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17-1 Victory for Vaccine Choice in Texas

Texas magnetBy Dan Burns

Texans for Vaccine Choice banded with the Canary Party, NVIC, PROVE, and several other Texas Health Freedom organizations to defeat 17 of the 18 mandatory vaccination bills proposed in the legislative session that ended June 1st.  The one that got away was heavily amended and poses no significant threat to vaccine choice in the state.  Here's a peek at the recent victory party, with an address from Texas State Representative Bill Zedler. In the video with Rep. Zedler are founding Texans for Vaccine Choice Leaders Jackie Polvado, Michelle Schneider & Rebecca Hardy.  The coalition plans to introduce its own health freedom bills in the next session, which begins January 2017. 



I am afraid that this victory will be short termed...US Supreme Court will pass a bill to make vaccination mandatory...not a first time to implement decision using totalitarian style dictate without any democratic is sad what happened to USA in recent decades..


I'm so very proud to live in a state standing up to make a change and proud of these people who
Listened and made this happen. Next on the list is fluoride, aspartame and GMO.


God bless you TX! Congratulations on the victory! praying we can accomplish the same here in CA, although it is not looking good. CA seems to be leading the way into communism!


Yea, Texas!!!!

Sophie Scholl

Ok I'm a long way from California & sb277 but even from here I sense , instinctually , that they may pass this bill , but if they do , that will not be the end of the story . I suspect that the corrupt architects of the vaccination project are debating that amongst themselves right now "we could win the battle (sb277) but it could cost us the war " . Lets hope which ever way it goes , the end of the vaccine massacares is in sight , and then we can begin the prosecutions .

@Go Rand

AMA policy makers may have decided this but in actuality, doctors omit or selectively vaccinate significantly. This will all backfire. The huge irony in all of this is that most people actually never minded having some vaccines for certain illnesses. They have simply pushed too far. You can see that some within the "pro vaccine camp" even agree with this. They seem like the "vile" or "stupid" ones when they ignore current science findings, try and defend poor epidemiological studies, and gloss over the very real problem of the autism increase and the sad deaths and realities from autism (wandering, drowning etc.)


Congratulations! Would love to hear how you accomplished this so we can replicate in NY.


Well done Texas .At the same time it could be said that the Bush`s are "NIMBY`S" (Not In My Back Yard) but very happy for the rest of America to have no choice whether children and grand children are vaccinated to near death and death.


Sophie Scholl

17 - 1 that isnt even close .

But the real result I'm after is 12 - 0 from a jury for ALL the guilty parties .

go Rand

Congrats to Texas.

Have we yet located a brave AAP member that will take the 6 month baby vaccines all at the same time ? With 62,000+ AAP members, there should be at least one...

Of course, about 10 to 12 rounds of the same shots would be needed to adjust them properly to their body weight.

New AMA policy favors ending nonmedical vaccine exemptions


Great job, Texans! Strength in numbers.

Sunny Polito

Thanks for this, Dan! And thanks so much to Jackie, Michelle and Becca for leading our charge! It has been an eye-opening and educational experience to say the least - but I am so energized by the way our community has banned together (nationally) to fight these fights in each affected state. We are geared up for serious work in the off-season to both fight the Federal mess as well as be prepared for the next state round. So very grateful for our TfVC group!!!


Congratulations to all who worked so hard for this victory. I wish there was a way to prevent reintroduction of these same bills over and over again. I know that's happened in other states. Not to put a damper on the celebration, but maybe the health choice bill(s) could somehow address the prevention of legislative harrassment of the public by mandating a certain amount of time (a long time) before a defeated/discarded bill - that comes from industry as this clearly does - can be reintroduced. Otherwise defending against these bills could be a round the clock job. Maybe a bill about transparency with regard to where bills come from, who (really) writes them or had their hands on them as they are being written/developed, and as with scientific research, detailed disclosure of conflicts of interest and any industry involvement - not in fine print, but in bold, on the front page, in full view of all. You know, in the case of SB277 and these other draconian bills, Dorit Reiss and Paul Offit's names would be at the top of the list - and no front group organizations to hide behind either. Any front group organization listed would be required to list, by name, the parties involved and the affiliations of that organization.

tony bateson

In the home of Eli Lilly - Symbolic triumph - keep hoping for the others.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.


Well done Texas. A vote for common sense and against madness.

andy wakefield

Thank you so much to Michelle, Jackie, and Rebecca, and to all those who made this happen.

Anne McElroy Dachel

So nice to have some good news!

John Stone

Well done Dan and well done everyone in Texas, which is at least the second largest state by population in the union.

California is corrupt

There should be bumper stickers for 'Corrupt California' or something to more publicly shame Calif over what they are doing. Californians will leave in droves if they actually pass that law.

Michelle M Guppy




Jeannette, it's crazy that your senator is raising money for a vaccine, so a drug company could develop it, and profit from it, as if they are strapped for cash. It makes one wonder about the senator and just what is she getting from all this.

Jeannette Bishop

Yeah!!! Praying we have good news too, if not soon, in the end.

18? Does it seem like legislators are in a contest to see how much they can help the vaccine industry out right now? My state senator voted against SB 277, but she is raising money for a vaccine for Valley Fever. We also have/have had bills mandating vaccines for daycare workers, wanting to authorize optometrists to administer vaccines, to improve Medi-Cal vaccination rates, to provide homebased (housecalls?) "evidence based" counseling and care from health workers (housecalls?) to low income, first time mothers, with one purpose stated in the bill to improve vaccination rates...I hope there aren't any more.

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