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Will California Legislators & School Personnel Sign Vaccine Liabilty Form?

Banana SlipBy Laura Hayes

Dear California Assembly Member,

This letter is in regards to legislation sweeping our country at both the state and federal levels, legislation that seeks to restrict and/or eliminate exemptions for vaccines, thereby coercing and forcing parents and others to comply with multiple medical procedures, each of which comes with extreme risk, including permanent disability, chronic illness, and possible death.

There is absolutely no justification for any such legislation…none.  Such legislation violates everything we hold dear, and all that is moral and right.  Furthermore, elected officials are greatly overstepping their authority, not to mention violating international codes of ethics, codes that were instituted to forever avoid repeating past crimes against humanity.  

I urge you, please do not allow the horrific crimes of the past to be repeated.  Your individual legacy, and the legacy of our nation, will reflect whether you were on the right side of history, or the wrong side, during these troubling and dangerous times.

It is critical that you ask yourself, as a legislator, the following questions:

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which kills the citizens you serve (outside the realm of criminal justice), including healthy children?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which harms the citizens you serve, including healthy children?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate even one of these vaccine medical procedures, with the understanding that not one of which has ever been tested in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, or in the combinations in which they are given, or on the range of people to which they are given, or in a long-term comparative study with those who have not undergone the procedure(s)?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which denies tax-paying parents their children’s right to a public education?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which denies parents their right to pursue a private education for their children?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which denies parents their right to utilize daycare for their children?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that parents must home-school their children if they refuse to comply with risk-laden, verifiably-proven unsafe, verifiably-proven ineffective, and unnecessary medical procedures for their children?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which violates the religious beliefs of many, from many different faiths?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which will create “separate but equal” learning environments (and more)? Reminder that it has already been legally determined that “separate but equal” does not exist.

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that which strips people of their inalienable right to decide what does or doesn’t enter their body?  

  • Do you have the authority to mandate guaranteed harm and certain deaths for many children, including healthy children, for the supposed and completely-unproven protection of others?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that one person’s life is more valuable than another’s?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that the government act as parent for fit parents?

  • Do you have the authority to mandate that healthy children be excluded from school while at the same time allowing sick children to be included?

  • Do you have the authority to enact the powers of a police state in the absence of an emergency, and with the option of quarantining available if needed?

If you answered No to even one of these questions, and I suspect you answered No to many more than one, if not all, then you must vote No on SB277.

I am including below a Vaccine Liability Form.  Please read it and ask yourself if you’d be willing to personally sign it and accept full responsibility, the same as you would be asking parents to do if you vote in favor of this bill.  If you are unwilling to sign the Vaccine Liability Form, then again, you must vote No on SB277.



Laura Hayes

Granite Bay, CA

Why should I be forced to assume the sole and full responsibility for something I choose to refuse? After you, Legislators, CDC Director, Pharma Company CEO, Doctor, School District Supt., and Interfering Neighbor! 

Vaccine injuries are real, and they most certainly are not rare. Vaccine deaths are a tragic reality, too. 

As a result of the removal of my parental, Constitutional, and fundamental human rights, and before I am forcibly made to comply against my will by armed law enforcement officials, it needs to be required that those who have taken away my rights, and those who are party to their removal, accept full liability for any and all vaccine-related sequelae. This is necessary because I am unable to provide for the needs of a vaccine-injured child, as the costs can escalate into the multi-millions of dollars. I am also not in a position to provide around-the-clock care and supervision should my child be vaccine-injured, a distinct possibility post-vaccination. 

By signing below, and before forcing your will upon my child without my consent, you are agreeing to cover all costs associated with any and all injuries my child may sustain, in the short-term and/or the long-term, as a result of the unwanted and unauthorized medical procedure of vaccination. These vaccine-related sequelae include, but are not limited to: autism, asthma, allergies (both food and environmental), seizure disorder, tics, encephalitis, encephalopathy, Type 1 diabetes, heavy metal toxicity, leukemia, speech and language delays, learning and behavioral issues, autoimmune disease, blindness, deafness, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, POTS, cancer, purpura, narcolepsy, paralysis, transverse myelitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, mental retardation, OCD, demyelination, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, intussusception, the vaccine-targeted disease itself, and SIDS). You are also agreeing to compensate my child and me each annually at a rate of $1,000,000 per year for loss of livelihood and opportunities which result from vaccine injury (this will be in addition to the costs associated with the vaccine injuries). Should my child be killed by his/her vaccines, you are agreeing to compensate me in the amount of $100,000,000 (there is no acceptable “compensation” for the government-mandated-killing of my child, but it is necessary to put forth a dollar amount). 

Signatures for those agreeing to full, personal liability: 

1. Senator/Assembly Member _________________________________ Date:

2. Governor ___________________________________ Date:

3. CDC Director _______________________________________ Date:

4. Pharma Company CEO_______________________________ Date:

5. Doctor __________________________________________ Date:

6. Superintendent _____________________________________ Date:

7. Interfering Neighbor _________________________________ Date:

If these forced-vaccination perpetrators are unwilling to sign and assume FULL liability, in addition to compensatory damages, then I, too, am unwilling to assume FULL liability. Thus, I will not be complying with vaccine mandates, as there will be no monies or people in place to take care of my child should he/she become injured, or killed, by his/ her vaccines, and I am unwilling to put myself, or my child, in that position. 

Additionally, and very importantly, knowingly and purposefully placing my child in a position to be harmed or killed violates my privately-held religious beliefs and/or my conscience. 



Hello, good article, it has been translated into french here:


Is there one organization that exists that we all can join to fight all of this?

Sophie Scholl

Laura - outstanding , marvellous , many many superlatives .

I sense a snowballing effect - I feel a glow of confidence coming on .

Jeannette Bishop


(Maybe also dreaming) I'm hoping we might not have to wait that long:



Hypothetically speaking, of course, are there any freedom-loving Republican candidates that would run in 2016 and 2018 against the incumbents in, oh, let's say, for example, Districts 19, 30, 6 and 26, for example? One can dream.


I have a queasy feeling sometimes that they don't read these fabulous letters. I am trying to get a meeting with my Assembly Member. I said I would drive to Sacramento because it is so important that I meet with him. (I live in the L.A. area) I am beginning to feel that he doesn't want to meet with me. I wrote a letter and faxed it to every Assembly Member--about 80 in all. It took me about three hours to just fax them all, and I looked at their faces on the Assembly site and wondered about them as I dialed their numbers, thinking...will they read this letter that took me two days to write. I spoke in front of the City Council that was about to rubber stamp SB277...it came before the agenda at 12:30 at night after four hours of testimony on other issues. There were three of us who were waiting to speak, all opposed, and those in favor had left hours before. I am not sure it made a difference. I saw the rigidity in the faces of the council members. There is this amazing disconnect. Vaccinations are like medical fundamentalism, the CDC is the religious hierarchy, the doctors the parish priests. It's surreal. But... I'm not giving up. In fact meeting the resistance just makes me want to push harder. So I ask the rhetorical question: what is going on, why is everyone so offended by hearing two sides of the issue.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you again, Laura.

FYI, a petition to CA Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (also, I believe author of bill AB 499 allowing administration of vaccines against STDs to CA minors without parental consent or knowledge):



Right on! I work with children and the day they ever try and force me to take a flu shot is the day I quit. Their loss.

Kathy Sincere


Thank you for yet another great "Letter to the Legislators"! I always save your articles, letters, and commentaries on this site for future reference; they are so rich in truthful, powerful rhetoric - something the California Legislature and Senator Pan are lacking.

With your permission, I'll be sending this to every Colorado legislator, School District Superintendent, and our Governor before the legislative session starts next year. I know they will be trying to eliminate our Personal Belief Exemption once again. The fight has just begun!

Kathy Sincere

David Taylor

Outstanding. Am tweeting now.

Bob Moffitt

I suspect many "California State legislators" will have a queasy feeling in their stomach as they read Laura's letter .. after all .. it is a lot easier "voting" to vaccinate a child in clear violation of that child's parent's right to "informed consent" .. with absolutely no fear of suffering any personal accountability should that child become a victim of severe vaccine injury .. including death.

It is something altogether different when the vote to deny parent's their "informed consent" right to decide what vaccines their child will receive exposes those legislators to being held personally accountable (liable) for any and all vaccine injuries the vaccine injured children will suffer.

Trust me .. there isn't a legislator in the country that would voluntarily assume responsibility for severe injuries caused by vaccines .. if there were the slightest chance they would be held accountable for their role in contributing to that child's injuries.

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