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State of Plague, Part 6: Disease-Mongering as Militarized Trojan Horse for Globalization and Surveillance

  6-A Cradle of Civilization Adriana Gamondes

... it was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.

~Joseph Conrad, The Heart of Darkness

Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5.

By Adriana Gamondes

Loyal to the Nightmare: The Vatican Squares off with Gates and the World Health Organization Over Mass Sterilization in Kenya via Vaccination—Implications for Race and Corporatism

Religious organizations have frequently accused Gates of diabolical extremes, specifically of advancing a eugenicist population control agenda. The charge is usually based on hyperbolized statements Gates made at the mHealth Summit on the issue, most famously his suggestion that if families in the third world could count on losing fewer children to disease, they might choose to have fewer in the first place: "The key thing, the most important fact that people should know and make sure other people know: As you save children under 5, that is the thing that reduces population growth…That sounds paradoxical. The fact is that within a decade of improving health outcomes, parents decide to have less children."

Gates’ references to the dangers of overpopulation are not novel and are carefully scripted. But again, it may be a litmus of Gates’ and his foundation’s global reputation that many assume the various disasters that trail Gates’ philanthropic and industrial schemes listed in Parts 2 and 5 are necessarily deliberate, thereby lending a sinister subtext to his population control statements and others. The progressive concern about the strain of overpopulation on the survival of the planet and the delicate ecosystem in itself is not particularly evil or authoritarian.  What would make it so is any argument that the end justifies any means at all and evidence that those ends were implemented using unethical means.

Since long before Operation Neptune Spear, the mainstream media— often citing sources associated with UNICEF, the WHO or the Gates Foundation’s vaccine surveillance program—  reported that religious leaders in Islamic countries spread “irrational fear” of vaccination, such as the idea that vaccines can cause infertility. A 2004 report from Reuters:

ABUJA, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria is to test samples of the polio vaccine next month in the hope of resolving a dispute with Muslim authorities which has helped spread the crippling disease to children across Africa.


Three predominantly Muslim states in northern Nigeria stopped immunizations in November because Islamic authorities suspect the vaccines of spreading infertility -- which they believe is part of an American conspiracy to depopulate Africa's most populous nation...

"There are serious suspicions of a conspiracy by the U.S. government to depopulate Nigeria, among other developing countries," he told Reuters.

"Unless a joint examination is undertaken, suspicions will linger and people will not be forthcoming."

If the joint test puts fears to rest, the minister said vaccinations would resume nationwide on February 23.

Nigeria is proving the main obstacle to the WHO's goal of eradicating polio globally by 2005.

  As it happens, the WHO had been attempting to squash rumors of abortifacient vaccines since 1995.    Damage to immunisation programmes from misinformation on contraceptive vaccines >Abstract

Tetanus is responsible for 550,000 neonatal deaths globally each year. Tetanus toxoid vaccines are provided through the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund for national immunisation programmes to prevent infant deaths from tetanus. The vaccines are manufactured and controlled under strict standards. Rumours have circulated recently in Mexico, Tanzania, Nicaragua and the Philippines that WHO and UNICEF are using women as guinea-pigs to test a contraceptive vaccine given to them under the guise of tetanus toxoid vaccine. These rumours, apparently initiated by so-called pro-life' groups, are completely untrue. The vaccines do not contain contraceptive vaccines or any other substance which interferes with fertility or pregnancy and their labelling accurately describes their actual contents. The false claims made by these groups have had an adverse impact on immunisation programmes in all four countries.

Incidentally, western media have generally omitted reports by healthcare workers directly involved in the vaccination campaign used as cover for Operation Neptune Spear that the drive targeted women of childbearing age (15 to 49) for Hepatitis B vaccination, not solely children:

All day, as part of a hepatitis B vaccination team that the doctor had assembled, the nurses had been canvassing the area, knocking on doors and looking for women ages 15 to 45 to cajole into taking the needle. First a drop of blood would be drawn from the patient and blotted on a rapid-test strip, which would show, within minutes, whether the patient had been infected with hepatitis. If the patient was negative, the nurses were instructed to administer the vaccination.

This in itself could explain why suspicions of ill intent have lingered for so many years, though use of vaccination as cover for drone and military intelligence hasn’t helped. What has also rarely been mentioned in the “Islamic Luddite” stories is that it was medical organizations in the Philippines that initially reported that vaccines supplied by the World Health Organization and UNICEF contained human chorionic gonadotropin. The information was then publicized by Catholic pro-life groups, though the BBC documentary The Human Laboratory demonstrated that it was doctors from the Philippine Medical Association who first reported the scandal:

Dr. Reynaldo Echavez: We in the Philippine Medical Association don’t believe in what the government is saying. The tests that were made in both big medical centres were all positive for HCG, Beta HCG, and they claim that this is insignificant. To me this could not be insignificant because it can produce anti-HCG. At the moment there is a presence of HCG in the vaccine. It can produce anti-HCG and this can now neutralise the HCG that a woman will produce during pregnancy and abortion will set in.

Dr. Vilma Gonzaga: Women should have been told that the injection would cause miscarriage and, in the end, infertility. The Department of Health should have asked beforehand, so that only those who didn’t want to have children had the injection.

Since the BBC report followed WHO research on this precise type of abortifacient vaccine, it was already known that the combination of tetanus toxoid and HCG could cause permanent sterility: 


Results of studies on birth control vaccines accomplished by many research groups within the WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction has been reviewed. The mostly investigated contraceptive vaccines contain human chorionic gonadotropin, and therefore structure, biological role and immunogenicity of the hormone were presented. Also, vaccines obtained on the basis of subunit beta of the human chorionic gonadotropin, its heterodimer with subunit beta of ovine lutropin or C-terminal peptide of beta subunit were described. Results of two phases of clinical trials with immuno-contraceptive vaccines were presented. The use of contraceptive vaccines for treatment of some trophoblastic tumors and the idea of using contraceptive recombinant vaccines were also mentioned.

In October, 2014, the same accusation that the WHO and various organizations were performing mass sterilization through vaccination drives was leveled again, this time in a statement by theKenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ health committee. 

We are not convinced that the government has taken adequate responsibility to ensure that Tetanus Toxoid vaccine (TT) laced with Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG) sub unit is not being used by the sponsoring development partners. This has previously been used by the same partners in Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico to vaccinate women against future pregnancy. Beta HCG sub unit is a hormone necessary for pregnancy.

When injected as a vaccine to a non-pregnant woman, this Beta HCG sub unit combined with tetanus toxoid develops antibodies against tetanus and HCG so that if a woman’s egg becomes fertilized, her own natural HCG will be destroyed rendering her permanently infertile. In this situation tetanus vaccination has been used as a birth control method.

We retain that the tetanus vaccination campaign bears the hallmarks of the programmes that were carried out in Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua. We would want to participate in ensuring that the vaccines to be administered are free of this hormone.

 The Washington Post reported on the story on November 11th, 2014:

NAIROBI, Kenya — A row between the Catholic Church and the government over a tetanus vaccine aimed at women in their childbearing years has clergy urging people to shun the injection, saying it’s a stealth population-control ploy.

On Tuesday (Nov.11), the bishops appearing before the parliamentary health committee said they had tested the vaccine privately and were shocked to find it was laced with a birth control hormone called beta human chorionic gonadotropin.

“We are calling on all Kenyans to avoid the tetanus vaccination campaign because we are convinced it is indeed a disguised population control program,” said Bishop Paul Kariuki, chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ health committee.

The tangle began in March, when bishops became suspicious about the vaccine, which was targeted at women in the reproductive ages of 14 to 49, and excluded boys and men.

More recently, as reported by Lawrence Solomon, Vatican Radio has issued a response:

Catholic Bishops in Kenya have been opposed to the nationwide Tetanus Vaccination Campaign targeting 2.3 million Kenyan women and girls of reproductive age between 15-49 years, terming the campaign a secret government plan to sterilize women and control population growth,”

In case anyone was to argue that the Kenyan Bishops association, as a religious entity, is necessarily “anti-science,” Solomon points out that the Kenyan Catholic Medical Association has been implementing vaccination for over 100 years.  But it’s not as if one needs to be Catholic or even religious to think that sterilizing human beings against their will, in particular targeting black and brown and the poor, qualifies as a human rights violation.  

As discussed in Part 5, the Gates Foundation is the primary donor and organizer of many third world vaccination drives. The GAVI Alliance , which “brings together developing country and donor governments, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank, the vaccine industry in both industrialized and developing countries, research and technical agencies, civil society, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other private philanthropists,” was the major donor for the Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination Initiative  across Africa and the major donor to the Kenyan Health Sector Partnership, which published the following report:

In terms of baseline financing, Government of Kenya (GoK) contributed 37%. The GAVI alliance contributed to 46% of the cost and this was due to the cost of new vaccines. Other partners contributed 17% of the cost. The Government fully financed all the traditional vaccines and personnel cost associated with giving immunization. GAVI finance was used in procurement of new and under used vaccines and injection supplies. Other partner contributions were utilized in the financing of supplementary immunization activities and surveillance and other activities. A breakdown of the contributions is shown in Figure 11 below.

6-B GAVI Kenya Tetanus

The “partnership”(which the Kenyan Catholic medical committee protested being excluded from) likely includes those listed in the table:  GAVI, WHO, UNICEF and USAID.

According to investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill, USAID, the United States Agency for International Development,  has long been regarded as a front for the CIA:

USAID is part of the system feeding intelligence back to entities like the CIA, the NSA and others, that have to do with their grants that are supposedly about promoting democracy—you know, USAID has a long history of working as a front for the CIA, of course, but, you know, this part of it wasn’t known. And USAID confirmed to us that they do in fact participate in this program.

Again, in light of the use of vaccination as cover for the 2011 mission to kill Bin Laden,  when news came out in 2013 that the British spy agency GCHQ and the NSA had been spying on UNICEF, this might have been  widely construed as sabotage or hostility towards a faultless UN organization. But there’s another way to view this: the spying could also constitute oversight of an investment—something akin to corporations snooping on their own employees. The same combined investigation that  listed NSA surveillance of UNICEF operations performed by The Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel reported that strategic US allies, including Germany— a country that hosts a critical drone control center in  Ramstein—has also been a surveillance target.  Spying on Germany could be viewed as “oversight” of  an investment as well.

It’s still unknown whether UNICEF or any other Western organization or NGO like Gates’ GAVI  participated in arranging the CIA’s and Dr. Shakil Afridi’s vaccination drive, though Afridi conceivably had contact with these organizations as medical chief of Khyber, a Federally Administrated Tribal Area in Pakistan where UNICEF has repeatedly been active. One of the polio clinics attacked by the Taliban in the wake of the Afridi scandal was in Khyber after all.  But the view of UNICEF as a possible military intelligence “investment” isn’t  based on the Neptune Spear fiasco alone—more on the fact that UNICEF’s pure and noble veneer hasn’t always been stainless and, through the UN,  may be vulnerable to corporate influence.

It’s interesting that the Bill, Hilary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation donated at least 1% to the overall Kenyan vaccination campaign, though the Clinton Foundation would not have been entangled in the reportedly similar abortifacient tetanus vaccination drives in the Philippines and Nicaragua which Kenyan bishops referred to, since the foundation did not yet exist at that time.  

What would also be evil, aside from the reasoning that any means at all justify the goal of population reduction, would be the cynical use of this campaign to target particular populations.  Manipulation of reports to prove that overpopulation represents a prime threat to survival of the planet—when not all agree this is the case—to serve an agenda of targeting particular populations would also be evil, especially if the ulterior agenda is to reduce particular populations that pose tactical and ideological threats to corporate interests. And this is the place where Kissinger’s militarized viral theory of politics discussed in Part 4 (and the many ways it’s applied to human beings discussed in Part 3) meshes with Gates and the WHO’s population control campaign.

As with Gates’ detractors, though some of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s critics may hyperbolize or paraphrase some of his public statements to generate more sensational soundbites, there’s a raging fire beyond the smoke of rumor and buzz. 

The problem with using direct quotes from Kissinger is that the suffocating grayness of the former Secretary of State’s bureaucratic language doesn’t usually lend itself to sensationalism, however much his actual statements may mean the same thing as the paraphrasing.  Take for example Kissinger’s now-declassified National Security Study Memorandum (“NSSM 200”): Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, dated December 10, 1974. Performing a kind of Colonel Kurtz exercise of surgically removing Kissinger’s hypocritical noble cover of humanitarian concern for the wellbeing of citizens of oil and mineral-rich third world countries, the following highlights from the document tell a certain story and shed light on current events:

  • Rapid population growth is not in itself a major factor in pressure on depletable resources (fossil fuels and other minerals), since demand for them depends more on levels of industrial output than on numbers of people…”
  • “the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States…”
  • “the world is increasingly dependent on mineral supplies from developing countries…”
  • “instability may undermine the conditions for expanded output and sustained flows of such resources.”
  • separatist movements...revolutionary actions and counter-revolutionary coupe. Such conditions also detract form [sic]the environment needed to attract the foreign capital.”
  • “ If these conditions result in expropriation of foreign interests, such action, from an economic viewpoint, is not in the best interests of… the investing country…”
  • unless slowed by famine,disease, or massive birth control…”
  • guard against interruptions of supply…”
  • “Considerable reduction in infant and child mortality is possible through improvement in nutrition, inoculations against diseases, and other public health measures if means can be devised for extending such services to neglected LDC populations on a low-cost basis. It often makes sense to combine such activities with family planning services in integrated delivery systems in order to maximize the use of scarce LDC financial and health manpower resources (See SectionIV). In addition, providing selected health care for both mothers and their children can enhance the acceptability of family planning by showing concern for the whole condition of the mother and her children and not just for the single factor of fertility.”
  • “…development of drugs which might have other beneficial uses. An example is methotrexate… first used as an abortifacient…”

If the stealth sterilization scandal proves true— and at this point it seems to— Bill Gates and other emissaries of corporate progress are following a well-laid path. 

For the Gates Foundation—that has, again, been called a tax evasion shell by accounting expert Sheldon Drobny— the vaccine crusade may have panoptic value to patch up the foundations’ image whenever profiteering or oppressive springs poke out of the organization’s stuffing as much as it’s a way to use one branch of investments to benefit others. Gates clearly hopes this effect will work for his legacy, which might explain his Kurtz-like meltdowns when those offerings are rejected or exposed as profiteering or even genocidal power schemes. 

 In what was among the LA Times’ last critical jab at Gates’ public health mission, the paperexposed  Gates’ African oil holdings for causing the same diseases his foundation vaccinated against in 2007 in a report titled Dark Cloud Over Good Works of Gates Foundation. Lead author Charles Piller, who was nominated for a Pulitzer for the article, lasted less than a year at the LA Times after continuing his critical series on Gates.  Whatever reasons drove Piller to leave the Times, it certainly wasn’t a waning interest in criticizing the Gates Foundation.  In a 2014 article for The Nation titled How the Gates Foundation’s Investments Are Undermining Its Own Good Works, Piller reported on Gates’ continued investments in unethical oil, gas and mining operations.

As argued in Part 5, Gates is merely akin to an hydraulic valve, who, when plugged into existing power and profit schemes, amplifies historical interpretations of the current militarized drive for globalization,  but otherwise has never done anything original in his life. Various frightening ties of the Gates Foundation are well documented, as are some of the shady lengths to which the organization been willing to go to advance Gates’ self-professed vision of a more perfect world while making more perfect profits in the process. Nevertheless, Gates isn’t the point of this series or even the main focus.  Gates  would have merely drawn from an existing agenda. But Gates is handy as an illustration of a particular ideology which combines literal and figurative panoticism, down to the utopian “new man” concepts of teleological evolution, the pseudoscientific and racialized view of “objective enemies” that reduces human beings to the status of viruses, and the viral theory of politics underlying totalitarianism. 

In the end, these controversies are all about race and nothing about race to the extent that “race” is a floating concept as argued in Part 3. Pseudoscientific racial theories can be applied to political views.  Even the Kenyan government’s alleged participation and cover-up of mass sterilization doubly illustrates the point by showing that caste systems can exist among populations that are ethnically more or less homogenous,  and that this existing division can be exploited,  Heart of Darkness-style, to engage a population in its own destruction for the purposes of foreign hegemony. In a report for the Centre for Minority Rights Development titled Caste in Kenya, Kenyan program officer Adam Hussein Adam argues that the Kenyan government has facilitated caste divisions between tribal clans and discrimination.  

Author Adam happens to be a member of George Soros’ Open Society Institute—something that might further illustrate the Heart of Darkness theme. According to critics, Soros engages in philanthropy as a “privileged strategy for generating new forms of ‘policy knowledge’” that are convergent with the organization’s interests, and that “far from seeking to curb the excesses of economic globalization, such efforts are actually institutionalizing it by laying the foundations of its own regulatory order.”

 In other words, Soros, like Gates, engages in philanthropy to gather intel on target nations as a Trojan horse for financial and power strategies. Soros, whose wide media holdings like AlterNet regularly support compulsory vaccination and attack consumer safety advocates, is a member of Gates’ “Billionaire Club” that combines resources in philanthropic campaigns, including population control programs. Whether Soros simply supports distribution of information and resources for birth control or backs darker, unethical, arguably racist measures is unknown.

The fact that the whistleblower disclosures of senior CDC scientist William Thompson emerged right in the middle of Ferguson, Missouri protests against racist policies highlights a series of convergent themes that might not have been missed by Soros, who poured millions into expanding support for demonstrations nationwide. Soros may genuinely support equality and civil justice. But standing in contradiction to this is the fact that Soros-controlled media has done everything in its power to squelch the racial implications of the CDC whistleblower's revelations. Because of this,  the funding could be viewed a form of entryism— wielding financial influence in an attempt to guard against the movement taking on platforms threatening to Soros'  investments.

Thompson's disclosures certainly represent a threat in that sense. His reports of research fraud within the Center for Disease Control and the massive dossier of evidence he provided to congress reportedly document that senior CDC researchers buried data in a study of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine that would have shown a 340% increase in autism among black male infants who received the MMR before 36 months of age.  Thompson made further claims—that senior CDC scientists, including Dr. Robert Chen—aggressively forced Thompson and others to alter study data showing links between thimerosal, the mercury preservative in vaccines, and symptoms of autism, specifically tic disorders.

As if this wasn’t explosive enough, not only do the original data sets support the controversial autism-vaccine connection according to Thompson and those who’ve analyzed data, but the optics on race brought to light by the scandal are terrible. If Thompson’s claims prove true, the implications regarding race and the timing of disclosure clearly add another official disincentive to allowing the truth to emerge.  After all, the CDC and American health institutions have a vast history of racist research, programs and policies,  including the relatively recent Federal Violence Initiatives which, in the 1990’s proposed  that African Americans and other minorities carry a “crime gene” requiring “prophylactic” mass medication  as a form of “vaccination” against urban violence—an unsettling example of potentially widening interpretation of inoculation that should obviously be watchdogged in the case vaccines are made compulsory in the US.   The ultimate expansion of the concept of inoculation was demonstrated by mass sterilization campaigns in Africa, the Philippines and Nicaragua—vaccinating the world against the spread of populations that threaten to, as Kissinger put it, foment “counter-revolutionary coups,”  “detract from the environment needed to attract the foreign capital” and “interrupt supply.”

Even Thompson’s disclosures on thimerosal bear racial implications in view of the Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman study, Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in US children aged 1–9 years, describing a three-fold rate of autism among male children-- particularly non-white boys— exposed to the full-mercury Hepatitis B vaccine series starting at birth compared to those who did not.

The combined research argues that the highest risk is carried by non-white children—males especially— though the implied risk is to all children.  It’s as if the risks of a particular technology—vaccination in this case— are a darkly poetic expression of the risks of corporatism itself: a threat to everyone with a special emphasis on race.

Even the most radical political factions hatching within the Ferguson protest movement— “radical” to the extent that they’ve reportedly refused to be coopted by various agendas and extraneous influences—recognize that race may simply be the place where the machinery of corporate abuse gains the easiest foothold, though ultimately the threat is to everyone and democracy itself. Rika Tyler of Hands Up United, in an interview for Truthdig, explained the privatized, corporatized, for-profit system of tickets, fines and imprisonment that buries communities.

Mary Holland’s recent presentation before the California Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition to that state’s mandatory vaccination bill, SB277, could not provide a better illustration of that convergence.  Holland was aggressively shut down by the committee’s chairwoman as she asked whether California was prepared to start taking children into state custody to forcibly vaccinate them

This entire series dresses up a very simple premise: that chickens ultimately come home to roost. Race provides the illustration of where this system has long fed and strengthened itself. Only as it adds other societal strata to the menu are more becoming aware of the system, though many remain dangerously divided in their understanding that it’s all of a piece, all the same machinery.

The viral theory of politics and the panoptic, totalitarian view of the “scientifically objective” enemy as a “carrier” of ideological disease probably has no greater expression than direct racism, though that’s only the start. In itself, the viral theory is racialist since it presumes some kind of inherent/genetic psychopathology or criminality of targets. But it’s obviously easier to apply the conception to those who are palpably different than the accusers in some way—particularly when they’re sitting on coveted resources.  

Part 7 of this series looks into the modern scramble for Africa and the current expression of the viral theory.

Adriana Gamondes is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism and one of the blog’s Facebook administrators.




Thought provoking. Thank you Adriana for keeping the truth out in the open. We all need to be asking these hard questions. We all need critical thinking. Not sure what the factory produced troll up there is regurgitating, but his/her (Dorits flying monkey?) only reaffirmed the need for this information.


So they are vaccinating adults - in hopes that mother will convey immunity of tetanus to their children?

So no matter how dirty the knife - even if dipped in manure and then scrubbed off in dirt -- is used on the umbilical cord the baby is safe?

You do know that at one time a tetanus shot was every 10 years. Then it was 6 years. Then I heard two nurses talking in church, one telling the other that there was still incidences in tetanus so now it is every three years. Is it two years yet?

Then of course there is no such thing as JUST a tetanus shot - no sir -eeee, unless it is down a hospital basement. They all are DPT or DTap - and me with a kid that a DOC- TORE told me to never ever give him a whooping cough vaccine every again -

Do they offer just a tetanus shot in Africa? Oh, I guess that is where all of the JUST a Tetanus shots went to.

I wonder if the tetanus shot really did save millions upon millions of infants -- I mean really -- how do we know that every one in Africa - are thinking human beings that are fairly smart -- For example our President's father -- might they not have figured out to put that knife through a flame.
And keep that umbilical chord clean. I know the nurses before I took my daughter home - showed me how.


Any source can refute the Catholic Medical Association's charges based on the echo chamber of similar denials, but it's a house of cards that usually collapses in a lot of name-calling and personal attacks that really don't do much to make the case against the claims.

There's been no new information to refute the charges so far, which overlap identical, documented accusations made by medical personnel and victims for more than twenty years. The rest is just political arguments about whether certain institutions and industrial interests had motive or means to commit the crime and whether these were somehow incapable of unethical acts or false denials, which, given the history of all, is absurd.

Again, the Kenyan Catholic Medical Association has been implementing vaccination for 100 years. Their motive for committing fraud here isn't apparent and the Association's requests for testing and transparency are still unmet according to the press statement which was cited in the article:


1) Before the March and October 2014 mass tetanus vaccination campaign, the Catholic Church raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine that was being used. This was informed by what had happened in Mexico, Nicaragua and Philippines where WHO/UNICEF had conducted similar campaigns using tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta HCG that causes production of antibodies against the natural HCG resulting in permanent infertility.

2)The mass tetanus immunization campaigns in Kenya in March and October 2014 were also sponsored by WHO and UNICEF.

3) The Catholic Church requested the Ministry of Health that the vaccines be tested before use to ensure they were safe.

4) These requests were rejected by the Ministry of Health.

5) Subsequently, the Catholic Church independently sampled nine vaccine vials from the two campaigns with difficulty.

6) Six of these vials were tested in five different laboratories here in Kenya. One third of the vials (3/9) were found to be laced with beta HCG.

7) The ministry rejected these results citing poor methodology.

8)The Parliamentary Health Committee summoned the Ministry of Health top leadership who said they had tested the vaccines used during the mass vaccination campaign and found them safe.

9) This parliamentary committee also called the Catholic Church which reported to them that out of the nine vaccine vials sampled, three were found to be laced with beta HCG.

10) Faced with these conflicting reports, supposedly from the same laboratories, the Parliamentary Health Committee asked that a joint committee of experts from the Ministry of Health and the Catholic Church be formed.

11) The work of the joint committee was to test the vials the Catholic Church and the Ministry of Health had earlier sampled and tested. The testing was to be done in a mutually selected laboratory and the results be communicated to Kenyans.

12)When the joint MoH/KCCB committee convened, the Catholic Church brought the nine vials in their custody; seven of them opened during prior testing and two unopened.

13) To the shock of the joint committee, the Ministry of Health did not have prior sampled vials that it had claimed to have tested. They did not also have laboratory results from such prior testing. It is not a wonder therefore that all their vials were closed.

14) The nine vials from the Catholic Church were tested by the joint KCCB/MOH committee of experts using the most modern and sophisticated method called High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

15) Three of the nine vials tested were found to be laced with beta HCG.

16) Ten vials presented by the Ministry of Health from its vaccine stores were also tested and found to be free of beta HCG. These results were completed by the testing laboratory on 4th January 2015.

17) On 5th and 6th January 2015, the testing laboratory persistently called the joint KCCB/MOH committee of experts wanting to present the results but the Ministry of Health showed great resistance to receiving these results.

18) It was only on 8th January 2015 after the KCCB chairman threatened to withdraw from the joint committee that the Ministry of Health requested for an extra day. On the same day, the Ministry of Health submitted 40 vials to the laboratory from their vaccine stores for testing, without consulting or seeking the approval of the joint KCCB/MOH committee. The results of these 40 vials were loaded onto the previously completed results of 19 vials from the joint committee.

19)This was aimed at creating a dilution and bias of the 3 vials that were positive out of 9.

In view of these facts, we the Catholic Bishops of Kenya, wish to reiterate that the vaccines used for the mass tetanus vaccination campaigns in March and October 2014 contained some vials laced with beta HCG.

It is worth noting that only the Catholic Church had collected samples during the actual March and October 2014 tetanus vaccination campaigns.

We insist that no further mass tetanus vaccination campaigns should be undertaken in Kenya before the vaccines have been appropriately tested and proven to be safe.

Signed by:

His Eminence, John Cardinal Njue

Chairman, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops

Jeannette Bishop

Does Professor Aaby's research represent the only attempt to measure vaccination impact on all cause mortality?

"Testing the hypothesis that diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine has negative non-specific and sex-differential effects on child survival in high-mortality countries"

Maybe the U.S. infant mortality ranking also indicates some need for all cause mortality research here to get a better understanding if there is a "less is more" approach, or maybe a redirecting of resources elsewhere approach, we could be applying to achieve more health, perhaps globally.


From the National Catholic reporter March 2015
To resolve the impasse, the Kenyan bishops' conference and Ministry of Health formed a joint commission, which submitted 59 vials of the vaccine from three locations to two laboratories in December 2014. Three of the vials were found to contain beta HCG. According to a signed Jan 10 statement released by the joint commission, those three vials were "submitted as open vials having previously been tested in other laboratories." A Jan. 23 lab report commissioned by the joint commission from AgriQuest indicated the three open vials that tested positive were provided by the Kenyan bishops' conference.

The joint statement also said,

    All the other 56 vials tests were found to be negative for beta HCG, including those with batch numbers corresponding to the three vials that tested positive."

There is no covert operation, it always has been nonsense, it wouldn't work scientifically anyway because the hCG concentration allegedly found.

There's your latest evidence Adriana, yes there may be malpractice, but it sounds like the only vials testing positive were supplied by the Catholic bishops and they had been previously opened, draw your own conclusions, if you dare!!!

Your Own Medicine


You are completely dodging the issue (not to mention the fact that the WHO can estimate whatever figures it likes). You are citing a report of 1995 which may or may not be true but has nothing to do with the present situation in Kenya, and the highly implausible proposition that the Catholic church is trying to undermine the vaccination program which it usually supports. There is, of course, a powerful case for tetanus vaccination in these conditions and it would be very serious if the Kenyan government and WHO officials were undermining it with a covert operation.


Benedetta a simple question, intellectually do you accept that Adriana's article implying the presence of hCG in tetanus toxoid vaccine is not correct, and there never has been some stealth sterilization program, this is all poor science & misinformation?

Are you happy with the success of the WHO immunisation program that has seen a 94% reduction in neonate mortality?
In 1988, WHO estimated that 787,000 newborns died of neonatal tetanus (NT). Thus, in the late 1980s, the estimated annual global NT mortality rate was approximately 6.7 NT deaths per 1000 live births......WHO estimates that in 2013 (the latest year for which estimates are available), 49,000 newborns died from NT, a 94% reduction from the situation in the late 1980s

And that Adriana's article is at best misinformed and at worst immoral with absolutely no basis in fact?

Do you think Adriana's article helps the health of 3rd world mothers and their newborns?


Eindeker-- James Clapper denied domestic surveillance under oath and the fox denies any eggs were damaged in the hen house. What of it? The 20 year old WHO study you list is cited and so are the Kenyan Archbishops' responses to current official denials-- that the Kenyan administration (recently brought up on charges of crimes against humanity by the ICC) refused to provide any information on what lots were tested, how these were gathered, etc. You didn't read the arguments, didn't click the links, just reissued the usual Skeptic astroturf refutations everyone has already seen. If you have anything new to add that wasn't already cited in the article, by all means add it, but otherwise it's just a waste of time to recycle.


Is vaccination the only solution to neonatal tetanus? If it's caused by dirty knives it seems like there would be a couple of routes to improvement aside from vaccines.

1. Delay cord cutting until the umbilical cord stops pulsating. That way no accidently contaminated blood would accidently be transferred into the baby.
2. Make sure the instruments are sterilized.

How hard would a public service message campaign have been, as opposed to simply defaulting to vaccinating? Oh wait, the pharmaceutical companies don't make money on hygiene improvements. . .

Why would ANY hcg at all be in a vaccine? Sounds like all Eindaker's prefered scientists did was change up the detection parameters. Seems like if the church was able to detect small amounts, that maybe they used a more comprehensive, updated lab test or procedure. A less specific lab or an outdated one might have easily missed it. Kind of like what they talk about in Kent Heckenlively's book "Plague."


The Catholic church has delivered to the masses needed medicine including tetanus shots.

Of course all people/organization delivering ANY TYPE OF vaccine are angels in halos and to be trusted.

I think that was one point in Adriana's article.

My moral compass -- I have a good one. On the other hand - I question yours? You are on here all the time, so I think you have an vested interest in getting me and others to come around to your point of view.

Well you had me many years ago as a young student - I bought it hook, line and sinker --- even the rod and reel. How could these parents according to what I was being told be so mistaken.

I have the worse luck - every time I form such a question in my mind, it is like God - says -- Oh, well let me show you the answer. Sigh

I so wish that God might bless you so too Eindeker


There is not one iota of credible scientific evidence that the tetanus toxoid vaccine has ever had any hCG component, but there is masses of evidence that Antitetanus vaccination in multiple doses (2–3) is up to 98% effective in preventing neonatal tetanus and neonatal tetanus deaths in under-resourced settings
So Benedetta I'll ask you where does your moral compass point, what exactly do you think Adriana hopes to achieve by posting this farrago of nonsense?


Soooo you do admit that there is a human contraceptive vaccine. hmmmmmm very interesting.

Very interesting that the Catholic Church is the one doing the testing.


"Your writing is so brilliant and insightful" and utterly wrong.
This nonsense about hCG "laced vaccines" has been thoroughly debunked so many times before:;v=5;m=3;l=401071;c=776283;b=3368032;dct=http%3A//

The hospital labs were using pregnancy test kits designed to work in blood or urine trying to measure hCG in a vaccine. In any case the hCG levels they supposedly found were 1000-100000 fold less than those used in the contraceptive vaccine

When correctly validated tests designed to measure hCG were used the results were uniformly negative for hCG, results from 6 laboratories in 5 countries testing tetanus vaccine from 7 manufacturers

You know this Adriana but still you promulgate this nonsense, tell me where on earth is your moral compass pointing?? Do you feel no responsibility at all for this nonsense and the potential damage in the drive to eliminate maternal & neonatal tetanus deaths in 3rd world countries??


And Yeah Murdoch is one of them for sure!


Jenny; when we see poor countries - you and I we dig down deep in our empty pockets and cough up a few cents to give them

What you and I and most people do not understand is the thinking of very rich guys - look at these poor nations and are pretty sure they can squeeze something out of them.

Maybe that is what we are missing. Generous WHO comes to give free vaccines away - and as Adriana pointed out they are not so free.

Jenny Allan

"Murdoch had perfected the tactics before Gates even appropriated the publicly developed internet."

Adriana - Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Your articles are awesome.
Further to your comment about Murdoch, a few years ago, our UK Prime Minister generously gave almost a £billion of our taxpayer's cash to GAVI, shortly after a lunch with son James Murdoch, then on the board of vaccine manufacturer GSK, ostensibly to 'improve their image'. The notorious Brian Deer BMJ trilogy soon followed, following another, almost identical Wakefield bashing article in the Murdoch owned Sunday Times. The money Cameron so generously donated to GAVI was borrowed and added to our mind-blowing deficit.

After the Murdoch phone hacking scandal broke in the UK, Cameron admitted his Government (and himself in particular!!) was far too 'cosy' with the Murdochs. Young James was soon removed from the GSK board and the UK News Corp executive, and he is now back in the US. You are welcme to him!! The Times and Guardian both lose £millions annually, and would have gone under years ago, without the corporate subsidies from Big Pharma and the agrico-chemical giants. The UK Mail is popular and makes good profits. Their editors are to be commended for publishing all sides of contentious issues, including vaccines, GM foods and climate issues. The Sunday You Magazine, seems to be paid for by corporate sponsorship, which no doubt paid for the Bill and Melinda interview I supplied links to.

As For GAVI, readers might be interested in the following:-

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire on Trial in India

"GAVI is an organization started in 2000 and funded by BMGF. In short, they work together with the World Health Organization (WHO), specifically UNICEF, to purchase vaccines from pharmaceutical companies for distribution in poorer countries. The Gates basically help poorer countries buy more vaccines, which in turn increases the markets of the vaccine manufacturers among poorer people who would not normally be able to afford them. WHO is the largest purchaser of vaccines in the world, but member country contributions via tax revenues often fall short of the volume of vaccines they wish to purchase and distribute, so BMGF stepped in to help form GAVI to make up the difference. Kumar reports:

The GAVI board comprises of a representative each of the pharma industry from the industrialized and developing countries, a sore point with some experts from the aid world. In an article in the The Guardian three years ago, leaders of international aid agencies such as Oxfam and MSF said the representatives of companies needed to step down from the GAVI board. “Pharmaceutical companies’ representation on GAVI’s board creates a conflict of interest. The current structure is far too cosy,” said the article quoting Mohga Kamal-Yanni, a senior policy adviser with Oxfam."


Adriana; I am pretty sure you are a writer that ranks right up with the truly greats.

I have not thought of 3/4 of the things you have brought up and tied together.

In spite of vaccines been embedded in everything - and Gates being a genius of taking existing stuff and twisting what ever he touches into a heel of a boot to grind human kind down; we will turn this thing around, cause we have people like you that have thought it all through and helped us all get a clearer picture of just what we are up against.

Jeannette Bishop

"I think we're in for some shocks over the blunt brutality and sneakiness of modes of control, but not surprise regarding the originality of methods."

It does seem to me like we've probably had authoritarian forces stalling or perverting creativity for a long time.

I haven't really researched the following, but I'd never heard of Tesla until recently, and I'm not a physicist so I can't appreciate how realistic my speculations are about what differences we might already have seen, but the story of JP Morgan refusing to invest in Tesla's form of electricity production because he couldn't put a meter on it...has me wondering if we some time ago could have been living with nearly unlimited low-cost energy (without all the power lines and coal burning plants, etc) and all the advancement that might have unleashed (assuming it wasn't found to be extremely unhealthy or something). Then one asks (at least I do) if the focus on Edison in our school texts has been an organic process (and I hope I'm not furthering some other untoward agenda, as the Tesla story seems to be all of sudden very prominent in some internet circles...).

Back on the vaccine track, I often wonder if the story put out about the NCVIA of 1986 is completely genuine. Anyway, thanks for the response, which again makes much more out of what I'm trying to say than I probably could.


Jenny- another case of Gates appropriating the ideas of others and things developed on the public dime.

I suspect he doesn't really love doing the washing up and that it's another case of appropriating an existing movement-- feminism in this case-- which he actively undermines in reality. That is, unless it could be argued that implementing a public health system that's sent generations of once-working mothers back to 50's style housewifery for the rest of their lives in order to care for adult children who may never be independent, or relieving third world women of their excess children begotten in forced marriage-- either through the use of cheap medical tech and unethical drug trials or drones-- count as feminism.

Maybe silencing the survivors through blatantly misogynist attacks via vast media holdings is feminist too? Not even that is original. Murdoch had perfected the tactics before Gates even appropriated the publicly developed internet.


Anita- thank you for your insights.

You're right, the media won't ask human viruses what it feels like to be sanitized. One of the handy things about weaponized genetic theories is that they retroactively cast aspersions on entire families, who are usually the front line advocates for victims of various industrial disasters. And it seems many industrial disasters are often covered up with specious genetic theories. Cancer spikes around Superfund dumps and industrial operations-- if they're not denied outright-- are often hypothesized to be genetic, and now even PTSD in response to violence and combat is being cast as "largely genetic." In the midst of that genomic circus, really anything can be deemed genetic.

By those theories, naturally family advocates are viewed as somehow defective as well, like "viruses" in terms of the damaging message they carry as well as in terms of breeding (implying they should never have spawned to begin with). Either way, this is somewhat akin to an "objective enemy" of the state, people who threaten the survival of the species, public safety, etc., requiring they be "quarantined." When the supposedly genetic defect involves cognitive disability, the bonus is that entire families can be dismissed as inherently irrational.

This came into play during the Nazi T4 program when many parents-- even loyal members of the Nazi party-- protested the abuse and murder of their disabled children in the killing centers. The doctors and officials who ran the centers would then threaten these families with mental illness diagnosis-by-association in order to have them all killed as threats to the purity of the race and enemies of the state, which were interchangeable concepts. It was an effective means of silencing protest, though eventually the T4 and child euthanasia programs had to be carried out with more stealth and covered by official denial because the German public could never be convinced to support them.

The echo of that today might be in the absurd campaign to tie autism to school shooters and terrorism. There's no clinical evidence to support either theory-- autism is grossly underrepresented in the 280 or more non-militant school and mass shootings that have taken place in the developed world in the past 30 years. And other than engineered FBI stings targeting several disabled individuals through gross entrapment or the occasional disabled person recruited to carry out a suicide bombing, there's no evidence according to credible experts in the field that terrorists suffer from some common disability or any disability as a general rule.

But the attempts to tie together ideas of "inherent defect" and "objective enemy" still continue, which is the nature of weaponized science-- finding excuses to silence, marginalize and undermine public empathy for entire groups.


Jeannette-- I see what you mean now-- a devil's advocate proposal. Are vaccines truly the best form of disaster capitalism or might there an easier route to poison and sterilize, control and profit if that's really the point. It's a pretty gruesome exercise, but current events force it onto the table.

On the hypothetical argument that the epidemics and double dipping profits (polypharmacy-- drugging the side effects of the drug that came before and on and on) are in any way deliberate-- if at least a handful of executive directors, scientists and industry lawyers are consciously aware of what's happening-- and if vaccination is consciously being drafted as a means to shut down civil rights, vaccines are probably the most optimal route available because they fill all the requirements of a doctrine of salvation.

The important thing in any radical scheme, aside from getting the public to agree to it, seems to be getting a wide group of people to implement it because the vast majority aren't clinical sociopaths and require a heroic narrative to rationalize fallout. And who's to say those in control aren't also driven by visions of paradise on earth, like Japanese fascists were when they bombed China, or like Hitler? That example was used in a recent argument on the issue of intent between Skeptic astroturf figurehead Sam Harris (who openly promotes vaccination mandates, GM tech, preemptive war, the idea of the "objective" enemy and teleological evolution, etc.) and Noam Chomsky, who called Harris's attempt to argue the "good intentions" behind certain Western atrocities (ones we rationalize and approve of) absurd and embarrassing. Good intentions mean nothing-- aside from being a matter of guesswork, road to hell and all that.

The issue is also covered by political philosopher Tzvetan Todorov who's cited in Part 3-- the role of the doctrine of salvation (transcendent intentions) in instrumentalism. People who are participating in something that's causing grave harm to even a minority, and then are called upon to enforce it, doing even more harm not just to individuals but to society, believe they're paving the way for a better world free of disease and suffering. It's the bloated covenant that justifies breaking a few eggs to make that omelet and is indispensable. Again, vaccination fills the bill in that sense.

If something other than vaccination would fill the bill "better" in terms of combining the orgy of agendas clustering around public health, Todorov mentions in his argument that the instrumentalism that reigns in totalitarian systems is not exactly fertile ground for innovation. Under instrumentalism, quality control takes a dive, everything becomes shoddy as individual motivation and will are replaced by authoritarian doctrine, except for one thing-- cruelty and killing.

I don't think Todorov is arguing that quality of cruelty and killing rise under this model, just quantity. The historical biopic "Amen" on Kurt Gerstein, the inventor of Zyklon B who risked his life destroying shipments of the chemical and trying to warn the Vatican that his invention was being used in the death camps, might illustrate that even the innovations used for "more efficient" killing had to be appropriated from innovators who did not develop them with that intent. Zyklon B was developed originally as a means to sanitize typhoid wards, not as a method of mass murder. It really was innovative since an insulated space could be deloused and sanitized, though the poison would quickly neutralize, allowing crews to be able to enter the space again in a short time.

Similarly, Vaccination was originally conceived to save humanity from genuinely deadly disease, not to sterilize, drive polypharmacy, make incursions on civil rights or as cover for bombing raids. Maybe if it had never been drafted for any of those ulterior purposes, the tech would have advanced more quickly and would have been safer and more effective at this point. And maybe Einstein's theory of relativity would have led to the development of clean energy by now if it hadn't been appropriated for nuclear warfare. We may never know.

In other words, an authoritarian state is the death of creativity and would tend to rely on existing tech to carry out its schemes and would also likely keep that technology static or make it worse and more destructive in the bargain. It's just a theory, though this seems to be playing out.

Anyway, it's something I always think about in light of the modern celebrity cult around certain plagiarizing tech icons, particularly this idea that figures like Gates are the current equivalent to Mozart or Einstein-- a depiction promoted by Gates himself. I think we're in for some shocks over the blunt brutality and sneakiness of modes of control, but not surprise regarding the originality of methods.

Jenny Allan
'Bill loves doing the washing up. And I like to slip into my yoga pants and eat popcorn': At home with the world' richest couple. An exclusive interview with Melinda Gates

A cosy little article in the UK Mail on Sunday Magazine, promoting Bill Gates as a family man and philanthopist.
"The foundation does not run its own projects, rather it channels funds into existing organisations such as the World Health Organisation and Unicef, recognising that it is impractical – and undesirable – simply to replicate what already exists. Instead, the focus is on improvements and innovations. Health, education and poverty comprise the holy triumvirate: new drugs for vaccinations, new methods to help children learn, new techniques to improve the yield of crops."

"Fifteen years after setting up the foundation, Melinda looks back and feels a sense of achievement, particularly in the major contribution it has made to immunisation programmes, which have seen a 74 per cent reduction in childhood deaths from measles and a near eradication of polio.
‘We feel so pleased to be part of the project that means six million children are alive who would otherwise have perished. As a world we have made progress – maternal deaths have been cut in half since 1990, but we still have far to go,’ says Melinda. ‘Bill and I are number crunchers: we analyse data, we pore over statistics. We have spreadsheets that can tell you how many polio cases there are in any village in any region."

It's all very positive. Most persons reading this, particularly women, would be full of admiration for this 'altruistic' couple, but the article contains NOTHING about the deaths and disabilities caused by third world vaccine trials, financed by their foundation. In India, a number of young girls died following administration of an HPV vaccine, Their parents were not told of any risks. In Africa, vaccine trials casualties are denied.

I assume the "new techniques to improve the yield of crops.", refers to GM technology, overwhelmingly rejected in Europe, but Monsanto cash is being poured in to promote legal ways of forcing our Governments to introduce these unwanted foods into the food chain-and they are winning, in spite of Glyphosate (Round Up) being recently identified as a carcinogen. Scary!

Some of Melinda's quotes seem to have been based on wild estimates, or pulled out of 'thin air'. How can ANYONE use a 'spreadsheet' to count world polio cases, many of which occur in remote places or go undiagnosed, since many other conditions have similar symptoms. As for taking credit for a supposed :- “ 74 per cent reduction in childhood deaths from measles and a near eradication of polio.” , Melinda seems to have forgotten the Polio and Measles immunisation programmes were introduced in the 1950s and 60s, long before the Gates Foundation existed.

‘We feel so pleased to be part of the project that means six million children are alive who would otherwise have perished. “

How does Melinda arrive at that figure?.........and how does this ‘square’ with Bill’s stated objective to reduce the World’s population?

Anita Donnelly

Adriana you are truly brilliant. This series is amazing. You are putting all the pieces together in a way that exposes everything and explains paradoxes I have been puzzling over for over a decade. The whole thing can cause cognitive dissonance because --since when are grieving moms warning others not to put their child at risk called names ? Since when is only part of the story told? When I hear about a murder or even an auto accident I see the media go on and on about it while utterly ignoring the "mystery" of so many autistic children. No one even comes up to us parents and asks us stupid questions about how we felt watching our child get injured by vaccines .. How it feels to see a future warped forever? Nobody even asks us that type of inappropriate question people ask when they witness grief. Instead they pretend that somehow this is normal. Like a massive hypnotized populace. I wrote to obama "remember how you said you were invisible trying to get a cab in New York as a black man? Our vaccine injured children are also invisible"


Adriana; Thanks for explaining that to me. Out in the wide world it is on purpose, but here at home it is a tiger by the tail and they cannot let go.

I think you are right.

As for Micheal Brown we will just have to disagree.

Michael Brown - was violent with the store clerk and he beat up a police officer and the bullet wounds were explained to my satisfaction, and there were witnesses.

These mild brain injured, co morbid drug abusers,with bizarre behavior puts police in a bad position. Not worth our last remaining strength to take up that fight, when the CDC, NIH, HHS, and every educated by pharma doctor in the United States are really guilty .

I don't blame the police or the laws set forth for putting my cousin in prison, either. He had been in prison before, when he got out he was so ready to change his life He went to AA meetings, he preached - he was a good speaker, he did everything he could and still he failed.

He wore out his Mother and Father - he broke his son's heart, his sister who is raising his son - her heart too. He came close to financially breaking them up. By the time the police arrested him - they were all relieved cause it was either that or he was going to die from what the drugs were doing to him. His legs were so swelled up that they took him to the hospital before they even took him to jail.

Not that they were good to him or the family -but he was that bad off. Oh, no the police - they treated the family pretty bad too - like they also were guilty and it was their fault. The justice system squeezed them for every dime they could get. Example - he got pneumonia and the jail would not take him to the hospital, so he told his Dad he was smothering to death. His Dad paid 10,000 dollars for bail so he could get out and go get treatment. The County refused to give the money back to my uncle, even though my cousin came right back -showed up for his trail date, well he did fail a drug test. They did not know it depended on a drug test - only that he showed up in court.

The police officers, the law, the justice system, the prison system is not going to be nice to anyone if you get into trouble with them.

Jeannette Bishop

I guess I meant something to the effect that vaccines appear to me to be the main "gateway" drug for much of pharma-based medical profits (I don't know how much this was always expected among pharma CEOs, stockholders, etc, but it seems hard to believe many don't see the dependance of many of their other markets on vaccine uptake now), and perhaps vaccines have enough apparent benefit against something potently motivating (fighting infectious disease) in many that they turn off their propaganda/baloney detection mechanisms, turn off their critical thinking skills.

I wonder if TPTB can't see a better mechanism to get substances like mercury, anti-reproductive compounds, whatever for social engineering/profit agendas, ... into our bodies as well as access to the infrastructure of various countries in the name of humanitarianism, and they're not likely to accept vaccination giving way to other health approaches nor respect individual right of determination of what to take and not take.

Whether the fact that vaccines seem to make a good Trojan horse is evidence they work (well enough to be worth whatever cost to most) or maybe just evidence that many really want them to work...I can't tell...

I also can't tell if that's clarifying ...


Jeannette: you wrote "To me the bill seems to minimally have the effect of getting those who know about vaccine problems away from the rest of the school population, like a quarantine of knowledge they don't want to go viral."

It does look like that. I saw the entire hearing live, saw Madame Chair snuffing Prof. Holland's discussion of impact- that the bill would criminalize a swath of society--, snuffing Holland's rape analogy and disrupting and curtailing public statements. But for all the viral metaphors I'm drowning in lately, I didn't think of it that way and you're right-- another manner of quarantining information.

I think I was distracted by the ridiculousness of pretending that the fact the bill doesn't mention enforcement means it's not an appropriate issue to discuss in a hearing in regard to impact. It would be like barring discussion of enforcement in a bill proposing that "separate but equal" segregation be brought back.

Could you clarify what you mean by a better Trojan horse/sustainable health profit model being a testimony to vaccine efficacy because it sounds as interesting as the rest of the points you're making.


Benedetta-- I tend to lean more towards the idea that collateral of regular vaccines may be a matter of having a tiger by the tail-- after a certain point, it becomes impossible to concede responsibility for such massive fallout, plus the game is fixed in terms of suing for injury. Now they don't have to concede. The profits from deregulation and tort protection and the disaster capitalism system that rises up around various epidemics are just more disincentives to ever admit what's happening. Not a new idea-- just my position on it so far. As far as the claim of mass sterilization targeting certain populations, it's increasingly credible. There's no reason for HCG to be in tetanus vaccines other than as an abortifacient, the initial reporters have no reason to cast aspersions on a vaccine program they themselves had been implementing, and this is the fourth or fifth international scandal along those lines.

One of the points of doing the series was to fill in a little bit of the massive gap left by a supposedly progressive media that refuses to report on much or any of it from a political perspective, and worse-- generally leads the charge in support of mandates and repressive medical policies.

These pseudo-progessive sources take a posture of moral outrage about municipal violations traps used to garrison entire communities -- mostly poor and non-white-- into a for-profit penal system. They express outrage about specious depictions of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown in the right-leaning media (Gray could not have severed his own spine-- why officers in the case were just charged with murder; and according to the pattern of bullet wounds and witness accounts, it's unlikely Brown "came at" Wilson).
The progressive media notes that the spin is meant to double back the blame onto the recipient. But the same supposedly liberal sources will double back blame for industrial injury onto victims and now have directly suppressed findings that certain vaccines pose higher risks for certain minorities.

It's really a matter of right and left corporate media playing both sides for the same agenda, on behalf of the same sponsors, in an attempt to make average Americans believe they're not next on the same menu, being primed for the same traps and eventually subject to the same "they asked for it" spin until it's too late to stop it.

What happens in autism, like what happens in Baltimore or Ferguson, etc., matters to everyone. The job of the corporate media is to distract from that fact. It would be ironic that the liberal media is paving the way for the broadening of repression that it complains about piecemeal, except that this is clearly deliberate as well.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm not sure if the actions of our local politicians tie into this discussion well, but I'm seeing a pattern of information limitation with California SB 277:

The California Judicial Committee Chair did not want discussion of enforcement mechanisms, because that is not in the scope of the bill ...

A staffer of one CA senator doesn't want to spend time on vaccine science, because that's not part of the bill...

Maybe it makes good sense though to want to spend time hearing the parents'/constituents' views of how the bill will impact them, unless one is just wanting to hear expressions of support or opposition, as truncated as the public "testimony" in all these hearings before one votes for the bill anyway (as Senator Fuller did not support AB2109, something like the former may be the case).

There's another video of a supporter of SB 277, adamantly denying that they give hepatitis vaccination to infants:

Many Senate committee members have expressed disbelief in expression of concerning experience and possibilities, never mind what happens on the ground, as when one senator demanded that someone point out the precise language that makes it the case that a child who "should" be able to will not be able to get a medical exemption ... around 3:05:00

To me the bill seems to minimally have the effect of getting those who know about vaccine problems away from the rest of the school population, like a quarantine of knowledge they don't want to go viral. I wonder if they don't have a better Trojan horse/sustainable health profit model? Is that testimony to vaccine efficacy (as well as latent profitable and even weaponizable effects) or the opposite?


How many of the six officiers in Freddy Gray's death had mental problems too.

Looks like Hell on Earth.


You sound like you do think it is on purpose!

I have had to do some really deep thinking on all of this. I don't think I was prepared to really think all of this was on purpose. I mean I have halfheartedly thought it -!

You are making a very good argument that it really was their intent to slow the population growth down, and of course there are going to be spots on this earth that those in charge judges (right or wrong) there needs to be less of a certain population.

By the way I was 28 when I received a tetanus shot - (was it an aka DPT shot? I don't know, but I think it was. I miscarried a few months later and even 21 months later, I gave birth to a healthy boy - but with colic; cried with his stomach morning and night, Even so he was ahead of his mile stones even as he reacted immediately to each and every one of his DPT vaccines - until at last the third one did him in. So it does not take a special laced tetanus shot to cause a miscarriage. But to make it permanent and not tell a woman!

You think that our interest abroad, and the likes of Kissinger has brought it home to us all -but all of these people had paths from previous leadership already laid out for them. Yes; this sickness of society that has always been there, as people fled to the Americas and away from the aristocrats of Merry Old England it still spread and became an epidemic in the 20s and 30s

It was not just just Hitler, but also here in the United States and even the Irish Poet - Yates from impoverished Ireland, they all was for doing something with the masses of poor people. My Mother born during this time and raised at that time has some of those same attitudes -- believing her own people of the Appalachian Mountains were probably not worthy to continue to have children. She says too many auto immune problems and the inability to learn, and worse the attitude they don't care to learn either. Sigh.

I am glad you ended your article about the recent anger of the Black communities over what they perceive as police giving them ill treatment. Their Perception needs to widen - if only they would.

My old high school friend is now the CEO of UNITE in Kentucky. I know her - her father was a Baptist preacher and if ever there was a kind and concerned human being, and wanting to do as Jesus would have her do, well she is just that!.

Her husband was a high school principle - he is retired - and he eagerly became a principle for a Christian school in a larger town near by -- working for free, or near free and that was his idea dream of retirement.

In spite of all this - their son became addicted to drugs and they had to move heaven and earth to get him off of drugs and to keep him off of drugs.

My school mate is in the newspaper every week - and on my facebook.

She puts on a lot of pictures of UNITE, She is always thrilled when they can get the head of the CDC to come down and speak to the high school students. Which by the way they have had some one speaking to high school and grade school kids to not use drugs since the 70s. Does not seem to be successful. -- And yet every community - not just my 100% white community, but the black communities are drowning in drug addiction.

I've told her that her head CDC guy is responsible for the drug addiction epidemic - does she believe me? She is Christian enough not to show if she thinks I am a nut. Perhaps she is actually considering it - that would be her nature. But then what? Aware is aware and the more aware perhaps we can build a mass enough to explode. I hope so.

It may well be that the blacks are far worse off than the whites - I don't know, but a great many in our 100% white community are in prison too. As a nation we have the largest population of those in prison. That is what I heard -- I did not check out to see if it is true.

Last Christmas in Wal Mart; a tired, broken, middle age lady was almost in tears trying to find a certain type of deodorant to buy her son. When we finally found it, she was relieved, and hugged it to her cheat and told me that this was the only thing she could get him in prison for Christmas, and even that had to be a certain type of deodorant. She said he was in there for drugs and he probably would never get out.

Same, for my own preacher's son. How does a man get up and preach the love of God and knows what he knows about his government. His wife reacted immediately to a flu shot and I have told them too. He does believe me - and what the government is capable of - as he mentions in his Sunday sermon the death of a local beloved, Vietnam veteran from agent orange - brain cancer.

And what of my own cousin that had to be brought in shackles at 8:00 in the morning this past January; the only time he was allowed to view his father in his casket for the last time. His Mother had to give the state 300 dollars for the extra money it cost for my cousin to see his father for the last time.

There is a great deal of stealing going on too - and just crazy behavior in my community.

Which brings us to the recent riots in Baltimore. Both times that we have the blacks - all upset recently - we find that both black men were doing some not rational things.

It is not rational to go in and to physical shake down a store owner, take what you want, and just leave; nor was it rational to beat up a police officer and then turn around and come at him like a foot ball line backer- with that officer holding a gun on him.

And for this most recent Baltimore incident; If it is true that this recent young black man started beating his own head in - well we are talking about mental problems here again. Even if not true that he beat his own head in he still was on dope.

Blacks, like whites - like the whole United States need to address Dr. Tom Insel's stats that 1 out of 5 will have a mental illness and 1 out of 20 will be disabled with a mental illness.

But apparently there is just more behind it all than fear of disease coming back. Well; that makes sense. Well, if it is about national security well what if most here are used as soldiers. I guess we are getting into reasons to knock on doors with a product that will be for the most part welcomed and getting intelligence, and even controlling a population " militarization of vaccines, and medicine."
Who knew!


Thank you for the kind words, Linda. What's happening deserves wider coverage and political scrutiny, but maybe it's telling that the press won't track down and interview the walking human "viruses" that make up the collateral.


Your writing is so brilliant and insightful and your illustrations are absolutely incredible fine art.

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