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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Deviants United -- and Fighting Back!

A Resolution for The American Democratic Party by a Lifelong Democratic Voter

Goodbye CAThe author is a parent whose now adult child has suffered chronic incurable immune system disease (type 1 diabetes) that she firmly believes was triggered by early vaccination.

Resolution in Response to the California Democratic Party  (CADEM)

"Resolution in Support of Repealing California's Personal Beliefs Exemption to Mandatory Vaccinations" dated  May 15, 2015  

WHEREAS, the CADEM has shown a complete disregard for the public which it is supposed to be serving, 

WHEREAS, the CADEM has refused to listen to the testimony, questions, and  pleas of thousands of its constituents,  many of whom have been irreparably injured by vaccines and many of whom are persons with advanced science degrees and are highly educated including PhDs, MDs, doctors of chiropractic, engineers, educators,  etc.  

WHEREAS, the CADEM has refused to allow an open forum in which constituents are allowed to speak, belittling and ridiculing in the most rude and disrespectful manner those who came before them, even going so far as to turn off the microphone if a citizen dared to utter more than his name, place of residence and whether they were for or against the bill,

WHEREAS, the CADEM has demonstrated a dangerous, irresponsible ignorance of the substance and ramifications of the bill SB277 which it is vociferously supporting,  

WHEREAS, the CADEM has engaged in willful outright lying or has tolerated and accepted lying about the science, politics and public health benefit and risk of vaccination with regard to the legislative process surrounding SB277 which constitutes a betrayal of their solemn duty to serve,

WHEREAS, the CADEM has steadfastly refused to acknowledge and consider those injured and even killed by vaccines and the dangers of vaccination, despite scientific research, VAERS data, manufacturer's inserts, and clear constituent testimony,

WHEREAS, the CADEM has glaringly omitted from its public discussion of vaccine safety and efficacy, the fact that Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist in the CDC's Immunization Division, came forward as a whistleblower in August of 2014, declaring that the CDC had deliberately omitted critical data from its own vaccine safety research which clearly implicated the MMR vaccine as a cause of autism when given to children before 36 months of age,  that Dr. Thompson implicated the mercury preservative thimerosal in the flu and other vaccines as a cause of tics and autism-like symptoms in children, that Dr. Thompson stated that his boss has asked him to lie,  that Dr. Thompson has handed over thousands of pages of documentation to the office of Florida Rep. Posey regarding the CDC's corruption with regard to vaccination science and policy, that Dr. Thompson has been granted official whistleblower protection and is awaiting Congress' invitation to testify before them, testimony which will likely materially shake the scientific foundation upon which current vaccine policy is based and implicate the CDC's Immunization Division and others in high offices forming public health policy as involved in a massive fraud that has harmed and put in harm's way untold numbers of American and global citizens, and which any reasonable person would obviously recognize as a reason to preempt the entertainment of the institution of any legislative mandates or changes to current law at least until this formal hearing occurs,

WHEREAS, the CADEM, has itself failed to demand a Congressional hearing to examine the whistleblower claims of senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson,

WHEREAS, the CADEM, despite loud public outcry, has refused to consider that Merck is currently facing litigation on at least two fronts, one of which is that the company is accused by its own former virologists of tampering with data in order to present falsely high efficacy for its mumps vaccine, a vaccine that actually has low efficacy and which presents a danger to the public, gives the public false reassurance of protection from this disease, and low efficacy which is the actual cause of mumps outbreaks in young adults which is being further falsely blamed on the unvaccinated,

WHEREAS, the CADEM, with SB277, is attempting to model California's health care system on those of Mississippi and West Virginia, the only two states which have only a medical exemption to vaccination, and whose citizens also suffer from being among those states having the highest infant mortality rates in the United States,

WHEREAS, the CADEM is not considering the fact that research has shown that earlier, higher vaccination rates are correlated with worse health outcomes, including death, around the globe, 

WHEREAS, the CADEM has rigged and corrupted the democratic process surrounding the legislative examination of SB277 in order to attain a predetermined outcome.  When the bill was going to die in committee, citizens watched in disbelief as Senator Liu postponed the vote so that Senators Pan and Allen could regroup and so that she could replace dissenting members before the next meeting,  

WHEREAS, the CADEM has cost California taxpayers money in lost wages, travel and other expenses in order to voice opposition to this bill, resources that were wasted since the CADEM has demonstrated that they never intended to have an honest debate regarding the merits of this bill, 

WHEREAS, the CADEM has received funding from the Industries which will financially profit from SB277 which is in direct violation of California state law,

WHEREAS, the CADEM is not protecting the citizens of California and this country from highly conflicted, corrupt organizations supporting this bill, who will financially benefit from its passage, 

WHEREAS, the CADEM has obviously been BOUGHT and cannot be entrusted to represent the public's interests, 

WHEREAS, the CADEM does not seem to have even the most basic grasp of the meaning of civil or human rights or of the contents of the American Constitution that they have sworn to uphold, 

WHEREAS, the CADEM cannot discern fact from fiction,  

WHEREAS the CADEM has the audacity to come out with a resolution such as the one I am responding to here,

WHEREAS, the CADEM has forgotten or maybe they never knew, that this is AMERICA, HOME OF THE FREE AND LAND OF THE BRAVE, and that means free to determine where one will live, what profession one will enter, what food one will eat, how many children one will or will not have, who one will associate with, and what medical treatments and drugs one will or will not choose to take or be given, that includes the category of drugs labeled "vaccines" and last but not least, how one will vote come election time,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,  that I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET the Democratic Party's role in this internal attack on American soil by special interest fueled politicians against innocent American children and their parents, the American way of life, honest scientists, real uncorrupted science and scientific integrity and the TRUTH.  I will never forget the "Resolution in Support of Repealing California's Personal Beliefs Exemption to Mandatory Vaccinations" and


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that as a patriotic American I will do everything legally within my power to see that the democratic process be restored and that the criminals who are now in power will be ousted and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


david m burd

To my AoA Compatriots who identify themselves as "Democrats."

Why in Heck do you think being a Democrat has any valid relation to honest Public Health??

Who in Heck would have taught you such garbage?

True health is the personal family responsibility of Dads and Moms, having no relationship to such as Democrat or Republican.

THE WORST by far are our Public Health Officials (NIH, CDC, FDA) who just protect their insidiously corrupt turf, and have only their only personal power interests at heart.

The BEST of those espousing the extreme dangers (and deaths) via vaccines are usually - not always - are independent Thinkers unlinked to any political Party. And, crucially, not funded by the myriad Federal Govt. Agencies that benefit from their own funding powers.


People are waking up y'all. Keep talking about it. Eventually the politicians will hear. And if they don't they will have to answer to The People. We are rising up!

Bill K

FYI –some numbers, and disclaimer I am no expert on statistics but was curious on voter turn out

based on 2011 Census data/

Dist 6 total population = 729,428 (F=373,431 & M=355,997)
est pop. of voting age = 532,698

total votes cast in CA ST SEN, Dist 6, 2014 GEN ELEC = 179,626

pan = 96,688 / 53.8%
dickinson = 82,938 / 46.2%
delta = 13,750

which means approx 1 in 3 adults (or 33%) of voting age & assumed registered cast a vote

i have no idea if this turn out is viewed as typical? high? or low?

Tying in with Mr Moffit’s views. Many times elections at state & particularly local level will most effect an individual(s)…taxes, budget / spending, policy / regulation & the motivation / influence behind same, etc…and they (local elections) are at same time typically the least followed / participated in & can easily be swayed with little partisan support / participation (lo voter turn out) either way.

It is what it is… 40 x ST SEN & 80 x Assembly + handful of others supposedly elected by the 38.8M CA residents ultimately dictate policy / the health & well-being of the state…stakes are always high, throw in the lobbyists, special interests, etc = brutal.

no telling what was going on behind the scenes & with 67% not participating for whatever reason end result = the likes of dr ric pan is now in office & sponsoring legislation along with a gaggle of like-minded, elitist, overlords & spineless muppets on behalf of the people of CA - for better or worse.

The point being local / state elections do make a difference, so not withstanding “informed consent”, knowing your local electorates, what they profess to support…and the promise(s)…this time it will different & better and so on…bottom line voter participation yields policy influence / direction. So as Mr Moffit rightly points out hold them accountable with a well informed & strong voice and ultimately at the ballot box. While at same time helping out those less engaged and prone to be swayed only by the 30 sec msm sound bite / bias. Aim is to target good, principled reps seeking office to dutifully serve their constituents not ideological robots beholden to outside influences seeking power & personal gain. There are good people out there in parallel with more & more of We the people getting fed up / engaged. people of CA must not forget & vote that nonsense out next election cycle


As a child (way back in the late 60s early 70s) my Mom would sit me in front of the TV to watch the Democratic and Republican conventions and to watch election night returns. All the while she'd be explaining the democratic process and the vital importance of voting. Now I'm just another life long Democrat who has become so thoroughly disgusted and disillusioned by my (now former) party. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever vote again.
The few politicians that seem to "get" the vaccine issue are so out of bounds on just about every other issue that no one will ever take them seriously. I was so hoping that Bernie Sanders would at least have an open mind. It's sad to hear that he either believes the BS that has been fed to him or he is bowing to his corporate masters.
It's all just so sick and sad....

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I am also a lifelong Democrat, and I will not vote that way again. I am furious that I voted twice for President Obama -- because he said he was going to be "The Autism President." I am furious that I voted for Senator Elizabeth Warren. And I always hoped Hillary Clinton would be elected our first female president. Not any more.


I recently was reading about the 6 general personality catagories in the HEXACO factors, with Honesty-Humility being the more recently added trait to the previous Big 5. It kind of helps me understand the people that we have to deal with. Sometimes it helps to Know Thy Enemy but it also helps when trying to know thyself. I found the differences between honesty-humility and agreeableness to be interesting. Seems like in polidicks, they probably wish the citizens to be nothing but full of agreeableness.

As defined by Ashton and Lee (2007, p. 156), “Honesty-Humility represents the tendency
to be fair and genuine in dealing with others, in the sense of cooperating with others even when
one might exploit them without suffering retaliation.” It is different from Agreeableness in that
“Agreeableness represents the tendency to be forgiving and tolerant of others, in the sense of
cooperating with others even when one might be suffering exploitation by them” (2007, p. 156).
Honesty-Humility, like the other HEXACO factors, is considered a broad personality dimension
rather than a narrow trait. The four facets underlying this broad dimension are fairness, sincerity,
modesty, and greed-avoidance. Adjectives that reflect the Honesty-Humility dimension of
personality include sincere, honest, faithful/loyal, modest/unassuming, and fair-minded.
Adjectives that reflect a lack of Honesty-Humility include sly, greedy, pretentious, hypocritical,
boastful, and pompous (Ashton & Lee, 2007).
Honesty-Humility, or “the H-factor”, emerged as a major personality factor in crosscultural
lexical studies and through re-analysis of extant personality data collected in the United
States and throughout the world (for a review, see Lee & Ashton, 2012). The addition of the Hfactor
as a sixth dimension of personality largely contributes to the predictive advantage of the
HEXACO model over traditional five-factor personality frameworks. The HEXACO consistently
outperforms the Big Five in predicting unethical business decisions, cheating, delinquency, and
sexual harassment, as well as Psychopathy, Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and other variables
related to integrity (Ashton & Lee, 2008b; Lee & Ashton, 2005; Lee, Ashton, & de Vries, 2005;
Lee et al., 2008; Marcus et al., 2007).
The evidence linking Honesty-Humility to unethical and criminal behaviors provides
strong support for the notion that Honesty-Humility is a major component of moral character—
low levels of this personality dimension are associated with unethical behaviors. For example,
Hershfield, Cohen, and Thompson (2012, Study 4) investigated the likelihood that students
would cheat in a laboratory task in which they could earn money and found that HonestyHumility,
but not the other HEXACO factors, uniquely predicted cheating. Likewise, Lee and
colleagues (2005) found that Honesty-Humility predicted delinquency more strongly than the
other five HEXACO dimensions in a variety of international samples, including in Australia,
Canada, and the Netherlands (see also, Lee et al., 2008; Marcus et al., 2007).

I think it would be in society's best interests for citizens to demand that every doctor and politician take a personality test showing their HEXACO ratings so that the consumer can understand who they are deciding to trust.

How many of them would score high in the Honesty-Humility index?


From back in February - a bipartisan resolution from Congress:

"Press Releases

February 13, 2015

Representative Dent Co-Leads Effort to Sponsor “Vaccines Save Lives” House Resolution

Resolution Recognizes the Importance of Vaccines in Saving Lives and Their Safety, Has 90 Co-Sponsors

Washington, DC – Today, Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Charlie Dent (R-PA), Thomas Marino (R-PA), and Peter Welch (D-VT) introduced the bipartisan “Vaccines Save Lives” House Resolution with over 90 other Members of Congress. In the wake of the latest outbreak of measles in the United States, there has been a debate in the country over the safety of vaccines and whether parents should get their children vaccinated. The resolution is intended to highlight the public and global health achievements of vaccinations and immunizations around the world, and to urge vaccination.

It recognizes the importance of vaccinations and immunizations in the U.S. as a matter of saving lives, stopping the spread of contagious and often fatal diseases, and maintaining the public health, economic and national security of the American people.

Additionally, the resolution states that there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults and commends the work of the international community and various domestic and global organizations that have worked to keep us all safe through vaccination. It encourages more research to improve existing vaccines and to create more vaccines to protect ourselves from other fatal and infectious diseases. Finally, it urges parents, in consultation with their health care provider, to follow the scientific consensus in favor of timely vaccination of their children..."

More and text of Resolution at:

cia parker

I have also realized that the Green party's platform is closest to my own views, so I guess I'll be voting for them in the next elections. My vote was always wasted anyway in a state that always votes Republican. The Dems have lost my support.


While I agree with Vince about corporatism, and with Mr Moffit about lack of congressional oversight, I feel the democratic party needs to be held accountable in California for SB 277.

I can think of an important historical example of the democratic party having to be pushed into doing the right thing- by giving women the right to vote. There is a movie called Iron Jawed Angels. On described thus:
"Frustrated by the failure of the United States to adopt a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, militant suffragists led by Alice Paul mount an aggressive campaign demanding suffrage. They ....campaigned against the democratic party, which would not endorse the amendment....the public outcry was immense.."
Despite the public hostility, they got Woodrow Wilson to support the amendment, shades of guantanamo in what they endured.


Linda 1's link says:

"WHEREAS, the Democratic Party stands for protection of the most vulnerable and sound science to keep the nation safe, exemplified by President Franklin D. Roosevelt founding the March of Dimes to quickly respond to polio epidemics anywhere in the nation and funding research that resulted in the development of the polio vaccine, which after a field test of 1.8 million children, 60 years ago, was announced to be “safe, effective, and potent”;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party support the removal of the personal belief exemption to legally required vaccinations for school attendance, and --"

Anyway - the one that would know best, the democratic stance on any issue stated as always in the most simple and very best way that all us idiots could understand: That the sky is blue, the earth is round, vaccines are safe, grandma knows best, get your vaccines --

Laura Hayes

Loved this! Found each and every point powerful, but if I had to pick a favorite, it might be:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET the Democratic Party's role in this internal attack on American soil by special interest fueled politicians against innocent American children and their parents, the American way of life, honest scientists, real uncorrupted science and scientific integrity and the TRUTH. I will never forget the "Resolution in Support of Repealing California's Personal Beliefs Exemption to Mandatory Vaccinations" and



"I don't know if the Democratic party has an "official" stance on vaccine policy"

They unfortunately do.

Please see

Bob Moffitt

Unfortunately .. I believe the widespread corruption that feeds the continuing growth of "mandated vaccines" .. as well as the desperate effort to "legislate" denial of "parent's informed consent" rights is BI-PARTISAN .. which means BOTH establishment parties .. do not deserve our votes simply because we have registered ourselves as either Democrat or Republican.

Therefore .. just as we must exercise our "informed consent" as parents .. we must begin exercising our "informed consent" when we go into that booth and pull the lever for INDIVIDUALS .. and .. that means we must "take names" and remember those we helped elect to office when they betray us.

(Sen Pan is a perfect example .. and .. it isn't because he just happens to be a Democrat)

After all .. in the end .. the vaccine cartel does not really care who sits in the Oval Office .. they are far more concerned about who that President "appoints" to Direct the CDC, FDA, HHS, etc. It is this "unelected" .. entrenched bureaucracy .. unaccountable to anyone .. and ... THE ABSOLUTE FAILURE (REFUSAL) OF CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT TO HOLD THAT ENTRENCHED BUREAUCRACY ACCOUNTABLE THAT LIES AT THE VERY HEART OF OUR PROBLEMS.


I've been a Democrat for over 20 years, and even though they're 80% corporatists at least it's better (IMHO) than the other option which is 100% corporatist. Hurray lesser of two evils. :/ I don't know if the Democratic party has an "official" stance on vaccine policy, but it's not hard to guess what it would be if there was one. Of course it's an issue where I am at complete odds with most of the party, and I actively try to educate members on this issue (like the writer of this letter). As the public opinion tide turns, so may the views of the party. One can only hope. It's not the only issue I consider when voting, however.

There's so much money in politics these days I don't know how much
we can steer parties' policies, but it's worth trying, what else are you going to do - sit around and complain to the internet?

At least with the Dems there's a *little* pushback on corporatism, which, imho is the root of our problems. If the media wasn't beholden to Pharma advertisers do you think we'd have a different vaccine conversation? If there wasn't a revolving door between Merck and CDC leadership do you think we'd have the same degree of problems? If money was not considered free speech do you think we'd have better representation, more accountable to *us*? Now, of COURSE the Dems share a lot of blame. At least there are a handful of them that see a role for democratic (small 'd') government outside of the corporate state. My 2c.

Jeannette Bishop

I agree this is powerfully written. I think the "two-party" party (masquerading as two--at least at the national level that's how I see things) needs to lose all influence because of this and many other betrayals.


Please support the film that will expose the fraud.

cia parker

I just took the quiz at isidewith and it said my views were most like those of Bernie Sanders. I googled him and found that he is in favor of vaccine mandates. So, no, my views are not at all like his where it counts. Is there any potential presidential candidate against vaccine mandates?


I wouldn't get too excited about the Republicans either. They haven't come out for vaccine choice in Mississippi or West Virginia.

cia parker

Great resolution! I love the way the anger builds over the course of each statement, until the fury at the end at the massive, criminal harm knowingly wreaked on millions of children (and adults!) The revolution has arrived!


Here, here! I agree!

I also entertain the thought that the vaccine issue is just the patsy the Republicans were looking for. Using the vaccine issue as a pivot point, with just one single issue, those democrats who would normally veer away from voting republican due to basic differences in beliefs regarding financial, justice system, racial/gender/sexual orientation discrimination, reproductive rights, or environmental issues, may end up voting republican.

I'm not sure how California works - would reregistering as an independent be helpful in destabilizing that seemingly embedded partisanship? 19% of voters in CA are independent already. Maybe more would be helpful.

Once the Republicans are in control of California, they may or may not repeal SB277 should it pass now. Once the Republicans are in control of California, ALL the laws currently governing the above issues in California will start changing.

This is why EVERY citizen who votes democrat and independent in California, EVERY citizen action committee in that state on those other issues, should be made aware of SB277 and be urging their reps to vote it down. Outreach to all of those non-profit groups needs to be made NOW to get them on board. Every libertarian and independent political organization needs to be made aware and be told that . Some lucky, established non-red/non-blue political party with enough foresight to declare health choice/vaccine choice as a party platform issue along with the other traditionally Democratic party issues, could be the lucky recipient of a major share of the dem 44% of California voters and a good share of the 19% voters who are independent.

"Voter registration is up since the last gubernatorial primary; major party registration is down.
California’s 17.7 million voters constitute 73.3% of eligible adults, up slightly from 72.4% in 2010, the last gubernatorial primary year. The share of Democrats is 43.4%, down from 44.5% in 2010. The share of Republicans has also declined from 30.8% in 2010 to 28.4% in 2014. The share of voters who say they are independent (also known as "decline to state” or "no party preference”) is 21.2%, up from 20.2% in 2010. Our surveys indicate that among those we consider most likely to vote, 44% are Democrats, 32% are Republicans, and 19% are independents."
( )

Does anyone know if the old Canary Party actually became a political party in California (or any state) or if they they are actively working towards that?


I too was a lifelong democrat, believing that the party gave balance by giving weight to labor and allowing social conscience to be included in legislative discourse.

I found the exchange between Sen Warren and Schucat chilling on the most basic human level.

I find the silencing of discourse in California and Vermont a total failure of democracy.

The truth has to be abandoned for political expediency even when the cost can be death and disability? For children? Really America?


I'm switching to the Green party. I took the detailed quiz at and I matched the Green party slightly better than the Democratic party anyway. It would have been a bigger difference if the quiz had questions about vaccine choice.


I'm 36 years old and not sure if I will ever be able to work again. My wife is now the only employed one in our household due to my daughters increasing size and strength. The other day my 9 year old girl tackled me off the edge of my bed and bit my finger almost off after screaming for about a half hour straight. Other times she is the most lovable and cuddly happy child you could ever meet but after vaccination was rendered unable to speak and began with headbanging, tics, screaming, stimming, teeth worn to the nub from violent chewing, now mind you I have her patient portal with Doctors notes and videos showing how she was advanced for her age and speaking with no developmental delays. People don't understand the true nature of the impact autism has on a family until they have lived it. I would compare it to the feeling of being in active combat 24/7. It's not all bad all the time but to look at my beautiful daughter and know this may have been prevented had the vaccination schedule not been so aggressive it makes me feel an anger you can never imagine. A hopelessness that there will never be justice for those responsible. Someone forgot to inform those charged with our safety that honesty is always the best policy. Hopefully someday we will have some closure as parents of autistic children.

John Stone

Sooner or later history is going to catch up with these guys. They are racketeers, and they are on the wrong side of it.

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