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Dachel Media Update: US of Vaccination

VAERS -The US Government’s Human Garbage Dump - Reaches Half-a-Million Cases

Collateral Damage GraphicBy John Stone

In recent days the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reports database (VAERS), opened a quarter of a century ago, was updated to top more than half a million reports. While listing on VAERS does not mean a vaccine injury report is confirmed it is also as a passive reporting database likely to under-report by many times and may represent numerically no more than 1 or 2% of cases.

Although monitored by both the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration it is doubtful whether the database has ever led to the official acknowledgment of any single injury. It may be that in one instance a product, Wyeth’s Rotashield, was removed from the market as a result of evidence from the database. On that occasion the removal of the product was greatly to the benefit of the nation’s leading vaccine advocate, Paul Offit, who was piloting a rival product. On other occasions VAERS data may have contributed modestly to policy changes which would anyway have occurred .

A disquieting statistic is that although the schedule is dominated by infant vaccines less than a quarter of the reports are for infants. The concern must be that it is not that infants are less vulnerable to damage, but they cannot tell you what has happened, and if they fail to develop or are chronically sick this is easily passed over. Meanwhile, the schedule grows.

According to statistics I cited in 2011 in an open letter to Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, one in six US children had a developmental disability and more than half suffered from chronic ill-health. The US is also notoriously at the bottom the league in the developed world for infant mortality (presently 56th in the world)  . Collectively, US government agencies (the NIH, the CDC, the FDA, the EPA) are captured and failing to protect citizens. The answer is not to accord them more powers, but to hold them finally to account.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



I just saw an excellent movie, "Would you Rather," and it's a basically a thriller. After watching this movie, realized that this movie can be appreciated on so many levels--as simple entertainment (it's an excellent movie!), or as a less on contradictions.

I won't give away the plot, but essentially the "Would you rather," is a choice of two HORRIBLE things--once more horrible than the other and you HAVE to choose, or else. But in the case of vaccines, one could say, "Would you rather, EDUCATE yourself on the subject of vaccines so as to do everything possible to PREVENT a potential vaccine injury, OR would you rather take the doctor's word for what they tell you with NO independent thought and NO independent research to see if there just may, just may be something your doctor is NOT telling you? Which would you rather do? You have 15 seconds to decide. Yes, in the movie, you have 15 or 30 seconds to decide.

The different between the movie and real life is that the different between the two is not idiotic (Would you rather electrocute yourself, or would you rather electrocute Amy...you have 15 seconds to decide; I told you it was a good movie...it's free on Netflix.) In the case of learning about vaccines, all you have to do is know how to spell Google! But if you google, " Vaccines are safe and effective" you'll get one set of material OR if you Google, "Vaccine dangers," you'll get another set of dangers. Or you can click on my link and get lots of documentaries, lectures and books and start studying on your own.

Would you rather STUDY the issue of vaccines and autism and NOT vaccinate AND save a potential $1,400,000 to $2,400,000 over the expected 36 year lifespan of your vaccine-injured child OR would you prefer to practice good nutrition and keep you child healthy using well-known (mostly vaccine-free) methods that any natural health care practitioner can teach you or--with a little effort, you could teach yourself? Which would you rather do?

David Foster

One of the most interesting things I just recently learned about VAERS is that very few of the reports are actually submitted by individuals:


- vaccine manufacturers (37%)
- health care providers (36%)
- state immunization programs (10%)
- vaccine recipients or their parent/guardians (7%)

Use this next time someone tries to dismiss VAERS as a collection of false reports from hysterical parents.

I also wasn't aware that there is a Table of Reportable Events Following Vaccination:


One cannot help but wonder how "reportable" events make it onto this table, and why this list is so much longer and more comprehensive than the list in the NVICP Vaccine Injury Table, which tells us which reactions can be presumed to be caused by vaccines given temporal proximity.

Call me a cynic, but I think the primary difference is that the second (shorter) NVICP list has financial ramifications, whereas the VAERS list does not.

Always follow the money.

barbara j

Is there an expert who will write a book, a kind of "silent spring" for our vaccinated children. One who could describe the complete destruction of the normal immune system in all vaccinated children .Our kids are sick, and what do we get, the USA arming themselves against them. The new vaccine researcher and entrepreneur surgeon general hawking vaccines on sesame street has taken me to the edge.


Although monitored by both the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration it is doubtful whether the database has ever led to the official acknowledgment of any single injury.


I think this sentence should actually read:

BECAUSE IT IS monitored by both the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration it is doubtful whether the database has ever led to the official acknowledgment of any single injury.

The foxes are guarding the hen house. Which is exactly what they've been created to do.


Garbage dump-- haunting image. Since most cases are not confirmed, it's also where the collateral are burned.


In death, children up to 2 year of life represent nearly 60% of vaccine poisoning victims.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Mr. Stone. As an American, I'd like to thank you for all you do.

Jeannette Bishop

We don't know how often unacknowledged adverse events are reported just in case there is a link.

I just listened to the clip below, where Michelle Rowton of NAMV.org describes some adverse events becoming expected as part of standard practice:


I doubt, with the attitude she reports seeing, these are reported either.

Angus Files

And so the story goes

Offit on vaccine's without anyone to debate with ...so he's happy!! whoop-de-do.



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