where drs know best all are happily straight married and shots are oh so good for you.


The contrast dyes are another failure of informed consent.
When I was getting an mri the tech came up to inject me, no questions about current kidney function or even a mention of what was IN the needle. My body, my choice.
The previously used contrast agents were a problem too, causing arachnoiditis when used in spinal imaging, on the market about 40 yrs in spite of the problems.

barbara j



I like what Anna said, "thank you Dan. You are one of my true heroes."

Mine also. Thank you!


My orthopedic surgeon wanted to inject me with a gadolinium-based contrast agents for an MRI. When he told me the contrast agent was perfectly safe, I remembered back when another doctor told my Vioxx was safe too, so I refused the contrast. Moral of the story, do your own research before you take for granted that a doctor knows what their talking about!


Thank you again Dan for all you do.

There is a very nifty “active graph” on this link, of course the “most powerful doctor in America” would have it no other way...

As you know, we had “EBOLA 24/7” until a few BILLION DOLLARS was handed out to pharma and the WHO for an EBOLA VACCINE.


I would think we would need a similar graph will ALL the recent “skyrocketing children’s afflictions” since 1990.

Of course the “most powerful doctor” in America would HAVE NO CLUE as to the CAUSE of any of it.... and would say the do not have enough money to figure hardly anything out....

In the link, the powerful Dr. Fauci NOW says “NOT to SMOKE.”
They certainly HAD the WRONG for about 50 years....



Andrew Solomon has no right to such a gift of words.

When do we call something a mental illness and when do we call it just a different way of thinking? It was considered an illness at one time, and placed with in the DSM, then taken out. Well they are messing with the DSM manuel when it comes to PDD-NOS, and communication disorders, right now too.

There are a lot of cross roads in our lives. They intersect and then takes off in all different directions. But at that intersection we all were at one time at the same place.

The CDC: ITS MAIN JOB is suppose to be able to take stats and to notice health trends within the United States. They have done a bang up job with autism.

And we will never get from them; the map that tells us where the intersection of vaccine injuries is located, or all the different roads that lead away from that intersection.

Homosexual community has; I think, visited that intersection of vaccine injury at least twice. One that hurt their hypothalamus - and again when - I believe to my core - the Hep B - had the AIDS virus in it.


Along the lines of medical authorities being wrong, this in the news today about MRI contrast medium being retained in brain (and other) tissue:


Anna Quandt

Thank you Dan. You are one of my true heroes.

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