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Risk Demands Choice Age of Autism Vaccine Mandates

By  Cathy Jameson


Dear America,

You’re doing it wrong.

Love, Cat

Getting vaccines used to be a private decision made in the doctor’s office.  Once prescribed based on a medical need, vaccines have become more of a commodity than a remedy.  And those who are injected with vaccines have become pawns in shady governmental transactions. 

I’ve been keeping tabs on the many vaccine bills that popped up across the US this year.  Riding the coattails of the media’s overly exaggerated Disney measles outbreak, the timing of these bills feels more like an orchestrated pro-vaccine attack than a sincere response to help prevent the risk of disease.

The measles outbreak, which saw only 169 cases across the entire US, caused a kneejerk reaction.  Over 30 states have some sort of vaccine legislation on the table. 

Illinois’ SB986, if passed, would require employees in child care facilities with children age 6 and under to be vaccinated with MMR and Tdap.

New Jersey’s S1147, if passed, would restrict religious exemptions.

Vermont’s H98, if passed, would remove philosophical exemption.

Those are just a few examples of the vaccine bills that have been drafted, amended, and recently voted on.  Claiming a national health crisis and low vaccination rates as reason to introduce vaccine legislation, those bills have moved rather quickly despite not one Disney measles death resulting and despite seemingly high national vaccination rates for many of the vaccines found on today’s schedule.  

While the state bills have gained momentum, a federal bill, the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015, was also introduced this year. As the title of the bill implies, H2232 would mandate that “…all students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes…

While the state bills here in America were gaining small victories, south of us, an entire county suspended their vaccine program.  That happened a week ago when two babies died after receiving vaccines. 

MEXICO CITYMexico's public health system has suspended infant vaccines and mounted an investigation after two babies died and 29 were sickened in an impoverished community in southern Mexico.

Six of the 29 babies are in grave condition after receiving vaccinations for tuberculosis, rotovirus and Hepatitis B, which are generally administered between 0 and 6 months, according to a national schedule. The cause of the adverse reactions is not known, the Mexican Institute for Social Security said Sunday.

The institute said it stopped vaccines nationwide on Saturday as a precaution.

(Update: of the three vaccine administered, only the hepatitis vaccine remains suspended.)

Mexico immediately turned their focus to investigate the tragic deaths.  While they mourned the loss of two lives, the US vaccine program, its supporters and benefactors charge full-speed ahead.  Ready to mandate an over inflated and never studied vaccine schedule, the push to remove parent’s rights continues. 

California, another state that’s setting stage for vaccine mandates, is terribly close to seeing a bill become a law. 

In response to that draconian bill, groups organized email blasts, action alerts, and rallies.

Parents spoke up requesting that this bill go no further.

Educators also spoke up against it. 

Medical providers said they didn’t like it. 

Children spoke up until they were asked not to.

The vaccine injured bravely spoke up.

Hollywood celebs shared their views, too.  

Senators passionately spoke up in favor of protecting parents’ rights.

Shockingly, SB277, which has received a great amount of opposition from its inception, has not only passed through each of the committee hearings, it sailed through the California Senate floor on Thursday.  

Why must the government demand that a medical procedure be a school entry requirement when it’s typically been an option and when that procedure comes with a high rate of compliance?  That question has been asked over and over again.  So have requests been made to kill the bill been asked over and over again.  But SB277, which would require children to be fully vaccinated in order to go to school - even if they don’t want or need to be fully vaccinated, marches on.  It all sounds too farfetched.  But this is all really, really happening. 

In response to these vaccine bills, groups are calling for more rallies.  For more action alerts.  For more letters, faxes, emails and tweets.  For more time away from families.  For more work. 

But I have to ask, Why bother?  

Those in favor of the California bill, as well as many of the other state bills, have the upper hand.  They have greater vocal support.  They have funding coming in to cover costs. What do parents have in return?


Lost wages from taking time off of work to meet with their representatives, to attend rallies, and to be at their statehouse.

They also have children to tend to, some of whom are severely vaccine injured.  

Parents do so much for their children.  Helping them takes up much of a parents’ time.  But isn’t that what parenting is about – helping our children?

Parents do that because they love them. 

Parents do what we do because the children are ours. 

Parents do what they do because they cannot leave parenting to the officials.  It’s not their job to parent our children.  It’s their job to enact laws that will protect them.

It doesn’t feel like our children are being protected though.  It feels like parents aren’t being protected or respected either.  It feels like parent’s being controlled.  It feels like we’re being used and not for a greater good, but for a greater greed. 

Do we bother to fight these state bills?  Do we bother to organize another rally, to make another round of phone calls, to send another batch of faxes and emails?  YES.  We do.  We do that now.  And we’ll do that all over again if we have to.  We must speak up.  We must continue.  We must continue to work to protect our children, our rights, and our freedom.  We must continue to act.  Even if you’ve already so, call your representatives again.  Email them again.  Fax them again.  Visit them again.  And remind them of this:  coercion was not part of their job description.  Neither was mandating unavoidably unsafe medical procedures for your children.  Nor was taking away your rights. 

Our representatives should be protecting us as well as safeguarding our rights.  They shouldn’t be bothered by a child’s vaccine status.  Our leaders should be bothered by something else.  They should be bothered by something that’s being touted as safe and efficacious on paper but in reality has resulted in the compensation to the tune of $3 billion for thousands of vaccine consumers.  Our representatives should be bothered by some of their fellow politicians, too.  Instead of peering into our lives and questioning our medical choices, and instead of threatening our children’s health care needs in creating legislation that will deny access to education, our representatives should do something else.  They should do a little investigating.  We’d be better served if they’d investigate the blatant waste, fraud, and abuse of the vaccine program, its supporters and its benefactors.  When those representatives are standing on their state Senate and House floors, some of them won’t have to look too far to see what, and more importantly who, really needs to be investigated.    

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Stay updated with current vaccine legislation.

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Find your representative in the House.

Cathy Jameson is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.




Here's a though for people who are attending the various dog and pony shows across the country aka Congressional meetings on limiting or complete removal of vaccine exemptions: have on hand the actual vaccines ready to give to each elected official on the spot. I don't know how this would be accomplished but have neatly lined up on a tray with syringes, alcohol swabs, the vaccine vials of the MMR, Dtap, Hep B, PCV, Varicella, Hepatitis A(2)and ask each official to offer themselves up for the same procedure they are forcing onto children because vaccines are safe, effective and according to them vaccines injuries don't exist. Why would they force something onto children they are unwilling to take themselves. They say vaccines saves lives well, say to them if you think your life is worth saving-step on up! After all, the CDC says adults now need boosters. They have created a schedule just with you in mind: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/adult/adult-schedule.pdf.


Thank you for coming forward to tell the truth which our politicians have chosen NOT to do. Our children will be deprived of an education if they do not vaccinate in California. This is nothing short of black mail! In reality they are shooting themselves in the foot by giving the population a chance to discover what is truly behind the controversy and the real risks through the power of the internet highway. Drugs cause harm and or death! The upside would be that all vaccinated children in fully vaccinated schools verses home schooled would speak for itself, and would be their undoing!... Not to be out done, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott has endorsed a bill that will impose sanctions to the poor if they do not get vaccinated…how low can you go, I ask you? More BLACK MAIL! Absolute Corruption!

Georg Elser

William Thompson spoke out & told the dirty truth .

And all of this , is their reaction . Their attempt to put the challenge down .

Theresa 66

I think it would be nice if the people pushing the mandates should line up ( & their children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews ) for all these shots. Then that would be televised. Whoa, see how fast they back off. Government, scientists, media, and the whole lot of them. Let them live our life. Our shattered, broken children's reality.

go Rand

While a full page ad in USA today might be nice, perhaps a Simple Web Page could be created where American pediatricians could sign up to take the 6 month baby vaccines....

It is only nine doses / hib, IVP, hep b, DTaP, PCV, Flu & Rotavirus / which of course, they would want to adjust for their body weight.

This would only be 12 rounds of shots. (... a 15 pound baby compared to a 180 pound pediatrician)

Perhaps even other adults would sign up just to be safe around their grandchildren... the money would just never stop rolling in if the proper example was set ....


So lets sum this up

1. the medical community has for 30 years been suspiciously unable to find a cause of autism
2. we have the government conceding in a high profile court case in the Vaccine Injury Court that vaccines cause an autism diagnosis in Hannah Poling
3. we have thousands of parents who have spoken out that their children developed autism after vaccinations
4. we have a SENIOR Scientist at the CDC who blows the whistle and admits that the CDC lied about test results regarding the MMR vaccine and autism
5 We have autism listed as a potential side effect on the DTAP vaccine information insert
6 we have millions of doses of vaccines recalled on multiple occasions with no information on how many children may have been damaged by these vaccines that were injected prior to the recalls
7 we have the those that work at the CDC and other health organizations leave those supposed watchdog organizations and get high paying jobs with the companies that make the vaccines.
8. we have an award winning investigative journalist Sheryl Attkinsson who believes this issue needs to be investigated and is active in exposing fraud and wrongdoing by the medical community

Yet they want us to shut up and move along like everything is fine,guess what, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE there will always be a doctor who will take a few bucks to write you a note saying you received shots you did not get.

cia parker

If it were just self-serving fantasy, wouldn't they have made up a shocking, but credible, number of deaths from measles? As it is, there appear to have been no deaths and no cases of serious injury, quite credible, as measles is so rarely dangerous in well-nourished populations. I think they had the mandate all written out by Dorit, just waiting for the appropriate moment to spring it. They KNEW that it wouldn't be long before there was another outbreak of pertussis or measles, as they come up with such regularity. They just had to sit and wait for a short time, and then jump on it, everyone primed to make a mountain out of a molehill and get those mandates passed! They may have made a mistake in not fabricating a bunch of tragic deaths from measles, but it's too late for that now that the outbreak ended several months ago.

John Stone


Given the deep moral turpitude of these people and the strategic role of the Disneyland outbreak in launching the legislative onslaught can we not assume that if it was not actually pure fantasy it must have been planned.


GreT article but I don't think these laws are a reaction to the measles outbreak; I think they were already being planned and the measles outbreak provided a rationale, fuel for the propaganda.

Jenny Allan

"It is expected that children will be infected by the vaccine-with measles about 48%."
I can confirm this Danchi. My elder daughter got the first UK single measles vaccine 1968. I was warned she would develop a rash-she did!! I was warned she would develop a fever -she did!! ...and might be fractious -she was!! Presumably this 'mild' dose of measles was intended to provide immunity.

Shortly afterwards this measles vaccine was withdrawn in the UK. According to our doctor, the vaccine "was causing more problems than the measles ever did."

My younger daughter got the new improved version of single measles vaccine in 1970. Three years later she caught ....MEASLES!!

Angus Files

If any one of them decides to have an attack of conscience, the whole Pharma shitty gravy train could come off the rails...fingers crossed.



I have been reading an old copy of the CDC's Pink book and I'm speechless as to why vaccines were developed. They were not developed to prevent a child from being infected, they were developed to create say measles, just enough to hopefully prevent the sever side effects of measles, or chicken pox, or rubella etc. It is expected that children will be infected by the vaccine-with measles about 48%.

Wow!!!! Now I see exactly where the phrase "Snake oil Salesman" come from.


I have to hope that there is a slow moving awakening going on. It could be all these super bad bills will in the end undermine the vaccinators agenda.


I think you are right on the money.

I mentioned this in an earleir thread, and although I still don't know who coined the phrase, I do believe it's true that "All lies lead to the truth"

What makes me optimistic , is that they HAVE to lie so hard now. And IMO, the more lies they tell now… the faster they bring about their own demise.


The measles outbreak, which saw only 169 cases across the entire US, caused a kneejerk reaction. Over 30 states have some sort of vaccine legislation on the table.


You mean those 169 'confirmed reported' measles cases?

It's been my experience that people can report whatever they want. At least… they can for now. And simply confirming that something was reported, does not confirm the truthfulness of what was reported.

Although I know what I believe, we'll probably never know for sure if those measles cases were real. Or just another conveniently timed, cooked-up media fiasco.

But if we ignore that altogether, I think the following articles presents disturbing facts that should cast a serious light of suspicion on anyone involved with pushing these vaccine legislations.

The article's title is

ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported

and it pretty much speaks for itself.

( http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/zero-u-s-measles-deaths-in-10-years-but-over-100-measles-vaccine-deaths-reported/ )


I know you know that even one vaccine at any time in some people can harm. But the other issue is, even if they did roll back the mandate from 10 to 5, even if the schedule looked like the 80's, each vaccine would still be likely different from what was manufactured in the 80's in terms of constituents and production process, and there would still be no adequate oversight. And, of course, we should not aim low and that is to go back to LESS children injured. We should aim for no children injured and lost.

Even if vaccine manufacturers were doing their best for public health and even if the FDA, NIH, CDC, etc., were not massively corrupt, the people must always retain the right to decide what they will accept and beyond that, the people should be empowered to demand excellence from these agencies that are supposed to be serving the public's interests - instead of their own.

Peter Miles

We must continue to fight, not only for the sake of our children and grandchildren, but also for the sake of a much bigger issue, the multinational corporations take-over of our governments. I have just listened to an interview of Chris Hedges and find myself wondering just how far corporations will go to exploit each and every human in fulfilling their agenda of greed.

I'm also thinking - there will be vaccination exemptions, but you and I will never know about them - the corporate elite will exempt themselves and their families from compulsory vaccination to ensure their family dynasties.

Welcome back feudalism 21st century style!


Worthy of posting on every website you go to.

Profound Truths from The Past about Our Future
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Are Americans Dying for Martial Law?

Dearest Our Fellow Americans:

Will you please get mad enough already so that we can declare martial law? What is it going to take to get you mad enough so that we can finally justify ending this silly little game of thrust and parry with your constitutional rights by declaring a state of national emergency and get those pesky rights out of the way once and for all?

We have pushed every button that we can think of and you refuse to get angry enough to engage in acts of social unrest: We have methodically stripped you of your constitutional and civil rights; we have shot, bombed and burned hundreds of innocent men, women, children and dogs and cats; we fuel both sides of little wars all over the world with profits generated from the sale of drugs to your children which are purposefully being made stupider with every federal dollar that is contributed in the interest of their education; we overrule your jury decisions and declare the initiatives and referendums you vote for unconstitutional; we have unconstitutionally decided that the 62 percent of the country with the most resource wealth are federal lands and are building gates to keep you out of them; we are stripping you of your right to keep and bear arms as fast as we can; we have created trade agreements with foreign nations which are killing your ability to make a decent living and raise a family and we are taxing you to death to pay for all the evil things we are doing to you....


I was at a rally after the Senate vote on SB277 and was surprised to see optimism from these warrior moms. One woman told me that when SB277 started in the Senate it had only 2 opponents and then they converted up to 10 people plus those abstentions (whatever they were about). It's amazing that people can read about the babies sickened and dead in Mexico and just think "oh well" that reminds me I have to get my baby vaccinated. It's such a strange disconnect. No matter what happens with vaccination everyone seems to have the same robotic response, that is, except the warriors. I have to hope that there is a slow moving awakening going on. It could be all these super bad bills will in the end undermine the vaccinators agenda. For example, let's say a child needs ten shots for school, which sounds utterly drastic to me, but what if they ONLY got those ten shots and no others. And what if we could get it down to five...then we'd have gone back to the 80s which was bad but not as bad as 30 shots. And instead of vaccinating the babies what about waiting until the child is three before beginning to work toward school age vaccination. I guess I'm saying the issues never raised before are being raised and this might in the end be a good thing. Fingers crossed.

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